It all boils down to trust

| 10/12/2012

The next general election in the Cayman Islands will be the one that defines our future and will go down in history as maybe one of the most important. The voters will be tasked with deciding who will lead our country forward and out of the current economic slump we are facing. They will have to decide which party, alliance or independent they think is best suited for the job.

Before answering the crucial question of who is best suited for the job, we as voters must first understand the current financial and economic position the country is in and most likely will be in for some time.

The Cayman Islands as a country has found itself in the most peculiar stance that it has ever been in during its history.

From the economic standpoint, the three pillars that we have depended on for so many years are suffering tremendously due to the global recession. Tourism, construction and the financial industries are slower than they have been in the last 10 years. With the exception of a few proposed projects recently (good or bad, depending on how you see it), none of the pillars listed above seem to have much predicted growth in the near future.

From the government viewpoint, the country is in debt by over a half billion dollars and has no savings to help keep it afloat through this global recession. The government is now also troubled by the limited borrowing power it has due to the restrictions put on it by the mother country (UK). Unlike many other countries, we do not have the privilege of borrowing our way out of our woes until the recession has passed.

If you acknowledge and or agree with these viewpoints, the question is then, what can the government do to stimulate the economy if it has no access to any finances other than those that it needs to pay its day to day expenses (all the costs related to the general running of government)?

One must conclude that the only option we, as a country/government, have is to use our assets as leverage to entice investors to the country to create major development, which in large part will then stimulate the economy.

Therefore, the legislators selected to run this country come May 22 next year will be tasked primarily with the following three objectives:

1. They will/should be creating, amending, or deleting legislation to create a clean, honest and obstacle free environment for development, but at the same time be mindful to try not to compromise the moral and ethical codes of the Caymanian people.

 2. They should construct ways to cut the cost of running government in a planned, managed and strategic way that will least effect the people of the country. For example, non-essential travel for ministers. (This topic warrants an article allof its own and will be addressed soon.)

3. They will also be tasked to negotiate the people's assets (duty exceptions, waving of fees, land transfers, et cetera) with investors to come to a balanced and transparent agreement for the people. The negotiators, ministers in cabinet and sometimes even junior ministers, will need to show value for money (from the "people's" point of view).  They will also be expected, legally and morally, NOT to indulge in acts that may be deemed as corruption if presented to them, as it often is in such deals and negotiations of this magnitude.

In closing my synopsis of our country's current economic and financial position, I believe the key characteristic that the voters should and must pay most attention to is trust. In points 1 and 3, trust plays the biggest role.

Definition of trust: Assured resting of the mind on the integrity, veracity, justice, friendship, or other sound principle, of another person; confidence; reliance.  Trust means being able to predict what other people will do and what situations will occur. If we can surround ourselves with people we trust, then we can create a safe present and an even better future.

In the selection of who you think will best represent you and the Cayman Islands, it will all boil down to trust.

These viewpoints are not a reflection of the Progressives (PPM) but solely my own.

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  1. Rick Berns says:

    Kenneth, please do not be discouraged by the hateful comments herein. Remember that no one kicks a dead dog. It appears that the biggest motivator here is jealousy and envy. These empty vessels who are badmouthing you cannot argue with your point of view, so they try to denigrate you, but for me, the most admireable thing about you is the fact that you made mistakes as a youth but managed to pull yourself up and out of that life and made something of yourself. You were a person of substance as a reporter, and I know from your record that you can appreciate every Caymanian's point of view. You have been there and done that. You have my vote in GT, as soon as I can get registered. And, btw, email me your number please so that I can arrange.



  2. Wise Old Owl says:

    Did Kenny plead guilty or did he try to get away with it?  I cannot recall. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    The elephant in the room is corruption……

    Did someone book a 7AM wake up call and taxi with a flashing light on top for an elephant today?

  4. Anonymous says:

    As a young Caymanian, I would really like to hear what is considered a "Hard Life".  These islands have provided all with more than enough opportunity and no one should use a hard up bringing as an excuse for commiting any crime.  I am not saying that Mr. Bryan does not have the right to run but I totally agree that Caymanian's need to be looking for qualified individuals who have demonstrated the proper characteristics necessary to run our country.  Look where years of electing the less desirable individuals have gotten us. Happy to see that he has improved himself and is contributing to the thought process of our Caymanian voters, however I don't think (my opinion) that he is fit to run/ become an elected member of  this country.

