New premier takes on finance

| 19/12/2012

julie new premier.jpg(CNS): As expected, both Cline Glidden and Dwayne Seymour have now been made Cabinet ministers and the new premier has added government finances to her own portfolio. Rolston Anglin has added financial services to his existing responsibilities of education and employment and has become the deputy premier. while Mark Scotland has retained the same ministerial duties, Glidden has taken on tourism and development, formerly McKeeva Bush’s area of responsibility, and Seymour, despite never holding any junior counsel posts or government responsibilities in the past, has been given Mike Adam’s former community affairs ministry.

The reshuffle was not unexpected as O’Connor-Connolly has little choice, with her government now consisting of the ‘UDP 5’, with four of her former colleagues now in opposition.

The governor confirmed he has given his assent to the appointments and confirmed that the first Cabinet meeting with the new members would meet this afternoon (Wednesday 19 December).

With Bush now on the sidelines of power and his bid for an early election in ruins, it is not clear what shape the wider UDP will now take. With the UDP 5 attempting to limp on with a majority government, Bush may seek to realign the UDP behind him or regroup with the Bush 4 into a new party or group, aiming to at least carry West Bay in the May 2013 election.

The UDP wider party was scheduled to meet Wednesday but there was no word whether that meeting had occurred and if Bush had attended.

New Cabinet:

Juliana O’Connor-Connolly: Premier and Minister of Finance, District Administration,Works, Lands and Agriculture

Rolston Malachi Anglin: Deputy Premier and Minister of Education, Financial Services and Employment

Dwayne Stanley Seymour: Minister of Community Affairs, Gender and Housing

Jason Mark Philips Scotland: Minister of Health, Environment, Youth, Sports and Culture

Cline Astor Glidden: Minister of Tourism and Development

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  1. Anonymous says:

    They say the best man for the job is a WOMAN so here we go with our new lady premier.Congrats to her I know she will do or country proud.. love and respect her..S.E.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is she no financial expert?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Takes on finance? Are you serious!

    Misused Money from Brac, carpet…ahhh there we go!

    Now to allocate some more money to my new soldier crab farm.

  4. Anonymous says:

    do we now remove all the security chef driver etc from mac…..  how about the wall/fence around his house ????

    guess he will have to start driving and cooking again on his own…. and of course hire a house keeper ……

  5. Anonymous says:

    With the present cabinet leading the country and crop of MLA`s, there is hope for every Caymanian to aspire to become leaders of this country. Don`t worry about whether you have ability or integrity, or whether you are convicted of an offence or not. It`s a free for all. Pay your money and declare yourself a candidate. You don`t even have to be a good talker. Get someone to write a nice speech for you saying all the nice things you will do when you get elected. Don`t worry about keeping any promises you made in your speech. Just make excuses why you can`t fulfill them. And don`t forget to use the blame game – blame the previous government for all your shortcomings. It;s that easy. And the best part is if you could keep that up for a few years and manage to get elected again and again, you are set for life. . You will keep getting paid even when you retire. Why do you think those who are MLA`s now are in politics? It's easy money for doing very little. Just ask Capt. Eugene.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It's the Cayman Brac churches' turn to feed at the trough. Except for that one church, and you know who you are.

  7. Anonymous says:

    From the press briefing last night, and i quote the new Premier as saying: "The people is the ones who empower us…"


    The people IS the ones…??? Lord help us!! And she is supposed to be more educated than Mac???

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dwayne "Sacred Vessel" Seymour is now Head of Gender Affairs?!?  This is the same Beach Suites kung fu fighting, nightguard silencing "women as chattel" testosterone-fuelled ego maniac?!?  I wonder what the Crisis Center has to say about their new guardian angel!  You honestly can't make this stuff up!

    • Anonymous says:

      It will finally give the policy expert in the Ministry who came from there something finally to do!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Surely, she is the best Caymanian luminary to be in charge of Cayman Government finances.

    Remember all the free paving on the Brac. church yards and driveways, she paid for by stealing from public funds?


  10. Anonymous says:

    I sympathise with all Caymanians who thought they were out of the frying pan when Mac left only to find themselves soon to be burned by the fires of Julie….

