Foreign spouses need to renew certificates

| 03/07/2012

immigration office_13.jpg(CNS): Foreign nationals holding Residency and Employment Rights Certificates (RERC) issued to them as spouses of Caymanians in April 2005 need to renew their expired certificates, officials from the immigration department said this week. In order to maintain the right to work and other privileges granted by the RERC holders need to make representations to the department as once a certificate expires so do all of the rights associated with it. RERCs are issued under Section 30 of the Immigration Law and are valid for seven years but they are renewable at the discretion of the Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board.

Spouses of Caymanians who were issued RERCs are urged to check the Issue date of their certificates to ascertain the expiration date. Affected persons should make immediate arrangements to submit renewal applications, or seek legal counsel or an immigration consultant to determine how to regularize their immigration status.

Officials warned that people not complying with the law may not be able to work and they could face implications to travel plans for everyone concerned – including dependents. Holders of RERCs which have not yet expired, and who have submitted applications for consideration, may continue to work until such time as the Board’s decisions have been made.

Applicants, as well as spouses or employers of such persons, may contact the Department of Immigration (949 8344) for additional information.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What about thosé men married to caymanian women, they never lived together, man lives with girlfriend, and only have kids to secure themselves. Something has to be done, its obvious they married those poor pathetic woman for convenience, if you dont want to be with your spouse, get a divorce and go home. And thèse caymanian women allow it out of fear of being beaten by the man.

  2. Knot S Smart says:

    So my pretty-spanish-woman-turned-wife who has put up with my drinking, carousing, and cavorting ways for seven years, now has to beg me if she can stay married to me?



  3. Anonnymous says:

    Perhaps the Marriage Officers need to be given some strict guidelines in order to stem the flow of marriages of convenience – right now the $500 (or more)  per wedding ceremony is too tempting and they seem to marry any two persons that come to stand in front of them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Visit the following website:

    Check out the  Cayman Island  Immigration Law (Amendment) regulation, 2010

    and you will realize that you actually just need to apply for your permanent recidency and then your status GO FOR IT!!!!!! . REMEMBER THE CONSTITUTION CAME IN TO EFFECT

  5. Anonymous says:

    2 Solutions:

    1. Marriage Banns must be printed in the newspaper for all to see BEFORE the marriages take place, and not just posted behind the door of some marriage officer, which the general public is not access to.

    2. Also, Immigration needs to lok into the 6-month permits!

    These are being used for easy permits for seasonal workers (who are happy to go back to their own High Season – eg Canadians) and then return to Cayman for the start of our high season 6 months later. While our own people are denied these jobs!!

    Also, these recipients don't need medicals done, I understand.. can that be a healthy decidion for our islands??



    • Anonymous says:

      With all due respect you are incorrect on the work permit front. Any work permit that is granted for greater than 90 days requires a full medical including chest x-ray and HIV-VDRL report.

      • immigration change that says:

        Immigration please remember this is our Country.   Change that.  A person should have a Medical test for these things for any work permit one month or three month or six month.

        People come to this Island with Aids and other contageous illness, but they can apply for a work permit and get itand then spread the illness.   I  SAY CHANGE THAT LINDA.   You people do not know what is going on.  You are going to wait untilll the three months is up to find out that 10 people have been infected.   It is immigration fault.  Most of the things that take place here is immigration fault.   Not UDP or PPM or the Police, it is Immigration fault.

        Besides many foreign doctors on the Island is to be blamed for many things.   I know some doctors who did work permit testing, and the test showed positive for drugs.  The next day the person drank Vinegar and Bissy and went back and took the test  at the same doctor office, and it was then negative for drugs.   They got their work permit and continued taking drugs.

        Certain doctors cannot be trusted either,  money run things.

      • Anonymous says:

        So then you can work for upto THREE MONTHS withour a test to determine any contagious illnesses/drug abuse / terminal illnesses etc

        A Shameful drain and risk to Cayman!!

    • Eye on them Canadians says:

      Definately immigration need to keep three eyes on those Canadians.  They are slowly filling up the place, and no one is watching them,but  we are.  Want the best jobs, critizer Caymanians in their own country and spend all day and night on the internet interfering into our business blogging under anonymous.  We watching you all.

