Supermodel faces law suit over punch up

| 26/07/2012

selita_ebanks (294x396).jpg(CNS): Cayman’s Selita Ebanks is facing possible legal action as a result of an alleged punch up between her and Telemundo model Liza Irizarry, 34, who says that the former Victoria Secret's model broke her nose. Ebanks allegedly took offense to Irizarry greeting her boyfriend with a kiss inside a Miami nightclub last year. Numerous reports across the international media have reported Irizarry's claims that she had a complex fracture after Ebanks slugged her one as she warned her to stay away from Ebanks's man, BET star Terrence J. The supermodel and TV star, who has denied the accusation, has never been arrested over the alleged fight, which is said to have happened last November.

However, Irizarry claims she suffered a serious injury as a result of the incident.

"When she saw me, she said, 'Don't be kissing my man',” she told a New York tabloid. "I said to myself, 'So what, that's my friend.' That's when she hit me on the nose. I went to swing back – that's when all her friends jumped in. I felt hair pulling and fists coming at me."

Miami police have never arrested or charged Ebanks over the alleged assault but Irizarry did file a police report and sent them her medical records.

Nine months later the model is now seeking financial recompense for pain, suffering and medical bills. "I'm so angry, because she thinks she can get away with anything," Irizarry said. "You shouldn't be allowed to put your hands on anyone for no reason. Me saying hello to someone doesn't give you the right to hit me."

Cayman’s Selita (29) , who recently appeared as a phoenix in Kanye West's short film 'Runaway' , has said that the allegations are "baseless".

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  1. MEM says:

    Proud to be a Caymanian….

  2. Anonymous says:

    This one time at band camp, I saw a girl hit another girl over the head with a tuba.


    • Anonymous says:

      Each person/individual has a life to live the way they want to.  She is at liberty to make he own decisions and live her life free from mean peoples criticisms and inuendos.  Get a life and make your lives better.  By trying to take away from someone will not make you any better off.  Try building on what you have and make your self a better person.

      Envy, hate, and sarcasm dosen't bode well for anyone.  Lift up somebody along the way and we will all gain from the help that was rendered.

  3. Knot S Smart says:

    Thats a nice pic CNS!

    i will just enjoy the eye-candy and not bother to read the story…

  4. A REALIST says:

    Beat dat ass yes. Dem spaanish women always trying take Caymanian women's men………………..

    • Anonymous says:

      No, The cayman men always tryin get the spanish women. Stop being jealous and hold ur man down then you wouldnt have to worry about things like that

    • Anonymous says:

      You can take the girl out of the country…….

    • Anonymous says:

      What police report?. The article says "Selita's manager denies all claims telling us, "Selita Ebanks was not involved in a physical altercation in Miami. This story is false." We contacted DREAM nightclub who says they are unaware of the incident". Obviously pics of bruises (not of any altercation) do not prove that Selita assaulted her at all.

      Why are you more inclined to believe Liza?

      • Anonymous says:

        Did you read the article?  A police report was filed, as well as pictures taken.   That 6th grade education isn't working out so well huh…LOL.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not only did I read the article, I understood it. What is referred to as a police report is simply Liza's complaint containing her allegations. Again, we have no photos of any altercation. Bruises could have been caused by anything or anyone.

          6th grade education? I think you are a little confused.

      • Angel of truth says:

        Because liza is not from Cayman, now be aware who our friends are.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Usefu information to post would be when to expect our next all island black out …… now there is information that I can use

  6. Anonymous says:

    OK min of entertainment….. who really cares ?????? now back to more importat stuff like saving are dear islands and getting money for or leaders to waste more……. this is what life has come to.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why is this even a topic or anyones business to comment on. Where are the facts? None of you know the trust.. so shut up! It's her life and if its true and she wants to ruin her reputation its up to her… MYOB!

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is no different than when she is here, ask anyone about her numerous altercations with women over some dude.  Its really silly for someone who relies on their looks in their career to risk damaging her 'brand' by fighting over sill crap like this.  Luckily she refers to herself in interviews as a New Yorker so let them have her.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Girls will be girls, but not necessarily ladies..

  10. Cheese Face says:

    She can smack me any time she wants : P

  11. Anonymous says:

    I can list a host of good Caymanians representing us abroad.
    Name the last time Cydonnia, Ronald Forbes or either Fraser bothers were in an alleged bar fight.
    Smh, it’s so funny how such comments reveal our everlasting internal obsession for self hate. Sad.

  12. Anonymous says:

    She must have been taking lessons from that other bitchy supermodel known for slapping people and throwing cell phones at her staff's heads,  you know that one… come on now… don't act like you don't know….

  13. Anonymous says:

    Typical Caymanian women and their insecurities. You all seem to thing fighting for/over a man will help you keep him. How about using your brain next time instead of your fist?

