Officialsurge families to understand law

| 15/01/2013

simpsons.JPG(CNS): Following the passage of the long awaited Children’s Law and regulations some six months ago officials from the ministry urged families to become familiar with the document. As a result of the changes, the department will also be providing training to social workers and other key personnel who can serve as advocates in protecting Cayman’s children. Children and Family Services Director Alicia (Jen) Dixon the protection of children should be a priority and their welfare of paramount importance. “I am confident that this legislation will serve as a robust regulatory regime ensuring the welfare and protection of our the Cayman Islands.”

The Children Law (2012 Revision) and its accompanying regulations seek to protect children, their well-being and their individual rights with children’s interests at the heart of the legislation officials said.

According to the ministry it provides the legal framework for the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Constitution Order, 2009 Bill of Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities by covering the scope of child protection, the welfare of the child and parental responsibility. Meanwhile, the regulations provide guidelines for: the approval and monitoring of children’s homes; foster homes; the management of emergency protection of children from all forms of child abuse; the provision of secure accommodation for children; parental and guardian responsibility is maintained; and that complaints made by or on behalf of a child are addressed.

Although the law was drafted and steered through Cabinet and eventually the Legislative Assembly by the former minister Mike Adam the new government minister with responsibility for children is Dwayne Seymour. He said the legislation will not only improve the level of protection for children, but it will also correct any unfair practices and close loopholes.
A copy of the Law and its Regulations can be found online at For more information, contact the Department of Children and Family Services at 949-0690. 

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