    • Anonymous says:

      I wish this administration all the best of luck in the world because I believe they are going to be in for some big surprises in the new year.  Please be prepared to hit the ground running.  CG you decision not to seek another term in office is a good one, I can see how you have changed from that young man who was so full of hope for your people and country to what seemed like a man with the care of the world on his shoulders and I believe I know why.  I applaude your courage and suspected that you have been struggling with a lot in regards to the governance of these beloved isles Cayman.  I know that that the window of opportunity for you to help your people in a meaningful way is almost over but I pray that you will have the courage to pass legislation that will give your people a hand up and not a handout.  I pray for God's blessing on all the members of the LA to give them humility, wisdom, understanding and grace to do that which is right.


  11. Anonymous says:

    The speaker of the house was appointed by keke! After all these years of trying to be elected she was so happy just to be among them lol! Just another Keke puppet lol!


  12. Anonymous says:

    Bwoy, we can't trust these people bloods. I sticking to my independents and my PPM 

  13. Anonymous says:

    Who is going to remove billboard from Mac's house?


    • Non-Party Member says:

      Judging by the other photo, the lady pictured above, perhaps?

    • Anonymous says:

      Have we got to pay for it to be moved to the Alexander Hotel in Cayman Brac????

    • Anonymous says:

      Julie, as Minister of Works, will prob send PWD down to Mac's house to have the sign, the guardhouse and the fence removed

  14. Just Sayin' says:

    All any of this really means is that Big Mac returns from whence he came, back to being a small fry.

    • Anonymous says:

      Back to being a small fry so right, but why don't you give back the status that he gave to you and your kind and go back to being that nobody that you once were.

  15. Anonymous says:

    They forget – politics is about Popualrity and Power!

    Soo when the arrests for Travel Abuse/Road Paving going to come?

    Who will be the next Premier then?

    Mark already said he is making sure that ths For Cayman contracts go through (Bodden Town Dump & WBay road).

    Well, maybe Rollie… only thing he cant think on his feet.  Remember the multiple RIPS drunk-driving arrest stories/lies recently??

     Hmm If Mac was driving that night, he would have simply opened the driver's door, slid into the passenger seat, bucked up, and cried for the driver to help him… That's the difference between a politician and a wannbe.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would hope Mark is smart enough to continue with the infastructure of the country. People like you need to stop playing politics.

      We can not let people like you all, stop this country from developing.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Great!  Now its just one big nation building fund.  For as long as it last.

  17. Anonymous says:

    In other words nothing was learned from this disaster.  By Caymanians.  Just saying.

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      Lawd, we in trouble!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes Caymanians cannot  learn from experience. Only folks where you come from are capable of that. So why the hell don't you go back where everything is perfect. Just saying.

    • BORN FREE says:

      Dwayne John-John Seymour is now The Hon. Dwayne Seymour? GOD help us. However, there was no choice, but! I suppose it could be worse, afterall Mckeeva Bush could still be premier!

    • Anonymous says:

      This reshuffle was done by the MLAs. You cannot make any statements about what Caymanians have learned or not learned from it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Glad she’s taking on finances. Her heart is pure and her hands are clean (unless she’s paving driveways).

    • Lewis says:

      Lawyers are notoriously bad when it comes to handling finance. Most do not know a debit from a credit.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey? We moved from 5th grade to a lawyer. An improvement, you can’t deny that! Besides, she must know debits from debit cards and credit from air miles!

        • Anonymous says:

          Enquiring minds want to know: where did she get her law degree?

          • Anonymous says:

            Same place that  I would expect that you and the rest of your colleagues got yours from, only thing she can produce her law degree can you?

          • Anonymous says:

            FYI.  Are you saying that after fours years of studying at the Cayman Islands Law School and obtaining a law degree from the University of Liverpool, getting called to the Bar in the Cayman Islands, and working for years at Truman Bodden and Company (now Higgs and Johnson), does not qualify a CAYMANIAN to be a real laywer.  You know this is the problem with people in this country…  you are so bitter against your own people.

          • Anonymous says:

            CILS/Unversity of Liverpool.

      • Peter Parker says:

        She was not a real lawyer though.

    • Anonymous says:

      …..or travelling!!!  Dontcha forget Gluttonous travels, no, no, Gulliver travels, sorry, JUJU's travels…..hehehe!

  19. Anonymous says:

    As far as I am concern……………ALL DEM NEED TO GO! Every last one!!

