Police bust Bodden Town man for growing ganja

| 16/08/2012

(CNS): A 32-year-old man has been arrested under the Misuse of Drugs Law for cultivation and possession of ganja as well as suspicion of consuming a controlled drug, following a drug bust in the Spotts-Newlands area on Tuesday. A spokesperson for the RCIPS said that officers from Bodden Town Police Station, OSU and X-Ray 1 carried out an operation in the afternoon of 14 August as part of the ongoing police operation's island wide focusing on proactively tackling criminal and traffic related offences. Acting Chief Inspector Brad Ebanks, OiC of the Eastern Districts, warned that the RCIPS was watching those involved in crime.

“We will be paying close attention to persons who commit these and other offences.  At any given day persons involved in illegal activities could get an unexpected visit from the police,” he stated.

Anyone with information about crime in the Cayman Islands is asked to contact their local police station or the RCIPS hotline on 949 7777. Alternatively people can also call CrimeStoppers at 800 (TIPS) 8477

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  1. Oh Dear says:

    Not in “historic” Bodden Town!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Will these drug go missing like the other drugs?

  3. Johnny Holt says:

    Five flower pots of Ganja trees wow! they make sound as if he had a whole grass piece full of Ganja. You know it is really sad when some have to embelish the facts to make themself look good for the public and dey boss,They got one thing right they watching crime happening that has always been their favourite pass time.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What killed bob marley? Wasn’t weed that cause the cancer that started from his toe! Lmao

    • Anonymous says:

      Bob Marley died of skin cancer – malignant melanoma.  Not lung cancer due to smoking.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sopolice can stop a ganja farm not even a acre of land that hurts no one, but can't stop a developer from mindlessly clearing land, destroying everything in its path. They can stop traffic on the road, but backoes and bulldozers along the West Bay road, they can not stop when they mindlessly bulldoze over mangroves and plant species. These things really hurt the people. Something not right with this picture.

  6. Knot S Smart says:

    Farming is just so stressful in Cayman…

    During planting time the sun is so hot and the GM mosquitoes are so big and bite so hard. Then we have the chickens digging up the small plants, then the iguanas are eating them as fast as they grow, and finally thecops come to get them before they are even ready to harvest…

  7. Michael says:

    I have never seen Marajuana or Ganja causing Cancer, Sickness, Desease. I know of more people who have lost ambition because of Alcohol. Always I am hearing of people dying from Tobacco (nicotene) and second hand smoking. Caffiene / sugar is effecting our children more than anything else. Youngsters who smoke marajuana and are incarcerated I have never seen these people prone to violence. They become violent when they can't get a job and society doesn't accept them, but they are mello and calm when they hang out.  In fact these youngsters I find them more energetic and active than the other obese Caymanian youngsters!  My mother once had asthma and she was given marajuana tea to drink, and I can tell you, she has never had asthma again!  So when I hear of Police Officers arresting youngsters or people for Marajuana, I must wonder who the Police are working for?  I thought prison was suppose to be a place for people who do other people harm.

    • hattra says:

      There's plenty of stuff on the web that will tell you otherwise – marijuana is associated with both lung cancer and mental illness – the evidence at the moment being that it has a causative effect in both cases. 

      Just because you don't know of anyone having problems doesn't meant that it doesn't happen. Put it this way, of all the thousands of people that I've met over the years who were tobacco smokers, only one has died of lung cancer, but the hostipal wards are still full of lung cancer sufferers and tobacco smoking is still way more common than smoking weed.

      I'm not being anti-weed,  just saying that it's not as harmless as people like to think.

      • Anonymous says:

        Im not sure where you are getting your information from but the general consensus is smoking anything is unhealthy. If you smoke some vitamins, chances are it will have an adverse affect on you, that does not mean vitamins are bad for you, it means don’t smoke your vitamins. Please post the study claiming that cannabis causes cancer. In regards to mental illness please present scientific evidence that cannabis causes mental illness, it has been shown to be potentially harmful to people with pre-existing mental conditions but there is evidence that it causes mental illness.
        You are right, nothing is harmless, but saying something is more harmful than it really is undermines responsible use of cannabis because ppl don’t trust liars. For example if you tell me that ganja kills brain cells and makes you lethargic, then I find out you lied because scientific experiments have proven that thc facilitates neurogenesis (creation of braincells) I’ll be less receptive to listening to you and I’ll miss an important side effect in the potential lethargy.

        Bottom line, people need to be properly educated on this plant and this culture of lies and manipulation leading to distrust and drug abuse needs to stop. People are less likely to abuse cannabis when they have been properly educated on its real side effects and how to mitigate them.

        Here is a link and excerpt contradicting your heresy.

        Study Finds No Cancer-Marijuana Connection

        By Marc Kaufman
        Washington Post Staff Writer
        Friday, May 26, 2006
        The largest study of its kind has unexpectedly concluded that smoking marijuana, even regularly and heavily, does not lead to lung cancer.

        The new findings “were against our expectations,” said Donald Tashkin of the University of California at Los Angeles, a pulmonologist who has studied marijuana for 30 years.

  8. Another Anon says:

    Now there is a viable revenue genertaor. Legalise weed and tax the growers and distributors.

  9. Sick and Tired says:

    Really!? … If the article read “Police Locate Ganja Farm- No Arrests Made" the comments would be critical of the RCIPS for not making an arrest.  Still in a case like this where an operation was carriedout (according to the report) and an arrest was made, there are still the unwarranted negative comments.

    I got a speeding ticket last week that I intend to contest in court, but does that does not mean that I should be critical of the RCIPS for everything they do. When your child comes home with an A for math do you scold them for getting a D in English the month before?

    As the old folks say "can't win for losing." Let’s keep the comments relevant to the article.

    If you have a particular problem with the service, complain to the appropriate entity, or write your own Viewpoint on the issue.

  10. Paper Caymanian says:

    Ganja should be legal. Just sayin.

  11. Grimes says:

    I am sure he was hurting someone growing some weed man. Get with the times Cayman. Time to stop being Squares.

    Bet they will convict him for a victimless crime and put him in jail costing us $50,000 a year. 

  12. madazhell says:

    “We will be paying close attention to persons who commit these and other offences.  At any given day persons involved in illegal activities could get an unexpected visit from the police.


    This is swell but who is watching the police?

    I was driving down West Bay Road yesterday behind a police vehicle and to my amazement I looked down at my speedometer and saw that I was going over 50 MPH!

    And at this speed I was not keeping up with the police car in front of me.

    Guess speed limits do not apply to the police?

    How about the use of drugs?

    Just wondering…

    • Tufty says:

      Shame on you for speeding then.

      • cow itch says:

        i was drivin 25 in bodden town and the blasted police officer was drivin 15 mph… what a blastedness tarred and feathered!!!  i had to creep behind him until i reach mostyn

    • Anonymous says:

      Yup, I passed a police car doing at least 50 mph on South Church Street the other day.  The driver appear calm and casual, no flashing lights, no sirens, so I assume he wasn't on any pressing commitment at the time.

  13. Anonymous says:

    CNS, what is OSU and X-ray 1?