Mac hopes for UK approval

| 16/08/2012

_DSC8098-web_0.jpg(CNS): Although the UK has not yet given the Cayman government the go-ahead for the latest budget submission, the premier has called a meeting of the Legislative Assembly for Friday afternoon. McKeeva Bush, who is also the finance minister, plans to present his delayed budget statement on government spending for 2013/13 following the Throne Speech, which will be delivered by the deputy governor. However, the premier will still need to wait on the UK’s approval to pass the appropriations law, otherwise the governor will not assent to the bill. On Thursday afternoon there was still no word from the UK, which had asked on Monday evening for more cuts on the CIG’s latest budget proposal — a request the premier refused.

Members of the Business Committee met at the Legislative Assembly on Thursday morning and the premier confirmed that he intended to present the budget on Friday afternoon.

The delivery of government’s spending plans is already almost two months overdue after Bushwas forced to bring an emergency motion to the LA in June after his government was unable to put together a budget that met with the Foreign and Commonwealth’s approval. Aside from breaking its own guidelines regarding the Public Management and Finance Law, the Framework for Fiscal Responsibility that he signed with OT minister Henry Bellingham last November requires that Cayman’s budgets have UK approval. 

In the last few months the government’s financial crisis has reached unprecedented heights with the premier going to the brink of implementing direct taxation on the earnings of ex-pat workers. That controversial  plan was averted at the eleventh hour when the private sector, and in particular the financial services industry, offered to shoulder more fee increases on directors, hedge funds and other areas as well as increases in work permit costs.

The new package of revenue raising measures was presented to the FCO at the end of last week and the UK's economic advisor responded to the CIG verbally Monday night asking for further cuts. Public spending for 2012/13 is believed to be in the region of $580 milllion, the largest ever core government spending billin the islands’ history. Bush plans on raising $650 million in revenue to cover the spending and produce a $70 million surplus — some $6 million short of the target set by the UK of $76 million.

It is understood that the UK continues to exert pressure on the CIG to cut costs further as they still have concerns about the credibility of the projected revenue. Sources say that the FCO wants to ensure that Cayman does not fall into deficit in the forthcoming financial year and instead begins to get back on the track of fiscal responsibility.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Who Frightened Who?

    I recall the Premier making statements to the effect that the Governor frightened the Civil Servants and as a consequent, his projects have not gotten off the ground.

    Well, I must ask him why he allowed the expats to frighten him? So much so, that he took the Community Enhancement fee off the table.

    He said he was not going to do anything that would bring hardship to the Caymanians. I am waiting to see if the Civil Servants is going to suffer the lost.

    I assume cuts are being made and there is no public announcement as to what is going on. For that reason I must assume that it’s the Civil Servants that is bing targeted. I hope I am wrong in my assumption.

    My opinion is that there,ire should have stood his ground and follow through on the Community Enhancement Fee on work permit holders.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Friday afternoon: Don’t look like it folks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The UK are just giving him more and more rope, and he's so fool he can't see it. I doubt very much that he will see out his last few months in office.

  4. Uk can only do so much says:

    13:32 I hope you realize that the UK can only do so much.  She can make her rules Laws and regulations, but she better come off Mceeva's foot because we are standing beside him, DIE HARD. 

    BRITISH AIRWAYS will make trips like Hurricane Ivan  soon if these problems are not solved.  In fact I believe it is too late to make up.  The relationship between Cayman and expatriates is broke to the point, we need to divorce.  I am sure that it is too late to fix anything.  

    • Anonymous says:

      You have Banana Republic mentality.  It's dangerous and pointless.  In the end if people like you continue with your foolishness you/we will either end up like many of the drug producing countries with mass graves and no answers, children selling themselves on the street for food or alternatively be dependant on UN for rice in brown bags and milk in tin pans like so many others with that attitude. 

      We have prospered BECAUSE of that tie to the UK, and NOT because of that 18k gold plated calf that you worship.

      "Die Hard" only work with Bruce Willis in a scripted movie with lots of retakes and editing.

      • Banana Mentality says:

        But you do not have any shame whatsoever, eating the bananas produced by my republic mentality.

        Your comments only goes to show how low some of you will stoop to get Cayman dollar. . 

