1/3 of voters cast ballot

| 18/07/2012

ballot box45_1.jpg(CNS): Almost one third of registered electors have now gone to the polls to cast their vote in today's 18 July referendum on one man, one vote. According to the 11am poll return, during the first four hours of voting 31.13% of electors voted. Only 4,704 voters have been polled so far but with the stations open for another six hours there is still plenty of time for enough voters to come out to carry the referendum. North Side still leads the way in turnout with more than 42% of voters having already attended the polling station. Meanwhile, in George Town and Bodden Town more than 31% of voters have been polled. In West Bay 29.7% of voters have turned out but in East End only 28.33% of electors have voted, while in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman just 27% of voters have been to the polls.

The turnout in this referendum is critical as the bar has been set at 50% of the electorate plus one for the result to be binding and not a simple majority of voters who turn out. The key number is 7,583 votes for the referendum to carry. Therefore, if less than that number turn out to vote, the 'yes' vote will not win the day.

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  1. sickntired says:

    These parties think ppl fool, we smarter than they think!!!  They call ppl that lose their jobs and looking someone to help them Rambling, accordingly to Ezzard Miller at the debate a week ago!!  The ppl are looking someone that is sincere and have heir interest at heart, I know in Cayman there has to be a few ppl like this, please step up and run next year, your country needs it desperately.  They can keep their ride, UDP and PPM are fakers!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I already voted YES.


    Donkey Face

  3. catboatkid says:

    How childish.. no-one is giving away any lemonade OR kool aid. Its a little girl selling sandwiches and swanky . Take unna licks like a grown up CNS and the bloggers who pushed so hard for thie referendum to pass… West Bayers are smart people..its unna that fool fool… NO TO SMC !!!!!


    • The"Honorable" Magic Dragon says:

      Pride,really kid! You think this is about pride?!

      This is about saving something for you "kid! Why dont you tell me about the warm feeling you get when considering the direction this system is taking us, and please….speak the truth and not the vague lingo you have been coaced to spew.



    • Anonymous says:

      yeah ….. real smart. and blessed by their god.

    • Anonymous says:

      ya mus be reeeeel smart gittin all that free stuff and not working.  The carribbean one percenters!  Hats off einstein!

    • Anonymous says:

      smart like a poached lobster headed for a hot bath! I actually kinda hope the thing fails so people like you can continue your sleepwalk through a sub-mediocore life. enjoy bubba!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hope she got her T&B License…

  4. Kevin Bacon says:

    You poor bastards.

  5. Office of the Frozen Squid says:

    Whoop dey it is! woop dey it is too many PP DEM foo foo followers involved with this initative not enough real grass roots people along with some very bad public relations and promotion of OMOV the government's subversive tactics / dirty tricks use did not help either this is obviously going to fail very badly. This vote is also a wake up call to future candidates that attaching themselves to fail parties will affect your outcome in next years election. New direction is need and these failedpoliticians clearly need to go.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I know so many older Caymanians who have given up hope and will not vote. They feel let down by government and don't see any sense in voting. I explained to them that by not voting they will be counted as a "no" vote. These people don't realize that without change, things will stay the way they are which is getting worse every day.


  7. Anonymous says:

    A am all for OMOV and vote "YES". No matter how it turns out I will be most happy. If it passes I will be happiest because of ability the people will now have to hold hold their representatives accountable instead of having them blindly following party politics.


    If it does not pass I will be happy knowing that we Caymanians will get exactly what we deserve for being cynical and complacent, MORE OF WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE, which is going down the tubes fast.


    But wait, there is hope if it fails to pass. The PPM is a shoe-in for the next national election. Since they are 100% behing OMOV they will of course sign it into law as their first act.


  8. Just Askin' says:

    Where can the third of us that have voted already buy a beer?

  9. CashHasEveryCorputSmiling says:

    UDP headquaters giving away Lemonade ????

    • Anonymous says:

      Why are you so damn fool? lemonade of all the things to complain about! 

    • thetruth says:

      They got some strong Lemonade or Koolaid whatever you want to call it.  They have the people in theSister Islands scared half to death telling them that OMOV is dividing Cayman Brac and and that one side will get help and the other side won't because the other party is in power.

      Grand Cayman, you will have to carry the vote.  I don't think the Sister Islands will have a big turn out.  I think that the OMOV people should have came to the Sister Islands earlier and explained OMOV.  By the time, they got to it, the people had already been brainwashed into this division foolishness.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don't worry. Grand Cayman will carry the Brac like we always have to do.

      • Anonymous says:

        The way JUJU spoke, you would have sworn that if OMOV passed they were going to dredge a channel thru Cayman Brac!!!! My GOD how simple can people get?!

    • Anonymous says:

      A bittersweet alternative to the usual kool aid.

    • Anonymous says:

      That's Koolade, not Lemonade.

    • Dred says:


      Brother Jonesy again in Cayman

  10. Anonymous says:

    Fellow Caymanians never before has your X been more important.   It takes five minutes of your time. For the sake of your children and grand children GET OUT AND VOTE.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, you got that right. we have to keep the country in a prosperity state, so our children can enjoy the results. not to tear down developers and investers that is bringing money to the table. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Perhaps we can get you back to school as well? What a shocking grasp of the language.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not only that, but a shocking grasp of the real situation with OMOV and politics generally, its effect on our current troubles here in Cayman, and the change it could bring about.  Seems they would rather have more of the same….


        • Anonymous says:

          Pedant.  If you can't say it nicely, don't say it at all.

      • Vote YES says:

        Um, if you want that you better vote yes then.  Investors and developers mostly come from OMOV countries and do business with other OMOV countries.  The current voting system contributes a lot to the prosperity state that we are suffering now, and OMOV could do a lot to improve the way Cayman is seen, as well as how our politicians carry out their business and spend our money.  When the handouts come to GT, BT and WB, under OMOV more areas of the island would benefit… I'm not talking of political bribes here I'm speaking, by way of example, of the district of Breakers receiving absolutely nothing after Ivan… OMOV has the potential to ensure that every little bit of the islands get to have a say in the LA, and not just the usual cronies.  It will likely cause more harmony than division, and if OMOV succeeds, I for one, intend to ensure that my district MLA works for the money we pay him.

        Please people if you want to see change, you want things to get better vote for single member constituencies the same as the UK and many others have, vote YES to OMOV.  It really does have the potential to bring about the change we want so insread of sitting and complaining, we need to get out and vote YES it might be the only chance we have for years to come, and this could make a huge difference for us all, as well as our children and grandchildren.  This is not about politics, its about change, its about stopping the foolishness we currently endure from our politicians, and the fact that they are against OMOV, only proves not only their fear for change, but also of the consequences.

        Vote yes.