Cops taser first suspect

| 31/01/2013

taser.JPG(CNS): Just four days after rolling out their new piece of equipment, officers from the RCIPS have tasered their first suspect. Police reportedly used the stun-gun on a suspected burglar who had escaped from police custody in Bodden Town last week after his arrest. Police have confirmed that the first use of the taser, which sends a 50,000 volt shock through wires and probes fired at a victim, was used on 44-year-old Jeff Pandohie. Police said Pandohie was armed with a large knife when an officer from the Uniform Support Group fired the taser at him near to Manse Road in Bodden Town at around 2:30pm on Thursday when he refused to put down the weapon and ran towards unarmed officers.

Pandohie was re-arrested after he was immobilized by the taser this afternoon and police said that enquiries into how he escaped in the first place are on-going.

Describing the first use of the new weapon by the police, an RCIPS spokesperson said that shortly after 2:30pm this afternoon officers from Bodden Town, the Uniform Support Group and the RCIPS K9 Unit were involved in extensive searches for Pandohie. The USG and K9 officers were on Bodden Town beach, near to Manse Road, when they were confronted by the suspect, who emerged from a busharea armed with a large knife.

“Pandohie refused to comply with officers’ instructions to put down his weapon. He then ran, still armed with the knife, towards unarmed officers. As a result, an officer from the USG, who was armed with both his conventional firearm and Taser, discharged the Taser at the suspect bringing him immediately to the ground,” the spokesperson stated.

Officers quickly subdued the suspect, disarmed him, removed the probes and administered first aid. The new police tasers are all fitted with taser-cam and the whole event will have been filmed. As a result, the agreed post-incident investigative protocols for the use of Taser have now been implemented and a report on the incident is being compiled.

The Bodden Town resident is suspected by police of a burglary in the Savannah area on 11 January and he was arrested in connection with that crime on 21 January. He escaped while being processed at the district station and since then the officers have been engaged in “concerted efforts” to track him down.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow he must have been shocked to find out rcips has tasers

  2. Anonymous says:

    They should let all the petty criminals escape and just drive around tasering them on a regular basis. This would keep crime down and reduce the cost to government for feeding them. Hell, I would sign up to be a special constable if the let me drive with them and tase some of those young punks. It's not that we don't know who they are.

    • Caymanian idea says:

      Yup, good show and a good start.  Crime has to stop.

      How about asking Immigration Enforcement to actually stop and chat with the throngs of men haging about during the day?  Possible criminals looking for opportunity I'm sure.  I certainly do not think the men hanging out are independently wealthy and retired.  Nope, I'm going to guess at least 10-15% are unemployed but here on a permit held by a local.

      We know they exist, but do we really need to import and keep would-be desperate men or should we do a clean sweep of the streets? (and prosecute any local for holding a lame work permit).

      Want to find these down-on-their luck, unemployed,and outside their legal permit holders to ship back home before they turn to crime?  Run an advert for $12 per hour job and the line will be half a mile long.

      A hungry man may turn to crime.

      Take our streets back!

  3. SleeplessinCayman says:

    It proves amperage always divides resistance!!! Good work RCIPS although the whole thing is revolting!  Sorry I couldn't resist in the current situation…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great work by the police (except for him escaping of course). Good use of the tazer. I like their tactics & hope they hit him in the tacticals…

  5. Anonymous says:

    So now the Dept of Environment conservation officers need these too.  They have to deal with this everyday. Idiots with spear guns & knives.  About time they had some protection too before one of them gets injured or killed.

    • Anonymous says:

      What happens if you tase someone snorkelling for conch lol. does it travel through the water and stun the fish? i see another campaighn from the WSPA here.

  6. Anonymous says:

    "Don't taze me bobo!!" 

  7. Anonymous says:

    One week earlier and this man would have taken a bullet instead.  He is lucky that this less lethal option is now available against an armed threat.


    • Anonymous says:

      Rubbish. When have the Cayman police ever shot (and hit) anyone?

      • Anonymous says:

        hurrican Ivan idiot

        • Anonymous says:

          BULLSHIT!!  The police didn't shot ANYONE before, during or After Ivan..the last time the police shot anyone was when they shot that guys balls off in Dog City a few years back..

