Bush to answer bail

| 04/02/2013

(CNS): The former Cayman Islands premier is due to answer bail Tuesday morning when he is expected to face further questions regarding the RCIPS investigations following his arrest on suspicion of theft and various offences under the anti-corruption law in December. McKeeva Bush was released on police bail after two days of questioning and he has vehemently denied any wrongdoing. However, at a public meeting following the arrest and his subsequent ousting from office by his former Cabinet colleagues, Bush said he still expected to be charged at some point before the general election in May as a result of a conspiracy against him.

Bush was arrested over allegations of misuse of a government credit card and abuse of office regarding his involvement with a consignment of dynamite, which was imported by Midland Acres, a local quarry and property business based in Bodden Town, without the correct permits and licenses.

The owner, who is known to be a close friend of the former premier, appeared in Summary Court last year after he and his company were charged with the unlawful importation. As MD and owner, Suresh Prasad chose not to fight and pleaded guilty to the offence and received a fine of $1300. However, Prasad was arrested again by police on the afternoon of 11 December and questioned on suspicion of offences under the anti-corruption law, including breach of trust, abuse of office and conflict of interest. He was also bailed by police to return for further questioning this month.

Meanwhile, Bush is also understood to still be under police investigation for at least one other matter, which relates to a real estate bill sent in 2004 to Stan Thomas, a former land owner in Cayman, regarding the zoning of property that Thomas owned at the time along the West Bay Road that he was seeking to develop but which has since been bought by the Dart Group.

Following Bush's arrest on 11 December, his former Cabinet colleagues supported a 'no confidence' motion filed by the opposition in the Legislative Assembly, which resulted in the downfall of the UDP administration. The opposition then agreed to support the remaining Cabinet members in a minority government by offering to ensure that there would be a quorum in the Legislative Assembly. As a result, the governor agreed to appoint the then deputy premier, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, as the new premier to head government until the general election on 22 May.

Despite his difficulties, Bush came out fighting and carried one Cabinet member and two of his back-bench UDP colleagues on to what became a very crowded opposition bench. Shortly after his arrest he held a public meeting in George Town, where it was clear he still carried considerable support.

He told the crowd that he had been questioned by the police regarding overseas dry cleaning bills and political books he had purchased in London for a library in the premier’s office. Describing his arrest as a conspiracy and pointing the finger at the governor and the Foreign Office, Bush vowed not only to fight the allegations but also to continue the political fight with a full slate of UDP candidates in West Bay, Bodden Town and George Town at the May election.

When Bush was released on bail by police in December, the police stated that this was to allow for further investigations to take place both here in the Cayman Islands and abroad, in connection with the allegations made against him. They also confirmed that a considerable amount of property, including computer equipment, was seized during the searches of his home and office following his arrest.

"The investigations involving Mr Bush are still very active and the RCIPS will be pursuing all lines of enquiry in consultation with the Legal Department," the RCIPS said as Bush was bailed to return on Tuesday 5 February.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why on earth does everyone on earth keep conspiring against our forever honerable Mr. Ex Premier

  2. Anonymous says:

    Break the law? Some laws didn't came from us. Some laws were handed down to us by the UK but there was no democratic census from Cayman Islands to make it law. Hence, to break the law… what law are you talking about??? UK Law is not God's Law and it can be justified that it is not a law for us. So politician that disagrees with a law that doesn't derive from the people of the Cayman Islands, I believe, can be justified to disagree and speak out against such law. It reminds of the American Revolution and the repressive laws Britian had on them. If such laws are so distant and causes our economic development and growth to slowdown or come to a halt, why is it so wrong to put the people here first over the elite people in the UK. Should our MLAs represent them over the people? I don't think so.

    As for McKeeva Bush, he is not a perfect politician. He has his flaws like any other politician, and yes perhaps he is corrupt as corrupt as can be. However, much of the allegations I hear made about him, is about how he skipped process and procedures in order to get projects up and running. Let it be known that it is in the FCO interest to have our economy at its weakest point in order to have control over desenters and those who would challenge the UK's authority. Good economy and economic coalitions is power for the local politician. A cruise berthing facility is good for these islands, but despite there being process and procedures that has to be complied with, there is a deliberate stress on these processes to slow down the progress of these initiatives. It is all about who gets more slice from the cake.

    McKeeva yes is not a perfect man, but I can assure you that the Governor and FCO minister declaring openly to the press that the Premier had more than one allegations, knew full well that it would hurt the island's image. If they can hurt our reputation, they can also make investors and important banking customers reluctant to invest here. Bush has been marred with allegations and many of them I admit are true, but they are pertaining to laws that if complied with, would slow down or hinder our economy growth. At times, he sidestepped the law and policies in order to get things moving so jobs can be created and businesses up and running.

    So far, interestingly, you would have thought that they and Commissioner of Police would have had the evidence to CHARGE the Premier of a country just after his arrest. They arrest and charge ordinary people… why create international negative news about the island, arrest their leader just to NOT CHARGE HIM??? That is not right and just shows that our reputation is nothing to these colonial heads.

    I stand to be corrected

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not sure about that meeting he had being evidence of anything. Bush is an ongoing spectacle, and as such will always draw a crowd of curious onlookers. It's like a circus sideshow now for this sorry individual. XXXX

  4. noname says:

    They will lose this case, I am anxious to see the outcome.

  5. St Peter says:

    I hope he turns up so they dont have to go looking for him with that taser…

    • Anonymous says:

      The lot of you are very disgraceful, now I can see why expats are taking over the control of Cayman and the bunch of you are running around like chickens without a head and blaming expats for not having a job or future in your country.  Far too many so called Caymanians have no respect for your people and leaders former or present.

    • anonymous says:

      St Peter i suport Mr Bush but no lie,i couldn't help not laughing,i had to click the lol button, that was really funny.

  6. V is 4 Vendetta says:

    The most important thing that they failed to seize was the sign in front of his house that to this day deludes the forever Honourable into thinking that he is still Premier.

    • Anynomous says:

      4 Vendetta, I dont believe the sign is hard to remove, why dont you take a shot at removing it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why all the fuss about the sign? To remove it and place it in storage till May will cost a few bucks. To send a roads crew over on the jet and install it on the Alexander would cost way more. Maybe just tape some garbage bags over it. Seems to work for the crosswalk signs on WB road.

      • V is 4 Vendetta says:

        Sure, next time while in the neighbourhood. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Better yet, why not have Everyone put up a nice little sign proclaiming themselves to be whatever they want to be?!

    • Anonymous says:

      Isn't his keeping the sign misappropriation of government property?  Another possible charge against him.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    Get that fundraising cranked up Foolio.

  9. noname says:

    Big woop.