Opposition to launch national campaign in GT

| 17/04/2013

alden.jpg(CNS): Although the opposition party has been hard at work on the streets of Cayman over the last few months, the People’s Progressive Movement (PPM), or the Progressives as they are now calling themselves since the party re-brand, will be launching their national election campaign tonight in Grand Harbour. With exactly five weeks to go before Cayman goes to the polls to elect its next government, the opposition is hoping that the people of Cayman will see that it is not party politics that is at fault but the United Democratic Party. With fifteen candidates on its platform, the Progressives will need to return just ten to secure a majority government.

However, even a poor showing for the party of just 8 candidates being returned is likely to give them the reins of power, provided their former member, Arden McLean (EE), and more recent ally, Ezzard Miller (NS), in the eastern districts stick with them. If all goes well, the party has a very good chance at taking most of the seats it is contesting outside of West Bay, where the outcome remainsanyone’s guess. However, it appears likely that, despite the criminal charges laid against him and the public split with his former district colleagues, McKeeva Bush will carry all four seats for the UDP.

Despite the criticisms that the PPM has received for over spending and indecision during its 2005-2009 administration, the party leadership is able to point very clearly to where the money was spent and why. During the next five weeks the campaign is likely to concentrate on honesty and transparency in government, which the PPM says was the hallmark of its administration.

Launching on a platform promise of bringing good jobs to Cayman, building better communities and restoring Caymanian pride in the government and the country, the party will be hoping for an impressive turnout. Party leader Alden McLaughlin said he would be calling on all voters tonight to help make Cayman a Progressive country on 22 May.

“These upcoming elections are, without a doubt, the most crucialthe Cayman Islands have ever faced,” he said. “The past four years of failed UDP control, not leadership, have been a period of grave concern and uncertainty for Cayman. The UDP administration has overseen a period in Cayman history like none we have ever known and one that we all wish fervently to bring to an end.”

Moses Kirkconnell, the party’s deputy leader, said it was time to look towards the future. “The Progressives have put together a strong group of candidates, who bring a wealth of experience from business to tourism and hospitality and education and government – because that is what is going to form the best Legislative Assembly for Cayman,” he added.

Anyone interested in volunteering to help the Progressives elected next month is asked to contact the PPM headquarters on 945-1776 or at 488 Crewe Road, George Town.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats to the Progressives for a succesful Launch event last night (17/4).


    Impressive group of Credible, Educated and intelligent candidates!

  2. Libertarian says:

    Cayman, it is good to see more political groups this general election. PPM, UDP, NPA, C4C, and Independents included; that is wonderful. I wish it was like that every 4 years. A multi-party system is a better way to run a government. A two party system of UDP and PPM, logically limits the people to the beliefs of two parties only. Not everyone will agree with the opinions of one of these two parties. More parties and political alliances provide more diversity and more differing opinions. It also allows for more parties to have differing views – they can combine different views from different parties in a way that attracts more people. Having only two parties limits the views that are represented in government. If there are multi-parties and groups, the Legislative Assembly will be more diversified in opinion, and represent the island better, I think. Laws will be legislated making it harder for the special interest to gain a foothold influence. There is a democratic rule I affirm in my book:  The more “power” is shared is a government, is the less corruption is found in its legislations. I would also love to see a Caymanian Libertarian Party someday. I use to route for all Independents alone, but I understandno man is an island; we need to group ourselves together in many groupings and parties, because we are social beings, and that is how we get things effectively done for the people. However, a two party system will cripple our limited democracy if they grow so much in strength that there is no chance for other parties and alliances to compete with them. My take 

  3. Anonymous says:

    PPM…Always the last horse in the race…pack it up guys! The race is over! Leading from the rear just doesn't work!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You still na saying that today though? PPM had 1500 people at their meeting last night bobo!!

    • ummm says:

      They had well over 1000 people at their launch meeting last night. You sure they need to be packing it up ?

    • Anonymous says:

      By the looks of the crowd last night, the PPM's got SERIOUS news for you, Mac.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ummm… the PPM is the leading horse in this race. It's all over for the UDP.