      • Anonymous says:

         The Canadian infiltration is ever so subtle: CIBC, Scotiabank, RBC were only fronts for the insidious plot of Cayman domination. Not only will they try to impose their subversive healthcare system, smuggle in cold air, turn your children into Bieber fans, but they will try to convert you by inviting you to sit on a "chesterfield" to watch recreational violence known as "hockey".

      • Anonymous says:

        Capturing local minds – one 'smile' at a time

    • Anonymous says:

      why does anyone else have a right to know who i am going to be married to????

  6. Anonymous says:

    A certain Board member asked an old gentleman sitting in the yard of Kirk supermarket if he was happy now that his Honduran wife Residence was approved. He said "She got it?" He was then  asked well you mean you dont know? No sa she dont stay with me anymore. Then you have some who was not staying with their husbands and once they decease they apply for the seamans grant and they get it too. All kind of stuff going on. Then the latest style is when the Cubans come here they get married so that they do not have to return. These things long overdue to look into.



    • Libertarian says:

      lol… and whose fault is that ?!

      If people are not made to fail or make huge mistakes, they will learn to rely on government and not use their common sense!  I was married to someone who took me for a fool, and I can tell you, I am thankful for the experience, because I learnt to be more wise and resilient because of it. The more government stays out of marriages, the better! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps the solution is that Caymanians only marry Caymanians. Its always somebody else's fault, insn't it?

      • Give it some thought says:

        Yes 11:22 your idea sounds ok, but I do believe Caymanians would get along great with their expartiate partners if they would be truthfull and honest.

        How many of them have been killed and injured for this?  Many.

        Do not marry someone if you do not love them.   Stop using Caymanians for an opportunity to work here, it is disgusting.

        Cayman Islands has a ratio of 49 women to one man, so that is the reason  why the women marry other men who are not from here.  Back in the day that was unheard of.

        Foreigners who want to live here need to have some respect for their spouses, whether it be man or woman.

        • Sea Org says:

          49 to 1 – stuff Caymankind, now this is a real tourist message.

        • Anonymous says:

          49 women to one man? Sounds to good to be true!

        • Anonymous says:

          Do you know the best way to get respect? Give it!

        • Anonymous says:

          49 to 1. Is that why Bush is bringing the Chinese?

          • Good Grief says:

            Good Grieg 14:58 will you please show me or tell me of any where you see a Caymanian woman married to a chinese man?  The women are of course marring our Business men, but th that is where it stops.   But there has to be a reason why it is that way.  Go figure it out, and Bush has nothing to do with this.

        • Anonymous says:

          49 women to one man? I highly recommend a website for you You will find its 1 to 1. Which begs the question, why do women marry men who are not from here? 

        • Anonymous says:

          How many is many?

        • Anonymous says:

          yet so many expat spouses are treated as slaves and punchbags all with the threat of being thrown off the island without their children if they leave or complain

          All very christian of you good christian folk

          • Dont even go there says:

            Dont critize our christian walk, because if you check out of 200 churches on the Island only about 10 of them are caymanian churches.  Allothers are held behind doors and under trees.   Expat spouses are treated as slaves and punchbags because they cannot keep their pants and bloomers on.   The children is only an excuse, because they do not take care of them, Cayman Islands government do that.  So next time 20:28 please talk what you know.

            • Just Commentin' says:

              In case you missed that part of your rant, you held the door widely open with a tip o' the hat: if the Caymanian "christian walk" typified true Christianity  – as opposed to mere lips service in most cases – the poor unfortunate not cared for children you refer to would not have to be cared for by the government; they would find a Christian community filled with loving and concerned people welcoming these into their care with open arms and generously providing for their needs.  “Whoever receives a child in My name, receives Me.” Matthew 18:5

              Does any of this sound familiar to you?
              Isaiah 1:23
              Our rulers are rebels, companions of thieves; they all love bribes and chase after gifts. They do not defend the cause of the fatherless;the widow's case does not come before them.

              Jeremiah 5:28
              (They) have grown fat and sleek. Their evil deeds have no limit; they do not plead the case of the fatherless to win it, they do not defend the rights of the poor.

              Deuteronomy 15:11
              There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land.

              If what you say is true and the government has to take care of the neglected children, that is a shame and disgrace: "If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth." 1 John 3:17-18

              When these neglected children grow up I think you will have a hell of a hard time convincing them of the "christian walk" roun' yah.