        • Anonymous says:

          I am a Caymanian and some of my own people do infact have Banana Republic Mentality.  While you drink the fruit punch the rat is eating all the bananas.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cheer up mr grumpy. There is always redemption right around the corner

  5. Knot S Smart says:

    Hon Bellingham: Did you take out the nation building fund and the solar panel giveaway?

    Hon Mac : Naa but I added 40 million more in taxes on yo donkey faced people.

    Hon Bellingham: For the third time I am telling you to take out the DAMN nation building fund and the solar panels!  Remind me again – who are you most afraid of down there?

    Hon Mac: Nooo please dont call the Hitman or the Prosecutor Sir…


    • Anonymous says:

      Bush is only afraid of his boss.  The Civil service.  The only people on Cayman he represents.

  6. My Thoughts says:

    1st –  We need to get rid of Bush, PPM, UDP and electing parties.

    2nd –  We need break away from the UK and at least annex ourselves with Canada or some other superpower that would deal with us more competently (sorry to step on some toes – I love UK people but they have a screwed up government).

    3rd –  We need to educate Caymanians more about human rights and democracy, and drafting a better Constitution that will represent the people of Cayman solely and not just for the politician or UK politician.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Was the budget that was presented today the same one that the UK already refused? If so where does that leave the country??

    And what happenedto ministerial responsibility?

  8. Anonymous says:

    BTW Ellio,  if Cayman Finance is doing the right thing, Gordon Brown nor Barak Obama can touch us.  The secret to our success is that we know and they don't know.  That is why we have strived for so long and will still strive, if you and your Government don't mess it all up for us.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Anybody that ownes a home valued at USD500,000 and more, should have to pay some form of property tax. Boatswaine Beach has got to go!!  Those former and current Cayman Airways personnell and their families should have to pay full fares to travel on Cayman Airways and the head tax that has been around from the seamen days, has to be brought back. Any person over 18 years has to pay a CI$50 head tax, that could bring over CI$2.75mio a year.  The prisoners should be painting Government buildings, cutting the roads side out and servicing any of the Government entities. Stop paying FADS to secure the airport and start hiring retired abled bodied Caymanians for that job. It will work out cheaper.  Caymanize the Security for the Government entities with former able bodied Caymanian Government employees. Install a Docusharing system within Government, in doing so, all scanned documents can be shared within Government and make life easier for them and the customers.  Like another blogger said some time ago, the Hospital can be Privatized, Privatize it and save the Government the overhead expenses and the stress. The list can go on and on.


    • Anonymous says:

      This  country is crying out for good governance and the sooner the better.  There was an old saying "we've come a long way baby" by goodness this is true, the crimb to the top was long and difficult but the race to the bottom is now fast and easy.  

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully West Bayers wake up before the next elections and vote for the right reasons, because this is getting rediculous. IGNORANCE is killing my country.

    • WEST BAY?? WEST BAY says:

      If all the other districts had sence like West Bay.   They fully well know that McKeeva is a good person, a good representative and a good Premier.   They will do what is write.  Keep him as their leader along with his crew.  Stay out of West Bay business.

      • SKEPTICAL says:

        Should that have been ” they will do what is WRITTEN “, or more likely, ” they will do what is RIGHT “.

        • 14:17 says:

          14:17 I thank you for correcting my poor English, that is one of the reasons MCKeeva need to keep the idea of seeing that all Caymanians get a college education.   Not like the old folks who never got that opportunity.   There was only the elite, and selected few then.

    • datisme says:

      Whole lot of hopeing going on ova hea.  

    • Anonymous also says:

      It must be remembered in the next election that a vote for ANY UPD candidate anywhere on the island is a vote for Mac. ( if he is still around)

  11. Anonymous says:

    So, does this mean that the budget being presented this morning in the LA takes into account civil servants paying half their pension and half their health insurance?


    And if so, this is without consultation or confirmation from civil servants?


    And also without formal UK approval?


    I think this is going to backfire in the elected government's face.


    When asked by Mr. Gilbert this morning if it was known or if we could assume that the UK had given approval to the budget, all you could hear from Mr. Glidden was:


    "(pause) Ahh..,(pause) well…, aahhh Gilbert.., you know that aahhh… Cabinet is aahhh really the one who approves the budget before it goes to the LA"


    Anything other than a "Yes" from a politician is a "No".