  4. Anonymous says:

    West Bayers are going to vote straight across the board Progressives. The C4C and the 2 purple UDP Lites are in the same boat…together. Think back West Bayers on the damage they have done to West Bay, the hungry people of West Bay, The jobless of West Bay and how weak they were behind McKeeva. They have NO backbone, they helped caused these problems we are having today. XXXX George Towners, do what you have always done, vote for your Kurt, Alden and the rest of the progressives and perhaps change one weakling out for Bo Bo.  Clean sweep Progressives come May 22nd.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Alden and the Progressives are the party of works, quality and intregrity. All you C4C chest pumping, no solution, brain washing party/group/team, whatever….. needs to stop picking fights with the Progressives and watch unnah behind for unnah past association with the UDP Corrupt party.  We know that the bunch of you are not for the small man and the middle classed, but rather for the rich conglomerates and unnah own interest.  You guys could not care less for the homeless, the hungry and the poor people of Cayman.  George Towners and West Bayers, its time unnah ALL wake up and VOTE PROGRESSIVES!

  6. Anonymous says:

    PPM should focus on comprehensive solutions and not fluff if they expect to win and please explain how Alden McLaughlin intends to lead the country after the election considering his unpopularity and struggles to retain his seat in George Town. Thank you

  7. Anonymous says:

    Alden regardless of your feelings towards Mckeeva you walked out and was never present in the LA.. your attitude has to go and so does you!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Not drinking any more of Alden's Cool Aid. Will vote for one or two (what are they called now?) PPM candidates but certainly NOT for Mr AL-Delay

  9. St Peter says:

    I would love to attend the meeting but I am currently in Las Vegas trying to win back my losses from poker and the one-arm bandits…

    And to you Bible Thumping Christians – the answer is "NO" – I am not a two-armed bandit…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Time to get rid of UDP and UDP Lite, especially in West Bay. 

    Let's roll!

    • other options says:

      I agree, it is time to bring down the walls and welcome Westbay back to the Cayman Islands.  I will note that the PPM by itself is not the answer!  I would take Tara, Dwene or Mervin 10:1 over Dalkeith

      • Anonymous says:

        Dalkeith Bothwell, from all accounts, seems to be a honest.decent, hardworking, intelligent guy from a superior family background and someone whom I am sure will make a good representative for the district of West Bay

        • Baya says:

          I concur, but I think Tara and Mervin both posess more of what Cayman needs at the moment. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Tara, yes, the other two, no.   

  11. Anonymous says:

    Aye Alden, late again as usual..you should get a medal for your unbroken record…Every Tom, Dick and Harry has been out there on the campaign trail..Where the hell has the PPM been?

    I dread to see the return of either the PPM or UDP..We have had enough!! We need to pick the best (if there is such a thing) of all of the groups, indepentdents, parties or whateve they want to call themselves and hope for a coalition government that is forced to work together for the good of the country and not for their party or leader.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is where you are wrong.  You need to check your facts.  The Progressives have been out campaigning from early November.  They have been having neighbourhood meeting, walking the trials and meeting their constituents long before any of the others.  Tonight is the official launch and they have been doing it "without bodyguards or bullet proof vests".  They are respected in their neighbourhoods and  quite knowledgeable of their constittuents  so you go figure!! 

      • Kent McTaggart says:

        what does bodyguards or bullet proof vests have to do with it?

        • Anonymous says:

          Ask you comrades who went down to Wellys!!

          • Kent McTaggart says:

            Dude please!

            I caught a 2200 lb marlin yesterday also.

            I tell you what, the next time you see someone other than an officer or security guard wearing body armor; give the police a call, as they would be breaking the law. I could care less if is udp, ppm, c4c, independent or my mother.  They are breaking the law!

            Stop spreading gossip.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeh 12.52, yeh!!! Helluva campaign!!! Like the one back in "69. It was so impressive I can't remember squat about that one either.

    • Anonymous says:

      You think Alden"s late?   C4C barely had 200 people at their launch, UDP about 300,  watch what the Progressive's do for thier launch then decide whether Alden's late or  shrewd.  Watch the Progressives win the government in 5 weeks.

