‘Indies’ say no to Bush

| 15/05/2013

c4c poster.jpg(CNS): Following the declaration last week by two of the current PNA ministers that they would not join a UDP government led by former premier McKeeva Bush, Minister Rolston Anglin was keen to add his voice to that of his colleagues Mark Scotland and Cline Glidden, when he also made a public statement Tuesday in the final Cabinet press briefing before elections that he would not join a Bush government. Following emphatic refusals from independent candidates Arden McLean, Ezzard Miller and Charles Clifford to work with Bush or any government that included the current members of the UDP, there was a surge from the Coalition for Cayman candidates Tuesday night to reject the possibility that any of them would support Bush.

When CNS previously asked C4C candidates and other independents where they stood in regards to supporting either a UDP or a PPM led administration, those that answered had avoided rejecting outright the idea of supporting either party. However, in response to an email sent by CNS Tuesday asking for a 'yes' or 'no' answer, there was very little sitting on the fence.

Roy McTaggart stated an emphatic 'no' and also went on to reject any possibility of working with Bush on Tuesday night’s episode of 'The Panel' on Cayman27. All of the other C4C candidates, Jude Scott, Sharon Roulstone, Jackee Haynes, Winston Connolly and the West Bay team of Tara Rivers and Mervin Smith, all said ‘no’ when asked if they would support McKeeva Bush to form a government.

Gregg Anderson, who is running on his own ticket in Bodden Town also rejected the possibility. “No, my core values and moral compass don't correlate with his,” he told CNS.

With the camp againstBush becoming more emphatic in their rejection of him, the former premier and political veteran will be looking to secure a majority but it is likely that he can still call on the support of some of his former UDP colleagues as well as John McLean JR, who is running in East End as an independent but who has been formally endorsed by Bush.

Juliana O’Connor-Connolly has not ruled out working with the former premier and Dwayne Seymour stated last Thursday at the weekly press briefing that he would need to consult with his constituents if he was re-elected and was asked by Bush to help him form a government.

West Bay’s first elected MLA and three decade long representative may also be able to count on one or two other former colleagues to back him if the Cayman public do not deliver a majority for his UDP or the Progressives.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    While I do not support the UDP, PNA, or PPM it is silly to make a statement that you will not work with an MLA that has been properly elected by the people. This type of attitude is why I will not vote for some of these 'indies'.

    • Anonymous says:

      But it is quite sensible to say you will not support McKeeva Bush/UDP to form a govt. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Please Cayman do the right thing and elect representatives and leaders of this country that will bring integrity and accountability back to Cayman.  Let us put aside the selfishness and pride do what is right and elect the best people to steer this ship Cayman out of trouble waters.  Please let us do what is right I pray that we all make the right choice come 22 May.

  2. PickedMyPoison says:

    As my monicker suggests, I've picked my poison.

    I listened to Star 92.7 this morning, Renegade had Ellio & Rayal on there. Listen to me man. I was ashamed. Ellio can not look me in my face and tell me that he sees anything wrong with the FFR and the PPP. They are in place for us to be accountable, responsible, and not "do as we wish" anymore! It was like he was telling me he has an issue with upper authority! What do you really think this is?! What his party has done, is show us that they like to RUSH and PUSH through deals, with no accountability or responsibility. They don't read, and properly negotiate anything- that's why we are in the mess we are in now -CHEC COHEN GLF DART.

    He also touched on projects' extended time frame now because of the FFR as if it's a bad thing…let's be clear. I don't mind it taking a little bit longer as long as it is done right the FIRST time- with no illegal payouts and lawsuits attached!! I'm so pissed off with these people trying to spoon feed us their BS, and manipulate and brainwash our people. Caymanians are not as stupid as u all think! Let's prove these people wrong! We want things done properly- due processes followed! No back door BS. Anything rushed, and not properly analyzed is bound to be a mess in the end! Look at all of the things they claimed they have done for us? Not one was done properly- and to date is successful!

