Miller poses tax alternatives

| 27/07/2012

ezz and alden.jpgCNS): In a broadcast address to Cayman on Friday night Ezzard Miller posed a number of alternatives to the premier's plans to tax foreign workers. The independent member for North Side said direct taxation would “kill the goose that has been laying the golden eggs for Cayman” and offered a number of other ideas. Miller suggested McKeeva Bush scrap his Nation Building Fund, introduce a legalized lottery and to take 2 cents from the spread on US-CI transactions. He also said that Bush should address the culture of dependence and reassess the 8,000 people collecting government welfare.

Miller called on the premier, once again, to re-centralize government functions with amendments to the Public Management Finance Law and the Public Service Management Law to cut operational expenses. He accused Bush of failing in his role as minister of finance and suggested he re-assign that ministry to Rolston Anglin.

But as well as criticising the premier's performance and his latest tax idea, he offered a number of solutions. The independent member said the problem with the budget wasn't the sustainability of revenue but the un-sustainability of the patterns of expenditure.

“How can you possibly rationalize the selling of the police helicopter, without consultation with law enforcement, to save $1.5 million while retaining your $4 million Nation Building Fund to influence votes,” he said. “I believe most Caymanians would prefer to use one third of your Nation Building Fund to fight crime rather than give it to churches to build edifices unto themselves at great cost to our local social environment.”

Answering Bush's complaint that the opposition benches don’t offer any solutions he proposed that government reduce the 4 cents spread introduced by banks in 1968 on the US-CI dollar exchange to 2 cents and collect it from the banks into governments revenue.

“This will have no negative effects on the local economy or  personal income streams, if anything it could have a small positive effect by reducing the cost of living by 2%,” he said. “The government will collect much more revenue from this than from your community enhancement fee with no additional cost or further increase in the civil service numbers.”

He also suggested legalizing the local numbers lottery game and charge a 25% license fee, which would, Miller said, also generate much more income than the community enhancement fee and not require additional civil servants to administer.

Miller called on Bush to find the hitherto lacking political will to cut the civil service by amending both the public finance and the public service management laws to re-centralize government finances to reduce the number of human resource staff.

“Mr premier, don’t continue to dismiss these cost reduction suggestions on the weak allegation that Caymanians will loose jobs. There are adequate jobs in the private sector occupied by work permit holders that these Caymanians can get if you are willing to cancel the work permits,” Miller stated.

He added that the short term loss in work permit income would be outweighed by the long term gain in the reduction of the civil service and improved administration, accounting and management.

Miller called on Bush to return to the drawing board over the budget and the new pay roll tax, as he pointed to unjustified expenditure as the source of the government's problem, and not revenue sources.

See Miller's full statement below.

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  1. Come off the Beach says:

    Come off the beach and rental local apartments with your 10% pay cut.  You can afford that now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How has no one mentioned the increase in registered office fees?!  They were supposed to increase a couple of years ago and did so by a very small amount.  $1,000 extra dollars per year is nothing to these corporations and yet it could bring in $30M in NEW and FREE annual revenue for the government. And that is conservative!  Taxing people who live work and spend money here is recycling our own funds and for deals that no one agrees with. 

    Taxes are appropriate for countries where you can see the benefits! Where are they here?!

    Charge everyone a garbage pick-up fee and a recycling fee! This is on par with first world countries.  And our garbage is much more of a problem! This will not only reduce the amount of garbage but create opportunities for new businesses and streams of revenue. 

    I won't even get into the idea of cutting funding to the churches.  As backward as it is I just don't see those cuts being approved by McKeeva.  The UK needs to draw the line and make it mandatory.

    These are ideas that are miniscule in thought and would have a major impact on the budget.  There are dozens of other ideas that could have a greater affect.  To say there are no alternatives is beyond ridiculous.

    I am one Caymanian extremely disappointed in Mckeevas lack of acknowledgement for alternative solutions.  Even if you have an ignorant respect for expats, this tax will hurt Caymanians the most, believe that!!!

    I will be at the Mary Miller Hall tonight at 7PM.  Although our peaceful approach will surely be met with hostility, we need to be heard.  Caymanians especially – I urge you to come out and see how this man really treats the people who make this country tick and hear the dozens of alternatives (if he lets us speak) that we have to offer.  Don't be blinded by your selfishness, it is in your best interest to gain the knowledge and stand up for your country!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The culture of dependence has been developed over many years and like a struggling addict, we are not going to kick this one quickly.

    It is going to take some well thought out planning to empower the "addicted" locals to stand on their own two feet. Those that are fit and able need to be given another chance to learn skills. Skills that can be transferred into something that can contribute to the economy.

    Standing in a line with a hand out is damn disrespectful to the rest of us who are actually trying to make a go of this life. Yes, some of us are struggling too, but I'd rather fish or throw a few seeds in the ground.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Now one would think that the government could be collecting a substanial amount of money but NO…instead Dart can bring in imports at no charge and collect taxes/fees from the proposed hotel for 30 years. and government wonders why their in deficit… Mr. Bush talks about the UK wanting us to make revenue well dont u think thats revenue?

    I'm honestly sick of these politicians as well, its all bout them and their greed not about the people. i just wish we had some sensible individuals that would step forward, ones with an accredited degree because some of them MLA's that have seats in the Legislative assembly i have to wonder about…no sense at all n if they think they do it must be common sense their talkin about and even that isnt common to them 

  5. noname says:

    Government spending is $500 million a year. How come that's not enough to run the place? Bush's three years as finance minister amount to $1.5 BILLION in spending. Forget cutting the Caymanian civil service and welfare payouts. There are plenty of other ways to stop pissing away money and balance the budget–but they all involve someone's business deal or patronage job. Your leaders are looting the place and will not stop.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Where is the PPM and it's alternative solutions???? Alden, Arden. Kurt and Tony…wha happening??

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent proposals by Ezzard. This points out a major problem that the UDP has in that they go out and make changes without consulting anyone. Why was Ezzards ideas not heard of before now. Why go and aggravate a significant portion of society without getting input from all politicians.

      There is an interesting point though.

      Dont know how much you are going to cut from the cs. There has been a significant outcry for it. Lets say you cut 500-600 jobs (And I dont know how extreme you are talking).

      Where are those people going to get jobs/money to feed themselves?

      Note that our unemployment rate is fairly high right now as well as we have seen an increase in crime.

      Are the departments going to be able to function properly without them?

      I know that all the private sector thinks that all of the GOvernment departments have access lazy Caymanians but just about all departments have been cut with the notable exception of police.

      Note also if you are considering a lottery then casinos cannot be far behind. A casino would be another alternative to generating funds.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wha happen is they have no say, it's whatever Mac wants or thinks to do and his bunch just goes "Ok Boss, we wote yes" and off it goes.  How many times have stuff come out and after the fact is when the opposition – both PPM and Ezzard have to say what they feel after the fact because they weren't made aware of it prior to?  Seems like a rgular thing these days. This seems to have been covered in the party politics post a few below.

    • noname says:


      The purpose in allowing individuals to play the lottery is so that government services

      will benefit from it in revenues to help fill the public coffers.

      1. The Lottery license should be set at a hefty fee.

      2. There should be a percentage fee paid to government from the lottery winnings.

      Ofcourse not as high as the uS, if a man wins 1 million in the US  the govt. takes at least $400,000 almost half of the winnings. This is ludacrous. We need to set the fees on winnings much lower.

      However, we do need todo something about this illegal gambling.

  7. Chris says:

    Anon 12:36 Mr. Miller and the UDP are not the same.

    There is a huge difference between their positions.

    The UDP Government is proposing direct taxation.

    Mr. Miller in contrast is proposing a number of viable alternatives to direct taxation.

    I agree with Mr. Miller's approach on this issue and encourage all to propose alternative solutions to direct taxation.


  8. Anonymous says:

    One thing I think back in the day which was a HUGE difference in how the Governments were able to get things done was that there wasn't this party politics garbage.  Sometimes I feel it should be gotten rid of all together cause all we end up with is the leader of X party having a bunch of dead weight puppets in there to vote for whatever their leader want to do whilst and as long as they collect their check and possibly get their palms greased in the process through their Govt. intrests like thie security companies which the Govt. uses, real estate or construction companies that they end up getting used for Govt allowed projects/developments and such just to name a few. 

    With the party politics it has turned out that nobody in the leading party sill stand up against views/ideas that their leader wants even if they think it's total rubbish.  Back then it was all independent, maybe friends to one another but still you would have proper debate and consulting amongst the leaders/ministers for their respectable responsibility and the back bench and decisions would be made more transparent and bipartisan for the betterment of the country.  Now a days it has been proven time and time again that the puppets of whichever Govt. that'sin will not stand up against their leader with injust things and whetever that happens or is proposed just is allowed to fly. 

    Key example look what happened back when McKeeva was cought up in the First Cayman Bank scandal, they stood up and he had to resign or was made to resign.  Look at all the crap that has went on on both sides when rubbish antics happen now – nothing!  Why?  Because none of the leaders cronies have the balls to stand against the leader whenever the opposition brings obvious bad dealings/decisions so therefore it's just allowed to pass and continue as just another day in the office.  So judging from history when we faired allot better off than these days ever since the party politics came about, I feel that if we went backwards and demolish the party politics garbage we would have a much better off Govt. who are not affraid to stand against one another for the betterment of the country. 

    Even more to back this up is who has been the one to bring the most of the bad Governance issues and stand against bad policies/decisions being implimented?  The ONLY INEDPENDENT member of Govt.!  He has ruffled the most feathers in there and in my opinion and is the most honest one of the lot who brings the best things to the table for the betterment of the country.  Imagine if we went back to how it was with all members of Govt. being thatway?!

    Now can we have a referendum for that plz, and this time properly and neutrally educate the country as to the pros and cons of both sides and also show our history's track record for this, AND this time count the decision from the votes that come in so the decision is not swayed by rogue votes?

  9. Anonymous says:

    It was about time that Ezzard Miller laid his cards on the table so to speak and in doing so, he has revealed a lot about himself.

    Ezzard Miller and McKeeva Bush are two peas in a pod, albeit at different ends. The pod that they share is one of selfishness, the rest is just a display.

    Neither McKeeva Bush nor Ezzard Miller represent the way forward for these islands Why is it that not a single politician has come before the country with a voice of empathy and humility?

    All we hear is ranting and raving, criticism and empty rhetoric. The people of North Side know all about Miller. Likewise the people of West Bay know all about Bush.

    Let all the politicians that are still alive today line up tomorrow outside the Legislative Assembly and let us elect someone to award each one of them the "Badge of Treason."

    I have watched you all turn paradise into hell over the last 40 years with your ignorant, selfish, money-centred policies and God willing, I will live a little longer to see this hell that you have created turned back into the paradise that you have so obviously hated and are not worthy of.

