Health officials urge cancer patients to join register

| 29/05/2012

screen.jpg(CNS): Patients who are being treated for cancer are being encouraged to supply information with the national Cancer Registry which was launched in 2010 by the Health Services Authority in collaboration with the Cayman Islands Cancer Society. Officials say that there is a need for accurate data to inform on trends in cancer incidence along with outcomes and quality of care. Currently, it is not mandatory for those with cancer to submit details to the registry and Cancer Registrar, Milena Conolly said that there is not enough data on the disease. “There is very little information on the number of people living with cancer or the types of cancer that are most prevalent in the Cayman Islands at present,” she said.

“We need to know information such as the number of new cases that develop annually, the treatments and outcomes.”

Jennifer Webber, Operations Manager for the society urged people to come forward and register. “With the widening impact of cancer on the Cayman Islands community and the escalating complexity and expenses associated with treatment, accurate statistics are needed to inform the public, create healthcare policies and present actionable steps toward prevention and the reduction of cancer risks,” she said.

Conolly spoke about the important of understanding changes and developments that while help create an accurate picture of cancer incidence in the population so that interventions can be targeted. “This information can then be used to make informed public health decisions and act as a catalyst for the development of programmes designed to mitigate the risks of many types of cancers,” she said. “Data collected by the Cancer Registry can be compared with other Caribbean countries and worldwide.  This comparison will give the Cayman Islands evidence of any similarities or differences experienced. 

“The ability to compare data will encourage collaboration with other nations and further research. Without this information it would be difficult to initiate action to decrease the occurrence of cancer in the Cayman Islands.”

Cancer registries have proven to be key components of a knowledge management system for cancer. They contribute to scientific research into causes and cancer management. Registries also provide evidence for policymaking and the monitoring of programme implementation.

National Cancer registries aim to collect data on every case of cancer diagnosed in all persons residing within the geographical area they cover.

Speaking about the local register health minister Mark Scotland said itwas a toll which one day would be able to provide accurate survival information. “he accumulated data will also prove very useful in assisting us in making important public health decisions that maximize the effectiveness of our public health funds – such as the placement of screening programmes. We encourage all individuals and health care agencies to participate along with them in this important initiative,” he added.

More information on the registry, including the physician or personal reporting forms, can be found at or  Alternatively, to learn more about the registry contact the Cancer Registrar, Milena Conolly at 244-2560 or email at

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  1. Anonymous says:

    After Ivan, there were a lot of "Sick Buidlings!" They weren't cleaned up sufficient! Many infested with mold, Pathogens – cancerous spoeres and we breathing them?? Hence, if your car engine air intake gets clogged, your car dies….The Human engine is the same!

  2. noname says:

    This can be a littly tricky urging people to join that list.

    Will that list wind up in the hands of unscrupulous insurance providers who continue to cherrypick their insured?

    I saw a nurse ag george town hosptale some years ago employed at an insurance company working part time!   

    I'm sure she was a most highly paid heal care snitch selling out every Caymanian citizen and resident and perhaps she took their medical records with her to her part time insurence company domain!



    Those persons medical records with pre-existing diseases have no business in private sector insurance domain!  It is private information and the person leaking medical records must be prosecuted by the anti-corruption law.

    Labor is trying to impress the public to get  the UDP re-elected.

    When is the Health MInister going to do his convincing by overhauling or drafting just one law to stop insurance companies from cherrypicking who they will and will not insure?What's so hard about that?   Can you do something right for once?

    • Anonymous says:

      You are supposed to inform your insurer of pre-exiting conditions; so are you suggesting it's okay to perpetrate insurance fraud?

  3. Anonymous also says:

    The register could also be be used by insurance companies to find out who to deny coverage to and thereby limit their exposure to risk and hence increase profits, at the expense of coverage for the needy.  We need insurance reform where the individual, not the profit of the insurers, is put first.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is the register confidential? I suspect that is the key reason why the information is not complete. Everyone wants to know everyone else's business.