              And another thing…!
              In the "christian walk" way of doing things it is socially acceptable to inflict violence on those who commit adultery, huh? I guess the Lord is ok with this, eh?
              Hmm? Last time I checked, "Jehovah trieth the righteous one; but the wicked, and him that loveth violence, his soul hateth."Ezekiel 45:9  

              Oh well, so much for the Christian walk.   

              And another thing…!
              If the population of these islands is a bit over 50,000; and roughly 20,000 are native Caymanian, the ratio of Caymanians to "furiners" is about 2:3, yet according to your figures only about 10 out of 200 churches are "Caymanian churches". A 1:20 ratio. I will leave it to you to figure out the implications, ok?

              And finally…
              What the heck is a "Caymanian church" anyway? This is a figment of your xenophobic imagination, right?


              • Anonymous says:

                You made your point – BUT you also contradicted yourself in your examples of the too-common practice of making a sermon (or a rant) by cherry-picking scriptures to suit your point.

                That is not the way for Christians, or not, to translate and use the Holy Bible.

                Just use it as it is, with spiritual guidance.

                PS – Your first point is right – real love and brotherhood would solve all this bickering!

          • Anonymous says:

            wow – what of the many local spouses that are treated the same by the expat wives&husbands??

    • Tongue cannot tell says:

      00:28  there is so much terrible things going on in this Island where Immigration should look into and is not doing.  We critize our police force every day, and they are doing a good job.  We are not watching immigration, and they are the ones need be looked into.  That place need to be investigated.  Because they sit down all day give these Temp. work permits, give thes GOL licence give these extensions and does not ask one question WHY? WHERE? AND WHO?.

      Seriously immigration need to check up on these marriages to Caymanians.  All of them.  I remember back in the day, your spouse had to accompany you to the immigration department for extensions, residents and sush things.  Now the Caymanian spouse does not know where on the Island the other spouse is living.  Chief  Immigration Officer and your staff you are not doing your job.  Simple as that.  There is too many marriage of convenience to idiots and drug and alcoholics on the Island.  All of them have left their Caymanian spouse and living with other partners.  I have to laugh as I remember a case where a Caymanian man is married to a Jamaican woman, and she left him to stay in an apartment with a Jamaican man..   Every week end Friday evening  the Caymanian husband would go to his wife  new apartment and ask her if her man did'nt get pay yet.   When she said no, he would say " Remember there is immigration on Monday morning"  So the hired man got tired of having to pay out his week pay to the Caymanian husband, and the woman she packed up and went back to  home.   What a waste.   

      • Anonymous says:

        So if you knew about the situation why didn’t YOU report it to enforcement???? Come on people if you know about the abuse of the system and do not report it to enforcement at Immigration you are as much to blame! you are sitting back allowing it to happen! Get off your backside and go report it geesh!

        • MAD HOUSE says:

          17:24 are you nuts, report what.  What part of Cayman are you living that you do not know you cannot trust to tell anyone anything.  Half of these people are giving days work to Immigration,   Cleaning yard, doing house work and painting house, ye mad? then we must go tell them?   NO let immigration do their job.

  7. G.T. resident says:

    Stupid Law!  So when they are late at renewing, Immigration harasses them that they are overstaying!  The law is stupid. Once people marry, there shouldn't be no need to renewal and thus jeopardize your job. This is so rediculous!  Linda Evans need to reform this one.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nonsense. No country on earth in modern times permits foreign nationals to live there simply on the basis of marriage. Cayman law allows spouses of Caymanians to become Caymanians in only 7 years. Those that have notn need to be followed up on. There are so many frauds and marriages of convenience, I congratulate immigration.

      • Anonymous says:

        this comment is very dumb as it reveals someone who is obviously ignorant of how things work in other places. It is actually easier for someone married to US citizen to get permanent residency (and is granted sooner) than in Cayman. It's fine to dispute whether that's right or not, but to say Cayman is the easiest place to get residency by being married to a Caymanian is plain stupid. Go expand you mind a little and learn how things are in other places first.