    I know of no politicians that currently hold office who in the eyes of their decent, God-fearing forefathers (going back a long way) who are worthy to be called Caymanian. Not a man-jack among you. Read this tonight when you lay down upon your silken sheets in your cool bedrooms and remember that the cry of your people who punish under your harsh rule.

    I am an expat. I have loved this country since childhood and dare say that I am more Caymanian than the whole lot of you.

    Shame, Shame, SHAME on all of you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard is on the right track.  CIG needs to tread *VERY* carefully.

    We already HAVE taxes in the Cayman islands.  These notions that Cayman is a tax-free Country are false.

    — If you add up work permit fees (6-10% of income),

    — 25% on imports

    — 42% on cars and 7% stamp duty on homes

    — electricity (4-7 times the cost in North America due to fuel duties paid to governement by CUC)

    — mandatory pensions that everyone knows, won't be there in the future

    — overpriced telephone and communication services

    and the dozen "fees", "charges" and "services" I'm forgetting to list, you will quickly see that there are significant double digit annual charges here.  Florida is starting to look pretty good because the administrative headaches of operating from Cayman, the innefficiency hurdles that small business people have to live with, quickly make it "not worth it".

    Government is always talking about diversifying away from tourism and finance.  Well how can they say that and then tighten the screws to the point of not making it worth it to operate from here as an entrepreneur?

    Cayman Government:  You can't have it both ways.  It would be a mistake to look at the investments of the DART group (the only big investor of its kind in Cayman) and latch on to that like a drowning person and say this will continue in the face of ever increasing charges to operate from here. 

    Dart is not investing here anyway.  I know Mr. Dart.  He loves it here and is building a legacy.  You don't build a project with the quality of finishing and grandness of scale like he has done here if you are simply looking for a naked return on investment.  There are farrrrr better ways to "make money" in this world than building a giant city in the Cayman Islands.  This man is building a legacy.

    Too many people in Cayman point to these projects as proof he is somehow making money off the Cayman people's backs.  Well that is the mother of all uneducated statements.  This is outside money coming "to" Cayman.  And we need more of it.

    As I said at the beginning.  Government really needs to think carefully here. You have gone to the well enough times..  and it is starting to get muddy at the bottom.  We need to cut the size of the civil service and handouts here.  It will be unpopular.  Crime will go up. Maybe resentment by locals against the rich too.  It has to happen.  Because the government needs to decide what flavor of disruption it wants.  Do you want crime and unhappy voters now, or do you want less of everything you take for-granted later?

    If these charges come into effect we'll see lower overnight visitor counts, less consumption, less of everything the government wants.  It will start with a trickle and accelerate like a tidal wave.   

    Look at what the roll-over did.  We have lower home prices than any developed island in the Caribbean. Nobody is committing to the island because of the instability that it engendered. Imagine what direct taxes on-top of that would do. We have a flat economy, in spite of the voracious spending by government. Direct tax will amplify that. 

    If you want an undulating plateau of new expats and different faces that's fine. Somebody will always view this as a better alternative than the place they came from, but you will get less long-timers, less people committed, less entrepreneurs. And I can assure you the new faces will spend differently than those which are here today.  They will stay shorter. They will make less local connections and contribute less to society.  Do you really want a world where there are no entrepreneurs here?  Where only the most mercantist established rich people come to operate, to save nickels?

    We absolutely NEED to cut the size of government and spending. It is a cancer.  You can't have a society this small where 10+% of the people directly and indirectly work for their government because they are either not educated enough or the economy not diversified enough to absorb them. Long term social problems are at the door coming home to roost.  But it would be FARRRRR worse to institute a direct tax because that would stop growth as businesses like mine scramble to change course and move elsewhere. A decline that would be more visceral and would uncomfortable for Caymanians and Expats than anything previously experienced.

    I am an International business person here.  An expat.  A permanent resident .  Not as big as Mr. Dart, but large enough.  I do not need anything from government here, in fact less Government would be better because they are largely in the way of the small entrepreneurs I know here now. We could use a much more simlified immigration system, that is in place but out of the way of business.  Let the people in and it will float all boats. I would like to do more in Cayman, I too like it here.  But loose talk like this makes it incredibly hard for me.  I can not keep my staff as happy here, tolerating the autumn hurricane evacuations, the already high costs of air travel and accommodation for families. All the assorted fees I pay (and in 25% dearer C.I. dollars). It's not me.  It's my people.  They can't afford it.


    An addditional 15% (10% for the employee and 5% for me) will see me dramatically shrink my footprint here. The invisible efficiency costs that I loose here, coupled with an additional 15% tax, start to make my whole presence here not worth it. I have been here more than 10 years and have had a good run.  I would like to stay.  I like to think my presence here has been good for the islands and its people.  Folks generally seem to think well of me.  I can't keep doing what I do in the face of ever increasing soft costs.  It just doesn't scale with additional taxes.

    I will remain anonymous due to the size of the community here.  I just want to make my comment in peace and don't want to chat about it afterward, so I appreciate the opportunity to remain anonymous. That said, you can take what I've said here as the sober truth. Call it a reflection of the broader community of investors whom I've spoken with, who share my views and are having the same discussions internally.
    • Shock and Awe says:

      Many people on this forum will understand exactly what you've said both expats and Caymanians alike but the problem arises when you examine who is making the decisions you feel are so bad. McKeeva Bush is an ignoramus. Crude, rude, and completely out of his depth. Does he care what havoc he creates by shooting and speaking from the hip? Not at all he's already cashed in. It doesn't bother him in the slightest how much financial hurt is caused by his irrational budget fumbling he's been collecting a salary and a pension while mollifying the people with endless dictums and preachings. He will NEVER win another election and his political career is over and he knows it. The problem is in the sinking ship which is Cayman it will be Premier first, then cabinet members, then women and children. 

      It was a sad day for Cayman when they let this bozo be Premier.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Income Tax was introduced in the UK over 200 years ago as a temporary means of raisng funds to fight Napoleon, and it is still there! There’s your sign! Mac’s Tax is thin edge of the wedge, with more and larger Taxes to follow.

    CIG does not have the machinery to enforce, regulate or collect such a Tax, certainly not in the short time that Mac intends to bring into law.

    I am sure the discriminatory nature of the Tax could be challenged in the European Court of Human Rights?

    It appears that the ability not to pay pension (5% +5%) put pay 10% payroll tax is a means of diverting what would have been a persons pension fund directly into Govt, Revenue? Which MLA was it several years ago that wanted all private pension plans to be invested solely in Cayman? Thank goodness that the amateurs could not get their sticky fingers on our retirement funds!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Pay attention very carefully folks this is simply not the way to encourage new business and definitely not the way to keep existing business. Everybody is in the same boat chasing after new investors we are essentially giving up and allowing our competitors free reign. This is a terrible idea back to the drawing board please.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations UDP members and supporters!!!  You have managed to change the culture of the Cayman islands and start what will be an end to it’s prosperity.  For those of you who were bought by invitations to global galas, convenient government appointments, churches, refrigerators and paved parking lots I hope it is enough to sustain you and your children in the same way your leader and party members have taken of themselves. If not perhaps you can keep comfort for a while in the naive illusion that this is temporary or does not effect you.

    And I would also like to congratulate the prosperous Caymanians who got rich by virtue of being Caymanian (come-on really you aren’t millions of dollars a year) during the times of prosperity but didn’t step up when your country was in need.

    Again Congratulations in changing the prosperous Cayman Islands that your forefathers created.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Maybe we should just tell Kee Kee that he can have his casinos and then he will shut up and sit down.

    • Anonymous says:

      What an astute observation…well done. You are absolutely right, that's exactly where all this is heading.To be fair,and like it or not, it's a hell of a solution to raising revenue without tax increases.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Public Service Review was started from 2009,5394427&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

    I  was a member of a committee that was set up to review the Public Service.  In the reviews there were proposals to save hundreds of millions of dollars over a three year period.  What happen to these reviews?  I know that one of the main members of the review committee was the Director of the NRA whose contract was terminated.  In my opinion they played politricks with it and if they had implemented those savings we would not be in mess we are in now.  Every year we were hearing that we had these surpluses, what happen to it?  If I did not pay my bills or contribute to my pension I would have a surplus also.  We can no longer manipulate the figures to make us look good because we we have the FCO that knows that we were cheating.  What happen to the 3 year strategic plan?  We knew 3 years ago that we were going to have to pay on the principal plus interest on the loans; that we had to build a juvenile remand centre; that we had to pay to complete the new high schools; that we would have recurrent expenditure when the high schools were completed so why did the Government not save money when they knew that we were going to have these large expenditures?


    • Anonymous says:

      Corruption is the elephant in the room.


      Incompetance is the 800 pound gorilla.


      It is time we talked openly about these things so that they can be addressed.


      The first step that needs to be taken is to first admit that you have the problem.


      And yes, I know it is very difficult to deal with. The corrupt ones do not play by the rules (obviously). They lie, cheat, plant false evidence, use shredders, blame others, and generally keep the waters well muddied so that no one can see their dirty little secrets.


      Rooting out corruption is a difficult, messy, and painful process. It must be done or Cayman will end up being another Jamaica where tourists frolic behind well guarded razor wire and the average Caymanian live in destitute poverty (they might even be forced to go off shore to the Philippines in order to work and send money home).

    • Anonymous says:

      Without proper scrutiny to what should be the solution for an ailing government deficit to levying payroll tax to selected few  will only open a window for RAMPANT CORRUPTION in the government. Instead, concentrate more  on the reduction of unnecessary allocation of government budgets and expenditures. The Premier should know the domino effect of this tax proposal and check if it's healthy to the Cayman economy. This proposed tax won't do good in a short term, neither in a medium term or even in a long term to Cayman.

      Soon, collection from work permit fees will decline dramatically since the tax proposal is undesirable and unattractive for expats, who help the local economy.  The proposed tax rate almost compete to the tax rates in their home country. At first glance, the proposed tax rate might not be comparable but we need to be reminded of the HIGH COST OF LIVING in the island. Obviously, expats will weigh in the HIGH COST of renting a house, paying utility bills, budget for everyday needs, and sending kids to school, which are deciding factors if they will pursue another opportunity who can GIVE BACK BENEFITS to the value of the money they paid. A decline in the number of expats is surely a threat to small and medium scale businesses in the island who survive  and rely mostly to them, therefore, a negative impact to the economy.

      In no time, everyone will be subject to the proposed tax due to TAX EXPANSION.

      An INDIRECT form of TAXATION where everyone can participate like the alternative proposals as mentioned above would probably work instead of the proposed direct taxation by the Premier.  Under indirect taxation, everyone will have a share to the growth of the economy which will give major benefits to Caymanians.