  12. Anonymous says:

    I'm listening to Crosstalk right now.. Elio, Rolstin and Cline. A bunch of bullys!! Gilbert is quiet – only because he respects their position, not the person –  and being the gentleman he is he will stay that way. These are a bunch of smooth talking bullys who rely on the ignorance of others. This has worked for years, but beware – honorable gentlemen… the young Caymanians are stirring and they gonna come and show you how its done. Rolstin I believe you have the skills to run the country but you let yourself down by blindly following Mac, and allowing him to pull your strings. Boys.. you have done this country a huge disservice by being weak. Btw Elio – You never disappointed me as my expectations of you were significantly lower – and you managed to stay below that yard stick.


    • Knot S Smart says:

      Yea.. They seem to be stealing Ezzard's idea about centralizing Govt – except they are discussing the idea as if this is their original thinking…

    • Anonymous says:

      Snake oil salesmen.

    • Anonymous says:

      THis continuos call for these young men to take over is something which could be regrettable.  Yes the youth must take their rightful place when they are prepared.  Most of these younger players , dont hear of women included, unfortunately, are clearly not stupid, but the question is can they quickly adapt, learn, strategize and come up with viable solutions for the economic woes we face.  Noe of them seem to know the right side of a balance sheet, cannot articulate strategies and only know to cuss the UDP because they have not done it right.  Well if you have never done anything in your life that demonstrates the ability to think what less produce, how can it be expected of you to understand economic throughput, budgetary  processes, social and financial policy and all that goes with Good Governance.


      The best bet for our small island is to elect a mixture of the old with the new, and when you elect them bmake sure they have the capability of contributing not just to get paid but to work, bring motions, be involved with the community, something that most paymn politicos dont entertain for its the largese and the hope thereof that thriils them and the people who support them, at least until now.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Can’t we sell the kitchens at the new schools? I have heard the taps are made of purest gold and at the basins your hands are washed by little trained bunnies with e softest fur known to man.

  14. Chris Johnson says:

    The Honourable Premier and his henchmen did away with quarterly accounting just as the TCI were introducing quarterly accounting and budgets. Last week they published the quarterly accounts to March 31 2012 which I think is reasonably timely but could be improved upon. Cayman needs to follow their lead.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Mac also hopes for money trees, more free apartments in Shanghai and unlimited menabalins

  16. Anonymous says:

    The UK won't stand for bullying, not this time Bobo; not with what they're going through economically. Surely it must finally be dawning on the Premier that even through the Governor is "in his back yard yard now,"  the Cayman Islands is actually in the UK's back yard!

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac doesn't worry about that.

      He knows he is not going to win the next election in WB, so rather than lose he will step down.

      But for the next 9 months – he is going to squeeze every last bit he can so he can enjoy the twilight years of his life.

      I just hope the Uk do not give him this satisfaction and step in first.




  17. Anonymous says:

    the civil service is an anchor  that is dragging cayman down…….

    create a cross party committee that will agree on the nessecary cuts…….

  18. Anonymous says:

    The Chinese arrived in town today, so you can be prepared for Bush to be sorting out his personal terms and not bothering about the budget.  CNS, you need to ask for some sort of indication as to what they are doing – perhaps theyhave come to see the auditor to discuss the procurement process??? 

  19. Anonymous says:

    Dear FCO,

    Please approve the budget on the condition that the people who are putting up the money get to be CITIZENS.


    • Anonymous says:
  20. Anonymous says:

    We need new educated blood for 2013!!

    • Rpatz says:

      The vampires are coming. I have seen the movies.

    • 21:53 says:

      21:53 That is wishful thinking.  What the H. Cayman is going to do with a bunch of New Educated whats it not to run this country.  No. We want people of experience in times like these.   Cayman is not going to vote you all in, so dont even think of it.

  21. Whodatis says:

    Question(s): What is the actual source of contention in this entire debacle – $6million?

    What is the ultimate threat as a result of a failure to meet whatever terms the (almighty, all-knowing, yet broke-a$$) UK deems as suitable – direct rule?

