CUC reports no major damage following blackout

| 26/07/2012

cuc office_0.jpg(CNS): The power provider on Grand Cayman said Thursday 25 July, that no major harm had come to its equipment after an island-wide shut down on Wednesdays. Although power had been restored to all customers by Wednesday night officials from CUC warned that there could still be some interruptions to the power supply over the next two days but these would not exceed more than two hours at a time. Yesterday's full scale power outage was down to a fault which occurred on the transmission system at the Hydesville Substation in West Bay which caused several generating units to shut down .

“Island-wide outages such as what was experienced yesterday occur from time to time on small island power systems such as in Grand Cayman,” Vice President Transmission  Andrew Small said. “As a result of the restoration to date there appears to be no major equipment damage from the outage which will impact customer reliability.”

As CUC continues to restore its system to normal operations fit said there could be some minor service interruptions within the next 48 hours not to exceed one hour in outage time for each outage where possible. 

Apologizing for the inconvenience the outage caused CUC said that all power had been restored across the island by 8;30pm on Wednesday evening.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Just don't charge me any surcharge for this!!!  and if any of my electronics got damaged because of this, I am requesting compensation.

  2. Delroy Kelleck says:

    Thanks for reminding us what it's like living in a Third World country, CUC.

    Has anyone added up the millions that your incompetence has cost the economy? An economy whose productivity has already been knocked by countless public holidays.

    You have much to answer for, CUC, including for the horrendous pollution your decrepit diesel generators spew into the northwest Caribbean's atmosphere. And your powerlines that blight Grand Cayman's diminished beauty

    Meanwhile you keep jacking up the rates without any obvious sign that you're re-investing the cash into better, more reliable and less polluting infrastructure.

    "You've Got The Power".

    I wish.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The only damage is the dent in my wallet at month's end. Thanks a lot CUC!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cuc owes all their customers an apology and some form of financial compensation. This type of service is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. No more xx

  5. Anonymous says:

    Apologies don't get me my lost days pay….

  6. Anonymous says:

    Let me guess will they have an extra fee in next month bill to replace what got damage? Like extra charge they had in our bill after hurricane Ivan even though they had insurance! Crooks!

  7. LCB says:

    Of course there is no damage to report at CUC – the damage was reported by the loss of millions to its customers.

    Thanks Arden and CUC.