Garbage truck reverses over car in GT

| 19/12/2012

(CNS): A police spokesperson has confirmed that an Isuzu garbage truck reversed over a car in an early morning crash. The truck was picking up garbage in Crewe Road, George Town, near to  near to Desmond Drive at about 6:20am on Wednesday when it reversed and collided with a westbound Suzuki Vitara. Fortunately no one was injured in the smash. Meanwhile, police said that the RCIPS has not received a report regarding a concrete truck which reportedly fell into a building pit at a construction site in South sound Tuesday. Other sources tell CNS that attempts to remove the truck have so far proved unsuccessful.

The truck reportedly slipped in to the pit at around 5pm yesterday evening at the Oceana development site on South Church Street. No one was hurt. Workers tried to remove the truck last night with a crane. However, it apparently could not take the load, and the truck remains in the hole.


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  1. Anodarass says:

     Your facts with the concrete truck incident are a little off.

     The incident happened at around 2pm, and although the truck did not completely roll-over until around 5pm, it was already beyond the point of recovery from the get-go.

     No-one was hurt, no (major) damage was / has been done, and the reason why it has not been removed as yet, is to allow the slavage crew to complete more thorough STABILIZATION-WORK to ensure that the recoveryis done in the safest possible manner.

     The RCIPS has not been notified as there is neither a reason nor Law that requires this to be done. (Please see previous paragraph).

     The root-cause has been identified as 'Over-enthusiastic celebration' on the part of the driver, upon hearing the News of McKeeva's expulsion from office.

  2. Green Hornet says:

    Every week I have to repair my garden as the drivers continuously drive over my flowers without any regard. I don’t think these drivers have any special license to drive these trucks and they should . It’s just a matter of time before the kill a pet or a person.

    • Anonymous says:

      they already killed our pet dog, ran right over here and carried on as if nothing had happened……

  3. Anonymous says:

    The problem with the concrete mixer simply reinforces the need for the CaymanIslands to introduce proper workplace health and safety legislation under which this would have been a notifiable incident.