Chuckie says new MLAs will select the premier

| 25/04/2013

chuckie 23.jpg(CNS): Former tourism minister Charles "Chuckie" Clifford said the MLAs will choose Cayman’s next premier and believes it is unlikely that either of the two party leaders will be in a position to hold the top job when a coalition government is returned to the Legislative Assembly. While Clifford has stated that he will be more likely to work with the PPM to form a government rather than either the UDP or the PNA, he, like most independents is still hoping for a mixed bag, which will see the 18 members, and not the voters, decide among themselves who should be the third premier of the Cayman Islands.

“I believe that there is going to be a coalition government,” Clifford told CNS this week, adding that he would prefer to form a government with the PPM if he was choosing between the parties. “I have worked with them before and I believe that they are an honest and trustworthy party. It is very difficult to say the same for the UDP and its estranged members, who have taken on the PNA label.”

Nevertheless, the former Cabinet member believes his old party colleague Alden McLaughlin will not be premier, even if the PPM is returned as the larger party. 

“The PPM leader ought to prepare himself for this possibility rather than isolating his party from all of the other candidates through his inappropriate utterances. In a coalition governmentscenario, it is very unlikely that either one of the leaders of the two political parties will become the premier. The premier will be chosen by consensus from the members that will make up the coalition government and I believe that will be in the best interests of the country,” Clifford added.

Hoping to be part of that government, Clifford said he would not join any administration that does not support conservation legislation. “I will not be a part of a government that is not prepared to comply with what I consider a constitutional mandate to ensure that we have robust legislation to protect our environment. I would rather sit in opposition to a government that was not prepared to make this step,” he said.

Another deal breaker for Clifford is the proposal within the ForCayman Investment Alliance to move the George Town landfill to his district.

“I will not make any compromise with respect to the component of the FCIA agreement which proposes a dump in Bodden Town. The problem must be fixed on the current site is George Town, which is where all of the experts, up until this proposal came along, have said that it can be fixed,” Clifford stated. 

He added that the next government must check if this really is legally binding, but if it is, as it relates to the Bodden Town dump, government will have to take on that liability to protect its people, Clifford said. “To be clear, there will be no dump or landfill in Bodden Town. We will fix the problem on the current site in George Town.”

If Clifford finds himself in opposition or as a backbencher, he said he would still hope to influence major policy and would use a private members motion to persuade government to overhaul immigration and labour policies.

“It is simply unacceptable for a country that has approximately 23,000 work permit holders to have over 3,000 unemployed Caymanians, especially when many of these Caymanians have skills and some have professional university degrees,” he said.  “If the private sector is not able to achieve the desired result of employing the unemployed Caymanians, then the government will have to act unilaterally in the public interest. But I believe that the private sector should be afforded the opportunity to act first within a specific and reasonable timeframe.”

Clifford has produced his own manifesto and will be depending on nine other people in the LA to support his ideas if he is to deliver on any of the promises. The Bodden Town hopeful said that when he was tourism minister in the 2005 – 2009 administration, he delivered on many projects and programmes, but he was then part of a political party with a majority to carry policies through.

Despite losing his seat in 2009 by just a few hundred votes, Clifford said he has never stopped working for the district.

“As a leader of the Coalition to Keep Bodden Town Dump Free, we have been fighting very hard to keep the dump out of our district and to expose the propaganda about this project,” he added.

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  1. And Please says:

    Lets not vote in Chris and Theresa, those two are about as useful as tits on a bull.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope you all have enough sense to vote Moises Kirkconnell as the next Premier. He is a steady Captain and he will set this ship on the right course.  Moises is a man of class!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of jokers we have running! Solely for that big paycheck! Mussa ga live fa eva.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cayman doesn't need a Premier.  We need solid, reliable, trustworthy leadership.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Chuckie, you might make a good activist, lawyer, friend, public speaker, and such, however, your feathers gets ruffled too easily.


    I remember when you got elected in 2005, the first two years you were arguing with Mac over who did this or that, instead of concetrating on what the people elected you to do.


    I am voting in BT, but i do not trust giving you a vote because I get the sense that you will spend too much time rowing and arguing with Mac after he gets in again, instead of concentrating on more important issues.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac won't have any time to argue with Chuckie. He'll be as quiet as a mouse in court.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It's certainly a different political landscape this time round. The party system is moribund and poor Alden must be feeling like he's missed the bus. It's anyone's game now.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like Chuckie thinks he will be the next premier – LOL

  8. Anonymous says:

    People!!!  Vote One Man One Vote!  I am!!!  Vote for the person you want, if you vote for others it may detract from the one person you want.

