Minister officially opens new primary buildings

| 10/12/2012

BTPS's New Bldg (300x271).jpg(CNS): Both Savannah Primary School and Bodden Town Primary School recently celebrated the official opening of their new school buildings, which were completed earlier this year. Aside from the new building, Savannah Primary School has also become the second government school in the Caribbean to receive International Baccalaureate (IB) Authorisation. Education Minister Rolston Aglin congratulated the school on its achievement and lauded the new classroom block. He also noted that the new facilities would allow the schools to remove the modular classrooms and extend their playing areas.

The minister said the new building would create more space for the increasing number of students at that school.

“The new building has eight classrooms containing storage rooms, adds 12,638 square feet of working and learning space, and a new library.  Along with the new building, the old library space has been converted into a vice principal’s office and two specialists’ rooms, and the two modular classrooms have been removed from the compound to create space for the reception play area.”

He explained that the new building was designed to withstand up to a category 3 hurricane and contains a disabilities elevator and restrooms for students with special needs.

With the construction of the new building, the entrance for the school has been relocated and a parking lot to the east has been created for staff members. The school has a new football field and a 200-metre four-lane walking track is being developed to the side of the site.

“As the school is now the second largest primary school on the island, it allows us to create a quality learning environment for all our students,” said Principal Brian Allen. “The school recently received authorisation to teach the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, a world renowned philosophy of education which allows students to develop into lifelong learners and to become inquiry minded. Within the PYP, attention is devoted to the creative arts, ICT and the library. The new block at Savannah allows us to fulfil all the requirements expected of this world class educational programme.”

Meanwhile, at Bodden Town Primary School the two-storey classroom and administration block adds 10,710 square feet of learning space. It includes six classrooms, each containing a restroom and storage room, a new library and a disabilities elevator. It also has an administration office for the principal and vice principal, as well as a conference room and a reception area. Along with these changes, a netball court was re-built on the school compound.

The minister said that when he first took office he toured all the schools and it was apparent that some of the primary schools were in desperate need of new facilities.

“Through the support of my cabinet colleagues, I was able to secure the funds needed for these important upgrades and am delighted today to open this new building,” he said. “I am also thrilled to have seen the modular classrooms removed from the site and the now expanded outdoor play area as a result. This further adds to the healthier and improved school environment for our Bodden Town students.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The UDP caucus moved to quash rumours that the Minister of Education only agreed to go to Savannah once he was convinced that it was no longer a dry area.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Did he get the bus?  I hope we are not paying to transport this man around the island.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Savannah Primary is not second to be certified in the Caribbean region with the IB, just letting you know, CNS!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you PPM