Airport board sacks Jackson

| 01/03/2013

JeremyJackson.jpg(CNS): In the face of mounting speculation about what is really going on at the Cayman Islands Airport Authority, the CEO has now been sacked. After announcing further investigations into the audit that uncovered a catalogue of mismanagement at Cayman’s airport, the board of  directors issue a statement Friday afternoon stating that Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Jackson had been terminated. “The decision to terminate the Chief Executive Officerwas based solely on facts and was not political or otherwise influenced,” the board said in a brief statement.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How much government or authority money is lost because of fraud and misuse of funds? Seriously people, this should be a line item in the budget. And no, I am not joking. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jeremy should go public….

    • Anonymous says:

      He should declare on the UDP or UDP lite  ticket

      Perfect qualifications

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hope the police are investigating this.  If he is guilty of theft, misappropriation of funds, etc. there should be a criminal investigation. There should also be an investigation into the lady who was fired.  It must be made clear that if you steal from your employer, you will be charged and possibly jailed. I'm not saying either of them are guilty but I hope it is  being investigated.

  4. Anonymous says:

    People seem to forget that Board members don't appoint themselves. Cabinet appoints all Board members. Also, Jeremy is not accused of stealing anything, He did not try to cover anything up because the original article stated that everything was in an audited report starting in 2009. Was he in a position to fire people without Board approval? We don't know. It seems to me that whomever was placed in that position was set-up to take the fall for all the crap going on there. I'm sure all you courageous people who hide behind your "anonymous" comments would have done "the right thing."

    • Anonymous says:

      You are making your point in an anonymous comment – definition of irony?

  5. CayStudent says:

    He should be made liable to compensate for this. Disgusting…

  6. J Salasi I. -111? says:

    People Judge not that Ye he not Judged.

    • Will Ya Listen says:

      Smoke not that thou be not stoned.

    • Anonymous says:

      A review of the Board minutes subsequent to the audit report of three years ago should be enouh to determine what the Board did in relation to this matter.  If nothing; the Minister has every right to sack the entire Board. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Isn't there enough facts and evidence for Mr Bush to be terminated completely from office also, or are we in for the shock of our lives? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Let's get the proper authotities to judge the payments made to the housing board appointed by the UDP…$600 for attending meetings, and why not meet again next week and so on.

      What happened to the board member sacked for impropriety by the way…?… It's OK you can tell us now that Bush is gone, and Adams not in charge there.

    • Anonymous says:

      We should all be thanking Ezzard for the drop box he has in his truck. If you ever need something known to the public then utilize this service and Ezzy will spread the word. It's either that or Ezzy conveniently leaves his window down or never locks up.

    • Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:
    Why is Government withholding the information on this scandal from the public.
    It is the public's money which is being miss-allocated or wasted. not that of any Government functionary, that all those functionaries should remember exactly who they work for.
    It is the public, not the civil servants, who owns the CIAA and all other Government assets , so the public inherently has the right to know how their money is being handled.
    All the managers, CEO's and politicians should remember this, and realize that they have absolutely no right to withhold and information from the public
    If they did understand this, there would be no need for FOI office and the expenses that office incurs. Basically, the public is spending more of its money to pry information that it already owns from the Government is already owns.
    If this does not make sense to you, then what planet are you living on?
  8. Anonymous says:

    Really?! My fees go up from 2400 to more then 10k in four years and they WASTE and cover-up at every opportinity?!? Out with them all, start fresh with some people who will put country and people before their little golden geese.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Who is next and from what Board? I think a lot of them will be shaking in their government paid boots watch it unfoldN one byone they will come crashing down off their high horses!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Let us all be thankful for FOI and whistleblowers.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This whole saga is too serious for Ezzard's first move to be passing this to CNS should immediately going to the police….. there are so many agendas at play, none of them honourable.

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean the same police that has stood staring at the smoking gun since 2009, then finally arrested the guy, let him go, asked him to come back and then let go again? I think the results here speaks for themselves, through the public domain, action in a few days, through the police, several years later, still waiting.

  12. Chris says:

     “The decision to terminate the Chief Executive Officer was based solely on facts and was not political or otherwise influenced,” the board said in a brief statement.

    Thank you Ezzard for exposing this corruption.

    The real question is, what happens to the board members now? They all knew of this gross mismanagement and failed to act until the public pressure began to mount.

    I say disolve the board and appoint new members post haste.

    • Anonymous says:

      ….and don't give the new board members any flight benefits on Cayman Airways anymore! We need to save, not waste! Let's see if they really want to be sitting on the board or if they are just trying to get their hands on benefits………..