  16. M says:

    Mr. Miller you have a point. I am a low paid government worker and this is my first time and last time commenting here. I will be straight with you_ All direct taxes are not good for the country, and I think our leader Premier Bush is well aware of this. However, if we were to cut the staffof civil servants into the hundreds and cut off people who are being support by social services, the estimate will be into the thousands. That would create more crime I believe and social unrest. But note…. an expat can always go home, Mr. Miller. As Caymanians this is our only home, where will we go when we're unemployed and no social services to take care us? Just think about that for a moment please. The UK is telling the Premer this is the wise way to go so they can approve the budget. I dont like it, but if its the better way, what will you have me do?

    • Anonymous says:

      I am Caymanian and retired. I have seen some hard times in my long life and I understand your concerns but I don't believe that the FCO has said we must have direct tax.  I heard the Premier on the radio saying that what the FCO required was there to be sustainable finances for the government, just like there has to be sound finances for every home.  That is common sense.

      It is too easy for the politicians to say we don't want to make tough decisions and to blame things on the FCO. I think that there are many other options to direct tax and I think that Mr. Miller has come up with a couple of good suggestions. I think we all need to put our heads together and find solutions.

    • Anonymous says:

      then understand this, an unfair tax will lead to many expats going home and they will not be replaced. Then the government will not need all these civil servants as there will be nothing to do and less money to pay them.

      Then you will be trying to get jobs abroad or on the boats again and cayman will no longer be your home.

    • Anonymous says:

      The credit card is maxed out: the UK said that if Bush keeps spending he would have to broaden the revenue base. Bush was warned a year ago to dial it back, but has chosen to continue to exceed the budget by choice, when a normal leader might have considered rational reductions in spending.

    • Anonymous says:

      Go get trained in something other than being dependent on social welfare. It’s not that hard!

      • Anonymous says:

        You see, i know thisis an expat.. There is no more discrimatory people in Cayman than the expats. Now you want us Caymanians to "unite" with you?? What a joke.. The dollar is higher than where you come from, 10% is nothing close to the 40% you have to pay where you're from. If i go to Canada or the United States to work, do i not have to pay tax? Yes. Does that give me the right to vote? HELL NO! Pay the 10% and shut up..

    • Anonymous says:

      "As Caymanians this is our only home, where will we go when we're unemployed and no social services to take care us?"

      I am tired of hearing this, so one more time – if you are Caymanian you can get a full British European Union (EU) passport which allows you to live & work anywhere in the EU which means most of Europe including England.

      • Anonymous says:

        Who says we want to go there though? LOL Your precisely missing the point in that statement.

      • noname says:

        Live and work anywhere in the EU?  so why are you here my friend?

        Are you saying that Caymanians should leave go to the uK to make room for Expats?

        That seems to be your message. Caymanians should have stayed and not leave Cayman, then we would not have this problem on our hands.

        Do not accept the UK's white paper that is full of tricks, like offering British citizenship to caymanians. Its a trick for their English people and other excpats to occupy Cayman inorder to push through the liberal ideologies of the Bill of Rights they will try to force on us at some point in the future. But we are ready for them.

        Oh yes, we are.  Its best foreigners go home and leave Caymanians alone. too small for so many people, the infrastruture is straining to make the budget. Too many  people here on work permits and too many foreigners loafing around not working.

    • Expat says:

      Leave the island and find your ownplace like I did.

  17. Anonymous says:

    In Finland the penalties for speeding tickets are based upon income, the more you earn the stiffer the penalty. Recently the head of Nokia was given a speeding ticket of over 100,000. This is definitely an idea worth considering by our government to enhance current revenue streams. Just think about all of the pillocks at the accounting firms that cruise around Cayman in their high performance vehicles.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Mr. Premier for the unneccessary global publicity we are now being subjected to. From Los Angeles to Malayasia the news is spreading that your government could not balance its budget and is so derelict of ideas that it has resorted to implementing taxation. Global Spotlight on you now!! Still time to retract this foolish tax and for once listen to Ezzard, who is a real Caymanian, instead of the listening to that group of self-interested "cayamian" lawyers and finance guys who are filling you full of BS and will sell you out quicker than you can count to "only three"?

    with lots more to come this weekend.





    • Anonymous says:

      The Cayman Islands have not implemented any income tax and people should speak the truth.  Stop the scaremoungering, there is no income tax in these islands for Caymanian or Expats.  The Premier said they are considering a "community enhancement fee" on expats what in that says income or payroll tax?  Again expat community and so called "Caymanian" collaboraters stop the lies speak the truth.

      • Anonymous says:

        What in that says income tax?  The part that says expats will pay 10% of their income so Bush can waste yet more money on more shite.  Look up the definition of income tax.  He can dress it up and call it what he wants, but that's what Bush's so-called Community Enhancement Fee (more like his personal enhancement fee) equates to in plain English.

      • Anonymous says:

        A Tax by any other name is still a tax

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you so much for the web sites about the Cayman Islands imposing taxes on expats.  I for one is happy that the world now knows that we have a country to run at first world standard and if you choose to come here to work and there will be a community enhancement fee to pay the free ride and lunch is now over.  Thank you Mr. Premier the best decision that you have made since the 1980s the world will now realise that we have a leader in charge and not just a figure head and a conduit for big business and the Chamber of Commerce. 

    • Truth Police says:

      And now in China….I wonder if those Chinese developers are reading this:

    • Anonymous says:

      I'd say that article in Forbes was the coup de goo…

  19. Anonymous says:

    Finally some intelligent thinking and “outside the box” solutions. Cayman needs more of this. There are solutions to our problems that would actually be good for our future.

    But the UDP is absolutely unable to come-up with any solutions other than what a 5 years old would come-up with. Income tax? Really? Is that all you can think of???

    This lack of competence/education in our leaders is beginning to seriously damage our country. I just can’t believe that the UDP allows the Premier to continue leading despite is lack of competence.

    I was worried before, now I am seriously concerned about our future.

    • Anonymous says:

      The elephant "inside the box" is corruption (at all levels in this "christian" culture, eg government real estate consultants down to the gasboys ).


      The rhino "inside the box" is incompetence.


      Fortunately, there is a young generation of ethical and competent Caymanians. I sincerely hopethat they step up to the plate to replace the current generation of politicians.


      Unfortunately the earliest we can expect to see them is probably 2017. The current generation will do a lot of damage between now and then.


      I am really curious how the majority of Caymanian voters will vote when they are presented with a clear choice between corruption/incompetence and ethics/competence.

  20. Anon says:

    Yep, pure posturing.

  21. Anonymous says:

    There is a much simpler, fairer and more sensible solution, and one that has precedent in Cayman. We have had times in the past years when Government’s budget simply couldn’t be balanced on existing revenues, and so a way had to be found to balance the budget.
    Back in the day when Truman Bodden was effectively the leader of government, albeit not by title, and the budget needed to be balanced, the government would assess the existing revenue sources and determine where it could levy increases in fees with the minimum amount of pain to the Cayman population. Then a temporary revenue law was passed which only took effect for one year, whereby things such as Stamp Duty on West Bay Beach properties was increased from 7% to 10% (despite cries of gloom and doom from CIREBA) and Import Duty on luxury vehicles and other items, fuel etc, and a number of other non essentials were all increased slightly in order to generate sufficient revenue to balance the budget. There we had a transparent, definite and fair hike in existing government fees and duties, which obviated any new government personnel to collect the same, for a predetermined period of time. It was a simple and brilliant solution to the same situation that government finds itself in now. And despite the fact that a lot of us didn’t like to pay 40% import duty on our new Mercedes(whilst our neighbors in the Caribbean paid over 100%), we understood what it was, and there was a definitive, transparent process.
    But, alas, the difference is that back then, we had diligent, credible and competent leaders (no matter whether you liked their politics or not) who didn’t wait for the last moment in denial talking crap about imaginary budget surpluses, whilst giving away precious government funds and granting financial exemptions to their cronies, thinking that they would get away with it all, which is really what is feeding the panic that has now ensued from the latest McGiver debacle.
    It is a real shame that there doesn’t seem to be a single person in the LA right now that has a view of the big picture, and how delicate an issue this direct taxation is, no matter whether is imposed on personal income or land. In fact, sadly, the discussion that has ensued so far might have already caused irreversible damage. God help us all if I’m right about that.

    • Anonymous says:

      It amazes me that the politicians cant work together.

      I mean Mac had to propose this idea before talking to the opposition to get ideas from them.

      By the way politicians always look good when they are not in charge.

      Mac looked briliant when the PPM was in power and Ezzard looks brilliant now.

    • Anonymous says:

      ittlhik that thegovernment should invite the public to submit ideas.  some of those submitted on this site by mr Miller and others should be considered. What about a painless sales tax.

      But definitely do not like the discriminatory expatriate tax.

      i also think it a good idea to centralise personnel.  some hard decisions need to be made by an     objective body that can take a broad dispassionate perspecttive  for the good of the whole rather than allowing the parts to have full sway.

    • Anonymous says:

      Major media, Reuters all over it already.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Decriminise cannabis and tax it

    This will bring taxes in for government

    It will bring in loads more stay over tourists, we will have something no other location on our cruise schedule has, to cruisers will care less of the current tender arragnements.

    More demand will mean more cuiseships ad even more money for the governmnet

    Then there is taking the existing drug profits out of the hands of criminals

    And for those who say is it against our Christian heritage, show where in the bible this is, because I will show you where taxing expats is against it

    Leviticus 19.33 and 34

    So shame on our leader for acting against our heritage

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree on decriminalizing small amounts of ganja…and taxing it like cigs and alcohol. Heck we could even grow the stuff and provide employment opportunities….all extre revenue!

      Also think of the amount of money saved on the expenditure side by reducing costs to police, prosecute, provide legal aid, prison costs (and free health while in prison…including extra staffing for police and prison) all for a relative misdemeanor.

      Think Netherlands and Portugal for examples here.

      And yes i'm a born and bred caymainian…of many generations. And tired of the hypocrisy and inept "leadership" we have experienced in the past decade or so.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Excellent suggestion. The real estate agents are cut from the same cloth as many politicians.

  24. Anonymous says:

    The LA Times has a damaging piece on this stupid tax proposal.


    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks MacShambles. Our islands and financial industry now seem more unstable due to your insane rantings. You have single-handedly done more reputational damage to Cayman than any other politician in our history.

  25. Whodatis says:

    Well slap me and call me Sally!

    Now the "xenophobic" Ezzard is being showered with accolades … even by the expat community! Although I never thought I would live to see the day – it is a welcome surprise.

    Furthermore, it is quite a relief to see the red-hot battle between Caymanians and expats has somewhat subsided in the comments and sentiments – it was getting a bit scary there for a minute.

    Who knows, if CIG plays their cards right, this latest drama may truly be the bittersweet cocktail that brings everyone back to their senses and the realisation that we all rely on one another at the end of the day.

    As for Mr. Miller's suggestions – I am most impressed by the one regarding the cents spread – simple genius and absolutely must be explored. In effect, it is an idle source of potential unavailable to most other countries.

