Alden sets out new path

| 30/05/2013

alden speach dennie.jpg(CNS): The premier of the Cayman Islands, in his first address as the country’s leader, said the Cayman Islands was on a new path with an inclusive government. Alden McLaughlin said Wednesday that it was “abundantly clear” that although the Westminster system of government is adversarial in nature, the challenges facing thenation would not be solved by “opposing for opposing’s sake”, as he asked all elected members to use their experience to move the country forward.  “I am not asking for a free pass, and my government will always welcome constructive criticism, but I believe that the experience that resides in this Chamber must be utilized for the benefit of the country at large,” he said. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

Arriving in office at a critical point for the future of the offshore sector, McLaughlin said the re-ordering of the world’s finances was far from complete.

“A new world economic order is gradually emerging from the ashes of the 2009 global meltdown and if we are to continue to have a stake in the global financial industry, we must be prepared for further upheaval and indeed threats to the model on which our prosperity has been built. The signs are already there. It will not be business as usual,” he warned.

He said his government would do its part to protect the financial services industry from the onslaught, as he asked stakeholders to join government in the goal to keep the financial services industry on the cutting edge.

The premier also asked stakeholders in tourism to employ Caymanians and ensure they play an integral role in the industry. “A happy, safe and stable social environment is a prerequisite to a successful tourism industry,” he said, adding that it was in the interest of investors to ensure that Caymanians feel included in the sector which showcases their country and culture.

McLaughlin said in the long term a plan that was agreed to by the UK was needed to bring certainty to the budget process. Having already spoken to the Overseas Territories Minister, the premier said Mark Simmonds had indicated a willingness to work with the government to get the economy back on track.

“Within the next two weeks I will take a delegation including the Minister of Finance to the UK to meet with the British Government to resolve some of our budgetary issues for the upcoming fiscal year,” he added.

Pointing to the port and the airport expansion as key projects, he said getting them properly tendered and on stream would be an early priority for the new government. However, creating jobs was priority number one.

With a heavy workload ahead, the premier said the elections were over and the people had spoken.

“The country expects us to get on with the people’s business,” McLaughlin said. “It is time that we all put aside the differences that characterized the election campaign and come together as one people for the betterment of our beloved Cayman Islands. This is our country. Let us show the world that we are capable of working together for the greater good,” he added.

See full statement below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mybiggest hope to Almighty God is that our new Government will put aside the "we love you" bullshit from the 'For Cayman' regime and start treating them like every other honest and decent foreign investor in this country. It is very sad indeed that it is very likely too late to ever collect what was so rightfully due from them to this country in their last "for cayman" "deal". 

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s very simple, just read the Miller Report and start implementing the recommendations.
    We don’t need more revenue, we need to reduce expenses. This island has a population of about 50K. It is the size of a village by any other country’s standards with a budget of over 500M. Miller’s report is not rocket science, it is quite simple.

    • Anonymous says:

      8:12 The references contained in your post are as simplistic as the coffee table analysis and recommendations of the Miller Shaw Report. I agree that Cayman’s budget problems can be fixed but using this Report as a guide really weakens your suggestions. I don’t doubt for one minute that you mean well. However, the Miller Shaw Report is for the dustbin along with the other broad-brush cliches laden types. Hopefully your poor country did not pay to have it written.

      • Anonymous says:

        wow…what part of miller shaw do you not agree with?….please explain….

      • Anonymous says:

        why are you afraid of the miller shaw recommendations?????… wouldn't be one of the thousands of of overpaid civil servants by any chance????