    Rayal…shut up with the "innocent until proven guilty…charges were dropped crap" SHUT UP! You all know that your leader XXXX might just be GUILTY. Why would you align yourself up with these people? You know what I think? Once he is arrested, there will be that struggle for power amongst yourselves. Ellio/Mike first of course, and the war will continue because Bernie, Theresa might wanna be Deputy.

    4 wasted years….that you all will never be able to give back! Just go! Bow your heads out of respect forour Island and LEAVE!

    If you are a Caymanian, and you don't agree we are in a sad state today.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here's my response to the 'innocent until proven' justification for political support. Say you are the parent of a small child and need a caregiver for the child while away at work. Would you (a) employ someone who has been charged with 11 counts of child molestation as the caregiver (noting that other caregivers are available) because they are presumed innocent until proven guilty, or (b) would you say I will reconsider you if and when you are acquitted of your charges? Only a moron choose (a). Is the future of our country somehow less important?  

      • SSM345 says:

        11:45 and PickMyPoison, you are bang on.


        The whole situation we find ourselves in stinks of the Turks & Caicos fiasco,XXXX and look has what happened with them.

        Mac and the current government have done an amazing job at destroying our credibility for doing business with outside investors, and they are now f***ing with DART!

        I am sh*t scared of next Wednesday's elections and so should everyone else.

        If Mac returns to power, and is then proven guilty, it will be the end of Cayman, everyone will leave (you know all the expats that need to be here to support our products).


        • Anonymous says:

           It is Bush who sold us out to Dart.  Now everyone is bowing to Dart saying saying; "Oh forgive us for trying to hold onto our island how can we be so far sighted. We need you to do as you wish , you must be a saint and savior for the Cayman Islands because you have almost as much money as God."
          This might be our last chance to stop Dart's total control of our country.  The way Bush sold out to Dart is criminal in my book.  It should be stopped.  The cost to day might be worth the value of our souls we are selling to this vulture. 

          Welcome to south Florida Brought to you by The Dart Group and his vision of what we should be.  And remember the opinion of Caymanians no longer counts.  It is Dart's vision not those of our people that will define our future.  Thank you Mac.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What about Bo? Has he spoke on this topic?

  4. sickntired says:

    who cares C4C aint getting in anyways!!!  C4C are the most ridiculous group of ppl to ever run!!  Ask them where dog city, rock hole central etc they wouldn't have a clue!!

    C4C = Clueless about Cayman

    C4C = Care 4 Cash

    • CayStudent says:

      The amount of ignorance in one post is unbelievable. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I guess the person didn't realise that all the C4C candidates already have money and therefore are sincerely running for Cayman's sake not to get a huge salary at the end of each month. Roy was the manager of KPMG, Sharon is a lawyer…not to mention that they are all very educated and can actually talk properly!

  5. fred sanford says:

    I hope big mac is reelected so momma can come and take over. Remember a few weeks ago when madame premier denied signing that paper to stay on after the election, Well that paper ment that if the queen did not like the results of the election that semi direct rule would be put in place. This will happen if a man that has been charged has so many blind followers that they just cant think for themselves.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Shows that the C4C party is no better than the rest of them! A party of power hungry wana-be politicians!

  7. Anonymous says:

    If any candidate decide he or she will not work with the person I elect then they do not deserve to represent the country unless they will represent other districts and not West Bay.  C4C and those on that bandwagon of not working with Mac, should drop out of this race because they have clearly demonstrated that its not about we the people but about themselves.  I do not like nor will I vote for Mac, but by God if I was an elected member and the people in his district chose him, you tell me that I will say I will not work with him!!!!   That is bestowing power unto themselves even before they are given power so its power they want?  I can see that we should have plenty by elections if Mac gets in because all those who said no way Mackie should resign if they are elected so we can have people who can and will work together.  You have to show political maturity and work even with your opponents.  So big shots, NONE of you will get my vote because you have shown that you are no better than Mac yourselves.  Selfish, ignorant bunch of wannabe politicians.      If you cannot put country first you do not deserve to be a representative of the country!!!!!   Go find another campaign strategy and stick to your regular jobs!!!