    What we need to do is:

    1. Clean the house out.

    2. Drop the party systems

    3. Reduce the salaries of MLA's to $3000 p.m. ( I bet you den we'll see who got the love of country at heart.)


    We need rules and structure….too much freeloading of the people's money.

    Oh,oh, almost forgot 5, Get our SMB road back from DART.


  20. Anonymous says:

    So if I try to understand this properly: the new premier, who is in charge of finance, spent > $ 200,000 on trips that had no benefit for Cayman. Did she at least finish high school? The new deputy premier and minister of education pled guilty to DUI and will be sentenced in Feb. Other members are also under investigation too. What happens when the deputy premier gets sentenced? I appeal to the good people of cayman–vote with your brain and for legislative members with proper credentials, education and experience. I hope the islands survive this complete banana republic of a government till may. Happy holidays and god help us!

    • Anonymous says:

      One thing no one can accuse Julie of is not having an education.  She is smart and highly educated.  That is why she disappointed me.  She is capable of so much and should be highly respected but she chose the wrong path.

      If I remember right, she graduated from St. Leo's College as a Valedictorian.   

  21. Anonymous says:

    Is this the lessor of two evils?

    • Anonymous says:

      The lesser, yes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Weasels! It’s the lesser of two weasels, and no, they are about equal.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, this is the relevation of all evils. What a mess this poor little rock is in.  Talk about between a rock and a hard place or is it sitting between the devil and the deep blue sea.  Well, Cayman – the rock and a hard place surrounded by the deep blue sea and the devil is  definitely sitting. People of the Cayman Islands, if you never prayed before please start now or plan a Caymanians exodus to England and do it sooner rather than later while England will still accept us.  

  22. Slowpoke says:

    Seeing that the world is only 5000 years old and the end is in two days, what can they possibly do to make things worse?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Kudos to Auditor General, Whistleblowers, FOI, Anti-Corruption Laws and everything that has exposed the UDP dirty. Fortunately, we only have to deal with this lot for the next 3 months as the assembly dissolves in March for preparation of elections in May. So hold tight for those 3 months and continue to keep a watchful eye on this bunch!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, we need to let 'the gang of five' know that we will be watching them with eyes wide open! I pray and hope that they surprise us in positive ways by their work for our troubled country!

  24. Anonymous says:

    bring in direct rule for 2 years(on the provision that there will be no new taxes)

    caymanians have proved that they are not comptetent enough to run their own affairs…..

    • Anonymous says:

      You are just another racist who, like the rest of your kind in the Cayman Islands, has no respect for the Caymanian people. Caymanians alone should decide what is best for this country.


      • Ya mon says:

        Not that I want to pour salt into a wound or insult anybody, but be honest with yourself about this: isn't that what what led Cayman to where it is today?  I mean, it's not like the expats voted the 5th grade "diktater" into power, if you see what I mean.  I hope Cayman bounces back and learns from the massive mistake of Herr Diktater.

      • noname says:

        And you really think Bush, Julianna, etc. has respect for the Caymanian people?  Thats what you call respect?  You need some self respect before you call anyone else to respect you.

      • noname says:

          Everyone should be free to to decide who and what they will respect.  Maybe if you did something respectable?

      • Anonymous says:

        And you have no true concept of the word "honorable".   But who's fault is that?

    • Anonymous says:


      How rude and offensive.  The mannerism in which you have relayed your thoughts is somewhat disrespectful.  If you are unhappy the way things are being run here you can always purchase a one way ticket right back from whence you come from and then pay the high taxes you are running from.  Its comments like yours that seems to have a short term memory on the opportunity this island has provided you along with the kind hospitality.  It just goes to show you the type of idiots that are living amongst this community.  Purely negative and ungrateful.  Remember try not to forget the hands that fed you or it won't be long before you will be on the plane to TIMBUKTOO.  Talk about ungrateful.  Utter disgraceful.   Check the history of any country you choose to travel to and note especially in the Cayman Islands what the fore parents have done to put this country on the map.  GET A LIFE!

    • Knot S Smart says:

      I was going to tell you about your Bombo Clot but then I saw that a few others beat me to it…

    • Whodatis says:

      Ummm … ignoring the offensive and arrogant tone of your post for the moment – have you examined the state of the British economy and society of late?

      Clearly you have not.

    • Anonymous says:

      Go back home, sewer.