  12. Unison says:

    The questions I like to ask in determining the best candidate for a seat of power –

    1. Will this candidate be someone who you know will work with the other MLA members to craft out laws that will benefit Caymanians, and not some big name or special interest?  The qualities we should be looking out for in these candidates, are- How much tolerance do these candidates exercise with each other on diverse views?  Think of it- if a candidate is someone who seems to be very opinionated and strongwill, think of the difficulty that person will have in hearing and considering the other views of his/her peers in the MLA, and hence the danger would be laws crafted-out that were not carefully thought-out. You have to consider before you decide to vote- is the candidate too absolute and strick on what he/she stands for?  Is the candidate too strick on party line that they are the right party and everybody else are in the wrong? Too often we look at their education and we look at who has the brightest or biggest head. Too often we look at who will make a good Premier, but we somehow bypass the fact that what we really need is someone who is humble, open to learn from other members, and willing to cooperate and negotiate with others to make good laws for the people of these islands. That is what we need!  What is head knowledge?!  We have too much puppets following what a leader or the money-god says. You have people who think they know it all and everybody is a waste of time to them. Butthey are not going to tell you that. They look all cooperative and humble now, but wait until they sniff a bit of power, and its all about who knows what. It behooves us to find leaders with the largest ears like an elephant, who are willing to listen and to craft laws that is not onlycoming from them, but is a combination of brainstorming efforts from the other members of the LA and the experts.

    2. How much selflessness do these candidates have?  If you are always hearing about "me, I, mine" from a candidate more than "we, us, ours" it would be wise to not vote for that person. If you hear more about "our party" versus independents or another party, that is a signal to you that if that person gets into the house, he or she will be more about divisions, "us" versus "them," and not an inch for unity. These people will be more about disunity and disharmony, and when someone has a bright idea or principle-centered idea to share, more than likely, such individuals, will put the party and their own ideals over that person. Even if a universal principle was staring them in the face. It will either be party interest or self interest for that person. Yes everybody is selfish to some degree, but it would do us better to vote for a candidate that is the least selfish. People in power who are usually susceptible to corruption or ascertaining some personal gain for themselves are selfish in nature, and too often it is hard to detect because these same people come with flowery words and promises;

    3. How much attachments (hold-on to things / ideas-and-don't-want to let go) does this candidate have in his or her personal life?  Many don't inquire into the personal lives of these candidates to see their everyday reacts and history of previous reactions… and there is were many of us vote for the wrong person!  Many claim well that is their personal life or previous life and so that shouldn't matter on what they do now. But a wait a second, many times people do what they do now because they are program to behave or think that way from previous experiences. At times, these hidden reactions are concealed until the moment of opportunity. The electorate is unable to detect these faults until it is too late- they are elected. Let us face it, everybody have attachments of some sort; you're not going to find the perfect candidate, but if you can find the candidate with the least attachments; especially, attachments to money, wearing the pants, and possessions, it will be a bonus. At least you can rest assure that if that person should ever become an MLA member, he or she will not easily be bought or sold when the opportunity arises. I personally find people who are affixed to the belief of a supreme God and unseen principles like fairness, integrity, and temperance, those who will not become so attached to temporal things like money and power. The only power they have is God and God determines their happiness. But then again, be careful, you have persons who are attached to religous beliefs. In the candidates personal life, is he or she having conflicts, what is the root cause of those conflicts, and can you imagine that person in power if the root of these conflicts is from a hidden attachment?  This is where the electorate has to know for certain who is who. Too often the electorate is so caught up with the candidates personality and that hides their true characters;

    4. Transparency – how transparent is this person?  Is he or she hiding something?  How comfortable is that person when he or she talks about their own family or assets?  Why is he or she not talking about themselves more, but diverting the topic on mere issues?  Usually when you have a candidate that speaks little about him or herself, but demands people vote for them, they are hiding something I suspect?  And what better place to hide but in a party so you can ride on the coat tails of other renown candidates?  lol… who is transparent is a very important question. Even in relationships, you better not marry a person who is hiding and secretive about what they have and what they do – it is not a good sign. They may not be outright liars, but if they are not open enough, always cutting conversations short, not explaining… that is just as cunning and deceptive. You would be a fool to not think twice about that person's integrity and honesty-level.  