  13. Anonymous says:

    I hope that none of these posters are Caymanian. It is that crabs in the bucket mentality that will do us all in. How can you be so cold to say all these things when Jeremy hasn’t even defended himself publicly? I hope that you nor any of your family members ever has to go through something like this. It can be a very devastating thing for a family.

  14. Anonymous says:

    "Minister sacks CIAA Board" should be the next headline. Pure incompetence, cronyism, and XXXX. Hold them accountable!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Second CEO in a row to go down in flames under the stewardship of this Board of Directors. XXXX It's time to clean up the mess, starting with appointment of a Board comprised of proven (honest) business leaders with no ownership interest in Airport businesses. Please tell me how we can expect proper oversight of Airport operations by a Board controlled by the owners of the very businesses requiring oversight?

    • Anonymous says:

      And remember that both CEOs were appointed by the same Chairman who is no longer on the board and is also one of the heads of the Freemason’s Lodge.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Time now to focus on the Board. The Lodge Brothers have been in control of the Airport for long enough. It should be painfully obvious to all that the "old boy" system has resulted in absolute incompetence, starting at the top. No one with an ownership position in an airport business should ever again be allowed to sit on the CIAA Board, much less chair it. Only in Cayman could this XXX be the norm. Don't even get me started on the Deputy Chair…..none other than Mac's lapdog and apparent Aviation expert, Mr. Steve McField.

    • Anonymous says:

      Steve is the 800lb gorilla in the room, pretty soon people are going to start adding up the numbers NRA CEO sacked, Steve, conflict of interest representingboard and self Steve, NRA Dart deal, Steve, sacred vessel defense, Steve, failure to declear interest on time defense, Steve, CIAA Board debacle, Steve, Premier's legal advisor, Steve, failure to declare pecuniary interest on Boards, Steve CNS, when you look back over the past 4 years, can you not see the hand of Steve in a whole pile of these fowl ups?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Sadly, this is not the right response because what they have opened the door for him seek compensation for unlawful termination. This should have been reported to RCIPS when it was first discovered so hopefully (no guarantees obviously) there could have been a proper criminal investigation.The CIAA board are just a load of witless amateurs and have let him walk away from this. 

  18. Anonymous says:

    You cant do wrong and get by no matter how hard you may try…God sees and know everyone of you and will bring you back down to level zero… Ok police and who ever else working these investigations lets pick up speed on all the other crooks with bigger crooked deals than this one… Plenty BIG BROOMS needed to sweep all this CORUPTION out the door then get clean MOPS to mop any dust left behind..Keep the info coming to Mr. Miller all you informers if he dont get it he cant Help us save Cayman. 

  19. Anonymous says:

    If it was based on facts why wasn’t he sacked months ago? Why do we put up with these lying selfish scum?

  20. Anonymous says:

    It's my birthday and it looks like I get 'Karma' this year. Happy Birthday to me!

  21. Truth says:

    Maybe the dicision to hire should also be based on facts of skill and experiance instead of politicle or otherwise influenced Cayman Government would not continue to have so many employee problems? Time to start holding yourselves acountable and catch up to the rest of theworld.

  22. St Peter says:

    I wonder what will happen if Mr Jackson tells the true story of who knew what, and when, and who did what,and when, and which board members have a conflict of interest because of their own businesses…

    That would bring us some entertainment as they all start running for cover, and talking on each other…


  23. Anonymous says:

    What was the payout?

    • Anonymous says:

      4 months on full pay when he should have been sacked immediately like the other (non-Caymanian) one.

  24. Anonymous says:

    wow they noticed the facts so close to when it was brought to public attention…you should all be sacked

  25. mscertifiedgal says:

    Thank God finally a board that had some guts to do something that is unheard of in cayman hold people accountable!!  Am I living in Cayman this seems like a dream!!

  26. sickntired says:

    These individuals believe they are civil servants and are guaranteed a job forever!!  I for one thank the board for taking the iniative to do this as I am sure it was not an easy task to continue after being discouraged by the Chief Officer. etc  

    CIAA board hold your head high, I wish some other boards will follow this lead!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You were trying to be ironic right….?

      The Board deserve precsiely no kudos for this.

      What now gives gorunds to sack him that didn't give grounds before? …meanwhile they have been paying him handsomely.

      This is I suspect a smokescreen to try to shut down the whole discussion. This is not just about whether Mr J was competent or not but the whole way the authority is being allowed to be run.

