Government lawyer turns storyteller

| 10/07/2012

douglas-schofeild.jpg(CNS): Douglas Schofield, the deputy solicitor general in the Cayman Islands attorney general’s chambers has published a debut novel which surprisingly does not have the islands’ offshore sector as its theme.  Although a legal thriller, Schofield has chosen to write the story of a legal secretary, in his native Canada who as well as battling the villain of the story is also battling addiction and her ex-husband for custody of their child. In ‘Flight Risks’ although Schofield draws on his experiences as an attorney, according to the books promotional material, to produce a book which has broad appeal, he appears to have resisted the temptation of using his Cayman home as the backdrop.

 “Anyone who enjoys a suspense-filled page-turner, with gut-wrenching twists and turns and an unlikely but utterly compelling heroine is going to love this story,” says Schofield about his book. Hopeful that readers will be hooked, the attorney is already working on ‘Day of Grace’ a sequel to the novel.

‘Flight Risks’ is published in paperback by Miwk Publishing, in the United Kingdom, and in eBook format by and is now available from on-line retailers.

The lead character in Schofield’s novel is Grace Palliser a legal secretary, recovering addict, and divorced mother who lost custody of her daughter, who uncovers a plot to make false claims on dormant accounts of Holocaust victims. Murder, abduction, spying, international terrorists, and plot twists are the key ingredients which has a menaced woman as its central character.


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