    • Kent McTaggart says:

      You lost me at hello!

      I will print your comment out and give it a read, when I am done sometime next week I will comment if necessary.

      • Unison says:

        lol.. so when people come your way and say hello, you are saying you get lost and find it hard to understand them. Like when I am done next week is when I will be able to listen to you.  🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    Well Bodden Town is voting for the Chuckster and probably two PPM candidates and lord only knows who else ? Help  !

  14. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see they are progessively waking up after their long 4 year slumber. If any of them get elected maybe the would progress to doing a full days work in the MLA instead of the late starts, long lunches etc.


    Why would anyone bother voting for either party on the strength of that?

  15. Kill my ignorance says:

    Could someone tell me what the difference in vision or philosophy is between the UDP, PPM and Purple party.  Beyond the individual members’ issues, to the core what is the difference?  In the USA the Republicans are conservatives pro free market…, and the Democrats are liberal semi socialistic… (please don’t distract from the actual question to debate US politics it is just an example)

    I would love to know, because I simply see different flavors of the same thing.

    • Slowpoke says:

      The difference is more akin to who is a "Tea Party Republican" as compared to a "Conservative Repulican".  No Liberals, other than maybe a token Dr. Frank, need apply.

    • lets see says:

      PPM are grassroots and always stand for equality, justice and fairness and Good Governance. The UDP stands for what the highest bidder thinks is important.


      • Kent McTaggart says:

        You may be able to argue "equality, justice and fairness" but with the reckless spending of their last term you can NOT claim "Good Governance"


        • Anonymous says:

          Kent you are like a broken record same thing over and over but no chorus or ending…and again running off your mouth on the radio isn't opposition just hot air.  


          • other options says:

            Last time I spoke with him, Kent didn't receive a salary from the government, so his comments are private opinion. Alden was the leader of the opposition during the last term, and the last time I checked Alden got a pretty hansom salary for his position as the "opposition".

            I applaud Kent for being a private citizen and being willing to 1) have an opinion and sharing it, 2) putting has face and name to his opinions.

        • Centrist says:

          Any family that spends less than 11% of their annual income on their mortgage would not only been seen as financially prudent, but very well off indeed.  That is exactly the situation with what you incorrectly describe as the PPM's "reckless spending".  The spending by the PPM were investments into needed infrastructure which is actually saving money today and providing benefit to all of us including you. If you think it was reckless spending, please stop using the roads built under the PPM administration and any thing else for that matter.


          Yours for a better Cayman!

          • other options says:

            PPM 2005-2009 term

            Simple facts, needs and wants.

            We needed roads, Grade: B (although I’m not sure about the value for dollar), but they are basically done.

            We needed schools, 3 started, 1 half-finished and WAY over budget. Grade: F (fail)

            Result: We spent way more than we should have and now are paying the price.  Nobody on God’s good earth can tell me otherwise.



          • Oh, Really? says:

            Regardless if Kent thinks it was reckless spending or not, it was not the PPM’s money that was spent, it was the peoples.  Kent is not only a resident, but a citizen on this island and has every right to utilize the facilities that his and everyone else’s money has been spent on.

      • Kent McTaggart says:

        I would also add the lack of effective opposition to the UDP government, as an indictment on Alden, Kurt, Moses and all the other people under the PPM banner since 2009.  The halfhearted support of the OMOV referendum which has cheated the people of the Cayman Islands out of a fairer election cycle, all in an effort to get reelected.

        Ezzard may be a little rough around the edges (like a sea urchin) but he was in my opinion the actual leader of the opposition, with the help of Arden.

        The people of BT need to remember who put their names, faces, time and reputations on the line tofight against the dump from day one, and not listen to the Johnny come latelies who are saying what you want to hear because it is the prudent thing to say. The same thing goes for the people of WB, think back to who has been fighting for your causes and who is just now knocking at your door.