    • Anonymous says:

      As an Ex Pat, whether I agree with Ezzard's sentiments or not, he is the only politrician here I have ever given props to as the only politician doing what he is paid by the people to do – his job.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Chamber Question:

    When you present opinins on issues (referendum/pensions etc) do you survey the STAFF at our member business, or just the OWNERS & BOSSES!!!???

    -Duh – no one is representing the staff – in the public or private sectors!

  27. Anonymous says:

    MLAs will Never touch the salary / pension / benefits that THEY vote on for THEMSELVES!!

    Where else can one get a lifetime pension after 4 years' work?

  28. Anonymous says:

    I wouldnt trust ANY politician on this one!
    Its time we had a national "Family Meeting' to take care of some major issues – with the voices of all being heard – including young people – after all, the future benefits – or mess – will be their inheritance!

  29. Anonymous says:

    It is funny how Ezzard will cry at the last minute about eocnomy, but during the time before it was about electoral system and premier investigations. What is more important now Ezzard?

  30. Civil Servant says:

    Ezzard whilst you may be right that we do something about this, perhaps another gathering and speaking out agianst the tax, I honestly believe that we should as well be going to the Queen about this, because a power way higher than McKeeva Bush, has been refusing his budgets several times, demanding enhanced sustainable revenue in the Cayman Islands, which everybody knows means direct tax that they want. This power is a group that believes it knows what is best for Cayman, but yet they are not experts in running economies. So whilst we should protest here, what about up there in the UK?  Just a thought.

  31. Anonymous says:

    These ard few ideas that will create more govt $$$$:

    1 Lotto
    2 Drop gas prices or give cuc gas break
    3 Increase the percentage on the $$ being sent a received here
    4 Cut social service & find them jobs instead of giving away our $$$ to those who can work
    5 allow another another electric company in here
    6 recycle the metals, plastic, copper from garbage dump

    • Anonymous says:

      At the end of the day Ezzard Miller is no better than The Premier or the leader of the Opposition.  This is the first time in over 20 years that I have seen the Premier really stand up for the people of these islands and here we have every other politicians except for the UDP members shoot it down when all he is  asking for is for expats to pay 10% fees to contribute toward a community that they live in and enjoy the benefits from.  Yet here we have every member of the opposition including Mr. Miller shooting it down and wanting the Premier to implement measure that will further hurt the Caymanians.  I wish the elections were held today and Caymanians would show all of them what it is all about.  No one cares about the 8,000 unemployed locals but let them layoff more Caymanians and cut social services for those that have no other resources and then we all will see some thing.  You will always know the true nature of people when their backs are against the wall.  The Premier and the UDP are willing to stand up for their people while we know which side the UDP, Chuckie and Ezzard is on, but may they vote for them in the next elections because Caymanians won't.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank You somebody with sense!

      • Anonymous says:

        @ anoy 12:36


        I think you didn't read Mr. Miller's memo!


        He is saying we need to look at who is getting the benefits and if they really need them as this type of benefit is subject to fraud.  Just because you needed it 5 years ago doesn't need you still need it again today.  Also, I myself being a young upright Caymanian (by birth and blood) do not want to be a bloodsucker on my country if I can avoid it.  Before I sit here without a job and beg on my government to support me I would go work at Burger King and buy a plane ticket to the United Kingdom and retrain myself in a different field on the british government account.  That way, even if I can't get a job at home, I can look one over there and still accomplish my mission and continue to build up my country, my children and of course my house in Cayman.  All other nationalities are in Cayman doing the same thing so I would just take a page out of their book.

        I do understand the tragety of the whole circumstance of not being first in your homeland but guess what we need to recognize that the world is not so simple again.  If you grew up in an era of plenty consider yourself blessed.  If Cayman can't support Caymanian anymore that is fine also.  But at the end of the day, if you are a true Caymanian you know that you have more drive to buy and build your retirement right here in Cayman.  So, you go whereever you need to go to get it and get it and bring it back. Don't worry about some expat giving his friend the job over you..hard work overcomes overtime. But to bring in tax to Cayman is to reform all we believe in and even part of who we are to address a handful of wicked people residing amongst us.  Let us take the high ground and show any who doubt us how self sufficient we are.  Let us show them how we survived and built the Cayman Island with their help..BUT NOT BECAUSE OF THEM….

        Always remeber respect is earned not given and is not to be taken for granted. If we live in the legacy of our forefathers we will get the respect that is rightly deserved.  If we choose the easy way out now we can retire another peice of Caymanian culture to the history books.  When our grandparents and great grandparents went a way to work they made us proud and gave us a great reputation.  This is our turn, the baton has been pasted..will we  finish our course, and run a good race? or will bend the rule to gain advantage over the other cheaters in the race? 

        We know sometimes the cheater win and it seems like they may always win…but it is more disgraceful later down the line when the metal is stripped from them and shame is brought to them..

        I'll leave you with that….let's find other solutions and work hard for Cayman…


      • Anonymous says:

        8,000 unemployed?! As long as you are making up figures why not say 12,000 unemployed?

        The UDP are not standing up for the people you fool, they are looking for political cover from the FCO to implement the tax against Caymanians and will say (like with the status grants) "the UK made me do it".  They know that elections are around the corner and it would be political suicide to propose it for Caymanians. They also know that muppets like you will grab hold of this piece of political cynicism as standing up for Caymanians. They have not stood up for Caymanians in anything why would they start now? 

    • Anonymous says:

      7 Sell the metal in the Glass House like we did with the Tower Building. 

  32. Knot S Smart says:

    Mr. Miller. I just have one thing to add.

    You forgot to mention that both Mac and any other members who are receiving both pension and salary at the same time, should show their understading and dedication to their country by stopping this practice immediately!

    The country needs to curtail spending in everyway that it can…

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you asking Miller to cut his salary too?

      • Knot S Smart says:

        Please re-read my post and tell me where I said to cut salaries?

        Any intelligent person can see that what I am asking is that they dont take their pension at the same time that they are being paid a very comfortable salary.

        What are you? The village idiot?

    • Anonymous says:

      Where I agree 100% what the present government is doing is crazy and a new government should be voted in but, Ezzard Miller was in Government and he really didn't do much good for the government either, if he did he would have been voted in again, don't be blind sided again!!!

  33. durrrr says:

    One other idea is to break up the CIREBA cartel. Force them to reduce their comissions by a percent or two, and increase stamp duties by the same amount. No net increase to buyers or sellers.

    • Anonymous says:

      True Caymanian with Intentions


      Well it’s about time that Mr. Miller voiced his opinions in a very positive and constructive way.  You have been criticized more often than you can imagine.  Some of us as Caymanians consider you to be nothing but a trouble maker who just loves to stir the pot and have nothing to add to it.   I must say, you have out right proven us all wrong.   This is some of the best ideas that I have heard since all this discussion started but you don’t need to stop it at that.  You need to continue bringing ideas to the tableand educate Big Mack on how to properly run this country.

       Just look at the response from the Expats when they heard that their salaries were going to be taxed.  They boldly stood up as a group and defended themselves.  We as Caymanians don’t have enough unity to unite and make a difference in our own country.  We complain all year round but do we make enough effort to influence a change within our country. No we don’t!!

      Stop selling your Votes for; Washers, Driers, Loads of Fill, and Rounds of Drinks at the night clubs because this is all your ever going to get from these so call government officials.  They come door to door with Turkeys and Cornish chickens in hope of buying your vote. Once they assume that they have secured it you will never see them again or even find them in their respective district offices. 

      Wake up Caymanians it’s high time you all realize that the Government is not for the people of the Cayman Islands but they sand for what they can put in their pockets at the end of the day. The exposure of the corruption with the DART contracts is just the tip of the iceberg that is melting on our heads.  Soon there will be no Cayman for us Caymanians to call home.  


      • Anonymous says:

        Exactly.  If the people didn't fill out the applications for solar panels, Nation Building Fund and Home repairs then Mac couldn't spend the money.  The people are just as much to blame.

    • Anna Dult says:

      I agree this is an excellent idea.  Price fixing is illegal in most civilised jurisdictions.  Also how can CIREBA claim to be a nonprofit organisation whilst taking 2% off the top of most real estate commissions in the Cayman Islands ?  Maybe the Auditor General needs to look into some of these so called Charities.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I'm not a partisan political follower in any way, shape or form and i know good ideas when I hear them.

    And these are good ideas…especially the one of nationalising the illegal numbers racket into a legal national lottery.

    Even members of the Cayman Islands police and other law-enforcement agencies play the numbers and drink at illegal parties and establishments….

    And then they go and kick down doors and arrest the people involved that they are ordered to….and the fines imposed do not even cover the costs of the  prosecution or police operations.

    Does anyone see how much the hypocrisy is costing Cayman in actual dollar value ?

    The national lottery in many countries, including Great Britain covers the cost of many of the educational and social programs in those countries.

    It is set up to do exactly that, while Cayman is still running down and prosecuting people who are selling numbers to the very people arresting and prosecuting them !

  35. Anonymous says:

    The Premier's announcement on an expat income tax is not about economics, it's politricks.  It's the first move in a chess game of political moves to introduce income tax for all.  People, don't let your emotions rule your head.  Think about what's happening here.  Play out the next few moves in your mind.  Bush may not have graduated high school, but he's a wiley old fox of a politician.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I am going to say a few unrelated things as a Young Caymanian who personally knows both Ezzard and McKeeva:

    General Govt comments: As far as OMOV goes, I was all for it but mainly because it was a way for our goverment to be more accountable.  That being said, if we had better leaders, I think our system is just fine.  We have gone through decades (all of MY life, anyway) under rule by the same back and forth parties while the country itself changes and increases it's dependence on the global economy – something these leaders know nothing about.  I've respected you all for contributing to our society for such a long period of time, but it's time to step aside and welcome new blood and ideas – where are they?!  The Young UDP and Young Progressives are just brainwashed groups of individuals who would not have much more substance to bring to the table.  That being said, I've never supported for either party, waiting for someone who is actually worthy of my vote.  The way things are going, though I definitely know who I am NOT voting for.  McKeeva spoke at my graduation 11 years ago  and I knew what incompetence sounded like at 15yo.  I can't even tell you what it feels like to go away and get a proper education in business and economics to the highest degree, only to return to the same leader with more power and less sense than when I left.  I would run for government if that didn't mean ruining my own dreams I have worked so hard for to save my country.

