Rogue beach vendors ordered to stop

| 06/02/2013

beachvend(221x300).jpg(CNS): Following the warning issued by government officials last year to traders who do not have licenses, officers from the RCIPS handed out notices along Seven Mile Beach Wednesday asking them to pack up their operations until they have the official papers. Despite the hard times facing local people, government said it would clamp down on the black economy. The letter given to rogue traders from the Trade and Business Licensing Unit of the Department of Commerce and Investment advises traders to "cease and desist all business activities on Crown Land” until the they have received permission from all of the relevant government authorities.

It also warns that vendors operating without a valid trade and business license are in breach of section 12 of the Trade and Business Licensing Law and liable on conviction to a fine of five thousand dollars or to imprisonment for twelve months. The letter warns all of those that received a notice that failure to comply with the notice could result in government taking legal action against them.

Government officials said the crackdown has begun along Grand Cayman’s famous stretch of beach because of an increase in numbers of people believed to be trading in the area without a license. However, it intends to issue the same notices to all non-licensed traders wherever they are carrying on business without the required permission.

Officials said Wednesday that the crackdown was announced last September when the goal was to prevent vendors from harassing visitors and to maintain Cayman’s place as a premium destination. The Trade and Business Licensing Unit said that at the start of next year all illegal public vendors could face prosecution with public beaches being the primary concern.

“If vendors are found without a valid trade and business license after 1 January, they will be immediately prosecuted by the RCIPS,” said TBL’s head of business licensing and enforcement, Ryan Rajkumarsingh. “And as far as using the public cabanas on Seven Mile Beach for vendingpurposes, this is strictly prohibited. These are intended for leisurely use by beachgoers only.”

TBL will consider granting licenses to individuals who have received Cabinet approval to use public property to carry on their trades, Rajkumarsingh said. However, this was dependent on the type of business and said that individual must also meet requirements from various government departments such as planning; environment, for food handling; and DoT, for PRIDE customer service training.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    TBL is a joke. After begging for months for the T&B Licenses that I had receipts showing I paid for but have never received the licenses, I finally received 2 past due ones in the mail. Never have received the other 2. Ijust keep paying year after year and saving my receipts. Recently I received a notice that 2 of the T&B licenses that I hadn’t renewed were expired, 2 years ago. And I’m just now being notified? Really? When Immigration had this department, there was never a problem.

    Now, we want these people, who can’t do their regular job that they’re paid for, to go out and police the beach vendors? That is a joke. Immigration would be more efficient for this job as most of these people appear to be overstayers who can’t find a job (according to the brilliant commenters).

    • Anonymous says:

      When Immigration had this department there were no problems because a blind eye was turn! We finally have some capable persons running the department but like us Caymanian we can’t stance to see any thing do good except for our own self interest

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dart + his 10-storey hotels dont want local hair-braiders, and he surely does not want our unemployed men to be chopping their nuts on "his" beach!

    • Anynomous says:

      HELLO !! hELLO!! we have people living on the other end of the Island too you know.  10:27 I understand your concerns, but my concerns are how selfish of the Tourism Department and those persons who ae  in charge of where tour busses and taxi go.  Do they realize that people live on the other end of the island too? To only be concerned about West Bay and George Town  is down right selfish.  I suggest that people from the outer districts do not support them come election time, your representative is not seeing that tour busses and taxi come to the out districts.  How selfish, do not vote them back  in.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think it is very petty of the trade and business licensing unit to focus on these vendors. Rather than focusing on this very minor problem they should offer to help these vendors through the legal route.

    I have seen these vendors at public beach and none are harassing tourists. Tourists look, buy and rent otherwise unavailable items at public beach. I think Trade & Busines should focus their efforts less on the small fry and more on the existing license holders who have not paid their renewal fees and are technically in breach of the law. These same unlicensed license holders are allowed to operate some 1 – 10 months unlicensed and sign significant contracts to provide works to the Government while us licensing paying fools watch Trade & Business do nothing but quote the fact that they can fine an individual or Company up to $5,000



  4. Floata says:

    Presumably this includes those floating monstrosities.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Although I don't like any vendors operating without a licence, you have to see the irony in them being stopped doing this on Crown land but Mac can give away our Crown land. 