    Is it to be understood that the already meagre existence of a democracy that we have been allowed in the Cayman Islands hangs by a $6million thread?

    Is the UK prepared to declare to the world that in this greatest ever recession known to man, for which they hold much of the responsibility, they are threatening to suspend the democracy of a vibrant economy arguably capable of generating $650million (absent from borrowing) due to a $6million shortfall?

    Is that the long and short of this now ridiculous dance?

    No wonder no one takes the UK seriously anymore. Clearly, they have been relegated to bullying tiny island-nations as a last resort to demonstrate their "power" in the world today.

    If anything they ought to wish for a Bellingham equivalent over their own economic affairs, because I have just reviewed the latest news and reports concerning the British economy and … damn!

    The financial and economic "experts" within the FCO and related entities really ought to focus their services on their own far more pressing and dire circumstances.

    Anyway, kindly excuse me – I have more important things to tend to … back to my sweet love-making.


    • Anonymous says:

      At least they have real democracy..politicians resign when they get it wrong. They were the first to go the hard way in cutting spending.As I seem to recall the recession started in wall street and the US seems to be out of it now, the UK would be too if it was not so reliant on Euro economies (Greece, Spain, Ireland, Italy) who could not stop the spending and the civil service overload with jobs for life and no need to work..So stop looking elsewhere and ask why Cayman is in such a bad way…all fault lays in government here..nowhere else. Wishing you a great weekend!

      • Caymanian . says:

        The problem with the UK they believe in taxing to fix everything!  And no… the people do not have "real democracy"!  Where did you get that from?  And there are politicians still in Parliament as corrupt as can be!  The question should be asked, are their corrupt politicians in the FCO?  See you next week

        • Anonymous says:

          The UK would never suggest any form of taxing had we not gotten ourselves into this ridiculous financial mess in the first place.  If the budget we present doesn't look realistic or justifiable, and it appears to the UK that we are sinking ourselves into further debt, then of course they are going to suggest some form of taxes.  So don't blame them, blame the politicians who have been wasting our money without good explanation, not carrying out proper accounting, and getting us into this pickle.

        • Anonymous says:

          Please name the corrupt UK politicians? You can't, because if there are one or two corrupt the free press rumbles them quickly and it is put right immediately and they disappear for ever.

          Here on the other hand, it is quicker to name the not corrupt  ones. And that is a very short list. You obviously have not been to or lived in the UK, the "Mother of all democracies" as Obama called it.

          • Whodatis says:

            My goodness.

            Here is a clear example of the ignorance and naivete that plagues many of the contributors to this forum.

            Honestly, it makes one wonder why should one bother at all.

            E.g. Question: How many corrupt British politicians (national and international) does it take to create grotesque lies, break international laws and conventions, engage in an illegal invasion on a sovereign land, commit crimes against humanity by way of killing hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children … all in the name of $$$ and oil?

            Furthermore, how many corrupt British politicians does it require to successfully turn a blind eye to the above in order to maintain the status quo.

            The corruption that exists in British politics is so severe that it appears as something else. Want proof? Here it is – you will most likely somehow argue against the above or defend the actions of the corrupt politicians responsible for the above on the basis of some corrupted foundation of "logic".

        • LittleGrasshopper says:

          Big statements but absolutely nothing to back it up – go figure.

      • Whodatis says:

        In addition to the fact that you have an utterly warped view and misunderstanding of what has led to the absolutely shambolic state of the British economy, (btw, you blame Wall Street and the PIGS of theEU, yet say that I / Cayman ought to "stop looking elsewhere"?!), you have failed to address the only issue(s) that I actually care about.

        The greater share of your post concerned the British economy – frankly, I could not give less of a damn about that.

        If you feel like addressing the questions posted in the first part of my post then kindly forward your thoughts. Otherwise, you words are falling on deaf ears, my friend. My bit about the UK was nothing but provocative but truthful filler.

        Lastly, thank you – my weekend is guaranteed to be a thriller. I wish the same for you.

        • Anonymous says:

          Anonymous – 14:56 already answered your question – it looks as if the FCO have run the same figures and disagree with the CIG's estimates of either expenditure or income or both, which is why they are asking for further cuts.  

          CIG is just getting the same treatment as any local council in the UK that produces a poorly-conceived budget. The only difference is that it's the FCO dealing with it, not the Home Office.