    McKeeva: You're in too deep.  You think that your position and your say is the end and be all of all things.  You are not qualified for the position and you should take a humble approach to assessing all major developments and inititiatives.  Listen to the people of this country, EVERYONE.  There is nothing wrong with looking out for Caymanians but the simple matter of fact is that we do not make up the majority of this country and while we may deserve a little kick back here or there, we must ALL be considered when making a decision; the people that make this place tick.  This is an aside from the whole tax thing.  If our country was in so much trouble to turn to tax, I'd accept it.  But I don't believe we are in that much trouble.  Your lavish spending is appalling.  On almost everything!  As an aside, if we can't afford a port right now, we don't need a port right now!  We have made it this far and the decline in cruise ship passengers is not directly related to the matter.  While I agree that a port is needed, if we can't afford it, postpone the efforts!  On a smaller note, I am a devout Christian, but the fact that church and state are not separated is so backward I don't even know where to begin.  My church is very capable of collecting it's own funds and staying within it's budget – most of which are run and attended by expats, by the way.  I may be naive to believe, but we don't receive government funding and our congegration is doing just fine.  Putting the whole -ridiculous amount of OUR money spent on church projects- aside, not separating the two is saying that the government only supports Christianity and in a Cosmopolitan community such as Cayman, this idealogy is as 20th century as it gets.  Please in all decisions think about the people you know, the people who have helped YOU and just think with your heart first…it is not correct to think about the people who support you, you will gain more supporters by making the right decision, whether it is one you agree with or not.

    Ezzard: Boyyyyy, you can barely use a computer but you are an admirable person! Thank you for stepping up and taking the heat in times where Mckeeva has not had his country's best interest at heart.  While I do think that all of you guys are dinosaurs, I have so much more respect for you after your  display of dedication to this community in the past several months.  Thank you.

    As far as the tax goes, I don't think Caymanians realise how much this will affect us more than anyone.  Putting the fact that that this is blatant discrimination aide, expats can leave. We can't/shouldn't.  Who will be left picking up the pieces –  all the jobs that won't be available, the apartments that will no longer be rented, the garbage that won't be picked up, the bar that we won't be served at…  Most supporters seem to have the mentality of, "leave if you want to!"  To you all, you need to stop being so short-sighted.  The unemployed Caymanians couldn't fill 5% of the jobs expats carry out – the simple fact of the matter is we either aren't experienced enough or are too proud to take certain jobs.  Such is life! Sometimes you got to take the opportunities you get and create a dream out of them.  That being said, I have an amazing job in a company where Caymanians are the minority and it is easy to see why. I love where I work and am able to say so thanks to 2 private scholarships (boards driven by expats) and a couple of top guys in the companies I have worked for recognising my talent and dedication.  This company is in a unique industry that would CRUMBLE should this tax pass.  An industry where the majority of companies are domiciled here and for no good reason at all, with a very easy system set in place to re-domicile.  Now I know it won't pass because Mckeeva is all about putting on a show.  But this show has gone on long enough.  This is our reputation as a country you're dealing with.  This is our now and our future you're dealing with.

    Young people of Cayman, please come together and realise what is going on here.  Step up to the plate.  Be selfish if you want to!!! But if even if you're only looking out for yourselves, it is in all of our best interest to come TOGETHER.

    One rock. One people. One love.

    • Anonymous says:

      Three rocks, loads of people and not much love.

    • Anonymous says:

      One rock. One People. One love, wonderful post I hope you really run in politics as you will be a good young Caymanian politician that will always be grateful and will move Cayman forward.  I welcome the day when people like you run for politics and made Cayman as diverse as the USA and we will all be able to live the good life in political and social harmony.  I hope you will show up to support the expat community against the no taxes and reduce the civil servants of all those dead weight people who are just draining the country resources.

    • Anonymous says:


      I have lived here the past two decades and have seen so many changes. I love the people here and it's a shame to see so many expats put you all in the same bucket.  All countries have ignorants.  Don't let it define your mentality of the country as a whole.  It's just unfortunate that most will only come into contact with them at governmental agencies, which is a poor sample.  Get involved in your community where ever you live! You will not only achieved a personal satisfaction, but an appreciation for others around you.  Most volunteer programs are run by expats, yes, but look at the Rotary and Rotaract clubs.  I am heavily involved and delighted by the amount of young people who have joined in recent years. It is amazing how much they have to deal with, the pressures of returning with a degree, or still obtaining their degree while they work full time, some have children and they still spend a tremendous amount of working giving back to their community. I have stayed on-island for a reason and I know hundreds of others have as well.  We need to come together for the love of this country!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sad that I can probably know who this is….or at least could say you are among a dozen. Young people like you are hard to find and you all run in the same circles.  Your parents are the ones that drove the Cayman economy for the formative years and can lend guidance.  I know it seems daunting, but you can do it! Come together!

  37. Anonymous says:

    I thought there were no alternatives?

    Mac said so…

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac also said there wasno alternative to selling the Government Administration Building.

  38. durrrr says:

    Wow! Hazzard in talking sense shocker! Never thought I’d see the day!

    He should add casinos to the list though – charge a considerable casino licence fee and tax a percentage of casino profits. I can’t seem to find the current figures, but according to this report, the Bahamas were expecting to make $28m a year from casino taxes in 2008 –

    On the cuts side, as well as getting rid of the ‘nation building fund’, Mac should immediately cancel the solar panel nonsense ($15m?). We should also be suing Ryan for the $6m he owes us, and Juliana for the $0.5m wasted on paving car parks.

    That’s the best part of $50m from 4 sources alone.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzard has been talking sense all along. But your head has been so far up you know where that you weren't listening.

  39. apprentice says:

    Ezzard, it is nice to see you out at the 11th hour. Its just that will the UK give us the time to make these cuts and reductions you are speaking about?  I think we ran out of the time we needed to make the cuts and that is why we are here.

    Besides, these two parties UDP and PPM, how are you sure they will make the cuts? How are you sure that lets say UDP lost the election PPM will continue with the cuts?

    In a way I dont like the Uk watchdog, but the watchdog has barked long enough. Protesting will not change a broken agreement that was made in May of '10


    I notice Ezzard is attacking the Premier on theNation Building Fund. I must commend him for bringing it up. Those ministers that received his funds and rely so much on God for their daily bread, should be ashame of themselves for accepting the "public's money" from a politician!  I don't care if it was for a good cause. Your church members should have been paying!  If you trust in God and God will do for you, why do you need a government heathen crutch to help the cause of the kingdom of God?  Has the church backslide so far that it has to rely on man's power to get it mobilized?  Very sad.  The Premier has not only sold out the country, but the churches too.

  41. D.G says:

    Hmmmm… my first visit here. Don't like to break everybody's heart for this man, but wasn't he the one who wanted Cayman to pursue indepedence from the Uk?  And wasn't he with Arden and ppm opposing the dart deals and other deals that could have brought revenue into the country and help with the budget?  All this time and as soon as he sees fire and a turmultrous threat to Cayman, is when then comes with his bad of solutions. Hmmm… people need to read into this guy. He is using an emotionally charged moment to start another one of his protest for his political career. Just sayin whay I see

  42. Anonymous says:

    Civil Servants’ health insurance contributions in real numbers… One clerical officer paying for her husband and child will now have $600 deducted from her salary! Looks like more Save the Mortgage funds needed.

    • Anonymous says:


      So you are saying that government are paying $600.00 for this person's health insurance, and for her husband and child. and she never contributed one cent towards her plan. My God! its no wonder the Governmnet is broke.

      And she is only a clerk.

      I must tell you, since the governmnet brought in this mandatory pension, and insurance, it has cripple not only the small business, it will shut down the government very soon.  

      There are many states in the US that had to scrap their Pension scheme.

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm just a clerk in the private sector and that's what I pay. She'll adjust.

  43. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva is beating a dead horse and then when it’s near death he is shooting it. He has created no new sustainable revenue streams, cut no fat off the budget and just doing the same old thing.

    He is increasing fees throughout the financial services sector which he has already done a few years ago nearly pricing Cayman out of the Market making it less affordable to live here and too expensive for foreigners to do business here. And now he is doing it again raising fees. Oh yeah should probably mention that he is now taxing only expats. Do you know what the definition of insanity is?

    Good bye foreign investment, good bye financial services sector, good bye expats, good bye good living.

    If this goes through Paradise is lost.

    Thank God for Miller. Some well made suggestions. There are dozens of options.

    All of McKeevas concessions and grand schemes of illusion have done nothing for Cayman.

    McKeeva is stuck in the past and is leading this country to destruction.


  44. Anonymous says:

    Miller's one good idea is to cut the expense of government, which alone is sucking the Island dry.

    Every other of his ideas will increase the cost of living and doing business on Cayman. Remember that any tax, however applied, is ultimately paid by the consumer, which is you.

    Where else can the money come from?


  45. Anonymous says:

    14.52% tax not 10% tax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    If you do the math,  you'll find this is actually a 14.52% tax. Under the current proposal, the employer is no longer required to pay the 5% pension contribution. At their choice, the employer can direct that 5% to the employees tax bill. The employee will pay the balance of the tax bill which is actually 9.52%. In total, 14.52% of the employee's salary is sent to the governement. 

    At the end of the day the employee will no longer have the 5% pension contribution in the bank and will have paid 9.52% of his salary to the governement. I read this in the Royal Gazette last night. Saying this is a 10% tax is wrong.

    At this price, I'd be far better off moving back to Canada. I prepared my Canadian tax return and using dedutions avaialble to all Canadians, my tax rate in British Columbia is 21%. However, if you offset this agianst the 14.52% the differntial tax rate is 6.48%. This 6.48% premium is quickly reduced andsurpassed when you adjust for my CUC bill not to mention all the other cost of living difference between here and Canada.



    • Dred says:

      It's actually 14.286% but who's counting.

      50,000 + 5% = 52,500

      50,000 – 10% = 45,000

      Difference =        7,500

      7,500/52,500 = 14.286%

      I get what you are saying. They say 10% but when they told the employers they no longer had to pay the 5% it ended up being 14.286%

      If you take into account people from the US and other places who tax their residents even if they are not working in their home land it does add up to quite a bundle.

      I wish to state that as a Caymanian who is not DIRECTLY affected by this I am NOT for this. I believe personally there are other methods that may upset some segments of our society but in the end it ends up better for us all and open other things up for Cayman. The one I am thinking of is CASINOS.

      Casinos coudl bring life to the tourism industry at times when Cayman is inherrently dead such as the summer months of July to September by way of tournaments.

      I see Casinos as fixing not one but two problems for the Cayman Islands the first being a way of gaining additional income in the government coffers via licensing and the second by helping many tourism businesses during times when things are traditionally slow.

      I only wish our government would look past the fanatical churches and PUSH things with teh same vigilence it does its stupid projects IE CHEC, DART, Mega Quarry and not Income Tax on Expats.

      • Anonymous says:

        Need yacht marina and service culture for casinos to work.

      • Anonymous says:

        Figures don't lie but liars figure!!!!

        Sorry DRED.  Your math is all wrong !!!!

        If the employee  does not have to pay 5% pension, his/her take home pay goes up by 5%.(you say employer, but the employer not having to pay 5% for pensions does not effect the expat employees paycheck)

        Using your example, the employee now making $50,000.00 (take home pay) will then be making $52,500.00. (no pension taken out)

        Using your logic, ten percent of $52,500.00 is $5,250.00, therefore his/her take home pay ,after expat tax, but no pension, will be $47,250.00 !!!!!