  6. Anonymous says:


    When tourists frequently  harassed, pestered  while holidaying, made feel extremely uncomfortable, they may decide  against returning to CI.

    While I am aware of the hardships many people face just to survive each day, I truly believe that we only do ourselves additional harm when we scare the Tourists away from the island.

    You know  how forceful vendors can get when they are trying to make a sale. This is not good for anyone! Come on people, be smart. I know you need the money, but no one benefits from  tourist harassment. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree 100%! A lot of the tourists comment how in  Cayman you can go into town and to the beach without being bothered by some pesty vendors or beggers where in other countries, you can't enjoy yourself cause someone is constantly trying to make a sale or get something from you.

      Please -let's not go down that road! Shut those vendors down now as they will do more damage in the long run, and if the tourists stop coming, we are all going to be in for a rude awakening!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well it sure doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who deserves to stay and who doesn't.  Whoever conducts themselves in a professional, customer-oriented fashion and has the proper paperwork should stay.  The  undesireables that sell drugs, liquor and are known thieves can easily be identified and omitted.   If police spent a little time surveilling the area they would surely see who the culprits are.  If solicitation is not allowed than arrest those offenders and have them removed.  The reason I decide to travel to different places sometimes comes down to whether I'll be harrassed in a specific place.  If tourism is what keeps you "afloat" then you had best keep the tourists happy.

    • Anonymous says:

      How do you easily identify the ones selling drugs? That would really help my weekends.

  8. Anonymous says:

    IF Government doesn't get them DART will.. Early clean up for the ne public beach!

  9. Anonymous says:


    What many do not realize that many tourist are tired of visiting places where they are harassed by beggars or street vendors on a daily basis. They already paid lots of money to arrive here and only looking for a peaceful and tranquil rest. They did not come to buy local junk. They came for a crystal clear water, white sand and quiet times to recharge their batteries. Don't turn Cayman Islands into a destination where one is exposed to annoyance of street/beach vendors. Cayman,  go CLASSY!  keep beaches free if vendors. And please regulate noise created by landscaping maintenance services.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Most of the people out their are none Caymanian much less paper Caymanian! If I see them the next time I’m there I’ll be taking pictures & calling the police & immigration dept! They are unemployed Caymanians here and this have to stop!!!


  11. Hutrageous says:

    I trust this is not limited just to Seven Mile Beach.  There are violators at the West Bay launch ramp daily.  A pushy guy has set up at Smith Cove and pesters locals and tourists.  Then you got the fruit thieves that steal from the local yards and then openly sell the fruit in town…  The police even chat with them as they do this – effectively endorsing the trade of stolen goods…  The ladies that set up their tables opposite Dairy Queen pester visitors to the fish market…  Then when done with these guys, check all the mobile car washes – how many of THEM have licenses?  I could go on and on – they ALL need to be stopped until they get the same licenses I had to to run my business.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Are they even checked to see if they are here legally, or operating on a 'work permit'?

      Handing out notices is easier for the police than enforcement

      • Anonymous says:

        They could always move to the USA and carry on their business. From what I hear that type of behaviour is now being encouraged.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hutrageous I must agree with every word you say, but we have to keep up the pressure on aimmigration, MLA,s the Police, especially them.  They need to keep an eye out for these people selling every where and lock them up.   It is not Caymanians, we are too few in number.  The audaucity and agressiveness of the foreigner to think he can just come and set up shack and sell he draws and brazier every where.  It need to stop.  Keep an eye on the police and immingration and make them get their fat selves out of the aircondition cars and immigration building and do some work.  Too much sh-t going on in this place and the police have nothing to do.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fruit thieves:  oh yes!  I have been confronted more than 4 times by several men with machetes taking our coconuts who told me they had the owner's permission (but they couldn't say who the 'owner' was) and got beligerent, refusing to leave, when I told them I was the owner.  Several times I had to call police who let these guys go – and treated me as if I was making a big deal out of the situation.  If one homeowner loses coconuts several times a year – that's free 'income' by theft to the fruit vendors of several hundred dollars.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The Trade and busisness department need to be carefull who are given these licence, because we definately do not need persons who whill be harassing the tourist and visitors to our island, and this is happening at the moment.  Of course it is not Caymanians doing this.  Take a walk and observe.  Too much abuse is taken place, it need to stop.  We want back the peaceful tranquility of the island which make tourist and visitors happy.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is not reasonable to jump to the conclusion that Caymanians are not also involved in illegal vending.