    • Anonymous says:

      You seem to be very competent when you cannot even spell the word COMPETENT.

  25. Come again? says:

    So Jon Jon gets to be Minister for a day, this is like when the Police take you for a ride-along to see how interesting their job is, I can picture Jon Jon sitting in the back seat eyes open wide grinning in amazement at all the fancy "stuff"

    This should give you some idea what we just got ourselves into!


    • Anonymous says:

      May the Lord have mercy on us!

    • OMG says:

      Do we even have a Tourism "Managements" Law? How did my people elect this guy?


    • Anonymous says:

      Pretty scary that he is going to be a minister. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe he will have some time to sto speak with people now. He is always passing his supporters by and saying that he is in a hurry. Its bad when you dont even know your supporter, a mistake that most of the UDP made.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Does he keep the "Honourable" title?  Especially since he has dis-"honoured" his country and its people.


    The question of the Premier's residence comes into question.  Perhaps the LA should consider building a permanent residence for premiers-to-come.  It would certainly make more sense than the quandry the new leadership finds itself in.  Maybe Mac's house can be purchased at a price that will allow him to retire comfortably in Jamaica since he enjoys it there so much as it is.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The positive things that have happened in these circumstances are (1) Mac is gone, THANKFULLY. The country should have never had a premier like him in the first place. (2) The present cabinet with Juliana as Premier will only be until elections next year. It is fortunate that this cabinet will be shortlived since neither of them is fit to run the affairs of this country.

    Hopefully, some qualified and capable men and women will step forward for the next elections so that the people can have good choices to vote for. If not, God help us. We will continue to have people running this country who are an embarrasment to themselves and this country. England might as well take over if we have the same batch of incompetent politicians to vote for next year.

    • Anonymous says:

      How did things go with the experts from England that were sent to Cayman for Operation Tempura?


  28. Anonymous says:

    You know things not well when they have to resort to John John being appointed Cabinet Minister. No sah !

    Anyway elections cometh and I'm voting for the Chuckster and whoever he brings with him !

  29. Anonymous says:

    My question is, does Mike Adam now as he has served 3 yrs in the ministers post qualify for full pension as a minister or an MLA?

    I know tis poi nt belongs on the other post but i was listening to the talk show this morning and Alden was on explaining that Mac was still the premier unless one of the 2 options under our constitution.

    1) after the vote of no confidence in the house Mac would have to write a letter stating this and desolve the house ( which he did)

    2) the governor could disolve the house.

    Well PPM you really scewed up there when writing this, maybe we should amend this part as we dont want to go threw this again.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you don't want to go through this again then stop electing McKeeva Bush and people like him.

      You have got it all muddled. The Governor had two choices: (1) revoke the appointment of Mckeeva as premier and permit a new govt. to be formed; or (2) dissolve the LA and call early elections. He chose the first option. If he chose the 2nd McKeeva would continue to be premier until the elections.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Mike has worked very hard during the past 3 years and should not be made a mockery of. He is well liked and do deserve a full pension more than most of them. Dont worry Mike because you are probally one of the only UDP member that will be there comes May when the roll is called.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Ain't no single fry big enough to fill the boots of the Big Mac. Not French fries, not Superfries, not Barbecue fries, certainly not West Bay fries. And  a Big Mac without  fries is like toast without butter. No, they all  need tossing in the bin, they're stale anyway by now, and bad fior the health. 

  31. Anonymous says:

    The current Speaker of the LA / House needs to go too!

  32. Anonymous says:

    I just hope and pray that come May people will finally wake up and remember the arrogance of every single one of those elected members, including some of the current and previous PPM members. There will be other options this year, and I sincerely hope that some of the new people who have anounced that they will stand for election get a chance.

    Don't vote because of family ties, because of friendships or because of kick-back cause otherwise there won't be anything left in this country for you, your children and grandchildren.


  33. Naya Boy says:

    Hahahahahhaahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha Banana Republic no longer gone to COCO NUTS Republic what absolute disgrace!!!!!!! let me crab my 2 little things and get out of ya child Mayan's were wrong about the end of the world Cayman's came early on 19th December 2012.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Wow shaking my head.  Dwayne Seymore now a cabinet minister. I believe in supporting my own people, but come on. REALLY?????  Is this the best we can do or hope for? I listened to him on Rooster one morning and cringed withembarrassment at his lack of education and verbal skills.   A 5th grader could have expressed themself better and make more sense.   JuJu for Premier and Rolly who has a court date coming up for breaking the law. Is it really Christmas or April Fool's Day?   Well at least we got rid of the wannabee Dictator so I should be thankful!!!!     