        Again using your example, without the tax, but paying pension (as it is now), the same employee's take home pay would be $52,500.00 less 5% ($2,625.00), which equals $49,875.00. (NOT $50,000.00 AS YOU SAY. SORRY, THAT IS HOW PRECENTAGES WORK)

        Therefore, the difference in real take home pay for the expat is only $2,625.00, NOT the $7,500.00 you claim. The net cost of this tax to any expat, as a precentage of his new take home pay (no pension), is therefore only 5% (2,625X100/52,500), NOT the 14.286% you claim

        I am a strong supporter of Ezzard Miller and certainly support his proposals to balance the budget instead of introducing income tax of any kind as I know that it will soon be extended to cover everyone in the Cayman Islands. No matter how much money a spendriff Government is given, they will spend it and then demand more.

        I also understand Ezzard Miller's reasonong, that the reduction in revenue to Government's coffers, from cancelling work permits in order to employ Caymanians, is FAR LESS than it is costing this country now, in order to support 8,000 people through Social Services. It is even more rewarding when work permits are cancelled in order to move experienced and qualified employees from the Government payroll to become productive employees in the private sector. 

        Having said all that; as an Expat in this beautifull country I now call home, I am flabbergasted, and ashamed, when hundreds and hundreds of my fellow expats spew such vitriol against Caymanians on CNS, simply because they are asked to contribute as little as 5% of the pay they are privilaged to to make, tax free, while they are here, for the betterment of this fine Island. THIS DISPARAGEMENT OF CAYMANIANS BY EXPATS MUST STOP, AND VISE VERSA, so that the Island can get back to the traquility that attracted me to this place many years ago.

        PS  With this 10% Expat tax and NO pension contribution from the employee and employer, the EMPLOYER actually is 5% better off than they are now.

      • BAIT n SWITCH says:

        This payroll tax move may very well be a calculated move on the part of the PREMIER to get support for his deal with CHINA HARBOUR ENGINEERING. For those who are familiar with the history of the CHEC propsosal, you might remember that the CHEC drawings showed a massive two level structure. While most of the areas were clearly labelled, the largest space (ON THE FIRST LEVEL) in the drawings remained unidentified. When ELLIO SOLOMON was questioned by CAPTAIN BRYAN on THE PANEL as to what the space was, Ellio talked around the question without ever answering it. Marl Road says that the space is for a CASINO that the PREMIER  has PROMISED to CHINA HARBOUR.

        The PREMIER knows that the proposed tax would see much resistance, and believes that this will allow him an opportunity to go the alternative route of CASINOS instead. But instead of a proper vetting/tendering process, he will once again try to push the CHEC proposal down our throats.

        A few points here people:

        FIRSTLY, There is NO WAY IN HELL  we can ALLOW the CHINESE to have a CASINO in Cayman.

        SECONDLY, The CRUISE LINES already HAVE CASINOS. We should be letting them open their casinos while in port with the condition of them staying in port longer, not going into direct competition with them.

        LASTLY, There is NO WAY IN HELL we can ALLOW the CHINESE to have a CASINO in Cayman!

        If Cayman is to introduce gambling it must be done in a transparent and above board manner which follows proper procurement practices, so that the Caymanian people get a fair deal. At this point, anyone with a few brain cells can see that that is NOT POSSIBLE with MAC/UDP/CHEC.

        P.S. Is it possible for CNS to attach the CHEC PLANS to this comment?

  46. Devil's Advocate says:

      Mr Miller's Politics used to scare me fora long time. His overly Pro-Caymanian and Pro-Independence views scared the crap out of me, however …

     In a sea of madness, born out of Incompetence, an Inability to Perform their duties, Blatant Corruption and a TOTAL dis-regard for the people of theses islands, The Right Honorable Ezzard Miller is THE ONLY Elected Member in the House (at this time) worthy of his title.

     ONE MAN making Positive and Constructive Contributions, not just Criticizing, but offering ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS.

     While the PPM are as useless as udders on bull. 

     We need to ABOLISH the Political Party System for it IS destroying our islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Look back in time, read your history.  As a rule, the only two things that have caused most of the workd's wars are politrix and religion.  I don't trust either one of them!

    • RighYaSo says:

      I agree that the Lotto should be explored. Anyone objecting on moral grounds have no idea all the unregulated lottos that already exists in Cayman since the 80's and how many Millions they generate each year. 
      However people seem to forget or don't realize that Ezzard WAS a minister in the 90's.  He could have been considered the Chief Minister, certainly acted the part. If you wanted an example of a Dictator that didn't listen to anyone's opinion, he was it.  He wasn't elected to another term.   
      People have short memories.  I'd agree politicians not in power usually sound better.

  47. Joe B says:

    If you needed brain surgery who would you choose to do it?  Bush? Ezzard? Or a qualified and experianced actual brain surgen from the UK?  Not hard to see that many here would not choose the brain surgen with the expected results.

  48. Anonymous says:

    The huge problem we have is will Mr Bush humble himself enough to pay even the slightest attention to Mr. Miller's suggestions.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I would agree! Decentralized Gov't for such a small island does not work! All it did was increase Gov't expenditure. Let's see, we went from a centralized HR department to having an HR manager for each department. We assume that these are qualified managers and therefore, they can get jobs in the private sector, if let go. Same goes for each financial controler for each department and of course, their assistants. Again, qualified people who can get jobs in the private sector. (never mind that they can't even do their job and put their reports in). No wonder we have no control of expenditure and revenues. These are all top paying jobs which could be cut if we went back to a centralized Gov't. Gov't is the largest purchaser of goods & services on the island yet withoutcentralized Gov't, does not utilize purchasing power.

    This Gov't has increased revenues substantially since coming in power and all they have done is continue to waste waste waste.


  50. Anonymous says:

    THANK YOU EZZARD! All very logical and relevant suggestions. Thank you, sir! Now let’s hope someone is listening….

  51. Like It Is says:

    He was doing reasonably well unitl the "just cancel work permits" bit.  Ah bless Mr Miller for whom the Cayman economy is a zero sum game.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Ezzard, if the people could vote for who the Premier is, you would be the winner hands down.

  53. CaymanFisting says:

    Hands clean heart pure and pockets fully loaded-McKeeva Bush

  54. Anonymous says:

    Rise so high, yet so far to fall. 

    A plan of dignity and balance for all. 

    Political breakthrough, euphoria's high. 

    More borrowed money, more borrowed time. 

    Backed in a corner, caught up in the race. 

    Means to an end ended in disgrace. 

    Perspective is lost in the spirit of the chase. 

    Foreclosure of a dream, 

    Those visions never seen, 

    Until all is lost, 

    Personal Holocaust. 

    Foreclosure of a dream.


  55. Kosher Nostra says:

    I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.– Bill CosbyT

  56. Slowpoke says:

    Three more suggestions:

    1:  Legalize at least two Casinos.

    2.  Repeal (sorry, you were part of the original act) the health insurance law and introduce a single payer plan, that covers all Caymanians and legal residents effectively.  Much much, cheaper than multiple for profit plans, and CINICO.

    3.  Follow the (objectively proven) Portugal model and decriminalize drugs.

  57. Anonymous says:

    For Love of Country MLA’s take a 20% cut as Mac previously proposed…how about taxing more for drivers license/registration, Tax ciggs & Alcohol more…give Brits papers they are our cousins 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      From one Brit due to be rolled over next year and about to be taxed too, I can completely concur with that last bit.  Bush treats us like scum of the earth and whilst admittedly some are, it doesn't apply to us all and its disgusting the way Cayman treats people from the 'mother' land like they were some kind of aliens.  Personally, I think the 'mother' land should respond by treating Cayman the same way – see how Mr Bush and all the other politricians like that – might give them some perspective on how despicably they treat us.

  58. NJ2Cay says:

    Well in all honesty I must say that for the first time I am actually impressed with Ezzards words. I have been saying for a long time that the only thing he knew how to do was complain and had no sensible alternatives to offer. But these seem to be excellent well thought out ideas, and this doesn’t seem to be a direct attack at Makeeva Bush. I am one to admit when I am wrong and give credit where credit is due, hopefully this is only the beginning and there’s more great ideas on the way.

    Kudos to you Ezzard, keep them coming and maybe people will listen. Get off Mac and focus on Cayman.

    I like the lottery thing, it will bring in money from everyone, Caymanian, Expat and tourist alike. I also think a few small Casino games spots would bring in a lot of money as well and those places keep paying for the long haul. I do however think they should stay downtown

  59. Wow is all I could say says:

    Mr. Miller, this may sound like a back handed compliment, but I'm going to say it anyway.  People say that all you do is stir the pot or outright call you an idiot for expressing your opinion. I watched your address tonight on News 27 and I have to say, you Sir have the biggest pair, I have ever heard of on anyone and in this instance that's a good thing. You are not afraid to speak out and call a spade a spade.  The thing that makes you genuine Mr. Miller is that there is no one more Pro-Caymanian than you.

    The fact that you understand that it is unfair to tax only Expats, when we don't have a voice is the fundamental issue that people have with the tax.  You also acknowlege the contrbutions of Expats to the this country. You do acknowledge that at some point this "tax" will be brought to the local people as well.  And you also bring light to the fact that economically on an island this small you simply CAN NOT have CIG, be the biggest employer on the island. 

    SIr, you have also provide very real discussion points about viable alternatives. I applaud your efforts and your forthrightness.

    Thank you. Mr. Miller


    • Anonymous says:

      If some of the expat owned and operated companies would be more genuine in their efforts to higher qualified Caymanians, so many families would not have to depend on social services.

      A significant number of those persons are willing and eager to work but permit holders, with their close ties to people in the company who are hiring them continue to steal the food right out of Caymanian's mouths.

      Something really needs to be done to ensure Caymanians can earn a living in their own country. Some HR people throw away Caymanian applications and then say that no Caymanian applied. 


    • noname says:

      Miller is an idiot on here! he's ust politically postering all over again!

      Miller is asking the premier to cut Civil Service Staff?   Are you kidding that is political suicide!!!!!

      Miller is trying to get the premier ousted now and forever by his suggestions.

      If Miller cared about Caymanians so much why is he now taking up the expat fight?

      He's a big hypocrite!

      Congratulations to the premier, and the UK and the PPM is the blame for the Payroll TAX NOW IMPOSED PPM left us broke in 2009, govt. struggling ever since. UK stopped borrowing therefore the PPM is responsible for this Payaroll tax.





      • St Peter says:

        I hope that you are not that boy from West Bay who is so afraid to get beat up and sent into 'boxing oblivion' that he is instead living on handouts from our Nation Building Fund.

        Remember that from my view. I can see quite clearly…


      • Anonymous says:

        You are an idiot.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am never ceased to be amazed by Cayman politics. Of all people, Ezzard, who has been the most anti-Ex-Pat politico in Cayman. A good suggestion. Well though out. A fine start. Too bad nobody is listening.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ezzard has always been pro-Caymanian rather than anti-expat and this proves it. He knows that there is harm to Caymanians in pursuing this tack in the long run.

