Clock ticks on deadline for postal vote applications

| 05/07/2012

_1453861_post300.jpg(CNS): With the much anticipated referendum on one man, one vote and single member constituencies only two weeks away, the deadline for those wishing to apply for a postal ballot is Friday. Campaigners from the OMOV movement are urging people to ensure that if they will not be on island on referendum day, which is Wednesday 18 July, that they apply to vote by post. Following the premier’s decision to allow the vote before the May general election but selecting a July date and insisting on 50% of the entire electorate plus one vote set a significant challenge for those spearheading the campaign for a more democratic system.

A spokesperson for the OMOV movement urged everyone that supports OMOV to ensure that they vote and, if they are away, not to miss this Friday’s deadline for an absentee vote.

As a result of the high bar set by the government in order to defeat its own referendum, it will need 7,582 'yes' votes to carry and anyone who supports OMOV but misses their chance to vote will be adding to the ‘no’ vote.

Further details on absentee voting as well as mobile voting for those who are working on referendum day or those who are infirm and unable to get to the polls is available on the elections website at

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Vote "NO"

    • noname says:

      I will add something else to the equation,that the OMOV will not miraculously inject accountability or character into the beings of OMOV politicians.As a matter of fact they all claimed not to be politicians and suddenly pulled out their bait and switch blades on us chanting " now we are all running for office!' Some legal pundits would label their conduct as 'obtaining property by deception', yes, asking for signatures under disguise is dishonest! Is that accountability? Is it even transparent? the OMOV movers and others are not being forthcoming with the people no matter how strong an argument you bring to the table. Caymanians will lose political control as those electoral boundaries are growing with expats being the fastest growing demographic. They will go back to the drawing board demanding the right to vote and run for office based on time lived here in Cayman. Remember expats keep getting what they want, already they are talking about running for office since the OMOV initiative, so what does that tell you that they have a plan or not? They will force us to change the constitution because they have out numbered us already and will run and rule in those electoral boundaries! Numbers dictate that the majority rules! Why do you think these foreign journalists in every Cayman media newspaper are helping this message get accross and withholding input from Caymanians presenting the real truth to the public? They realize what's in it for them, political power, just like the Chamber! As the electoral boundaries are built, and expats the largest and fasting growing demographic in this island, they will indeed groom politicians to take over our legislature and the UK will back them if they lobby hard enough. The constitution says one thing today but they will make sure it says something else tomorrow allowing them to vote and run for office even though they have no Caymanian ties. It will hand the Legislative baton over to expats in Cayman and Caymanians will experience their biggest nightmare- What they feared the most will indeed come to pass. God bless you and may he open your eyes to this OMOV designed to keep politicians in power and do nothing for the people. A NATIONAL VOTE IS THE ANSWER

  2. sickntired says:

    Weather I vote by postal ballot or go to the polls, the answer is still NO!!! tired of all these fake politicians!!

    • YES says:

      With that attitude, you’ll never get any real ones. You’re tired of chicken so you refuse to eat because you can’t be bothered to go shopping to see what else is out there. So you starve to death while your neighbor who got off his ass to make a change is enjoying the new found variety of choices.

    • Anonymous says:

      You're just going through a bad "spell".