  5. Ebeneezer Good says:

    Give me a “K”‘ give me an “E”, give me another “E”‘, give me all the “E”s you have . . .

  6. Anonymous says:


    Will we can’t be no more better off than a drunken minister that told 3 stories, his sleeping MLA colleague, their silent Capt, a prized fighter from BT, one with the longest surname that paves the way on the sisters islands, one that got knocked out in LA and last but not least, a Premiere that has SOOOO much crossed hairs hanging over his head.

    So the question is, why do you fools turn your head on these facts? Stop living in denial Caymanians. This is what has gotten us into trouble from the get go!!!!!!!

    Sorry, but I’ll take my chances with Mr. Bryan!!



    • Truthseeker says:

      I don't plan to.

      Unfortunately, our MLA's receieve such a bloated salary  (Circa 12K- 16K a month) that it is a quick road to riches for mediocre individuals. That is a salary normally reserved for those that have studied hard, are gifted and apply themselves for many, many years, have unblemished records, and are succesful through a combination of perseverance and luck.

      It seems odd that someone with, at best, a basic education (such as our Premiere), or an incomplete degree (such as Elio, who incidentally also tried to hide the fact that he never graduated.) should be earning the kind of money that top performers in the private sector earn after graduating and proving their worth.

      It can only be justified if, and this is a big IF, they plan to hand out a significant portion of their salary to their constituents. And that, my friend is the road to institutionalised corruption (AKA Nation Building.). 

      With these high end salaries (voted for by themselves) I personally  feel more comfortable voting in politicians who command those scales in their private occupations. I cannot begin to justify paying Kenneth Bryan,  (or Elio Solomon and many others, including KcKeeva) more money than a high school principal, just because thay get elected by a largely unsophisticated electorate. 

      Reduce the salaries of our politicians to typical mid-level civil servants (say 3,500 a month)  and lets see who still wants to "serve" their people!


      • Anonymous says:

        Backbench MLAs receive about CI$8K per month. Ministers receive about CI$12.5K per month.  

        • Truthseeker says:

          Thank you for clarifying this. Ignoring other benefits. such as non-contributary medical, and a wonderful (for them)  pension; for non-experienced politicians, without higher education, it is still 3 to 5 times what they could reasonably expect to earn in the private sector, and yet they are supposed to be our servants? 

          Elio, I am still waiting to hear exactly what professional qualifications you have, and if, your former employer, (Computer Services, I think) was mislead in employing you and grading your salary? As my name suggests, I am only interested in the truth, so if this works in your favour, that is fine with me.



      • Anonymous says:

        It was the PPM who voted for those bloated salaries remember?  Can you tell if if Kurt Tibbetts and his fishing or Anthony do nothing Eden are worth it?  Puleeze!

        • Truthseeker says:

          I am not a spokesperson for the PPM. Captain Whogene anyone? What is your point? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Hard to see why you would reward him. Are you choices that limited?

  7. Anonymous says:

    If ya wa  prosperity, ******************* think country.

    If the man have turned his life around we must all congratulate him.

    Well done, continue on the straight and narrow.

    Cayman needs all on board to turn this country around.

    However weeling and deeling and THROWING AWAY more than 50% of every

    $ spent which the last 2 adminestrations have done is what have caused this disaster.

    Now lets open our minds, THINK COUNTRY AND VOTE FOR THE COUNTRY.

    Next election. soon come, think country. The Country win we ALL win

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t the PPM be trusted? Julie was on the radio on Friday praising the PPM for building the new administration building. She says this facility will lead to long term cost savings and a more efficient civil service. They built roads that we needed for decades. The UDP wasted more money on the Turtle Farm than the High Schools cost us. C4C have supported this UDP administration for 3 years, now when they see the UDP is going to loose the Election they start their own “party” and attack the PPM opposition rather than the UDP. Don’t Believe the Hype…..PPM is still the only Party we can trust.