    God Speed the Elections!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds good, except all you will do is split the vote so that Mac will be back in charge to reduce us to Turks and Caicos…and good bye to the Cayman we want for ourchildren.

      Even if PPM, C4C and UDP lite get 55% of the vote between them, Mac's UDP WILL HAVE A 45% "MAJORITY"…and goodbye to any hope of restoring honesty and integrity to our country.

  9. Anon says:

    Chucky is talking sense and has the experience and knows exactly what McKeeva Bush and Alden McLaughlin are all about. Cayman do not dismiss what he is saying.

    We need a new direction and leadership that is not UDP, PNA same dog puppy and Alden Mclaughlin will not win his seat without Kirk dragging in thru again because of own actions so new leaders must emerge. Moses K, Arden, Ezzard, Mike, Chucky now is the time to show what you are made of and that you have a plan if given the chance to save Cayman without us going broke

  10. Anonymous says:

    How about the people select the new Premier? How hard is it to have a checkbox on the ballot form? Whoever has the most votes from the people is Premier. No more horse trading.

    • Anonymous says:

      17.23..think you missed the point. If a lot of independents get in, and can control a majority with or without a party involved, then they will have to choose a leader from amongst themselves.

      • Big Whopper says:

        A new leader out the C4C/Indipendents most of whom have never been elected to be the next Premier?….How would you feel on that flight to Mia comes on the intercom…Good Morning ladies and Gentlemen this is your captain speaking on flight KX-106 to Miami..sit back and enjoy the the way, this is my first time flying the plane….we deserve exactly what we get. And if I have to pick a existing captain out of the bunch …I'm sorry it would have to be someone who has not crashed numerous times like Captian Mac.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Clifford is a man of great courage. He calls it like he sees it and we don't have to wonder what he's thinking.

    Now he has the PPM Leader , UDP and the PNA against him and blogging away but he is not afraid nor is he detered from what he believes in. Thank you Sir.

    I agree with you that we must reject the party system this time !

    • Anonymous says:

      Cliford was the worst Minister of Tourism for Cayman in over 30 years. He looked down and ignored the private sector, knew all the answers and could not return a phone call. We have not recovered from his actions or lack of good management yet. He does not deserve another opportunity.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Premier..Alden no way no to that! NO TO PPM UDP AND PNA

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ineresting comment regarding the environment. Was he not the minister in charge of this from 2005 to 2009? What happened to passing the much needed environmental law then?

  14. Big Whopper says:

    While I support you ducked this question on Radio Cayman…but let’s se if you will answer here. If you don’t support none of the existing leaders of the parties, whom do you in your humble opinion would be the best leader out of all the Canidates running regardless If they win a seat or not. And please don’t say you have not decided that yet.


    • Anonymous says:

      I say Bo Miller

    • Anonymous says:

      Charles Clifford has as much chance of being elected as does Errington Webster.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seriously think of this.

      The new Government.

      Moses,  Marco,  Chucky,  Jacquee, Sharon,  Jude,  Roy,  Winston,  Tara,  Mervin,  Dalkeith,  Ray,  Arden,  Ezzard.

      From this selection we have 7 competent Ministers and 7 asst. ministers.

      Yes 7 assistants with a desk to assist daily with the efficent running of the country,

      they will only earn the normal MLA salary. Please do not tell me about the Constitution,

      no whare do it say that only 7 people should work daily for the huge monthly payment

      we pay them.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Lets do this BT !!! Chuckster to the front as 1st elected.

    • Anonymous says:

      Me and me crew all voting 4 you. you tell um like it is.

    • No Way says:

      You know who I would prefer to see 1st elected? Alva Suckoo or Wayne Panton. Both of them are educated, honest and trustworthy. Give the newcomers a chance they have much to offer!

      Chucky had his chance and blew it!

      He is worst than Mackeeva



      • Kmanlady says:

        Both of those Guy's did not support or assist the Truly4Cayman Group when they  ask for them for  help…This also includes their leader Alden…

        I don't think the people and the this Country are important to the PPM.

        Chuckie, Ezzard & Alden was there and they all assist us

        Chuckie…for Bodden Town is the way to go…


        • That is a blatant lie says:

          I saw Alva Suckoo at every protest. In addition to that he was in East End helping Arden stop the Port there, and as I recall the PPM had 2 public meetings. One in Savannah and one in George Town and they invited reps from the Truly4Cayman group to speak at both. 

          Alva was also very much active and involved in the OMOV movement and was one of the key players to get that done. 

          Why do you people have to be so lie!???