  8. Raffaelle says:

    What a bunch of presumptuous hypocrites unaah better try and hold down unaah corner before you all end up on these ya streets like the rest of us way unaah not saying bounce! sombodeee gonna be crying May 23rd 2013!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Politics makes strange bed fellows.


    We will know who will be in bed with each other only after the election.


    Right now all we have is a lot of hot air and puffed up posturing.

  10. Anonymous says:

    shame shame shame  if you ARE elected you should form a government !!!


    • Anonymous says:

      One would hope that neither of the PNA's for Bodden Town will be re-elected and so they will be in no position to support Mckeeva, or anyone else. Surely the good folk will remember how one actively supported the dump being moved there and the other, by his silence presumably supported it. Hopefully, the two West Bay PNA's  also will be in no position to support Mckeeva as they will not be re-elected. Surely West Bayers will recall Anglin's drunk driving in the middle of the night with a woman he did not know and him lying to the police. But worse still that he did not do the decent thing and immediately resign as the Minister of Education. What kind of example was he to Caymanians in general and to school children, students andyoung people in particular. 


      • Anonymous says:

        If we are going to go down the road of morality we have to look farther than Rolston, in the old AND NEW candidates. That’s not saying that there was nothing wrong with his actions. The DUI should be the least of our concerns. Again, he made a poor choice but one that ordinary people and sometimes other pillars of the community make every day, unfortuntunately; not to be compared with other charges that have been brought against others who have the audacity to put themselves up for election or re-election.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are not saying they will not work with him – they are saying they will not join him to create a majority UDP government – theres a difference.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Mac exposed C4C for who they really are last night – check it out!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcYLPOIP6zA

    • Anonymous says:

      Really, All I saw last night was yet another example of Mac being a BULLY. What a disgrace to this country! We are just so tired of his lies.

    • Cayman GT says:

      No, Mac went WACKO as usual.
      The man is a disgrace and over 90% of the population. Hopes he ends up in jail

    • Anonymous says:

      WOW!  Gotta give it to Mac.  He's telling it like it is.

    • The Rt. Hon. Anon. says:

      I checked it out!


      It shows that either (a) Mac is lying about previous crimes of C4C supporters (since he makes plenty of accusations but refuses to publicise them, or


      (b) the alleged crimes took place and Mac was in a position to do something about them but (as he admits, which in itself is a terrible endictment on his time in office), he chose to sweep them under the mat.  


      Either way Mac is culpable. Surely there aren't people in CI who see this as a positive for Mac?

    • Anonymous says:

      Shows that Mac and C4C cut from the same cloth!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    its disgraceful that these people are saying they would not help govern the country with someone whom the country has voted in……regardless of anything and everything he's supposed to have done, if he's voted back in, and if he has enough power in the LA to be part of a govt, (note the 2 IF's), then its the duty of others to work with him…..how dare they….and frankly it goes to show the standard of people we have that think they have the right to say who they'll work with…..my gosh, Obama worked with Clinton…….these petty, egotistical candidates have a long way to go before they get my vote…..you represent US…not the other way round

    • Anonymous says:

      McKeeva was removed from our government for very good reason and he needs to be KEPT out of our Government for the sake of this country and all our people, including those that would ignorantly wote him back in for petty handouts. And he really should have the decency and moral capacity to very simply call it a day over embarrassing and disgracing and creating more hardship for himself and his country and our people than he has already done.

    • Anonymous says:

      The "country" will not be voting Mac in!…. If he gets in, West Bay will do that.