    • Jung At Heart says:

      Whatever the sources of your other issues, it is clear that your subconscious wrestling with your half-Caymanian, half-British heritage is a significant driver for much of your anti-British sentiments as part of overcompensation in an attempt to establish what you perceive to be a more defined personal identity. Your deep desire to try and have the last word on everything is consistent with this, as it shows the strong emotional attachment that you have to "winning" arguments on these topics.

      • Whodatis says:

        "It is clear …" that you are obsessed with Whodatis.

        Try to come up with a response other than that tired 'copy and paste' that is way past it use by date.

    • Anonymous says:

      Its only $6 million if you believe:

      a) that he can raise the $650 million, an all time record for Cayman, including completely untested measures and

      b) you believe the costs will be limited to the $580 million,

      all of which is against a backdrop of the CIG consistently under achieving on revenue and cost forecasts for each of the last 3 years.  $6 million is a made up number -if you believe that i have a bridge between Grand and Cayman Brac I would like to sell you. 

      • Whodatis says:

        Okay … so, in your opinion, what should be the going rate for the democracy of the Cayman Islands in this regard?

        Also, what is the going rate of the democracy of Britain and have they surpassed that amount as yet? (If not it must be one astronomical hell of a price.)

    • datisme says:

      Your loyalty to fools is astonishing.  As is your special insight to the UK.  Thank you for showing a perspective not many non Caymanians would have come up with by themselves.

      • Whodatis says:
        1. Who am I "loyal" to?
        2. Never have I uttered a single lie about the UK. The fact remains that they are a failed economy.
        3. You are most welcome.
    • Slowpoke says:

      Yep, Cammy and Belly are enjoying the incredible benefits of an austerity budget during an economic downturn, a double dip recession.  They may not have the reading skills to understand economic research but, they are in charge.

      (HAHA, I bet I get more thumbs down than you do.)

  22. Whodatis says:

    Re: "Evidently, the UK want us to cut, but cut ourselves, causing social upheavel in the process."

    That is the classic, British colonial way after all.

    Many are sure to dismiss such facts as "conspiracy theories", however I can draw on tons of examples to prove the case.

    Those on the other side can only rely on feel-good words, spin and  … hey, they will find a way. A resourceful bunch they are.

    Lastly, the Cayman Islands is NOT facing an actual "economic crisis". Instead, we are facing a man-made economic deadline put in place by a country / entity / force that is itself an "economic crisis".

    Go figure.

    • Diogenes says:

      No economic crisis, eh?  How exactly is spending more than you earn by an increasing amount each financial year, with no underlying assets or ability to service the debt (or deflate your way out of it by printing cash) without the supportof the UK, however "unreasonably" withheld NOT a financial crisis?  Bottom line – if the UK do not approve the budget, we will be unable to borrow the money, and with the possible exception of the Chinese (love to see you post about their peaceful and alturistic approach to other countries) I don't see anyone else stepping up to underwrite us.  How then does government pay the bills when the overdraft limit is hit and the banks won't lend anymore?

      You don't have to like or respect the UK to see that – but for once Whodatis, it would be nice to see you confront the realities rather than simply side with whoever is opposed to the UK because of your apparent hatred for the ex colonial master.  Sometimes the enemy of your enemy is not your friend, but simply your enemy too!  But I guess it is simply too convenient to have a nice bogeyman you can blame for everything that goes wrong, rather than the people responsible for making the poor decisions in the first place, or God forbid the muppets that elected them into office.

  23. Anonymous also says:

    Our "Eternally Honorable Premier" (EHP) thinks that cutting expenditures means increasing revenues.

    Any high school graduates understand that is not the case.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Looks like he is trying to bully the UK..

    Refuses to make their required cuts…..

    And is planning to present the budget on Friday the way he wants……

    Hope they don't let him get away with this……….If they do then there will be no stopping him


    • Anonymous says:

      its about time he puts them in their place!

    • FAN THE FIRE says:

      21:13, you may not realize it, but you are doing no good of trying to  "FAN THE FIRE" between The Premier and UK.  Do you really think that Cayman has no OLD PEOPLE who rermember back in the day UK never gave us a second thought.  So why now would UD WANT TO RUN THINGS?