  60. Anonymous says:

    I'm an expat, and more often than not disagree with Miller's views, but he is BANG on here!!! Great ideas, i think all will work, and better the counrty as a whole!!  Tax the x-pats, and kiss paradise good bye.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, please. It's that's  attitude of Cayman not being able to get by without those expats who are here that is creating the problems of them v. us.

      They treat Caymanians like s### because they think we can't do without them.  I would love to see some that are here leave already, because they are nothing but problems and a nuisance to Caymanians.

      There will never be a shortage of expats, because, as soon as one expat ships out , there are ten applications at Immigration waiting to be processed as his replacement.

      No matter the 10% they are being taxed in Cayman, it is still a lot less than what they would have to pay in another country.

      • uncle bob says:

        Yes, the 10 % is a lot less, but the cost of living…. About 50% more! And for the record, I deal on a daily basis with Caymanians that are a hell of a lot more smarter than me. We need each other – if we are all to maintain our current ways of life.

    • uncle bob says:

      And while we are at it, let’s chuck in a Casino.

      I shut off the Rooster’s Ezzard show on my morning commute Tuesday mornings as it’s just a bad way for any Expat to start a day. You know the Tax is bad idea when he starts siding with us!

  61. Anonymous says:

    Hmmmmm. I am an expat. Now if I was a Caymanian I would probably be supporting and voting (if I lived in Northside) for Ezzard.


    However, as someone who loaths government waste, I would also recommend reducing the number of MLAs from 18 to 9. I believe that 9 competant, well educated, well trained, and above all, ethical, Caymanians could do a good job of running the country in a sustainable manner.


    McKeeva and his corrupt stooges need to be retired (and, yes, let them collect their pensions, Cayman does not need more expensive lawsuts that they will lose.).

    • Anonymous says:

      Nine is about right…maybe two too many. Good plan.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm, I agree with you on reducing the number of MLA's but will never agree to Macs bipolar idea of 9 bipartisan districts.  Give me OMOV any day.

  62. Jo says:

    Can some one till eazzard stop talk too much lol

    • Anonymous says:

      He talks so much he has finally said something sensible. Like him or not, trust him or not, these suggestions suit the country and not self. So give him his due when he deserves it. One thing is certain, the people we hired (UDP) to fix the economy are incapable of doing so. Indeed, near the end of their term, they are still blaming any one they can for their failure to turn this place around. One would have thought instead of blaming we would be getting progress reports. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember when you pricks were accusing Ezzard and the opposition of not having any ideas to offer? THAT shouldn't be too hard to remember now should it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Easy there Ezzie. Looks like you might be embarrassing their genius, forever honorable sorrowful, Mac.

    • Anonymous says:

      If the Cayman Islands had 5 more representatives like Mr. Miller, Cayman would be a better place.  When one speaks his mind he is always accused of being anti this,or anti that.  He is an intelligent Caymanian, who has no fair of others, so he speaks out against whatever wrong doings that are taking place.

      He has offered solutions, which I hope McKeeva will consider and implement.   For sure, he could save millions of dollars, if and when an assessment is made of the 8000 handout recipients, (drug users, drunkards, jail birds, children machines, etc), that should be working and earning their keep.  Flush the system, and get the country back on the road to recovery.




  63. Dived says:

    Ezzard. Hushhh u talk too much

    • Dived says:

      I love the Great man MAckeeva so much, I wish they would make it the law for two men to marry


    • Anonymous says:

      Remember when you pricks were accusing Ezzard and the opposition of not having any ideas to offer? THAT shouldn't be too hard to remember now should it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Another couple of UDP scholars

  64. Anonymous says:

    That's it Ezzard.  The only one's short on ideas are the UDP and a thoroughbred Jackass.  Now that you have given them some pointers I hope I don't hear them criticise the opposition anymore.  I only want to hear them say, "Thank you."

  65. TaxiMan says:

    I have been calling for Miller to offer alternate solutions for two years now rather then just critise, but nothing was forth comoing…but I now have to give credit where credit is due. Well done Mr. Miller these are excellent ideas! If Big Mac doesn't have a look at these as an alternative then we know for sure that he has more sinister motives in mind!

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course he has more sinister motives in mind!  This is not economics, it's diversion politricks.  Try to think a couple of moves ahead and you'll soon realise what Bush is up to.

  66. Anonymous says:

    I've always been a UDP supporter but I have to say the Mr. Miller makes a lot of sense in what he is proposing.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you.The whole problem with party politics and why it has caused so much damage to these islands and why it will never work for us is that people tend to agree or disagree with something depending on whether it is coming from the party they support, rather than whether or not it makes sense. People also tend to vote for individuals that really have no place in Government simply because that individual has aligned himself with a particular party. ALL this madness needs to come to a permanent end in this country.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Thank God for Ezzard Miller. He is not perfect but at least he has the nerve to stand up and say what many Caymanians are thinking.

  68. Anonymous says:

    where is the chamber of commerce response to the premier?????


    CNS: Mac's tax surprises business

    • Married to a Caymanian - says:

      Chamber?  Stay calm and kiss butt….

    • Anonymous says:

      The Chamber of Commerce does not speak for me, they are not my elected representative they speak for the expat community and big business.  My leaders are elected and until the government of these islands understand their mandate and stop listening to the Chamber of Commerce things will never get any better in this country for Caymanians.  Mr. Premier remember you are the leader of this country and no one else.  I don't want taxes but if that is the only solution than I would much rather pay something than having no job and money.  Caymanians and some politicians need to stop the pandering and do what is right.  I am no die hard fan of the Premier but he is trying to soften the situation as best he can without having to kill poor Caymanians in the process.   I did some research and saw where there are only about five countries where there are no income taxes in the entire world (Cayman Islands incuded) they are some Gulf Arab States with most  of the oil wells, Monaco and Cayman.  Now you go figure.. if we had keep our islands exclusive like Monaco we would still be living large but no we had to develope and bring in more people, give aways status and act like we were a first world developed country will an abundance of natural resources.  We did nothing to develop Caymanians only a select few and we did everything that the financial industry wanted now they want the native population to be jobless and beggars while they and their expat workers live high on the hog without making any real contribution to this economy.  I don't want taxes anymore than the expat community but they need to remember when Caymanians went anywhere in this world to work they too have to pay taxes.

  69. Anonymous says:

    not generally a fan of ezzard …but he comes across as einstein compared to mac…..

  70. Expat says:

    Excellent points Mr Miller, although as an expat, I would still be more than happy to pay say 5% income tax to assist the local economy.

    • Anonymous says:

      My solution is : 2% salary tax for all those earning $20K- $90K; and a 10% tax for those earning over $90K, reduce government spending and introduce a government controlled lottery system that will fund education and nation building.  BAM!!

      Tax deductions could be carried out by the employer's HR department, just like the pension and health insurance deductions are processed.

       Payables then cut a check to treasury with a cover letter setting out names of persons and their tax contributions. BAM!

      The more reputable firms will comply without problems; however, the same companies that give problems with health , pension, and their staff paying for their own work permits, will give problems with this too

      I am a born Caymanian out of West Bay.



  71. Diogenes says:

    This is rational, well thought out and shows no pandering to electoral interests but deals squarely with the issue at the considerable electoral  risk of offending the churches and civil service.  I have to say that I normally find Mr Miller accurate on critcism, but I have pehaps fallen into the trap of viewing him as having a simpistic, anti expat stance that would be detrimental to the islands future.  This is coherent, sensible, and brave.  Perhaps Cayman has found a true leader with ideas and courage.  

  72. Joe B says:

    If  CIG workers    sorry those that work for…..sorry  All those people collecting money from the CIG would only pay their fair share (and no more free gas, health care, double pensions, etc.) there would be no need for a tax to pay for it.  But that would be the responsible thing to do and not the Caymankind thing.  Note to Bush: I don't think your new class (the Taxpayers) will like this..  Might be different if it came with a benefit instead of a curse.

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is that Mac is the major double dipper so I doubt he'll stop that.  That is what I want to see happen as well plus that pay cut that he never took.

    • Angel of truth says:

      Whats Cayman kind? do hate us that much to always try to insult us? if you hate us please do not live with us, some of you people do not understand what you are causeing, or maybe you do know what you are doing.

  73. Cheese Face says:

    I never, ever, ever thought I would agree with anything the lizard said, but I stand corrected.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Right now Macidiot IS our government….I say we trade him in for Ezzard……and SOON.  Ezzard could handle all of this island's problems single-handedly better than all the rest put together.  Thank you Ezzard for your tireless fight to make things right for Cayman….not just for your district. 

  75. Anonymous says:

    a national lotters set up similar to the uk lottery when it first started out would generate so much money. gambling goes on everywhere in cayman so why not cut out the numbers scam and replace it with a national legal lottery. so much cash is generated from lotteries it would be a great asset to cayman also.

  76. Anonymous says:

    +1 for Miller. 

  77. Anonymous says:

    Give him his due, at least he is proposing something…Where is the Opposition? Where is the PPM? Where is Alden? Complaining as usual with no solutions!

  78. Anonymous says:

    Mr Miller, I respect your efforts to contribute to this debate. I am the parent of a young Caymanian whose employment will be adversely affected by your oft repeated comments about going back to the recentralisation of things like human resource management. This is all part of the "lets go back to the good old days" which those who are really in the thick of civil service management and especially staffing decisions know full well were not "good old days" under the Public Service Commission centralised system of appointing people who were not necessarily the ones the managers wanted.. Politicians like you were ok with that system because, actually, when the PSC seemed to want to go against the appointment of a politician- backed person, you all raised backside until you got what you wanted.

    But, like me, Mr Miller, you are a Caymanian parent and have a child employed by Government –  in the London office I am told. No one really knows what (if anything) the hugely expensive London Office does these days, but are you willing for your son's employment to be assessed like that of my child and other Caymanians here in Cayman to see if savings can be made by re-centralising and perhaps doing away for the need for him to be working for the CI Government in the UK?? I shall be watching, Sir.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sorry you did not use your name so I could have a conversation directly with you but here is my number 3275757 call me if you wish.

      I have no difficulty with my son employment with the London office comming under the microscope and if his employment cannot be justified, he be terminated. I am not suggesting That Caymanians working in the civil service be terminated and left to find jobs for themselves. The Government in right sizing the civil service must work with the private sector who are demanding that the civil service be downsized so their tax burden can be reduced or at the very least be maintained at its current high level. But the government must have the political will do deal with private sector and cancel work permits if necessary.

      The only way to reduce the cost of living for everyone is to reduce the cost of Government.