    FYI, unless its your husband it’s not worth it. Also people greet each other with kisses in many cultures; Latin Community included. (general knowledge)

    I can see education was lost on you…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah you sound like the typical Latino that comes here and believe that the men in this country are here at your disposal! How about ya'll using your brains instead of your ………well you know where I'm going with this! Don't give two whoots about Selita! But I understand where she might be coming from…..We see it all too much with all ya'll and your "friendly" hellos! And talk about oh we are just friends!!

    • Fish Felay says:

      She was educated in Miami, Florida USA…I think she knows what latin/latina culture is….so I bet it was more than a cordial kiss

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah girls!

      Stop fisting each other over silly men!

  14. Anonymous says:

    The “allegations are baseless”? Well, darling, your behavior is tasteless, no matter how good you look in that swimsuit. My god, could we please have one, just one, sensible Caymanian representing us abroad? I’m ashamed to admit my nationality nowadays!

    • Anonymous says:

      She is not representing Cayman, she works for herself and is not on the COG's payroll or otherwise representing or competing for Cayman, so who really cares what she does. If she was a paid rep, then yes, all the whiners would have a legitimate reason to bash her.

  15. Anona says:

    Wow!…who cares….wish ppl wouldn't post "news" that is alleged and irrelevant above actual important subjects…i'm just saying

    • Street observer says:

      anon@19:53 if you are a woman would you fight also? The subject is important it shows gutter attitude by some insecure women.

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    This could be a new source of revenue for Cayman tourism!

    D.O.T. could sponsor "Supermodel Smackdown"! Get Tara Banks and Niomi Campbell also involved and you've got a great draw, "Killah" could referee only I think he'd be too scared…

  18. Grimes says:

    Thank you for the photo 🙂

    • noname says:

      Don't mess with those Caymanian Women's  man, …..if they catch you they will "bust" your a*s!

      Selita will "Discipline You!" Did she bust anyone's a*s for Elio?!!!!!LOL

  19. Anonymous says:

    You should ahve discussed it with your boy and asked him to respect you and talk to her on the way she expresses her affectionate greeting. If not then dump his ass…you are a model for Christ sake you can have any man.

    • anonymous says:

      *almost* any man.

      • Anonymous says:

        She'd need some meat on her bones to attract my man.

        • Anonymous says:

          Is that what he told you? Funny how he looked 🙂

          • Anonymous says:

            Ur an idiot…not every man is attracted to skin and bones not to mention how ghetto she is. The only thing she has that I'd want is money and my man does not find her attractive in the least (inside or outside).

            • Anonymous says:

              Yes HATER, if only! to have her even look at him your man would dump you like garbage long side the road. Nothing further hater, stop the hating!

              • Anonymous says:

                I think your man loves you for your winning demure personality!!

                Shouldnt u be dealing with him instead of hating on Selita all day??

            • Anonymous says:

              Do you really think he would tell you if he did find her attractive?   

      • Anonymous says:

        OK. Gays excluded.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Wow – very "appropriate" photo CNS!

    Is this a culturally sensitive photo?

    Would Time magazine have used this image?



    • GET A LIFE! says:

      i happen to love this photo, keep your comments to yourself you're acting as if kids come on this website and if they do they are obviously mature enough to see a woman in something she could wear to the beach

      • Anonymous says:

        All I can say is that I got into a lot of trouble with the wife whilst  I was reading (honest!) this news item.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Damnnnnn! Story is interesting as well…

  22. Anonymous says:

    It just proves the old adage that you can dress them up but you just can't take them anywhere…

  23. Anonymous says:

    That "towner" coming out of her now. You aint be messing wid my man cause I will screw you up. SMILE…………….

  24. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a good bitch fight me to me. Anyone put it on YouTube yet? 

  25. Da Honourable Sir Henry Morgan da 1st. #booyakasha says:

    Selita Ebanks=Windsor ParkFirst Lady. I'm glad she didn't forget where she came from! Wappp dat up yes!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad celebrities represent no one but themselves when they get themselves into trouble. Of course, this still is not a good model for our children.

  27. Anonymous says:

    So let me get this straight. She looks like that and still gets jealous? What hope do us poor fellas have?

  28. Anonymous says:

    I suppose now, Selita is Jamaican. 

    • Anonymous says:

      She has Jamaican in her but then again you are what your mother is and her mother is a Caymanian so she can only be Caymanian.  Thats the towner in her anything that went to GT Primary will mess you up anytime and anywhere.  We will change from an Angel to a Devil, from a Saint to a sinner.  We will even put down the Bible to rumble if you take it too far. Don't mess with GT Primary alumni we will mess you up!

      • Anonymous says:

        Funny, you dont even know our laws. Also ironic is your biblical reference. If you truly beleive what you wrote re the mother, you might be Jewish.

      • Anonymous says:

        I disagree about being whatever your mother is. Fathers count too. In fact nationality is typically determined by the father. If you are born and bred here with either parent Caymanian you are Caymanian.

  29. Anonymous says:

    guess she's not an angel anymore.

  30. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      "Who caress"? ..probably not u or me.

      Who cares? ..well, that's another story!