  16. Anonymous says:

    Well our family discussed Mr. Charles Clifford at our regular Sunday luncheon last week. He certainly has our votes and quite frankly we are struggling with the other 3 options. Mr. Clifford is a man of integrity, courage, experience and he is not afraid to stand alone if he must !

  17. Anonymous says:

    Vote for the Chuckster………he just keeps hitting the nail on its head !!! 

  18. Anonymous says:

    Me and my family are voting for Chuckie all the way. From 2004 he has been warning us about corruption in government and what it would cost this country. We see the results today and clearly he was right.

    Now he is warning us about political parties and I personally completely agree with him. He has the benefit of working in the system and he has told us that we made a big mistake with this and we need to abandon it quickly.

    These are critical times Cayman !

  19. Anonymous says:

    The PPM bloggers are busy again Chuckie. Leave um alone………they will learn. You had a better turn out than them at their BT launch and rather than trying to work with you they are now worried and trying to tear you down. I heard the big lie that was mentioned on their platform on Tuesday night. I was voting for you and 3 of them Chuckie but after that big lie that they told on you its just you know my friend. So I will vote for you and eat the other 3 votes !!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Better turnout, huh? Chuckie had about 180 and the PPM had 500….I'm not even voting for the  PPM and I can admit the truth.

      • Anonymous says:

        Math clearly wasn't your strong point. Mr. Clifford had 100 chairs out and most of them were used up by the people who wanted seats. He had loads of people standing at the back and on both sides of the chairs, there were loads of people and cars across the street by the palm trees and down in both Savannah Meadows roads.

        I would say that 450 is on the conservative side. And if your PPM slanted number is right they should have had a lot more since they have 4 candidates and had their party leader speaking + they bused up people from GT and WB !

        • Anonymous says:

          I think the first poster was correct. They had at least 500 on the property itself…not to mention all the others in cars that you mentioned were at Chuckie’s meeting were at the PPM meeting too. I used to respect Chuckie and even voted for him though my other two votes went to a UDP and an independent. I’ve reassessed my thinking and come to realise that he is not someone I should vote for especially because he’s now independent and speaking out of both sides of his mouth praising the PPM for FOI and all the other great stuff they did and then claiming that they are corrupt when he knows that is a bold faced lie. Keep drinking that C4C kool-aid and singing that independent song cuz you can’t get back in with either party. Mixed voting got us a tyrannical UDP government in 2009. We DON’T want or need THAT again!

    • Anonymous says:

      You got it right on Chuckie. Both Party Leaders are suffering from the same problem "EGOCENTRIC" but what a morning on the 23rd it will be. A lot will be on reflection when you dont listen.

    • Anonymous says:

      How silly, billy.

  20. Anonymous says:

    It looks to me that the reason and attraction for so many running is the PREMIERS position. God knows that we dont need the present premier and do pray that we will get a good replacement. We want some one that can esprcially represent us properly by their attire and proper public speaking, not like you are on a roller coaster and not stopping to catch your breath. Embarrased embarrased.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree and I silently begin to wonder if Chuckie and Alden really have the country at heart if they are already biggering over you may or may not be Premier.

      Let's see who gets in and then determine who the best man/woman for the job will be. That would be having the countriy's interest at heart!

  21. anonimus says:

    lol next government my A$$ chucky

  22. So? says:


    If you are now independent and looking for 9 others to support your manifesto and you want a seat in BT and you will work with the PPM if elected. Why should I waste my vote on you? I may as well just vote straight PPM.

    With the PPM I know what they are bringing to BT and what their agenda is and who they support for Premier. I am afraid you present too many questions and not enough answers. I also note that you are now being supported by Arden and C4C but you name drop the PPM because they are obviously out in front. If you were not being economical with the truth you would be out telling people to vote PPM because as you say their plan seems to be the right plan for Cayman. If it wasnt you would not be so quick to say you want to join them. 

    I say vote straight PPM in BT – Chucky brings nothing to the table but more questions and uncertainty. Those PPM candidates understand what the districts needs are and they demonstrated that they are honest men of action and will get things done the right way.

    I am not gambling that one vote on you Chucky, I am voting straight PPM.


    • Anonymous says:

      10.13 you schmuck, shame on you!

      Cayman, vote for the people you will do the job, not the party. You vote for the party you get a load of wannabe's or hasbeens who probably did nothing last time round and you know not much about them..they can hide in the shadows behind their not so illustrious leaders.

      • funny says:

        Chucky is a has-been he was voted out last time. Bodden Town please note this man is simply after power. He just opened a law firm and needs clients and favours. He is no better than Mark or Jon Jon Chris or Theresa

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hope it's not Chuckie..Lord only help us if that happens…remember he was trained under McKeeva