Burglar scales balcony to steal from tourists

| 22/02/2013

ring.jpg(CNS): A determined burglar climbed up to a second floor balcony to enter an apartment through a patio door inthe early hours of Wednesday morning at a holiday condo on Seven Mile Beach police said. The offender stole electrical items as well as a diamond solitaire ring which belonged to a visiting tourist. The police are asking the public to assist in the recovery of the ring for the visitor. If anyone has any information regarding the burglary or the ring they are asked to contact DC 226 Nathan Turner at West Bay CID on 9493999 or by email at Nathan.Turner@RCIPS.ky

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  1. Daffy Duck says:

    You will never find the ring.. now that the pawn shops have the ability to smelt metal…. that ring is gone in 60 seconds…. Of course when you bring in something that is clearly "hot' then the price paid by these guys is sure to go down a bunch! Sure there is an requirement that they keep the item for a certain amount of time.. but how can you check this… if there is an under table deal and the item ismelted right there and then.. a small nugget of gold is easy to conceal.. It would be interesting to see what the stats say about jewelry theft and jewelry recovered before and after we got pawn shops and then again since they have the ability to melt  on the premises…. I bet it would make for interesting reading!

  2. SUFFERING says:

    Why has nobody gone into business installing the decorative metal bars over windows and doors that they have had in Jamaica and the Bahamas for decades. Who gives a bugger about the image it creates – safety is more important than what outsiders might think, and it could provide leverage for demanding reduced household contents insurance premiums – although no doubt the retail insurance industry in Cayman would find some excuse to refute the argument – sorry, I had forgotten that their principal interest is profit, not providing a service. Contents insurance, the premiums for which I believe are calculated at about 3% of the amount insured is, absent a Hurricane Ivan “EVENT”, a licence to print money.

  3. Anonymou says:

    This sounds like the criminal act of the local 2nd story man known as th "Sea Slug". He slithers up the wall leaving a trail of slug juice at the scene of his crime. He is very slow so you have time to get a broom and sweep him away.

    The key to getting community assistance in reporting vital information is to keep the location of the crime a secret. If we keep all crimes secret then we could claim there is no crime and who would be the wiser.

    Very clever RCIPs.

  4. Anonymous says:

    biting the hand that feed you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why does everyone need the name of the condo? They want to find the ring….if anyones sees somebody suddenly selling a solitaire ring and it does not make sense….report it. Easy peasy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    "A holiday Condo"…how many different ones are there on SMB?  Again, RCIPS with complete lack of anything specific that could possibly help the public give any sort of helpful information.

    • Anonymous says:

      XXXX I know the people who were robbed.  This guy is very good, the 'electronics' he stole was an ipad – off the stomach of a sleeping child.  

      As this comes in the same 7 day period as the girl who woke with a man standing over her bed, it seems like the police need an actual presence in that area.  Not that many weeks ago a number of units at Whitesands were robbed at gunpoint – where was the article (and outrage) at that incident?  

      Wouldn't it be nice if one of these new candidates popping up for the upcoming election actually put the safety of the island's residents as a platform?  #Notsuchasafeislandafterall….

  7. Anonymous says:

    There is only one person who has the MO and he never goes into a ground floor unit on SMB. He is now out of nothward and nickname is Spiderman… maybe the police should go speak to him, mind you when I was in the RCIPS it would take s weeks to catch him…. why do the courts release these people especially when they have over 20 convictions for the same offenses. …

  8. Anonymous says:

    Tourists must be warned to secure all doors and windows. Cayman is not the Cayman of yesteryear.

    I manage tourist rental accommodations and I cannot begin to count the number of tourists that think it's a good idea to sleep with their patio doors open.

    Since this story fails to mention the complex that was burgled and if entry was gain through an unlocked or open door, the public is a a disadvantage.

    When a unit is burgled through an opened/unlocked door the intruder often returns to the same complex looking for other opportunities.

    Why the omission of vital information?






  9. Anonymous says:

    You’ll never see that again sorry. I had my watch stolen a early last year, I’ve never had a call from the police to do a follow up. When I called about my case the useless cop that answered the phone asked me if it was a car that was stolen….. RCIPS is a joke and a waste of money…. All they are good for is telling us to take the tint off our car windows…. I say we clean house and get some decent cops that are interested in more than collecting their pay cheques at the end of the month….

    • Anonymous says:

      Let me tell you, stolen car recovery is not a specialty of theirs either.

      • Anon says:

        No kidding! Didn’t someone stole their van a few months back? If they can’t find their own van, how will they find your car/ring etc?

  10. Anonymous says:

    A holiday condo on Seven Mile Beach…Geesh how is anyone supposed to help give information to the opolice if this is all the information they give out..

    The commissioner really needs to do better orat least demand better…


    RCIPS Useless!

    • Anonymous says:

      It never ceases to amaze me the number of people that blame the (under staffed and under funded) police force here for crime. 

      If there was less crime the police wouldnt have so much to do.

      Token "it's all the expats fault". 

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah useless RCIPS, i mean asking for witnesses who saw a man scaling a building in the middle of the night and not naming the exact location. How are we ever suppossed to figure it out!

      What a dumb thing to say. If you were on the beach and saw someone climbing a building, any building just call it in. If you were not then asking for the location is just plain nosey.

      Ever thought they may be actually protecting the business by not giving the establishment negative press. Cayman has enough problems without idiots like you talking rubbish and the RCIPS causing businnesses to go broke.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps burgler alarms should become manditory, as smoke alarms already are.

    • Anonymous says:



      You make a very good sugestion.

      The planning department should have put this in place long time ago.

      Give all existing residence for rent a certain time to retrofit security cameras and sensors to all window and doors.

      • Anonymous says:

        They only work when they're turned on – typically when doors and windows are shut and occupants are out.  Even then, you'd be reliant upon a monitoring service and some kind of armed response, which if we're being honest, hardly ever happens here.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Or……… and this is just a wild, crazy idea……………


        People could take responsibility for their own valuables and make sure they are secured.    Criminals are opportunists and they are cowards;  if you make it difficult or dangerous for them to steal, they will move on.  

      • Anonymous says:

        NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        If you do that what impression are visitors going to get?. The last thing people want to feel is unsafe. It comes down to Policing, the RCIPS must be fully funded. More plain clothes officers patrolling at night in tourist spots would be a good start. Random searches of people and vehicles out in the early hours of the morning. Also as another contributor said, make sure that when the robber comes into court lock them up for a LONG time!!!. This just may send a message. Look at the spate of robberies on the Brac a couple of weeks ago, so far no arrests. If they can't catch em on the Brac then Grand has a huge mountain to climb!!. 

  12. Anonymous says:

    Coming to an Island near you….all inclusive resorts surrounded by razor wire to keep the trolls out.


    Sad for Cayman.

    • Caymanian by status says:

      Most condos have night security so this thief took advantage of the rounds.  They work with lookouts..

      the ONLY wayt to stop this is to tighten Immigration and put people into jobs.  Make local family members shamed into not protecting these thugs "but he's a good boy"….No He is NOT and if you know of an unemployed Caymanian stop giving them money and protecting them.  Ig they are from overseas, then stop taking out permits for unemployed people. (*Enforcement – yes you.  Round up the layabouts at the local watering holes at 1PM and find out who they for?)