Visitor air arrivals break new records

| 01/02/2013

owen roberts (220x300).jpg(CNS Business): The final statistics for Cayman Islands air arrivals in 2012 have revealed record breaking visitor numbers as a result of a combination of successful marketing campaigns and greater airlift officials have said. The air arrivals for 2012 turned out to be the best since 2001 with 321,650 passengers flying into the Cayman Islands. This represented a more than four per cent increase on 2011 which was also a great year for stay-over numbers. December 2012 was the best Christmas month since 2000 when more than 35,000 guests came to stay in Cayman a 6.2% increase on 2011. However the good news from the airport was not matched by the George Town port. Read more on CNSBusines

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