      • Anonymous says:

        Bodden Town, Cayman Brac and George Town voted for him to become Premier those districts gave him the supporters to become Premier the last time,

        so you see without them he would have been a backbencher so you all cannot put all the blame on West Bay.

        Also remember less than 50% of the W-B voters vote for Mac and his crew.

    • Truth says:

      Re-voting in the "honorable for life" Bush frankly goes to show the standard of people who are given the right to vote in Grand Cayman.  If they are dumb enough to trade in the future of the island for a gas card they will not be a part of the new Cayman when the old one fails.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, your comparison is extremely far fetched.  We are talking about an 'honorable premier' who has been charged with numerous theft and fraud charges….. anyone who says they will work with him should he, god forbid, be voted back in, will not be getting my vote as it shows they have screws loose in their heads.

    • Anonymous says:

      Neither Obama or Clinton had criminal charges hanging over their head. They were and are respectible persons.  McKeeva is a BULLY no one help me form a Government.  Whoever is elected will work for the benefit of the country but what they are saying is that they will not form a government with him.  What part of that don't you understand??

    • SSM345 says:

      16:51, how many people are there in Cayman who still have their heads buried in the sand?

      The only people UDP work with is UDP, you only need look at the last 4yrs and any other years where Mac was Leader of Govt business, hell they even have a show on TV that proves how well they all "work together".

      What C4C are saying is that they will not align or work with the UDP, and rightly so, because you will ahve to work with Mac, and he doesn't return the same.

      These Jamaican style tactics that Mac employs are destroying this country, he feeds the needy absolute bullsh*t and they fall for it hook, line and sinker. Its like shooting fish in a barrell.

      What the f**K has he done for Cayman apart from destroy it.

      He claims he took us off the OECD "grey list". Really? I remember 2001-2005 when he told everyone to f"off with their tax treaties which is whywe were put on the "grey list". The PPM then started signing these treaties up until 2009 when Mac regained power, signed the last one, which was left for him, and claimed victory from saving us from taxation.

      Shall I mention 1st Cayman Bank, Cohen, GLF, CHEC, Gas Boy, ATM's and casino's, spending money we don't have, trying to tax a country out of recession, turtle farm, explosives, shady real estate deals, setting the world record for travel miles (with absolutely nothing to show for it – not one damn iota), double dipping, cutting civil service salaries while doing nothing to adjust his, christmas lights, chef, driver, body guard, oil rig and on and on and on.

      Mac is the master of bullsh*t and nothing else. He even admitted he is no financial expert but promptly made himself the minister of finance!

      Wow, the PPM built us some schools at a time when no one could predict that the entire world would go into recession, no one saw that coming, not even god. Why don't you look at the governments deficit in 2009 and compare it to what it is now? Who spent more money? At least there are decent schools now in the eastern districts.

      West Bay is going to decide the future of this country and there will not be one with Mac in government.

      Businesses have closed and others have their bags packed and ready to go and no one is lining up at our door to do business if you haven't already noticed.

  13. Sr. Turtle says:

    People are reluctant to vote in PPM again. See how the country went into 81 million debt and monies unaccounted for. PNA (People National Alliance) and voting in individual candidates seems to be another option that isnt UDP and PPM. As for C4C, a coalition for the indies,  I cant understand why they dont call themselves a party – If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck!  Another thing, this thing about not supporting any other party but themselves, to me sounds like what a party would do. We need people who will work together for the best of the country, not create division and say they will not support let's say Mac because he is Mac!  That to me is a reason why C4C / PPM / UDP will lose alot of voters. We need to stop this division and think country first!

    • Cayman GT says:

      It looks like we need to vote for the mettle of the man.
      I think a Global CEO (Maples- Jude Scott) a Head Accountant (for KPMG) Roy, a person who LEFT the UDP over a corrupt deal (Stefan Baraud) and a loyal community attorney (Winston) have my vote to clean up the party mess!
      These businessmen work with many people and will get the job dome.
      Oh- and like Dr T, I support Bo too since he is for job training instead of handouts.