  9. Anonymous says:

    A lot of C4C comments here, Kenneth don’t be discouraged by there negative comments, at least you know where the majority of us live in GT, you know our struggles, you know our needs and you share our pain. C4C think we all live in Camana Bay or hang out at the Ritz. We all have made mistakes in our youth we are not going to hold that against you. The “super intellectua”l C4C measure men by the degrees the have behind their name or the car they drive. The other 90% of us look at what a man has achieved with the hand he was dealt. You didn’t have the opportunities they had that’s nothing to be ashamed of, that’s life. What is shameful is that they look down on us as being inferior to them, because of those privileges.

    • Anonymous says:

      C4C? PPM, are you really that deparate as to try to grab at any straw to deflect the failings of the PPM? I personally like and admire Kenny and the stance that he has taken. Whether I would vote for him – that is between me and God. I am not a party person – never have been – and PPM's current barage of attacks on C4C is sickening. It only goes to reinforce the message of division preached by the PPM/UDP. Focus on the ISSUES. Then maybe you will get my vote.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Great piece Kenny.

    Kenny G-String strikes again!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am beginning to wonder if next year's election will feature more convicted criminals and suspected criminals than honest law abiding people.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Kenneth, the development model is Not sustainable. Would welcome any ideas on how to diversify the economy. Unfortunately, in order to lure Shetty as a developer, the UDP gave him a monopoly on medical tourism…so now what?

  13. Anonymous says:

    The elephant in the room is corruption.

    The first question each of us should ask each politician and wanna bee politician is "What will you commit to do in order to root out corruption? That is job number one because it will cost very little to change our laws to root it out and because until corruption is shut down nothing else will change.

    So far not a single person that has announced their intention to run for the LA has said one word about bringing in legislation that would be tough on corruption. That says a lot.

    No one will get my vote unless they commit to getting tough on corruption.

    • Anonymous says:

      The elephant in the room is obesity and the environment. If we keep eating the environment we will have nothing left to corrupt or build on. Think about it !

    • Christopher Wight says:

      "It all boils down to trust"! I enjoyed reading your commentary Kenneth. Especially after all the RCIPS investigations into corruption & alleged corrupt dealings of the last 3 years I wholeheartedly agree with you that it all boils down to trust. This election is the most important & we can't vote for a politician simply because we like them, or because they will give us gifts when we ask. We have to vote for what is best for CAYMAN, not for what is best for ourselves personally.

      Not just because you are a potential candidate for the Progressives but I admire your dedication in what you are now doing. I admire your love for our Cayman Islands, the best place on earth. I've known you most of your life & I admire any Caymanian who honestly makes a success of their life, BUT I especially admire any Caymanian who has had a hard or troubled early life yet turns it around & becomes successful & an example to others especially the youth (& I'm not saying you had a troubled life, but I've read a few negative comments here). I admire that very much. I am proud of what you have achieved & I wish you every success in your political career & I am sure that you will be a great representative for me & all George Towners once you are elected in May 2013 (I pray).

      I also admire the fact that you have entered politics to try & help the Cayman people especially the youth, which is your passion. You have entered politics to help people as opposed to being like one or two others who entered politics to help themselves (to become filthy rich at our country's expense). I know there will be one or two critics of my comments but that will be nothing new (It's been happening since 1984), but I stand by my belief in you & what you offer the Cayman people, the George Town people, & the youth, & I stand by my admiration in the success you have made of yourself, & if you have indeed achieved this success after a tough early life then I admire even more. I wish you all the success in the future, you deserve it Kenneth. 

  14. Anonymous says:

    Spot on young man. Some people think you are not qualified, too impulsive and not experienced to lead. This view point shows you are at least ready to express a valid point of view and let us know what and how you think. If I am not mistaken, you are the FIRST candidate to do this so far in this campaign. Congrats! I am a GT Voter… while there is no promise of my vote for you yet, I agree that Trust is at the heart of the process we use to elect the next Government. Do we trust them to deliver results with the plan they outline? Do we trust them to deliver results using processes and principles that majority of the people support, majority of the time? Do we trust them to have the courage to make the hard decisions? Why should we trust that they are even be capable of doing what they are promising to do? And, on what do you assess their trustworthiness? Their character and track record. Keep the perspectives coming.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Kurt, Alden and the PPM Administarion are the one's who helped put us in this financial mess that we're in. I don't think the country wants anything more to do with the PPM administarion at all.