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously you can't spell corruption or you don't understand what it is.

  16. Yellow says:

    This is a scary thought, either the UDP or PPM having full power of our government again.  I personally want to see a government that is made up of all sides, a coalition government is exactly what Cayman needs right now.  Yes there will be debate, yes there will be some things that take longer to get passed, but that in my opinion is a good thing! 

    Why it is seen as the best thing for Cayman to only have one viewpoint at the helm is beyond me.


    • Kent McTaggart says:

      I could not agree with you more!

      I am Kent McTaggart and I endorse this message

      • Failed says:

        Kent, a few months ago you were kissing up to the PPM Members who were part of OMOV now all of a sudden you are out telling untruths about them not supporting OMOV. What were Alva Suckoo, Wayne Panton, MArco Archer, Kenneth Bryan and Woddy DaCosta doing ? Oh wait let me ask Ezzard who gave the OMOV movement the most assistance! Because the one that quickly jumped ship and ran to C4C certainly didnt help. Not one single dollar!


        • Kent McTaggart says:

          First let me apologize to Barbra Gomez as she worked extremely hard especially during the referendum process.

          Now without getting into a lot of detail, those members you have listed “Alva Suckoo, Wayne Panton, Marco Archer, Kenneth Bryan and Woody DaCosta” were involved in differing intensities. Of those you listed AL, Marco and Woody were heavy lifters (there other nonpolitical or PPM heavy lifters) , Wayne was involved but not to the extent of many others, Kenny was on present at a couple meetings and was not a heavy lifter by any means.  As far as I know when we all got involved in the OMOV movement only Wayne was a PPM member.  As we were very far down the road, the PPM came an courted AL, Marco and Woody, with varying success at the time. (I am open to correction) You can ask any of them, I have never been in the position you described as “you were kissing up to the PPM Members…” I am sure they will share a memorable exchange at a OMOV meeting between myself and one of the PPM members.  During the OMOV process we worked VERY hard to be non-partisan, a we all worked at Caymanians free of political ties as it applied to the OMOV movement.

          My remarks were intended and are directed towards the PPM leadership as they were for all effective purposes nonexistent.

          As for “Oh wait let me ask Ezzard who gave the OMOV movement the most assistance! Because the one that quickly jumped ship and ran to C4C certainly didn’t help. Not one single dollar!” There were many that gave assistance; some gave money some gave time some gave effort, so gave their name, face and reputation.  We were not about keeping track of who gave what as some sort of competition, but rather to say thank you and focus on the effort of giving Cayman a better electoral system. 

          OMOV was a pure effort that was hijacked by political parties to serve their best interests.  Simple as that.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I feel the Progressives were too late in starting the national election campaign as they are in opposition and they have an incumbent they need to remove, therefore they needed to make  an early start in respect to campaigning. I hope though that they will be able to get at least one of their members elected for West Bay as that district needs new representation.

    • other options says:

      I would rather see Tara and Mervin elected before any of the PPM candidates.  With that being said, it Mervin, Tara and 2 other candidates (non purple or UDP) I would be over the moon with joy!

      • Anonymous says:

        Mervin seems like a nice kid, but I have to tell you the truth, that boy ain't too smart.

        • Baya says:

          You should take a few minutes and give him a call, the guy may speak like a true wesbaya, but he has a real world view, that produces real solutions.  That is something that can't be said for people like Alden and Mac.  He has my vote!

        • Kent McTaggart says:

          I personally know Mervin and not only is he a fine individual worthy of emulating, he is also an extremely intelligent individual. Don’t let the thick WB drawl fool you.

          • Anonymous says:

            You can change the name Mervin for Kent in the above post, and my opinionis still the same.

          • ha says:

            Problem is Kent, you are easily fooled. Love the Southern Redneck drawl bro. the South might rise again but not over ya padnah

      • Anonymous says:

        Closet UDP.

    • Anonymous says:

      The PPM were out long ago, with their "meet and greet" campaign in neighbourhoods.  They have been very active and has not made grass grow under their feet.  They are thinkers and used a different approach.