  35. Anonymous says:

    Oh the excitement as these eternally honorable individuals tackle their new positions.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Um, how is this better?

    Dwayne Sacred Vessel in charge of Gender Affairs? Seriously.

    But isn’t the new Premier under investigation also?

    Y’all need to stop!

    • Anonymous says:

      It is automatically better because McKeeva is not the premier. If nothing else changed that on its own is a major plus for Cayman. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Keep quiet nah. Poor Mack apparently was under investigation for a long time. Maybe they were waiting for her appointment as Premier before they throw the books on her. You see the higher a monkey goes the quicker he shows his a.s. The paving is free for all to see dosent take much investigating there.

  37. Anonymous says:


    Response to Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 12/19/2012 – 13:29


    Maybe what Mac said is true, the UK is out to destroy the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac only knows how to lay blame and not to accept responsibility for this actions.  I assure you the UK are most definitely not out to destroy the Cayman Islands it is not in their interests to do so.  And even if they were, they didn't have to do a thing with Mac at the controls.  He could destroy Cayman all on his own… and almost did.  Your beloved politician has fooled you and others like you… why can you not see the wood for the trees?

  38. Bodden, says:

    My congrats to Ms Juliana O'Connor-Connolly, our first FEMALE Premier, and best wishes to our newly appointed ministers. My hope is that they get the support they need for a stable and healthy government. God has left us with five… and we need to accept them, undermine the past history of who did what, and move forward in a positive way for the country.

    I think the Governor has made a wise and well thought-out decision. He acted very professional and didn't give in to what McKeeva Bush recommended.

    My blessings and good tidings be to everyone this Christmas and New Years.


    • Just Me says:

      Exactly what part did God play in this?  Please give further details. Thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      I thought that god was on McKeeva Bush's side, he sure spent enough of our money to buy all the help he needed and he was always praying. Maybe god wasn’t listening or perhaps he really doesn’t care or perhaps McKeeva isn’t really a godly man?  The more I think about it the more confused I become. Anyone who thinks god is involved in our day-to-day affairs better ask him why he does such a bad job.

    • Another Anon says:

      Under these circumstances it is hardly an honour to be Cayman's first female premier.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Under no circumstances should anyone hold two portfolios, is this not the reason we are in some of the mess we are in? And the Premier should not hold any, they should have the other ministers reporting to them on how they are driving the policies they as a government were elected on in each of their respective areas. I would like to have seen the leader of the oposition take on something in this dock

  40. Truth Hurts says:

    Do people really expect to see meaningful change here? These people are all cut from the same cloth and behave in the same way as Keke did. They learned from the master.

    We have no explanations for the excessive costs for attendances at meaningless obscure conferences which provide little value for Cayman, no explanation for the Brac paving fiasco, no desire to trim the huge costs of government, or reduce the crushing financial burden on private sector businesses trying to survive here. The names may have changed, but everything else is just the same.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Will McKeeva's security fence be taken down and shipped to Cayman Brac?

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope so it makes the neiighbourhood look like and industrial park.

      • bear baiter says:

        I object to the implication! My business is in the Indistrial Park and it's nice, neat, clean and HONEST!. Please retract your inuendo!

        • Anonymous says:

          Sorry no offense meant.  It is just that in industrial areas they use the same kind of chain link fence with the green weaving to hide unsightly things. Not so much in residential area.  I did not mean Industrial Park.  I meant an industrial park. 

          As a side note the "Premiers Residence" sign is still in place.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Bite your tongue. When the Premier reshuffled portfolios she also reshuffled drivers, er I mean executive assistants.

  43. Anonymous says:

    A disgrace replaced by a disgrace

  44. Watching From Afar says:

    This article assumes that Bush will be available to run in the next election, and split a vote or something even more absurd.. There is a chance he may have to do it via proxy 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Whether Bush can run or not doesnt mean he won't remain able to control the vote in WB – and i hear he is going to fill the seats in west bay – so good bye DUI and CeeGee.

  45. Knot S Smart says:

    But who is going to wash Sister Julie's feet?

    Mac says he dont wanna do it.

