Lawyers fund CIFA’s grass roots programme

| 01/02/2013

pflfinals2012 099 (217x300).jpg(CNS): Local offshore legal firm Maples and Calder as made a $120,000 commitment to the Cayman Islands Football Association Grassroots Programme over the next four years. The programme aims to bring football to the very early stage of children's development with an all-inclusive structure where the priority is to develop the love for the game and provide all participants enjoyment and fun in the appropriated atmosphere. Maples formally announced their involvement at a press conference recently with representatives for the local football association including local football boss Jeff Webb the current  CONCACAF President.

"The promotion of grassroots football has always been one of FIFA‘s priorities and the internaiotnal body’s president  Joseph Blatter has said its main objective for its grassroots football programme is to bring football to as many people as possible and develop the game.

The local programme aims to develop young players to start competing on CIFA Youth Competitions at the right age so develop skills, discipline, basics and fundamentals of the game are the most important aspects with the “winning at any cost engagement” completely out of plans. There is a tiny line between “pursuing wins going beyond the fairness of the game, pressing young players to achieve victories no matter they do on the pitch” and “developing a winning attitude,” local football experts said.

Maples and Calder said it strongly believes in the ability of sports to develop focus, commitment and discipline in our youth.

“We actively support sports initiatives in the Cayman Islands and work with all stakeholders to develop appropriate instructional, developmental and competitive programmes for their needs,” a spokesperson for the firm stated. “Work in the community has always been part of the culture of the firm and our support of sport organisations and events provides an opportunity for our staff to undertake voluntary activities, which promote healthy lifestyles.”

Under the initiative players will get instructions regarding the laws Of The game earlier so when they get to the competition age level their coaches will not spend too much time teaching the rules and can concentrate more in tactical matters and technical details.
Players will be evaluated since young age. Their records, stats and football life data will be kept for future reference and strategies for improvements will be drawn based on their performance. As a long term program, in the next 10 – 15 years Cayman Islands will have players with better discipline, techniques, game understanding and closer to the international level.

There will be three different age levels and players only can participate in other different age level then their own if there is not enough number of participants. Players cannot change or attend different groups otherwise authorized by the respective age level’s coach.

The age levels are:
U6 – players born in 2007 and after.
U8 – players born in 2006 and 2005.
U12 – players born in 2004, 2003, 2002 and 2001.

Coaches will be instructed and trained to deal with young players and must have at least one coaching course approved by CIFA on their profile. The coaches must attend all instruction sessions to be able to start working. At the instruction sessions, coaches will be informed about the program, procedures, coaching aspects and technical matters and receive FIFA teaching material.

Players will be grouped by their age and skills. Coaches will not pick players by their own, they will be drawn in a way that teams will be well balanced to provide enjoyment and fun games for all players. No medals or trophies will be given at awards ceremonies, players will receive diploma of participation with grades based on their attendance.

There will be many different venues for training, weekend practice games and tournaments. Saturday’s events will be scheduled at different venues every week. All Cayman Islands districts, including Cayman Brac, will be covered.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    What will be done about coaches who curse in front of these very young players?