    Kenneth, your chances of winning a seat in George Town under the PPM ticket is very very slim. You should have ran as an Independant if you wanted to serve the people of the capital !!!  

  16. Anonymous says:

    4. They shouldn't come from ecnomically privledged families who can curtail the legal system and whose real aim will be to protect thier connections and continued unearned privledges at all costs like an overdemanding brat. That would destroy trust from the very onset.

  17. Hammer says:

    Oh great. Foolio 2.0!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Kenneth, I applaud your enthusiasmbut the development’ model ( where government entities a project thru concessions) is outdated and unsustainable.

    If this is your best proposal, come again boh!

  19. I just can't.... says:

    I truly admire Kenneth's courage to put his name forward to serve in elected office. 

    But I just CAN NOT and WILL NOT vote for him and validate him as a leader of our country. So far I am happy with every other candidate on the PPM roster but I just don't get this one.

    Bless him but let's call a spade a spade. Kenneth has a criminal record, no formal educational qualifications and his claim to fame is reading the news and "running" dubious nightclubs. Hello? Where are our honorable statesmen/women? Where is our desire as a people to elect leaders who have proven that they have intellectual, ethical and political fortitude.

    Why are we not demanding vision, a sophisticated worldview, an exemplary CV and history of personal and professional excellence from our candidates?? I could understand if he was running as an independent… but he has been endorsed by the PPM!

    Yes we need people on the ground who are approachable by the common man but that is what the district councils are there for, not an MLA who will represent us locally and abroad.

    Given the slackness of the UPD administration over the past 4 years, we have to be extra vigilant to ensure that we are examining our leaders, asking them the difficult, probing questions and demanding that they remain accountable for their actions – past, present and future.

    How can the PPM say in one breath that they are tired of corruption and the flagrant skirting of the law and in the next present a candidate who served jail time for drug offences to serve as a representative of the islands' capital? 

    We get the leadership we deserve and I and all my Caymanian people deserve a leader that I can look up to and ask our children to emulate – not one who has to beg for a chance and for ask for forgiveness.

    • Anonymous says:

      IF elected he won't most likely be able to travel abroad to represent us, as persons with a criminal conviction of selling drugs usually can't get a USA visa.

      So, IF elected – how would Kenneth represent the Cayman Islands overseas? By video conference?

      • Anonymous says:

        It can’t be thAt big of a issue, as we all know he has traveled as reporter with the government to the USA. So he must have a visa. I don’t believe it’s that big of deal and he has since proven himself.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey, we would save on the travel expenses. No $42,000 excursions for him! 

    • Anonymous says:

      To: Submitted by I just can't…. (not verified) on Mon, 12/10/2012 – 11:17. You appear totally unwilling to forgive or to believe that people who have done something bad can turn their lives around . I take it it that you have never made a mistake and you are without sin,if not then you have also had to be forgiven.You say that you seek someone that you can ask your children to emulate,obviously they cannot follow your lead as you are seeking perfection in mankind ,which you will never find . So please remember the words of Jesus "Let he that is without sin cast the first stone",In other words,if you have ever done anything wrong  in your lifetime (by mistake or intentionally) then you are in no position to criticize Kenneth or anyone else.

      • I just can't.... says:

        I have sinned but I have never committed a crime and served JAIL TIME. Shame on YOU for suggesting that just because we are Christian when it suits us that we can over look the Law of the Land. That is the fatal flaw of our Caymanian people – one set of rules for everyone else but everything our local boys do must be excused and swept under the rug. Shame on YOU for bastardizing the Gospel of our Lord. You get forgiveness from God but you continue to suffer the consequences of sin in this life. He served time, had a rough start etc but that does not mean that he is worthy of representing us. Get off the anti-intellectual bandwagon and think for yourself. Is a convicted criminal the best the PPM have to offer for public office??