  27. Peter Zuffrie says:

    The CIAA's debacle coming to light recently is but the tip of a very common problem that exists in the Public Sector: Directors of Public Sector Agencies often have a financial relationship with the very same agency that they supposedly "direct". It is not simply good enough for such a Director to excuse themselves for a half-hour from the meeting at which a decision is taken to renew a financial relationship between the agency and the Director. Does anyone seriously believe that Directors on an agency's Board can divorce from their minds, easily, that their vote or decision could impact a fellow Director who will walk back into the room half-hour later? Does anyone seriously believe that a CEO or MD is not going to be impacted in their decison-making by their knowledge that a Director of the Board who has "bid" to provide the agency with services or a product, for a monetary reward? The answer to the two previous questions is, no.

    What is the "moral of this blog"? The moral of this blog is that a person should not be put on a Board of Directors if such a person has a financially-rewarding relationship with that agency.

    It is good that Mr Frank Flowers has resigned from the CIAA Board of Directors: frankly, it has come too late. I may get criticised for the previous sentence but it is true nonetheless – Mr Flowers should never have accepted Directorship whilst providing services to the CIAA and such a relationship between Flowers Air Despatch Services (FADS) and the CIAA has been in existence for many years.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Blowow…they terminate the man? Things get serious! (I assume it was Mr Jackson’s job that was terminated instead?)

  29. Peanuts says:

    Once again, Thanks Ezzard. The people of the Cayman Islands are indebted to you. Wish more of our elected representiatives would follow your lead.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I’m shocked! Somebody did something.
    A harbinger of an more honest, accountable society, or a freakish one off due to the grand in your face scale of the affair?

  31. 4Cayman says:

    So if Ezzard didn’t go public we would not know anything and mr Jackson would still be on suspension with full pay? The whole board needs to be sacked and the salary paid to be reimbursed to the government! Remember people this is a UDP and C4C appointed board.

  32. Anonymous says:

    The statement from the AA reaks of UDP speak. They don't give Caymanians any credit for common sense!!!! LOL!!!!! Vote them out!


  33. Green Hornet says:

    And that’s all she wrote, I am certain nothing further will come out of the investigation. Remember gas boy, Stan Thomas deal, john john and the Kung fu guy, the dynamite case and so on…..just another day in paradise!

  34. Anonymous says:

    So who is going to sack the Board?

  35. Anonymous says:

    People this is the first board that has tried to do its job, stop critizing them for attempting to do work on behalf of the cayman islands!! It seems in these islands if you try to do good you got conflict and if you dont do anything your lazy and incompetent.

  36. Anonymous says:

    XXXX Are the board going to be fired for attempting a cover up? Years of partying and raises with public funds and we will just leave it there. To hell with that.

  37. Trustful says:

    Shame on Miller for seeking political capital from yet to be proven allegations. What goes around comes around…

  38. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the board was all in on it. Who will sack them?

  39. Anonymous says:

    And the Board relied one of their own to do this so called audit??? I smell a rat. XXXX Furthermore, this is nothing more than corruption at its highest level when a board member audits he very authority that they have been sworn to uphold and protect.

    • Anonymous says:

      someone should check the credentials of the board member who did the audit.  I'm sure it would be very interesting

  40. Humpty Dumpty Pajamas says:

    Thank you Mr. Miller for your service to our country and protecting the people's purse.

  41. Anonymous says:

    From the boardroom to the bar-room.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Question–has any of this ever been reported to the police? It looks like they were hoping the statute of limitations would expire before this leaked out.

    • Mr T says:

      GOOD – A few more like him should go to. What is the procedure if your boss is abussing his position?

    • mscertifiedgal says:

      I believe I heard in their Radio statement they said once it was finalized they would be submitting all documents over to the police etc.

  43. Anonymous says:

    People pressure for accountability works but we should not stop with the CEO the Board must go for the cover up

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps it is time we move away from the practice of appointing individuals to these various boards, who have direct involvement through a business.

      Spin it how they may, it is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST! I am sick and tired of hearing them cry how they don't take part in any negotiations between the Authority and the Company that their wife, aunt, uncle, cousin, daughter or some extension running on their behalf.

      Milking the system dry, that is all they doing.

    • Will Ya Listen! says:

      I think they already went for the cover up.

  44. Rorschach says:

    “The decision to terminate the Chief Executive Officer was based solely on facts and was not political or otherwise influenced,” the board said in a brief statement.

    Yeah, Right..pull the other one…

  45. Anonymous says:

    "The decision to terminate the Chief Executive Officer was based solely on facts…". But the facts were known to the board long ago. No doubt the decision was influenced by those facts becoming public. The timing is unmistakable.