Jerk stand smashed in two car crash

| 04/03/2013

Jerk-stand-smash-1.jpg(CNS): The popular jerk stand on Shamrock Road was hit in the early hours of Sunday morning when two vehicles collided close to the Prospect Play House. According to the police, the crash happened around 1am, when a Toyota Altezza and Honda Accord were both travelling east along Shamrock Road when the drivers lost control of their vehicles and collided with the Jerk stand in Red Bay. Both drivers and two passengers were transported to the George Town hospital, where the drivers, aged18 and 21, were both admitted, but police said that neither of the young men are believed to have life threatening injuries at this time. The two passengers were treated and released.

Meanwhile, police are also asking for witnesses to a single vehicle collision on Saturday at around 12:52pm on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway vicinity of Safe Haven Drive, George Town. 

Police said a 33-year-old female driver was travelling along that road heading towards West Bay. On exiting the roundabout vicinity of Safe Haven Drive, she lost control of the vehicle, which flipped over the guard rail. The woman was said to have been uninjured after she crawled from her wrecked car.

The RCIPS is asking for any witnesses who may have seen the accidents or have any information to call Traffic Management at 946-6254.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    LOL, 'lost control of their vehicle' of course because they were racing!
    I bet nothing is going to be done anyways.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I guess it's hard to see where you're going when your seat in that  Look At Me I'm Cool position, whilst slouched against the door.

    Ban them for 2 years, then make them retake their driving test. if they're caught driving within that time, off to Northward they go.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I see they had the material on Monday morning and started immediately building a structure… Amazing how they got planning permission so fast!

  4. Anonymous says:

    More crap Japanese cars and idiots who should be sent to jail.  It should be a licensing requirement that men under 30 are not allowed to buy any Hondas.  It would cut serious accidents by 75%.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you seriously that stupid?

    • Anonymous says:

      a more realistic approach would be to enforce the laws regarding window tintings, license plates covers and general immature behaviour regarding vehicles….

      posiibly also restrict under 25's to 1000cc cars….

    • Anonymous says:

      I fail to see what Japanese cars have to do with anything. What would be more useful would be to stop parents and guardians purchasing third party insurance for their barely able to drive teenagers (either male or female) which would stop them from being able to be insured on some suped-up modified vehicle. Whether its Japanese or American or European makes no difference – there should be limits on engine size for new drivers; just the same way as there are limits on engine sizes for motorcyclists with new licenses. If you want a heavy engine with modified parts, then you should be able to earn it through a good driving record in the years following your full licensure. No 17 or 18 year old who has just learned how to drive (legally, anyway) should be driving these kinds of machines on our roads – for their own safety and the safety of the general public.

    • Anonymous says:

      Driving on this island would test the most liberal motorist. The standard of driving lesson and testing is a joke, the suitability of vehicles to drive on the roads is a joke as is the vehicle testing examination.

      If you persist in driving cheap, out of date vehicles which do not meet current international road safety standards, if you drive them oblivious to other road users and the laws governing safe driving and if you fail to observe simple road awareness and positioning then serious accidents will keep happening.

      Quite frankly the overall standard of motoring on the Cayman Islands is a disgrace and in need of a complete overhaul. For a start, we drive on the left so stay in the left lane unless overtaking, approach all junctions, (including roundabouts) with extreme caution and get in the correct lane. That means if you're going past the centre point, (12 o'clock from your approach position) get in the right hand lane, if not stay in the left hand lane. Use your damn indicators or 'flashers' when turning or approaching roundabouts and remember to indicate BEFORE braking.

      You then need to discourage left hand drive vehicles from the roads and ensure that all stop light/indicator clusters are red and yellow, not all red.

      As a matter of extreme urgency you need to ensure that all drivers who arrive on this island to live and work come from a country where road safety and driving skill is a priority, not an inconvenience. You also need to ensure that they are familiar with UK road laws and driving skills, (especially driving on the left). 

      If you allow people who have driven in third world style conditions or who are only used to driving in long straight lines,(and on the right hand side) to drive here without a proper assessment and test, then what the hell do you expect.

      And finally, issue all drivers who rent a vehicle whilst here on vacation a mandatory bullet point reference to the road laws. Then target the lunatics who think that whilst on vacation, speed limits do not apply to them and issue them with high value on the spot fines.

      But unfortunately, most of this is a pipe dream if you employ police officers who have no advanced driving skill themselves, drive left hand drive police vehicles and come from countries where poor driving standards are the norm.

    • Anonymous says:

      You cannot legislate common sense..that's all it boils down to…you either have it or you don't..

  5. Anonymous says:

    Being out over the weekend it was surprising to see so many accidents, I counted at least 5. 3 on SMB , 1 Friday night at about 9 by the traffic light, straight into the bus stop, lucky no one injured, I heard the police did arrest the person formDUI. Saturday the remaining accidents happened, again another on on SMB by tiki beach front end mashed up.

    It appears to me that these people have no respect for our traffic laws. The spending and drink driving is absolutely rediculous on this island. The DUI alcohol limit needs to be dropped and the fine should be at least $2000 or more as well as the possibility of having your car taken by the courts and sold. The speeding fines have recently be increased and this does appear to have effected these idiots. Not sure what you can do to prevent this.

    The end of the day with need to change our culture regarding these to thing.

  6. Baldric says:

    They should rename some of these roads to help the hard of thinking.


    How about 'Meet Your Maker Avenue' , 'Jeezthatwas Close' and  "Yougonnadie Drive"

  7. St Peter says:


    And I was planning to get jerk chicken and festival for dinner tonight…

    • Anonymous says:

      no worries, its only open from Wed to Saturday.  judging by the infrastructure required to get the shack up and running, a Wed opening should be no problem.  see you at the shack!

