Bodden Town says ‘Yes’

| 19/07/2012

(CNS): After a disappointing result in West Bay, the OMOV campaign was boosted by an overwhelming 'yes' in the district of Bodden Town. The result went in favour of OMOV with 1,396 people voting in favour,while 617 people voted against the question in Cayman's fastest growing community, pushing up the national 'yes' count overall. However, it was already clear when the electors in West Bay voted a marginal 'no” that the referendum was lost. With only the George Town count left, the country will soon know the final tally and exactly how many people supported what was originally a grass roots movement to change Cayman's voting system.

Preliminary results:

CBLC:               yes – 256, no – 203
East End:          yes – 257, no – 79
North Side:        yes – 335, no – 56
West Bay:         yes – 1,027, no – 1053
Bodden Town:    yes – 1,396, no – 617

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  1. Spiker says:

    BT! Let the count down begin and don't let them sway your minds now we are so proud of you lot this round. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Take that Mark and John John. Wonder if you gonna stand up to your leader now or continue to be two of his lil puppetts LOL!


    • Anonymous says:

      In the 2009 elections John John was elected with 1030 votes. Never mind how many of them he received off Mark's coattail, 1030 voters cast a ballot for him to make him the 3rd elected member for BT.


      Last night he found out that  1396 Bodden Town voters disagree with the message that he has been preaching. If he has half a brain he should be worried.

      • Not so Fast says:

        17:21 Not so fast I think you could be wrong.  Many people of the district of Bodden Town respect John John.  He is a gentleman, well respected and trust me he is One MLA I can tell you who will answer all calls, all emails, faxes and will get to you on a rainy day if he can.   Maybe you do not Know the Same Dwayne Seymour I know, and he is not relative or personal friend of mine.  I just watch how the young man operate.

        I always believe, that really and trully, if I cannot find good things tosay about someone, it is better to say nothing.  I cannot say anything about John John that is bad.  I have watched this young man grow up from the age of 2 years.   He is a fine young man.   And those who try and say all manner of evil against him is just  a bunch of hippocrites, and I say stop it now.  Be happy for the young man who has risen up in your town to make a man of himself.


    • Spiker says:

      I'll say Amen to that!!!

  3. SANDFLY says:

    The numbers are big shows how many intelligent people we have. The takers and fakers can not egnor these numbers. They will be sorry they rigged our vote. The UDP gives us fake love, fake understanding and fake leadership. The only thing they know how to do is TAKE. On to their defeat.

    • Spiker says:

      Let's hope they clean up the registered voters first by removing the deceased people to get a revised number of voters as that wasn't done this time. It seriously need to be adjusted.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Majority voted, Majority said YES.  With 57% of the registered voters going to the polls, and 65% of us voting YES it is clear that the majority of Caymanians want OMOV.

    How could UDP get away with imposing such unfair rules as 50%plus one of the registered voters?  That's election fraud.  That's assuming that all those that didn't go to the polls voted NO.  How can the UDP force a decision on them?  That's election fraud.  We only know the desires of those that voted, and they voted YES.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ummm 50% sounds fair to me. But sorry dat ya lost

      • Anonymous says:

        Really? Do you realise that only about 3 of our current MLAs would have been elected at that threshold.



      • Anonymous says:

        I think you are missing the point that that is 50%+1 of REGISTERED voters not just of those who vote. I think you will find is very rare.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations, Bodden Town. For a while there we were starting to wonder about your sanity.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So basically, had the process been based on turnout, as we all know it should have been, OMOV would have had an overwhelming victory, and it was only through the UDP hijacking the referendum and moving the goalposts to make success almost impossible to achieve that OMOV lost.  The results speak volumes.  Bush and his cronies should not think we're going to be complacent about this.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Outstanding, BT! So far it looks like the only district to vote no is WB with a mere 26 vote difference. However, the prize goes to NS with a 72% turnout and some 80% voting in favour.  In any other country this would have carried the referendum. While it is not legally binding here because of the high threshhold the UDP govt. imposed it is certainly a moral victory which the govt. must consider. It should also tell them something about their prospects at the polls in 2013.       

  8. Anonymouse says:

    i hope the UDP realises that an absent vote will not help them come election time. if the elections turns out like the referendum then it will mean that he UDP WILL BE SWEPT OUT!!! Those who vote are the only ones that matter! try to say then that the absent vote means you got in. HA HA HA

  9. Anonymous says:

    BT are sick of coattail riders like John John

    • Anonymous says:

      John JOhn….. Who he is??

    • Anonymous says:

      John John was a person that I wa so proud of to see where he had reached, but everytime that I see him and try to hail to him and not to ask of him any favours as I have left him far behind for all my life, he keeps walking and wont even stand up and share a joke or a few words. Never for ine minute think that you are Gods blessin to creation as you work for us , we put you in and we take you out when we want to. Please listen to us UDPs.