        • Anonymous says:

          20:42: my, my you are resorting to name calling now? No my dear lawyer friend I happen to be among several persons who can spot your types from kilometres away. Open your mind and try to understand that your outdated drivel does not work – there is a parallel economic universe out there that you have yet to join much less understand.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hon Alden McLaughlin, I am so proud of your dignity, your Statemenship and your accomplishments. Thank you for bringing back decency to our honourable house. Do notretaliate when you are attacked by Mckeeva, Ezzard, Roy or even Arden.  They are there to disrupt the process and to cause problems. If they had good intentions, they would had join up with you to help put Cayman back on sound footings. You have a big task ahead and a lot of damage control solvings to do. Do not allow the detractors to take you off course. You have made a brilliant speech, you have offered up tasks for the others to be part off, but they were only set on getting the Premiership and could not put their egos aside.  Lets forge ahead and start turning the runaway train back on track.  Its an ugly sight inside, but it needs to be cleaned up and you and your colleagues are there to do just that. Don't let the lobbyist tell you guys what to do, you guys have enough educated people onboard and you have the leadership to get the job done. Once again do what is right for Country. Hard work without corruption will pay off in the end.

  4. Anonymous says:


    I wonder how much this trip to the UK for his delegation will cost. Why is it that they always have to take these costly trips just to meet with people and in this case to ask for their Ok to spend more money. I am sure they will say wasn’t it you that darn near broke the bank the last time you were in charge. In Just because Bush is out of the picture doesn’t mean they are going to change their style al they will say is cut back or Tax more..

    • Anonymous says:

      They were summoned to London, dimwit. Can't you read?

    • Anonymous says:

      Money spent repairing the relationship between the UK and Cayman will be well spent.  Maybe when the UK sees we have intelligent, educated representatives now, they will be more reasonable.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cayman hit the jackpot with Alden.  The 5th largest financial country in the world now has a Premier, who is handsome, intelligent, empathetic, can read, has common sense, is fair, honest,  honorable, statesmanlike, smart, and has national pride.  The opposite of what we had before.    Very proud of you Honorable A.  

  6. Anonymous says:

    I like the makeup of the Public Accounts Committee. Roy can ask the questions, and McKeeva can provide the answers.

  7. Anonymous says:


    Stop the leaking ship, sell off loss making CIG entities like Cayman Airways, Turtle Farm etc. Use these savings to put into a new airport and new cruise ship port and adult training centers for people to get work experience. Also make strict srchitectural covenant in George Town to remove all the signs and make property owners inmprove their building to a strict architectural code. Permit a National Lottery to help fund schools and eduction for our children. These are sensible, viable options the government must make!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am so far impressed lets see if the diplomacy continues or will ego and power get to him.

    BTW if they want to cut costs, get rid of the drivers! They all have drivers licences and get rid of the expat consultants/contract workers within the Government. Its time to give Caymanians a chance to shine.

  9. want2come2cayman says:

    ''Mr. McLaughlin will also push for a June meeting with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office where he will attempt to convince British politicians to loosen their grip on Cayman's finances. He is seeking more leeway to get major government projects going.'' That rings the alarm bell in me. How did the Southern European countries get in the fiscal and economic mess they are now in? It was when their leaders thought they could stimulate the economy by spending more and more money and got trapped in the debt spiral.

    Mr. McLaughlin, I urge you not to go down that same disastrous road. Cayman already has a large loan it has to repay in a few years' time. Instead of getting caught in the debt trap, set money aside NOW for repaying the outstanding loan. Without any new debt and without new taxes. The CI government spends tens of millions each year unproductively on Cayman Airways, the Turtle Farm, … These funds could easily be saved if you are the strong leader you want to be. Otherwise I truly hope the FCO will say no to your spending plans. If not, this will indeed be ''a defining moment in time our children, when we leave this stage, can look at.'' But quite a different one from what Ms. O'Connor-Connolly meant!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The honeymoon is officially over.

    * Alden is about to learn firsthand what it is like to be treated like a piece of trash when he goes to the UK.

    * He will understand very quickly that the relationship between the UK and the British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies is very much one-sided and that he is expected to simply do what the UK says without exception.

    * He will learn that the UK cares more about their relationship with the rest of Europe than they care about their relationship with the British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies.

    * He will learn that the UK is not willing to offer much flexibility with the budget and that he will be unable to accomplish many of the things that he promised during the election campaign.

    The look on his face when he returns from the UK will be priceless.

    • U name McKeeva? says:

      Cause I swear I could scoop the bitterness off your comments with a Brawny papertowel.  If you are, let Mr. McLaughlin learn his lessons on his own time.  And if you are not, stop sweating the UDP's thrashing fever – cause that is just what they got from the People: the good and proper thrashing they deserved and had coming for a long, long time.  