      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for taking the trouble to answer so clearly, Mr Miller. I accept what you have written about your son's employment position and applaud you for your principled stance. Your last sentence puts our problems in a nutshell but there are many ways government's costs could be cut without giving back on gains made in recent years in efficiencies in the way civil servants are appointed and managed. But no government politician with his/her eye on the ballot box (particularly, alas, Mr Bush and Ms Julianna – the others are just extension cords)listens to suggestions on cost savings from  senior (and not so senior) civil servants who recognise "vanity projects" when they see them. The mess we are in now makes the days of the National Team and Trumanomics seem like the best days of our lives, when in truth the wastage then was also reprehensible.

  79. Anonymous says:

    But Mr. Bush says he has no choice! These sure seem like some pretty interesting choices to me.

    All you need to do is put on a thinking cap and ideas abound. We come up with more ideas over coffee every morning than comes out of the Finance Minister.

    Here are two. Should do in seperate posts as they both equally qualify for thumbs up… and down, but anyway.

    The National Lottery is a tax on the poor. Make it a web based INTERNATIONAL lottery with a tasty prize, like $250k a year, a beachfront Condo, and a passport.

    While we were talking passports, a "green card" lottery idea came up. $100 application fee, guarenteed 100 new "right to work residency" grants  a year (yes they do have to be qualified to get in the final draw).  

    The Jamaican lady who came up with that one said there are 3,000,000 folks in Jamaica that would enter that every year!

    • Anonymous says:

      If a national lottery were to be introduced it would not be a tax on the poor. People would have to make their own decisions on whether to play or not. By the way, "the poor" are already a part of the number games here in Cayman, from the Jamaican one that plays five times a day, to the Honduras one that plays weekly.

      "The poor" see number playing as an opportunity to perhaps improve their chances of  winning some much needed money.  Right now you play $2, you win $100.

      Think of how much money government could make if they established a national lottery. Right now more than 80% of Caymanians play numbers and half of the money is going back to Jamaica or Honduras.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes currently the numbers money goes into the general revenue of the lottery corporations in Jamaica and Honduras.

        Interesting you do not agree with me that a lottery is a tax on the poor.

        As you would be raising tax dollars from lottery tcket sales, and you are saying that 80% of Caymanians would be players, how many of these people live below the poverty line, and how much of a percentage of thier incomes would they be betting on the lottery? 

        A National lottery would sell tens of thousands of $1 tickets a week. An international lottery could sell hundreds of thousands of $10 tickets a week. 

  80. Cayman Conspiracy Guy says:

    Does anyone else smell a rat with this generally?  Ok so I agree that the government is corrupt, but not all of them are as dumb as people think.  This is political posturing. Let's look at a few points:

    Point 1 – This payroll tax just can't work and they know it can't.  Forget the discriminatory aspect which is a different topic, there is no mechanism to collect and enforce it, nor can one be set up in 30 days since the new budget would start 1 Sept 2012.  The revenue stream would not be in place for the 2012-2013 budget which requires balancing.  But this is a good way to rally grass root votes by creating an enemy to rally around (I Mr. Premier taxed those rich expats to help you my constituents, and I fought so only they would be taxed).  So Mckeeva will paint himself as being Robin Hood, taking from the rich expats and giving to the poor Caymanians.

    Point 2 – The FCO wants a credible and sustainable budget.  They never said they wanted tax.  They simply want `a large surplus and everyone knows the only way to do that is to make real cuts in government expenditure.  This is why we have heard the Premier say the FCO wanted 700 jobs cut, and he would not do it.  In fact he said if the Governor wants to cut the jobs the Governor can go ahead since he is responsible for the civil service and not the Premier.  So the point has been put across that if the Governor wants he can make the cuts.  So what has been floated is that cuts are possible, but the Premier objects and won't actually do it himself.

    The end game is that the FCO rejects the payroll tax as uncredible and not sustainable.  The FCO then turns to expenditure cuts, to which the Governor ends up undertaking.  Mckeeva is able to say he tried to save his people by taxing the foreigners, and the FCO forced the civil service cuts.  In the end it wasn't Mckeeva's fault or at least it's painted like this.  

    The truth is that everyone knows the tax isn't the way forward, and cuts are necessary, but politics has made this a much nastier situation then need be.  Even if I'm wrong, I would argue for all those fired up, wait until the ink dries on the legislation.  It's all a smokescreen.

    By the way I'm a born and bred Caymanian, and I think this proposal is nuts, and that there are other credible ways tofix the problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac's Robin Hood mentality explains a lot.


      However, while is may be good for West Bay, it is terrible for the country as a whole.

  81. UDP supporter says:

    How is it Ezzard comes with solutions and that he has advice for government?  Why waited so long?  O  he must have been thinking about his interest until now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Didn't this same government tell the opposition they didn't want any advice from them? And now it turns out they have no good ideas so they are dying for the opposition to bail them out.  LOL

    • Anonymous says:

      Because now that they are public, McKeeva can steal them and pretend like he thought about them…

  82. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Miller, you have some very  good points, if only they are taken and used.

    One problem Mr. Bush faces, is that the same ones that he needs to help him cut the CS, are the ones that need to be cut, the high paid manangers.  In the restructuring  and recombining of government departments and sections.

  83. Dred says:

    Man I have to say I admire Mr Miller for his thought processes.

    I woudl like to add this.



    This can help boost tourism across the board to the Cayman Islands as gamblers are not as seasonal as vacationers. Also with the addition of tournaments such as Texas Holdem at opportune times such as summer months July to September we can see tourism increases at times when the Island struggles the most.

    If you are scared of Caymanians gambling we could do it in several ways:

    1) Might it outright Illegal for a Caymanian to gamble

    2) Make it that you need to make a certain income like 100K per annum to do it.

    3) Make there be a Caymanian license fee like $10K to gamble

    I am guessing it would weed out all the people who would typically get into issues such as using rent money to gamble.

    People we need to espand our thought process on these things. We can not be held back by religious fanatics. Do you think it will stop at work permit holders? I was listening to the government reps this morning and they made a great point against it and did not even realise it. One of them asked Gilbert if he remembered back in 2001 when they jacked the fees up on businesses how it stabilized things and now here they are again. His words not mine. So tell me this. When these bafoons find more crap to spend the money on do you know who's next in the crosshairs? YOU!! ME!!

    If we have:

    1) Banking going

    2) Tourism – Vacationers going

    3) Tourism – Gamblers going

    4) Tourism – Medical going

    5) Gambling – going

    6) Indirect taxation – going

    We will be okay so long as one part of our measure is as said above to reduce SENSIBLY the staff at CIG by moving them into private sector.

    BUT we need to do this now. Not a year from now or two years from now. Are we going to wait until the sh!t hits the way to act???

    Legalize Casinos. We will see construction increase and general activity on the Island


    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      Those who wish to impose direct taxation on work permit holders only are weak people and dangerous to us all, likewise, is the idea that Caymanians should not be able to gamble, in their own homeland, while visitors may.  If there is going to be gambling, I as a Caymanian must have the right to gamble also, if I so choose. Whether one actually wishes to gamble or not irrelevant, but my right to do so is important in the big picture subject of rights.

    • Anonymous says:

      Move them into the private sector you say – sounds easy when spoken, but let me tell you one thing – with the way some of the private sector companies go on, they won't  willingly hire those persons unless they are forced to do so.

      So before government let go of 700 people I hope they have secured jobs for them because we will simply have 700 more people being added to social services.

    • Anonymous says:

      Casinos is the whole idea behind all of this. Expat tax is just a smokescreen, wait & see.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thats what I always thought too. The Ritz already has their casino, it was part of the initial building. They are just waiting for the OK to open the doors. That'll come soon.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well that being the case he was an idiot to suggest this instead – its only caused fury within the country and made matters worse for him.  Had he just come straight out and said he wanted Casinos, I very much doubt he would have met with so much opposition from both the general public and the business community.  Damage limitation my friend.

    • AllMustBenefit says:

      If done properly, licensed and regulated casino gambling can provide a boost to our tourism product. However, allegiances such as UDP/CHEC/DART(or any other combination involving any or all of these three) must never be allowed anywhere near  this type of endeavor. The Caymanian people need to receive maximum benefit from the introduction of casino gambling, so only those who we know have the Caymanian people's best interests at heart should be considered here.

  84. BORN FREE says:

    Has anyone stopped to think that this plan to tax foreign workers may be just a smokescreen by the premier for what is to come? When he is arrested & charged with 1, 2, or 3 (for now) of the ongoing criminal investigations into him he will be able to do what he does best & that is to blame others. He will then say that the arrests were made as a way of revenge "because of the terrible & very controversial decision of his to tax foreign workers." We all know that Bush does not do anything, even one so unpopular, without there being an unterior motive. The ulterior motive here, in my opinion, is that he will be able to blame others when he is arrested & charged, finally. 

  85. Anonymous says:

    These are much better suggestions for balancing the budget. Agree with you once again Mr. Miller….on all of these recomendations.

  86. Anonymous says:

    No to gambling, yes to scrapping the nation building fund and no to currency transaction exchange.  I don't see any problem with the 10% community enhancement fee.  You are wrong on this one Mr. Miller and the Premier is right on this one. Leave the community enhancement fee it is not a tax….. simply a fee to to enhance our community.  This is the way to go Mr. Premier.

    • Anonymous says:

      To  Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 07/27/2012 – 17:54.I thought all the duties ,fees,etc'..being collected at present were supposed to be used for "Community Enhancement".

    • Anonymous says:

      I am assuming you don't see a problem as you wouldn't be eligible to have to pay it? 

  87. Reid says:

    Does anyone realise that this man talks out of both sides of his mouths, at one point he's against work permits now he's against tax on work permit holders…make up your mind dude

  88. Anonymous says:

    AT LEASE MR MILLER IS THINKING ABOUT THIS COUNTRY,  Say what you want he will be a better leader than aldin.  It same to me that  the leader of the opposition is just sitting back and wait ing  on the goverment to continue to make bad decisions for the country, hoping that that will be enough for the people to vote in ppm.  Now MR  MCLAUGHLIN if you are not going to lead  GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY. We need people that will make  good  decisions for this country, IN FACT I DO NOT THINK YOU ARE CAPABLE.   Go back to your law firm and leave PPM alone   IT MAY BE BETTER.    As for as i can see every thing that you should be doing EZZARD IS DOING , leadership skills are needed to be our next premier

  89. Anonymous says:

    I am ashame and hang my head low to be called PPM supporter. I now support no one but you, Mr. Ezzard Miller. You should have taken Alden McLuaghlin's place from long time. But you were wise to see the evils of party politics and remained Independent for your district. I have read your statements, and from what I gather I trull believe you have more for this country than the Premier and all the other MLAs. Keep up the good work. And my word of advice, don't rub shoulders too much with PPM. You being You is alright.

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess you forgot that Ezzard said he would vote with the UDP to form a government.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Scrap the Nation Building Fund? That's like asking a drug addict to handover his drugs. Only an intervention will work with MacDaddy.


    Where are you Billy Reid? Have you not see enough yet?

  91. Anonymous says:

    Yes – let's legalize gambling so that Ezzard and PPM can oppose building the Casinos.