  8. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic! Glad to see the new equipment put to use, and at least they caught the guy. Next bit of non-lethal weaponry the RCIPS should consider are those bean-bag guns. There seem to be quite a few people on island who are in need of a good bean-bagging.

  9. Whodatis says:

    When one takes the time to seriously consider this scenario – it takes a highly trained and composed individual to RISK using a taser in such a situation.

    For example, what if the taser had missed the suspect? We could have easily been reading about a dead officer this evening.

    Personally, in the seconds of being rushed by an armed, escaped criminal with nothing to lose – I'm not sure I wouldn't have taken the more "secure" option.

    In any event, Jeff ought to thank his lucky stars this evening … after the headache wears off, of course.

    Good job, RCIPS!

    • Anonymous says:

      Where its great they caught him, but don't forget it took 9 days for the public to know

    • P A Rody says:

      For example, what if the taser had missed the suspect? We could have easily been reading about a dead officer this evening. I'm not sure I wouldn't have taken the more "secure" option.

      You do realise that if, as would appear to infer, the officer had fired a gun and missed we would be reading about an officers' death and the potential of civilian being killed by a stray bullet.

      If that was the case you would be all over the board moaning about the Rcip

      • Anonymous says:

        He will be spending his day moaning whatever happens.  This is Whodatis you are talking about.  At least he did not blame this on the UK.

    • Anonymous says:

      If the taser had missed the subject, then the RCIPS wouldhave been forced to react in the same way that they've been reacting in all the decades before the implementation of the taser – pepper spray and a night stick/baton.

  10. Richard Wadd says:

    Couldn't have happened to a more deserving individual.

    • Anonymous says:

      Having this new "weapon against crime" is all good and dandy. But what I still find shocking is the fact that this criminal escaped custody, and it was kept quite for so long.

      So while the police may attempt to use this outcome as justification for having these tools, it doesn't detract from the shameful incedent that took place leading up to this point.

  11. St Peter says:

    So one minute he was attacking the police and the next minute he was laying on the ground, his eyes looking like two 100 watt bulbs and his brain was saying:

    ''WTF just happened?'

    But his mouth refused to say the words,and his feet refused to run…


  12. insane says:

    "Shocking" news!!!!!!! lol

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    Well done Officers and the use of the Taser was necessary because it appears Mr Jeff Pandohie had cruel intentions why he was running towards the unarmed office with a knife in his hand..
    Very quick thinking guys keep up the good works

  15. Anonymous says:

    All seems very convenient that this guy is the first tazer victim……. maybe that’s just the cynic in me!

  16. Diogenes says:

    Absolutely nothing to do with the embarrassment he caused them, then.  

  17. Josh says:

    Finally we give the publics protection something to protect themselves with!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Good stuff RCIPS! Glad you got this one off our streets!

    • Diogenes says:

      For the second time.  Perhaps they will try and keep him this time.  

  19. Anonymous says:

    What???? Shocking!!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    After all of that did they catch him?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Freak'n Awesome!

  22. Anonymous says:

    dang, I wanna see the video from the taser… RCIPS, how about a weekly show on Cayman27? Top Ten Taserings of the week – a Public Service Crime Deterent production!

  23. Anonymous says:

    What a way to make the history books,his name will still be mentioned (not for heroic or pioneering reasons)100 years from now.If Jeff had been reading CNS or the Caymanian Compass instead of planning an escape he would have prevented his name from entering He Hath Founded It Upon The Seas revised edition.

  24. Anonymous says:


    But seriously please start just randomly tapering the little wanna be thugs…

  25. Anonymous says:

    Good job RCIP. If they can't hear they will feel.

  26. Anonymous says:

    He must have been (SHOCKED) to see the police lmao! Light them all up rcip! More (SHOCK) criminals coming soon! Can the rcip train the security guards to use it also Mr . Baines? It will greatly help the rcip, after all security guards encounter criminals 1st before the police Arrives on a crime scene!


  27. SANDFLY says:

    The police should have guns. The criminals do.

  28. Caiman says:

    Well done, right choice of weapon, about time….

  29. Anonymous says:

    If they were attacked, good for them! As long as there is no police brutality and it's used in the correct circumstances, keep firing away!

  30. Anonymous says:

    As predicted here on CNS Blogging!!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    hahahahahahh yessssss!!!!!!!!!!1