  8. Anonymous says:

    "Safe Haven Drive"…I wonder if this article is referring to the island heritage roundabout.  If so, this must the umpteenth time someone has lost control and flipped .  I'm sure everyone reading this article has almost lost control going around that atrocity at least once.  Rule of thumb: don't drive faser than 20 mphs when going around it…

    • Anonymous says:

      Even 20 mph is pushing it when it is wet. The road has the wrong camber.

      • Bayah says:

        That Island Heritage sponsored roundabout is cambered OUTWARD at the same angle as it should be cambered INWARD!  Doesn't anyone in NRA know how to build a roundabout?  Go look at any circular racetrack.  Which way should a curved roadway be cambered? DUH!!


        Of course vehicles are going to slide outward on a wet, improperly sloped roadway.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is even more fun to watch the Sunday afternoon motorcycle races on this stretch of the ET highway, cant wait until it is open all the way to West Bay then those guys will be able to hit at least 120 mph.

      I walk out to the Lime Tree Bay roundabout around 3pm every Sunday as the same bikes do the loop and race in plain view of a CCTV camera in the middle of the roundabout, I call 911 and ask them to send a car and they are normally too busy.  Really tough to crack down when it happens same time same place every weekend, takes a really special task force to stop the racing.  Oh, and I ask about the CCTV, it is not monitored live, they store the data if it is needed say after someone dies.




      • Anonymous says:

        Hahaha. Try and catch a bike a 250cc scooter would leave them in the wind. No police cruiser is even close to capable. It would be easier to just reopen a race track in east end. Dumb drivers will be dumb. Lets face it it would be better for them to get it out of their systems in a controlled emvironment rather than on the street.

  9. Tickle My Pickle says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    Wonder who won the 1/4 mile race if they both crashed at the finish line?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Lucky no-one was killed. The cars on Shamrock road were racing. It is a regular occurence on Friday and Saturday nights (you just have to see the skid marks on south sound and crewe road on Sunday morning). Although regular, the traffic department seems unable to anticipate it and catch these fools, only to send mop up crews. One day innocent bystanders will be killed, and blame will be on the traffic dept for failing to keep the roads safe for the law abiding citizens of this island.

    • Anonymous says:

      The stretch of Shamrock Road eastward from Grand harbour is an absolute madhouse  EVERY Friday and Saturtday night from about 12:30 till around 3 am.

      Hodgepodge Recetrack! The police MUST know about this – the noise is enough to wake the dead – but apparently they're too busy sipping coffee in the Trafic Dept. building to be out on the road and put a stop to the madness. Get with ir RCIPS – you're paid to "Protect and Serve" – now DO IT!

    • Anonymous says:

      Lucky? Or too bad?

    • Anonymous says:

      So that's easy then – blame the traffic department for these idiot's behavour

    • Anonymous says:

      Shouldn't blame really be at the door of the idiot driver……?

      • Anonymous says:

        Well blame should be the parents first. Second the examer, third car salesman, forth the local residents only need to keep their license number and reported to traffic dept. Then the HR for hiring wrong policemen for not doing their duty.

  12. Anonymous says:

    That jerk stand is an accident waiting to happen with the customers pulling out into speeding traffic all the time. I myself have had to slam on my brakes several times.

    • Anonymous says:

      And try to pull out from the Playhouse, or Lighthouse School with cars parked in front of the stand is a nightmare, especially after dark. The visibility back along Shamrock road is often obscured.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not to mention to localised foggy conditions at times!

    • Anonymous says:

      At 1am???

    • Anonymous says:

      Why do you have to slam your brakes ? Are you speeding or puling into the popular Jerk stand yourself.

    • Anonymous says:

      You all need to understand not to speed up when you see people trying to join traffic . If you are travelling the speed limit just slow down by 5 mph and the person will be able to join in with out you losing more then 15 seconds of time to where ever you going too. That simple.

  13. Anonymous says:

    please throw the book at these muppetts….

    we need a crackdown on all cars with illegal window tints….. its the only way to tackle this muppett behaviour…

    • C'mon Son says:

      What the heck does window tint have to do with anything???????


      • Anonymous says:

        Illegal degrees of window tint (of which there are plenty) demonstrate, among other things, a "could not give a rat's ass about the law " mentality. That's what wrong, C'mon Son.

        • Anonymous says:

          Don’t forget the licence plate covers to keep the plates nice and clean… and unreadable.

        • Anonymous says:

          ask the Premier why her vehicle has illegal tint

        • Anonymous says:

          You know something you are absolutely correct. Let’s see – Premiers Car has dark tint, many Police Cars have dark tint. Funny though the Governor must be ok, he sit’s up front in plain sight with no tint.

        • Anonymous says:

          if you can give me a few good reasons why my tint (which is illegal) will prevent me from getting in an accident then i'll cancel my plans to tint my windsheild this weekend, smartness.

          • Diogenes says:

            Because you cannot see where you are going at night, or other traffic pulling out in front of you, or pedestrians crossing the road – three that occur to dumb old me straight away.

            • Anonymous says:

              Defensive drivers and pedestrians will need to see that you have seen them. Whether or not you have acknowledged their proximity affects their decisions, and ultimately traffic flow. Concealment also suggests you are hiding activity that you already know is wrong.

        • Rorschach says:

          If you ask me, neither John Q Public, OR the RCIPS seems to give a rats ass about the law…one about obeying it and the other about enforcing it…

      • Anonymous says:

        because its an easy way of tackling a reckless stupid mentality that is prevalent around here concerning car ownership

    • Anonymous says:

      And registration plates that can't be read

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah because TINT added extra horsepower to the car right? that'll help