UK officially publishes white paper after early error

| 28/06/2012

william-hague-pic-getty-images-310344797 (275x300).jpg(CNS): The new policy document setting out how the UKwill be dealing with its overseas territories in future has finally been officially published on the FCO website. The document was revealed briefly in error on Monday but withdrawn from the site later that day. As reported on CNS on Monday, the official paper reveals that the UK will be taking a more hands-on approach and keeping a closer watch on finances, good governance and the potential for corruption across the last remnants of empire. In exchange, Britain will offer more expertise to the territories local governments from across the UK adminsitraiton.

The foreign secretary stated that he expects to see the same high standards of government in the territories as in the UK.

See full document here

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UK wants high standards

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  1. CHANGE OF SCENE says:

    You said it 0:31  we are not going to roll over and play dead.  I do hope The UK plans to treat us with the same respect we have given her over the years,  Flying the Flag and standing to attention singing God save the Queen.

    Now we the perople of Cayman will sit back fold our arms and wait and see what they will do.

  2. Anonymous says:

    About time.

  3. Anonymous says:

    They will have the fight of their lives trying to get the key to Bush's private (public) purse away from him and his merry men.