      Yup, Independents ARE looking a LOT more credible than career politicians who have killed the country for the pastdecade!

      Don’t vote straight (sheep) Vote right.

    • Anonymous says:

      "…81 million debt…"


      I am not a PPM fan.


      However, the 81 million reported after the last election was not auditable. It was a number that was picked out of the air by the Financial Secretary who bows shamefully before whoever is in power. He tells them what they want to hear because he has no idea what the numbers really are.

    • Dred says:

      Fact is no ones knows how much debt we were actually in because Big Mac is the one saying 81Mil and then he refused to audit that year because well maybe that figure is not 100% accurate.

      Not a big PPM fan but truth be told AT LEAST YOU SAW WHEWRE THEY SPENT MONEY….

      700Mil is the highest budget lik EVER and can anyone say where they see money being spent? Well….except for…..

      —–Paying off GLF 2.5Mil

      —–Paying Cohen & Cohen 450K

      —–Paving of Driveways in Cayman Brac for 500K

      —–Over 1Mil in travel expenses for Mac

      This country has never been taxed the way UDP has taxed us and only to spend money….

      Let's not forget all the wonderful ideas he has come up with…..

      —–Oil Rig in the North Sound

      —–East End Mega Quarry

      —–Little China aka Cruise Berthing

      God I have forgotten them all now….you get the picture….

      Not a big PPM fan but UDP makes them look like Super Heroes coming to save the day….

      I think the jury is still out on C4C but I would like to see Jude and Roy get a shot but PPM still have enough to form to see if PPM would try to incorporate them into the Government in some way.



      • Anonymous says:

        Dred, Auditing should have taken placed under the PPM administration way before Mac was Premier!  That is why people elected Mac in 2009, because their were funds unaccounted for when Alden and Kurt left. People should never forget this truth!

        • Anonymous says:

          Ummm…no…. The year in question is 2008-2009 which obviously could not have been audited by the PPM since the election was in May 2009 and the financial year ends on 30 June.  Audits happen after the financial year has ended. Try again.

    • Well says:

      First of all. It was not 81M debt. It was a claim that the deficit was 81M and that conflicts with the report given to the PPM by the Financial Secretary. The 81M was never confirmed by him, but in his reluctance to cross Mackeeva, the Fianancial Secretary refused to speak up. Also what money is unaccounted for under the PPM? Please stop stating fiction and stick to the facts. The UDP/PNA are guilty of not getting their audits done, the PPM ran a clean ship and it is disgracefull to see people like you lie deliberately to try and subdue their supporters.


      • Hue says:

        In other words, 81 million and we don't know what else, because no auditing done. Thank you PPM for the financial mess!

        • Anonymous says:

          You forgot to thank the UDP for the lies.

        • Anonymous says:

          They were deliberately not audited by the UDP because it would have revealed that $81m was a lie. If there was any chance of it being higher they would have rushed to have them audited. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Speak for yourself. There are so many of us waiting for next week Wednesday to bring back decency and honesty to this Country by voting in The Progressives. Some of you better start taking your blood pressure Meds from now!!

  14. CayStudent says:

    Should a coalition government be formed and Bush gets in, I hope those other 17 MLA's do not give him any position of power or ministerial authority. I beg. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The trouble is that he will be elected and if is party is in govt. he will be pulling the strings.

      • Anonymous says:

        He won't, I assure you. And even in the unthinkable event that he does end up pulling those purse strings again he will be back in court in a couple of weeks facing eleven charges of criminal misconduct in his ex (praise God) capacity as premier of our country. Let me repeat that for anyone daft enough to be considering voting for McKeeva, or for some reason has not heard. "Our forever honerable ex premier is facing eleven court charges of criminal misconduct in his capacity of ex (praise God) premier of this country".

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, but he would continue to hold office as premier for the duration of the trial which could last 2 – 3 years.