        • Anonymous says:

          Have you ever seen the movie 'Green Card'? It realistically depicts the attitude of U.S. Immigration to marrying foreigners. I know of a couple where the wife is a U.S. citizen and the husband (a former green card holder) is being denied even a U.S. tourist visa not having committed any offence. It is not as easy in the U.S. as you think.    

          • CORRECT says:

            12:08 YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.   Because I can safely tell you about a Jamaican national who was married to an american, took his whole basket load of children to USA to live.  He did not work, he and his big sons sold drugs.  He and His son became in volved in a shooting, shot someone. 

            Then Unfortunately during the investigation something happened.  The American  wife died suddenly, and the Immigration scooped up the man and all of his children and put them on the next flight to Jamaica and deported them all.

            Ok you want to know where the man is now. .  Of course he is on a work permit in the Cayman Islands.  A deportee under investigation in USA. Immigration department do your job that has to be done.


      • Anonymous says:

        Frauds and marriages of convenience? I suppose the only criminals are the foreigners who take advantage of us poor, passive, Caymanians? Why do we Caymanians marry foreigners in the first place? Isn't that a contradiction to the common complaint that our hertiage is being destroyed. Who is destroying it?

        • Anonymous says:

          Our culture is not being destroyed by marrying foreigners. That is a very myopic view. Just don't marry foreigners who don't respect our culture. Our culture is being enriched and our gene pool enlarged. Would you prefer that we were all in-bred?

          • Anonymous says:

            So let me get this straight. You want foreigners here? They are actually allowed to stay past 7 year, get married and have kids? But they will always be paper right?

            • Anonymous says:

              Nope. My wife is a former expat now fully naturalised Caymanian. We have two kids. She sees this as home and is therefore one of us. 

              • Anonymous says:

                Although I appreciate your outlook on life, and wish there were more of you, there is no such thing as a naturalized Caymanian. Naturalization has to do with being a British Overseas Terrritory Citizen. She would, in fact, be Caymanian via Status. So, really she is a Naturalized Status (paper) Caymanain. There is still, unfortunately, a great divide between this type of Caymanian and "indeginous" Caymanians. The only solution is that your kid's kids will no longer accept or tolerate the divide. 



                • Anonymous says:

                  By naturalised Caymanian I mean one who not only has Caymanian status but was naturalised as BOTC by virtue of her connection to Cayman and has a Cayman passport. She can (and does) vote and the only reason she cannot run for office is that it would require her to renounce her citizenship of birth. 

                  That's the sort of new Caymanian that we need more of. 

    • Dont Go there says:

      Now GT 17:44 you come off Ms Linda Back.  She is making some right decisions.  Linda do not pay these comments any mind.  Just do the riight thing.

      There is a need to renew, because there is too much conspirary and corruption going on in the Island with these marriages. 

      I believe that is one item needs to be tackled by the PPM and UDP   Change the Law.  The Island is too small and our people are few.  Change the Law, residence spouse must renew after seven years and must fill out forms with stipulations.  They should also pay 500.00 to renew their residence.  In seven years you cannot make 500.00. give me a break.

      They need to remain with their Caymanian spouse for three seven year terms then they do not have to renew any more, otherwise if they cannot accept that.  GET A DIVORCE.


  8. Castor says:

    And paranoia reigns supreme!

  9. Anonymous says:

    The rights would not expire as they are guaranteed by articles 8 and 14 of the ECHR.

    • GOOD thinking IMMIGRATION says:

      This is one of the best things that the Immigration Department has ever done.  You all deserve a promotion for this and a medal too.  Too many spouses of Caymanians are living on the Island with Residence and not living with their spouses.   Some of them the spouse does not know where they are living.

       They have brought in their concubines, men and women from their own countries and have room rented for them.  Some times they get a dummy work permit for them to stay, whereby they give free two days to the person with the work permit, and spend the other five days home sleeping or soliciting.  These are some of the reasons the public is  blaming  Immigration for every thing.   It is true too, because they need to stretch their arms to the full length of the Law in bring in these loiters on the streets of Cayman

      Immigration you need to have  a careful watch on these people who are here from all walks of life.  Under false pretenses.  It puzles me why immigration do not check up on these people when they renew  temp.  as to where they are working.  

      • Anonymous says:

        And dont forget the young punks that marry these older women, Caymanian born and paper Caymanians….who never work, they drive around all day and night selling drugs.