      Please out that fire before it burns the Island down.  Good advise, take it.

      • Anonymous says:

        The only one fanning the fire with the UK is your beloved dictator the Premier.  The UK doesn't owe you anything.  Cayman and its "OLD PEOPLE" chose to stay a British Territory, the UK did not force them to stay.  So itnow you must live with the consequences of the choice you made back then to stay a British Territory.  So when Cayman messes up, the UK will step in, and I doubt very much they will stand for your beloved dictator's refusal to co-operate.  That's wha u get.

        • 21:52 says:

          It is so sad  that you people do not know how we feel.  Look at this picture.  If I was in your house and you did not want me there, tell me why would I stay and be insulted every day.

          How I look at it some people just do not have any shame.  About Cayman staying British.  I do not want to be under British Rule.  I would prefer to be communist.

            You people get more out of Cayman than we get from you, so you have a good right not want to go back where you come from.

  25. SKEPTICAL says:

    What will Friday’s meeting of the LA achieve if the FCO has not approved the latest budget proposals – if it has to be changed yet again, they will have to go back and repeat the process. Interesting that it is the Deputy Governor who will preside over the sitting.

    • Anonymous says:

      All it will probably achieve is spending more of our money trying to move things forward prematurely, and then wasting more of our money putting it right should the UK reject the budget proposals and the shit hit the provberbial fan.

  26. Anonymous says:

    On what basis has Premier REFUSED to look at further cuts?? Wtf

    Caymanians you are really the most apathetic electorate…. Why not send a engraved invitation for FCO takeover?

    • Anonymous also says:

      He would rather see Cayman go down the tubes than give up his "Nation Building Fund'  aka vote getting slush fund.

      • Read what Ezzard said says:

        Read what Ezzard said in Wednesdays Caymanian Compass.  A revolution is around the corner.  Caymanians are just waiting to have their belts pulled tight, and see if we do not come knocking on expats door for bread.

        • Anonymous says:

          Another myth that expats rich and Caymanians driving in thier nice air-conditioned cars are poor.

    • Anonymous says:

      apathetic? no….straight PATHETIC

      A born Caymanian – who fortunately got an education so I relocate and survive elsewhere – unlike the ignorant electorate who will have to stay and watch their poor choice of elected officials destroy the place and make them starve


    • Don't Judge the Book by its Cover says:

      I can see this is what people like yourself wish for, as if the FCO is God's institution on earth like some Church. You guys are religious stupid with your loyalties to the crown.  Remember one thing- Catholicism issued in the dark ages. A most righteous church at one time persecuted the minorities. So please don't come and say FCO dictator is better for this country. Stand for democracy not against it!

      • Anonymous says:

        My friend, in wanting to continue as things are you are standing for a dictatorship, not a democracy.

  27. Anonymous says:

    To this day I still wonder how does the Enviromental Health Department sustains it's self.  Where do they get money from to pay these employees? If you really want to give a break on Home Owners garbage fees, this should only be cut by 50%.  The Condo Owners, Hotels and Developers can pay the entire 100%.  Nevertheless, something should be charged to everybody and I believe a 50% charge could work.  Do not give away the service of picking up garbage  and then scramble to pay this department.   As one blogger wrote, tag these fees to everybody who submits a Work Permit or license their cars.  This way 95% of us we all will be compelled to pay who needs a work permit or car license renewed.  

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you that it is nonsense for garbage collection to be free but I believe it would be more efficient and fair to work with the utility companies to collect it, either as an annual fixed fee charged in the cooler months when the electricitybilling is lower, or as a monthly fee on every bill.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Mac "hopes"???? That says it all!!!

    Is the leader paid to hope, or to do? We can all hope that corruption stops, that world peace comes, that our lottery ticket comes in (oh sorry, not here). I can hope to pay my electric bills on time, and hope CUC wont cut me off if I don't. But unless I do it, they will.

    I suspect it means he knows already that the UK will not approve..