    And Paul will now become Rollies driver. (Thank God for that one)



    • Anonymous says:

      What about Mannie?? Mannie needs a job……Naaaa send him back to Traffic!!

  46. Anonymous says:

    For all the ppl rejoicing – I know Mac is/was full of shit but this is in NO way an improvement. In fact I can now picture Keke laughing his ass off as the hole we're in gets even deeper and the shit gets stinker.

    • Dred says:

      Are you actually saying that there was another way but up from Mac cause I dare to say show me how?



    • Anonymous says:

      Trust me, McKeeva is not laughing. To be stripped of all the trappings of the office of premier will be devastating to his ego. It is all downhill from here for him. Nebuchadnezzar.

  47. Anonymous says:

    All I can say is OMG!!!! I think Rollie and CG will surely need a job come May 23, 2013!!!

  48. Anonymous says:

    I hope I get back my 3.2% for Christmas juju!


  49. Anonymous says:

    Best distribution of responsibilities under the circumstances.

    They wont be doing much between now and Elections…. other than keeping their heads down knowing how closely they are being watched, not only by the public, but by UK and Police as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      We can only hope they do exactly as you say…. what a miserable and shambolic mess we're in – and the potential for it to continue or get worse under the new Premier and cabinet is frightening.

    • Anonymous says:

      And McKeewa!!

  50. Anonymous says:

    So let me see if I have this right. 

    Mr. Seymour is to be the Minister of Community Affairs, Gender and Housing.  This is the ministry under policy is established for Gender and Domestic Abuse issues. 

    Is this some kind of cosmic joke?

  51. Anonymous says:

    The PPM should refuse to give her a quorum unless she puts in a new speaker.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Hi CNS,

    Any word on how the Chief Officer positions will be re-shuffled?

    e.g. Dr. Dax reported to McKeeva but will he now report to Rolston?  Therefore Rolston will now have 2 Chief Oficers?  And on and on……..

  53. Anonymous says:

    Hey Gov. You think you could possibly give the nation building fund to Rollie? We know he loves his spirits but maybe he won't get so spiritual on us.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Is there any way for the people of Cayman to force the Govenor to dissolve parliament and induce an early elections.  How can any rationale thinking person think that the abvoe described interim measures works?

  55. Anon says:

    So first questions for the newly appointed Premier: Please tell us how you came to consider these individuals suitable for the posts you have given them? What was the criteria used to select these people for these roles. Is it because they have skills and experience in these respective areas? If so, please list them. Let's hope this is not simply jobs to reward loyality.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Its obvious they have issues – why wouldn't they have offered the minister position to Mike Adam.

      i guess they hold it against him for voting that he had confidence in the Government.

    • Anonymous says:

      I suspect the vacant positions were written down on pieces of paper, put into a hat, and then drawnout by the UDP 5.

    • Anonymous says:

      Easy answer. She did not have a choice. These were the only candidates available as the opposition or independent candidates were not interested, Mac and his loyalists could not be considered as they had walked out which left the 5 remaining UDP members to form the Cabinet.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hell I used the same criteria daddy mac used. Dey have to be able to wuk wid mi.

    • Just Commentin' says:

      Huh??? Your questions are a prime example of why these islands have gone to hell in a handbasket: the questions manifest an appalling lack of any fundamental understanding of the issue. Or maybe you asked these question just to stir doubt and strife?


      Earth to Clueless: do the math! There were four ministerial posts to fill and given the mandate by the Governor to form a government, with only four UDP members + Julie left, the ministerial appointments were a given. The distribution of responsibilities was not going to be ideal regardless of who got what responsibilities. It never is and probably never will be ideal.


      At best, given the variety of responsibilities a minister has, it is damn nigh impossible that the person has any meaningful administrative experience to match the various areas under his/her ministry. Except for the smaller number of ministerial candidates this time, the current situation is very little different from the way things have been done ever since the beginning of the days of ExCo. For the most part Exco members and present day ministers are pretty green to the job and learn from on-the-job experience. Maybe not the best thing for efficient government, but that's the way it bees, Bobo.


      Given the circumstances, calling the Premiere's motives into question is just plain foolish.

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously she had no choice. The question was better asked about the previous Cabinet where the roads engineer was not over Works, the CPA was not over finance and the former airline managing director was not over aviation/cayman airways.