Voter ID cards ready for collection

| 13/03/2013

url_2.jpg(CNS): Registered electors who have previously been issued with elector registration cards and who have not changed their particulars can collect their new cards at the Elections Office on Grand Cayman and at the District Commissioner’s Office on Cayman Brac. The Elections Office said that voters who still have old cards are asked to return them when collecting their new ones. Electors who have registered since October last year or who have changed their details can apply for a card on 1 April. Cards will be issued at the Elections Office on a daily basis and in the districts on days to be announced. 

Whilst the Elections Office said it would like all registered electors to have their cards by polling day 22 May, it may not be possible and not having a card does not prevent any registered voter from exercising their democratic right at the polls on election day.

“All electors who are not able to obtain an electors registration card by May … are urged to present to the polling officers at the polling stations some form of photo ID, for example a driver’s license or passport.  Even expired electors registration cards are acceptable,” election officials stated.

The use of registration cards makes things move more smoothly at polling stations and with some 18,500 people eligible to go to the polls to vote, the Elections Office is hoping to have things run as efficiently and quickly as possible at the stations to avoid queues.

With voters in George Town having six votes, and what could be a ballot paper with some 25 names on it, keeping things moving in the capital could prove a challenge for election officials in the May 2013 poll.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I really do not see why this is considered a fuss when all they are trying to let the Registered voters know is that if we all have our Voters ID Card, it will make things easier and smoother for them? That is all they want to get across. Nothing wrong with that.

  2. Voter in GT says:

    There is a holiday Monday just before the election and I am going off island that week.  If we are registered to vote can we submit our votes by mail?  If so, please do the voters a services and tell us how (not just election website)

  3. SSM345 says:

    How much do we get charged for these cards?

  4. Anonymous says:

    CNS-Could you post the location of the GT elections office? TA


    CNS: Go to the Elections Office website

  5. Gordon Barlow says:

    When I went into the Elections Office in December, the staff would not issue me with anew card, and assured me that cards were no longer required. I see from the second paragraph of the story that indeed cards are NOT required. If that is so, why all the fuss?

    • Hon. Absurdistani says:

      You had to spoil the fun by pointing out something sensible.

      I agree that this waste-of-money exercise should not be carried wholesale. Couldn't voters just use their driver's license as ID? In cases where a voter does not have a driver's license they could use their passport. If they don't have a drivers license or passport only then should they require an ID.

      Time to cut the waste Cayman. Every little bit helps.