        • anonymous says:

          Jesus served time and was killed and we still follow him,the preachers did not serve time how honest was they……if you was a true christian you should know this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes…but has he shown you his abs?

  20. Rorschach says:

    All good points Kenneth, but the next government also needs to figure out the business model of high volume versus high price.  There are far more hotel rooms than tourists to fill them.  There are far more offices than businesses to fill them.  There are far more seats on incoming planes than people to fill them..why?? The price is too high..Government needs to understand that volume sales are better than high priced sales..lower the costs of airfares and you will fill seats..lower the cost of doing business and you will attract businesses BACK to the country..this all has a knock on effect on the economy..more people equals more spending…more spending equals more money in the local economy..yes, there are always going to be those who kick against more people,  but the economic fact is you cannot rely on the rich to fund your country..

  21. Anonymous says:

    Guess you forgot that we trusted the PPM already, ended up with George towners and Bodden towners voting them out.

  22. Anonymous says:

    yes it boils down to trust and we dont trust the PPM as they may mess things up again. we dont trust the UDP either so we are really screwed on this one.

  23. trust who? says:

    mr bryan: trust is not only about being open and less corrupt. its also about whether the government is willing to manage the country effectively for the benefit fo the people. it is about them being competent. can we trust your party to be competent? they do not have a great recent record and thats where you will need to rebuild my 'trust'.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let's check your definition of "competent". Would you say the UDP govt. is competent? 

  24. Anonymous says:

    How can the people Trust the PPM?

    This is the same Government that in 2009 was telling peopl "don't stop the progress" only for the people to find that the "progress" they were talking about was, for example, an almost 100% increase in unemployment between 2006 – 2009.

    Kenneth – please don't waste your energy on PPM. Run as an Independent,

    PPM doesnt have anything to offer Cayman.


  25. Rock Hole says:

    The PPM put the country in the financial mess it is in.

    Had they listened, then the Country would have been able to borrow now at low rates to help itself.

    How can the PPM help in the difficult times when they couldn't manage in the good times?

    Mr. Solomon put it best on Cayman 27:

  26. Simply Red says:


    Great view point, BUT I must disagree with "One must conclude…entice investors to the country to create major development which…"

    1) The first part of your view point is arguably accurate and I have no issues with it,  however I do not think that it is the qualifier for the absoluteness of your above noted statement, as there are other options to explore other than development.

    2) In a country with such limited geographical resources, development must always be done in a manner that respects not only our immediate needs today, but more so those for generations to come.  We simply cannot build more land.

    3) We also do not necessarily ”need to entice investors to the country…” as in many cases we can look inwards for potential investors. Creating a culture of inward investment by those entities who are Caymanian creates a continuing benefit to our country that is almost beyond measure as not only does it have the obvious financial benefit, but it also carries a sense of “national pride”.

    I personally believe that Caymans future is in diversification of our income.  We cannot rely on the pillars of finance, tourism which drive development and expect that we will not have the extreme fluctuations that we are now experiencing in the future.  We must diversify into other industries like Technology, Medicine, Media…  Cayman has experienced a paradigm shift; we cannot hold on to the same income sources and expect to live the life we had prior to the shift.  We need to get out of our comfort zone, gain perspective and think outside of the box!

    Kind Regards,

    Caymanian by pain and plane

  27. Anonymous says:

    Mr Bryan, I am glad that you have decided to step forward and discuss some of the issues facing the country.

    It surprised me that you omitted the necessary review of the size of government and areas beyond travel where savings cound be made to reduce the cost of living here.

    The additional costs that the country will be faced by the human rights requirements must be considered in future costs adding additional pressure on the government.


  28. Anonymous says:

    Kenneth is Elio 2.0,


    Elio was questioned on  his Academic record, can you explain your criminal record?

    • Anon says:

      Kenneth – perhaps you need to make a statement on your conviction and any imprisonment so as to clear the air – and then maybe people can Trust you a bit more.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I don't tend to trust criminals and drug dealers. 

    • Anonymous says:

      08:30  How can you make a statement like that?  How do we know that you are not a big drug dealer and a criminal?  Come off it lad.