2nd robbery at liquor store

| 08/01/2013

crime-scene-tape-706717.jpg(CNS): Reflections Liquor For Less at the Savannah Plaza on Hirst Road in Bodden Town was the second store on Grand Cayman to be robbed by armed men Monday evening. Police confirmed that the booze store was held up by two men at about 9:15pm on 7 January. The robbers were said to be armed with a machete and a gun but no shots were fired and there were no reported injuries before they fled from the store on foot. It is not clear what was stolen during the armed hold up and police are still at the scene of the robbery, which came just two hours after an armed jewel heist along the West Bay Road.

Anyone with information or who was in the vicinity of Reflections Liquor For Less after 8pm Monday evening is asked to call Bodden Town CID on 947 2220, 947 2240.or Crimestoppers on 800 TIPS.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel that is any of or paper caymanian who commit a crime there papers should be revoked!
    That would be a good way to filter the bad from Ghent good!
    We the people of these islands need to take back our islands!!!

    100% Braca

    • Anonymous says:

      …and if the perpetrator is a Caymanian, then what ?  Revoke his nationality ?

      You really must learn to exclude bias from the recommendations.  No matter who commits the crime, they deserve similar punshment.  And once caught, stick 'em in the chain gang, and fix the potholes that the NRA won't mend.

      • Anonymous says:

        If Native Caymanian(s) are the perpetrator of these crimes or other "caymanians" they both deserve to be imprisioned and given very harsh punishment.  Excuse my bias but  Native Caymanians cannot be deported but any non native caymanian should go back to their country of origin.  In the USA if you are a naturalised citizen and commit a crime you will be deported to your country of origin and this is a fact, do your research.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Someone rented a gun and wanted to make the best of it.  First Hold up KFP for gift for girl friend..then get her drunk…man its going to be a good week.  All the police need guns..period.  When response is delayed while waiting for an armed squad valuable time is waisted.  I believe the gangs are getting more organised and believe that if they conduct a storm of robberies then the police will be too busy to catch them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    RCIP – Serious Crime is down and the premier is arrested for "serious offences"(makes me feel safer knowing this). Move on nothing to see here!! 

  4. Anonymous says:

    Scary arrest middle of Georgetownbehind the Post Office at about 3pm today, two police cars and three if not four police armed with what looked like assault rifles…. Arrested at least one male…two tourists caught up as the police jumped out of the cars ran off in fright…. Terrible advert for Cayman, what was it about? The arrested man appeared to have a soft drink in his hand, so looked like someone who was wanted as opposed to being in the act…. Why all the guns?

    • Anynmous says:

      Oh for christsake 23:31 please hush, you talk as if these innocent tourist have never seen such things in their lives.  Thes people come from where this sort of thing is happening every five minutes.   What do you think? so cut the soft talk about tourist ran off in fright.

      • Anonymous says:

        You were not there and I was, anyone would have run, you mean you would not have been frightened to be in that tiny carpark and see three or four assault rifles that close, loaded one presumes, and have no idea what the situation is…… And not every tourist would be from a country where that is routine….in fact where is it routine?

      • Shovel and Pick says:

        I come from London I have never seen such things in my life.  The problem is in George Town the riff raff and ne-er-do-wells mingle in the same areas as the professional people and the tourists, so we are exposed to so much more unpleasantess here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cause maybe that fool was reported to had a gun earlier, dumb ass, that why!

      • Anonymous says:

        Why do you feel the need to use abusive terms to address a perfectly unoffensive remark/question? 

  5. Rockwell says:

    That ought to do it byes new cars more blokes and yardies and lots of equipment poor old Cayman paying for its demise?????? Oh I forgot more funding for the big brother is watching Camera system tooo 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    So let me get this straight. Our politicians meeting secretly to form teams and alliances and plot their path to re-election victory while our country plumets like a 747 screaming through the sky in a tale spin, nose pointed to the ground, at 500 mph?!!!

    I can just hear it now, the same hot air that they have been spewing for decades "elect me" and "when I am elected". Please, please voters, don't fall for this and re-elect this sad lot. They have been in their for years and haven't done XXXX.

    And for those of you who always say "well they all the same and you don't know what you will get" to you I say, one thing for sure…we know that the XXXX bag we have now doesn't deserve another four years of living high on the hog and blowing hot air.

    God, as much as I hate to say it, the only two that seem to have some concern for not tarnishing their name while in office are the two MLA's from the eastern side of the island.

    God knows if this lot is re-elected, it is time to start looking at plan B.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Where’s our beloved Cayman Islands gone to

    • Anonymous says:

      Gone to Status Grants.  Bring in the undesirables.

      • NeoSurvivor says:

        You repeat what has almost become an internet "meme" — that status grants were given to thepoor, who allegedly have since become criminals.   

        I was not in favor of mass-givaways of Caymanian Status, but not because of any xenophobic impulses, but because I believed (and still do) that Status grants should be on the basis it once was, which was:

        1.   People who have lived here for more than 10 years, who live within and contribute to the economy — that is to say that they pay their own way.    People who got status grants, say, 15 years ago, had to demonstrate that they had assets and earnings that would not make them a ward of the state. 

        2.   Status grants once required at least three letters from people of the community that supported them. 

        3.  Priority was given to people who had a documented connection to the island.  

        I know people that I didn't think deserved Caymanian Status, primarily because they didn't live here — they just visited.  

        I suspected that some of the Status grants were "sold".   I don't posess any evidence that it was true.   

        Why would this government give away grants to people that couldn't help them?   Perhaps I'm jaded (no perhaps about it), but I always thought that the 'giveaway' grants were to people who had cash.  

        I suspect that much of these armed robberies are from our own people.    I don't like thinking that, but I do.   I'd like to see some evidence that the 'Paper Caymanians' are at the heart of the crime wave;  it's far too easy to blame 'furriners' for the crime problems.   I encourage anyone repeating this meme to put up or shut up.  

        • Anonymous says:

          How many of our own was caught in another country, and is being extradited?  Too many oppurtunists living among us, and we should stop taking them under our wings.  When crimes are reported, who are the investigating officers?  Think about that.