    • Anonymous says:




      The trade and business license department will never stop this sort of businesss practice. they are just another arm of CiG created to raise revenue. They are useless when it comes to fair trade..they are not concern  with proper business practice….  its all about the money, they dont have a clue…their typical excuse is …we are shot staffed. now they are not short staff to carry out this opperation. I do not condone the illegal businesses that are doing the vending…it is totally wrong for this department to do what they are doing. It  is shortsighted on the part of these departments that CIG put in place. they should have lobbyed the CIG for a proper place for these venders to sell their wares. No alternative given…but haul your ass out of  here! incompetence.

  13. Anynomous says:

    I totally agree with the Trade and Business department  issuing these notices. Also having them handed out by the police is another good idea. It supports authority.  These black market vendors  should be prosecuted if they do not have a permit to carry out such trade and business on roadside and beaches.

    It will become an ugly sight very soon, with cardboard makeshift huts along the roadside and beaches.  We do not want to see that.  It is time the police do some work and come out of the police cars when they are driving along the beach and roadside and ask to be seen these permits.  Trust me they will find alot of criminal activities like overstayers, and persons working who do not have a permit.

    I do not have a problem with persons selling on the beaches and roadside, but I do have a problem with selling without a Business licence and especially selling in circumstances not attractive to tourist and visitors.   This makeshift, dirty raga, raga style is not attractive.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you're right in the first part of what you've said but very wrong in the last paragraph.  I DO have a problem with people  selling on the beaches.  People do not want and shouldn't be harrassed when trying to lay in the sun for a while.  Too many others places have that and it's nothing but a nuisance.

  14. Anonymous says:

    How do we do this when we have people suppling chairs for rent on public beach not owned by an individual and well as water sports and food? Please people let us not be too judging when it comes to this. If we are to do this we should consider a open market location on 7 mile beach to accomodate all. I feel that Public beach could facilitate this without conflict. Unah hear

  15. Anonymous says:

    Yes a great move when the economy is so bad.  That will be more people without a means to make an honest living.   Why not try to work with them, give them time to pay for a T&B licence.  I believe its almost $400 for the minimum licenc.e A lot of money when you are struggling to make a living at all. I agree they must be licensed and regulated but please give people a break. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Or they could get one of many jobs that are available but they don't want.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe Caymanians should be given a break if they are struggling to make a living (albeit that it would be challenging to determine whether they are just looking the easy way out or are really struggling).

      Work permit holders who have these stalls set up need to go home. If they can't support themselves here on Island with the job for which they have/had a work permit, they shouldn't be allowed to stay.

  16. Anonymous says:

    A wonderful destination for cruise ship visitors is the West Bay parking lot and boat ramp where a few local venders sell items to the visitors. The lucky cruise shippers get to disembark their bus and wander the parking lot and see the boat ramp and dock.

    Many photos are usually tsken.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Does this include the guys renting chairs/ umbrellas…. Who are constantly hounding the tourists as they leave the taxi. Then sell beer from their car. And maybe even a little smokey smoke…. Hmmm, maybe

    • noname says:

      $400? This is highway robbery. my God no wonder they are illegally peddling everywhere.

      This is a weeks revenue for some of these poor people. Whoever in government is responsible for setting such a high price shoulde BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES.


      Its only $75 US for a business license

      Only $75 – $125 for a Corporation to be formed and registered at the Div of Corporations in each state.

      Why does Cayman have to continually rob and pillage the people.