    • Anonymous says:

      You, and others like you need to get your facts straight instead of coming out with this BS that only idiots would believe.  I'm sure Mr McLaughlin will not have the experience you predict.  In fact reading your alarmist conspiracy theory against the UDP – you sound just like Foolio…. is that you Foolio?

    • Centrist says:

      The Hon. Alden McLaughlin has extensive experience in dealing with the UK Government and I am confident that he put this experience to good use.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I wish all of our politicians can humble there selves & push aside there differences & move the country forward as one unit, after all we are 1=Caymanians alike! It’s time for unity!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      yes, and I hope they can lead corrupt politicians and civil servants to jail

  12. Richard Wadd says:

    Early days yet, but certainly a good start. IF this speach is any indication of the attitude & policy of our new Government & Premier, then there may be hope for us afterall.
    “Entourage” hopefully will not be in the definition of our Former Premiers.
    Alden, Marco, Roy & Wayne sound about right.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I did not want a ppm majority or the previous administrations to succeed. After todays speech and the way its being handled i am shocked but also extremely optimistic.Drop the party rhetoric Cayman. You dont have to be a PPM member to agree that this is uplifting and respectable. Ok good folk. 4 years ahead to make a difference in everybodys lives. Congrats to all elected.

  14. J Salasi I. -111? says:

    May the Blesings of the Most High be with us all. Remember people it’s not only the Government that has a responsibility of carrying this country forward , but it is also that of the people. We must all work together for the common good. Hail that man, that’s your brother, Hail that sister she is a mother no matter where you come from, and you live on this land, we must assist one another.

    We must not let the Administration and the Opposition forget a bout us and not talk to us or respond to us until the next election, we the people must be active and resolute in seeking fairness and equality and the end of criminality in our land. We must be conscious that our children cannot be raised by themselves but that we must all play an important part in caring and assisting with love and compassion and indeed where essential with our finances. No one, no one must suffer in this land.

    While we pay homage to the UK for our past financial sins we must also remember that we cannot put ourselves in a position where the blood of our forefathers sings from under the earth because we have become spineless on the pursuit of being our own Masters as they were Masters of the seas equal to none. Let us be inclusive but not allow ourselves to be abused and subjugated to those with wealth and so called power, for the real power lies with the “people”, who have spoken on May 22nd, and to all politicians less you forget, you and the Civil servants are indeed our leaders but servants and we expect you to carry out your duties in the interest of all who reside in these Beloved Isles Cayman. So Jah say say.

  15. Adult fiction says:

    What a breath of fresh air after "conspiracies", "naysayers" and "devil worshippers" McKeeva Bush never did understand his role that is: to build consensus. But I think this man just might. As part of beginning the process and promise of openess, it would be nice to have an honest budget. Based on real figures, and these should be made accessible to the public. Then, it will be known what can be done, and what wasn't done and why. And hopefully, where the money went that was there.



    • Anonymous says:

      Yea and a new calculator for the Finacial Secretary is in order too please……..thanks.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Hon. Premier, I am so proud of you and proud to be a Caymanian today. Let's show all those critics who tore you down badmouthing you that you have what it takes to deliver an honest, inclusive, non-corrupt Government. We'll hold you there for 8 years.  I pray God's constant guidance on you and your colleagues.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Alden you have really changed for the better and I can only hope you contine the great work from here on. All the best in bringing The good old cayman back and restoring confidence in our beloved Island. This is a Great start, The progressives are ready!!!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    My beloved premier is the man for the job! He is a breath of fresh air. Let us all stand by our beloved premier.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I’m proud of you being our premier! Putting aside the childishness Behavior &working together & get things done! that’s all the country wants (unity & progress & transparency)!!


  20. Anonymous says:

    Ms. Althea must be looking down from heaven with a big smile on her face saying "that's my boy". Continue to make her & the Cayman Islands proud. Congrats Mr. McNee, Elizabeth, and Debbie. and I can't forget his beautiful wife Kim.