  29. Anonymous says:

    "On Thursday afternoon there was still no word from the UK, which had asked on Monday evening for more cuts on the CIG’s latest budget proposal — a request the premier refused." Evidently, the UK want us to cut, but cut ourselves, causing social upheavel in the process. Imagine just cutting over 100 civil servants if that is what they want. Think of the families affixed to these 100 workers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stop repeating McKeeva's lies. No need to cut 100 workers. Just take out the $15 million for free solar panels to his supporters, and $5 millon from Nation Building aka Slush Fund.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, just think of the many civil servants who can well afford to give up their cs jobs and still feel no pain. They can do this because they have business and jobs on the side where they are making a good living. I would appeal to all you civil servants who KNOW who these people are within the CS and put pressure on these nonproductive well off CS to retire in order to sve your own jobs.

    • Anonymous says:

      Think of the country going down the tubes because they are being forced to feed these hundred intitled families.

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is that the CS cuts that need to be made are in the higher end. The lower end are the backbone and are needed, its some of the top dogs that need to go – the seat warmers.. but they wont cut themselves.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I hope I get a new bike for Christmas

  31. Anonymous says:

    He aint gonna do what you want UK.   Again.  Now its your turn.  Again.  If your plan is to stall until they run out of money………. Smart!

  32. Anonymous says:

    This is theatre of the absurd.  If UK doesn't reject this then there is a serious problem in communication.

  33. Well Yess says:


    I hoped for a new TV a few months ago, but each morning I woke up, the spot I hoped it would be was still empty :(, I had to budget for it and within 3 months because of my budget,I was able to purchase it 🙂

  34. Anonymous says:

    Well I guess much to our chargrin, the FCO will be marching in soon. I guess the Premier will prefer that to letting go those civil servants who are already drawing a pension and only taking up space while they double dip.  I understand there are about thirty of them.  He could  also cut  his nation building fund but he is too indignant to do that. Still want to hang on to that, because that is probably the only thing to ensure that he gets elected in West Bay again.  I sincerely hope that he realises that his days as Premier or even a cabinet member  are  fading fast.   This is his Swan Song!!  We have always pride ourselves in having a decently run government, when other countries were having difficulties balancing their budgets we had surpluses until this mad man took control.  Every day there is a different story popping up XXXXX and he still has the audacity to incessently show his stupid grin on TV.  Apparently he and his fellow cabinet do not really have a clue as to what has happened in our island home.  Are they that stupid or just plain reckless?  I don't understand how they can stand by him any longer- like sheep to the slaughter.  They do not care about Cayman and they have shamelessly  shown that day after day.  They will be there tomorrow  endorsing his rambling and won't even be embarrass.  They are a soul-less  pitiful  bunch whose names will go down in history as the destroyers of our beloved Cayman Islands.  I trust that members of the OMOV, truly  or Cayman Alliance, Keep Bodden Town Dump Free, Generation Now , Cayman/Expax against Taxation,  and all the other groups will go listen to his charade tomorrow  and show him just how many are against what he has done to these islands.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I refuse to cut my vote buying nation building fund

    I refuse to cut my solar panel vote buying program

    I refuse to cut my morgage assistance vote buying program

    I refuse to stop double dipping and will continue to take my pension tho I have not retired

    I refuse to ask my friend Ryan to pay his $6M bill

    I refuse to pay for my overseas vacations for family and friends


  36. madazhell says:

    Mac is hoping for UK approval yet he refused to make further cuts…


    I'm hoping Santa Claus will bring me a BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe this Christmas.



  37. Knot S Smart says:

    Glad to hear that the UK accepted our budget!

    I was worried that they might have believed it was one of those special offers from a lawyer in Nigeria, and marked it as spam…

  38. Unnarebel Mac says:

    OK UK, how about now…?

  39. Anonymous says:

    If the UK takes over, does that mean new management in in the civil service/education/finance…or just the very top get booted? Don'tave a clue about the ramifications but would like to start planning. CNS?

  40. Anonymous says:

    I think the UK should make Mac submit a budget every 3 months along with a report showing how well he did for the previous 3 months.  Otherwise he'll get this approved, throw it in the back of a filing cabinet, and let the gravy train roll on for another 12 months.

    $580m for a country of 50,000 with no defence force and no public health service is crazy.


  41. Anonymous says:

    Here's hoping that the UK doesn't approve the budget without spending cuts. There is no way this government is going to stop wasting money unless the UK forces it to.