      Those of us in the US realize that Cayman has some very crazy people in high places that shoulde be declared Mentally unstable.

      $400 is outrageous. just like the Freight and Duty charges imposed some years ago by a disgruntled female former MLA from West Bay ;that is  carrying expressed hatred for Mr. Bush as he keeps getting elected term after term. Well Mr. Bush didn't impose such high freight and duty on the people and West Bayers decided to put that female out and keep her out. Now they want to dominate the airways complaining abouteverything while their own family members are praising Mr. Bush on Facebook!!!  Wonders never cease.

      The people need a break, from high freiht and duty costs and a break from the UK.


      • Anonymous says:

        Because we don’t rip you off when you get that money with something called INCOME TAX!!! that’s where the USA government takes 30% of your money. Haha.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This has been going on for at least 4 years so why crack down now ?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Why give notice. Just arrest. The law does not say it is only an offense if you continue after a notice. When will we simply enforce our laws?

    • Anonymous says:

      While you are at it please take a walk down by the lot where the "Tower Building" used to be.  I am so tired of seeing the Taxi driving by, howling at the tourist and half hanging out of their buses to get their attention.  It is awful and really make us look bad.  It looks and sounds like Kingston, Jamaica!!  They park on the sidewalk and tourist and residents alike have to walk out in the street to get accross.  Isee a Policeman walking by almost daily and does not even say a word to the drivers about it. 

  20. Dude says:

    Fantastic news! They should start by warning the rouge water sports vendor who has been hanging out on Public Beach renting his broken down wave runner. Probably doesn’t have insurance let alone a business license.

  21. Waskly wabbit says:

    What about the vendors at the ag grounds each week? Most are legal, butbwhybdo some get away with not going through the licensing process leaving us legal guys at a disadvantage…

    • Anonymous says:

      I think most agricultural based businesses where you sell what you grow do not have to pay an annual fee but I think it should still be registered.

      Definitely needed for prepard food and beverage businesses though as well as knicknacks.


  22. Just Askin' says:

    Could we please have Ezzards thoughts on the Volleyball Federations trailer in the background?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzard is planning to object to the next international volleyball tournament in Cayman because too many furreingers are allowed to compete.  He wants there to be strict enforcement of labor laws to ensure that all suitably qualified Caymanians get to play and all umpires will be replaced with a board of mutli-generational Caymanians to ensure that the evil ex-patriate volleyball conspiracy is crushed.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Immigration enforcement need to take a walk on the beaches because I only see none Caymanians out there selling out there!


    • Anonymous says:

      Immigration take a walk on the beach?? You must be joking, them they only have time to sit in AC office and decide upon giving time to who they want to.   Long time ago we had immigration officers, not now, this bunch is not going out there and doing their job.   They are not worth the salt in their pot.   Get out and do some work.

    • Anonymous says:

      Take a good look most of the vendors from West Bay

  24. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Jesus! There is a God after all!

    • Freemoneyforvotes says:

      While we're tidying this practice up can we also put a stop to the men who urinate on the side of the road(in broad daylight), drop the fast food containers exactly where they finish eating, drive around sunday mornings doing 10MPH holding up traffic, stopping on the roads to talk parallel to each other blocking traffic lanes, throwing garbage out of car windows, and the list goes on. Does anyone know where we imported these habits and practices from?  

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes. And so do you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Free moneyforvotes  I hear you but these men that are urinating in the side of the road in broaddayls not is not Caymanians, and the women are stoping along the roadside peeing under peoples fruit trees,  and droping the fast food caontiner where they eat it.   Yes parking parallel to each other and chatting.  They are not Caymanians,  because we see them.  All you  tell me.   Who is to blame?  Take their picture with your phone and print dozens of copies and put them on every light polie.  You pee in public road then I can post your picture.  Control has to be given to these night and daytime crawlers who are soliciting work all day and night.

      • Anonymous says:

        Stopping on the road is as Caribbean as coking bananas. It is bad form to leave you vehicle without some of it in the traffic lane. It’s our way.