Immigration pursues case of harbouring Cubans

| 08/01/2013

Immigration Enforcement_2.jpg(CNS): Although two Cuban refugees who escaped from the detention centre in George Town were recaptured within twenty-four hours, immigration officers are still investigating the potential harbouring of the two detainees, officials said Tuesday. The two men were found at a rental residence in West Bay during an Immigration operation early Friday evening and Deputy Chief Immigration Officer (Enforcement) Gary Wong thanked those involved for the information that led to their recovery but said he was seeking more details surrounding the matter.

On Thursday, 3 January, Wilfredo Alarcon and Francisco Rodrigues were found to be missing from the Immigration Detention Centre in George Town during the evening head-count. The details of those who illegally assisted them are still under investigation and the department reminds the public that anyone convicted in such a matter faces a penalty of five years imprisonment and up to CI$70,000 in fines.

The refugees were from a group of 25 migrants that had arrived in mid-2012 and were awaiting deportation back to Cuba. Another group of five migrants arrived on 27 December, bringing the total of Cuban migrants in the Cayman Islands to 30 – the largest group of Cubans for some years.

Anyone with further information on the escape or concealment of Alarcon and Rodriguez should contact 526-0480, 526-7937, 526-0433 or 949-8344.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please post this in respect of all the Cubans who have lost their lives in search of freedom.

    God bless you all that helps them.

    Human rights for them. Those peoples are risking their lives in search of freedom. The last thing any one should do to them is lock them up in jail like criminals.

    Remember the already risk their lives at sea. No jail or wall or security can stop them from attempting one more time to run away seeking freedom.

    God bless you all who can do some thing to help them fix their boats and continue in search of their dream.