  21. This is what the true Cayman spirit is says:

    We all have to live in these Islands for as a small country to display hate and divsion it  was not a good  example for the younger generation or the world . Im happy that Alden was man enough to say these words and put the Cayman Islands first. I will keep praying for these islands as long as we keep God first he will heal and bless our lands

  22. Anonymous says:

    but alden, have you learned lessons from the economic mismanagement of the last ppm administration??????

    • Anonymous says:

      i don't think so as he is already looking to spend and borrow…….

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh stop throwing your rattle out of the pram McKeeva.  At least we have something to show for the PPM's spending last time around.  All we have to show from the last administration is… oh, NOTHING.  Nothing that is except Cayman getting a worse reputation, Cayman's people on their knees unable to survive any more due to the massive increase in the cost of living and taxes, business in Cayman leaving because the cost of doing business (after all the taxes) is now simply not worth the investment, Cayman's debt has increased, the CIG's liabilities have increased, and we have law suits popping out of the woodwork all over.  Hopefully someone will put an end to the ridiculous law suits McKeeva started (all at the public's expense) against CNS, Hurleys, Miss Sookie, etc. because he never did like people exercising their freedom of speech.  The nightmare of Bush's reign is far from over yet.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is no future in the past, my friend. However mckeeva may have pulled the wool over your eyes.

      • Hoping for better days says:

        Hey moron, there is no future without acknowledging THE PAST!!! your ignorance offends me! Stay away from the computer please and cellular device also. You should study our history a bit more and you will see the facts for yourself….

        • Anonymous says:

          Still getting your share of thumbs down I see. Listen master moron, the reason you keep hoping for better days is because you refuse to bury the past. If you had half a brain you would be dangerous indeed.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is if you learn your lessons from past mistakes.

        • Anonymous says:

          Indeed there is my friend. The problem is some of us apparently still haven't learned to learn from whatever they percieve to be past mistakes and then leave them in the past so they can get on with the future. 

      • Anonymous says:

        My man, the past dictates your future.

  23. Anonymous says:

    waffle……looking for answers alden?….read the miller shaw report.

    • Anonymous says:

      20:52, Please read the answer above to 8:12. The Miller Shaw Report is laced with pro- free market drivel that does not even work in larger economies (reference the US of today) much less in small open-market developing economies (reference Cayman). My fellow lawyer friend please find another hobby horse.

      • Anonymous says:

        drivel????…… please elaborate….. all i know for sure is that your cooment is simplistic drivel…..

        • Anonymous says:

          20:41, I am not here to educate you – I simply ask you to open your mind. This may then lead to an open national debate and some workable solutions for the Cayman environment. I do not doubt for one minute that you mean well but simply stating “read the Miller Shaw Report” adds nothing new or worthwhile to the debate.

  24. Anonymous says:

    This is not the same Alden I am used to…what's going on? I like it!

    • Anonymous says:

      If you had the UK bearing down on your butt, you would come away with a different perspective..yourself.

    • Anonymous says:

      …This is not the same Aden..

      I totally agree with you, I fell in love with this new Alden today. Welcome to our new Premier, keep it up Alden.


    • Anonymous says:

      Having a Deputy Premier seems to be a very positive thing.  I've noticed the change over the last few months.  Good move Alden, keep it up!

    • Anonymous says:

      Talking about being inclusive – lets see how many qualified UDP supporters he will have on his boards; then I will beleive that he has changed.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hopefully none. We don't want any more corruption scandals.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you really want him to do that?

      • Anonymous says:

        If you add honest the pool will not be very large.

        • Anonymous says:

          Good place to start would be the Liqour Licensing Board where all the members are pro-UDP and use their influence to muscle certain operators of opposing political veiws and one member who even directly competes with other licensees and where the chairman is scared of the deputy chairman allowing it to happen. Check It Out

          • Anonymous says:

            I really dont even know who the members sre but for sure the Chairman and the members are certainly keeping a morotorium on more liquor licences. THANK GOD as we dont need any more. Hope Alden will support that.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you are a UDP supporter, the first thing a person would question is your qualifications. Well maybe not, probably your common sense is the first thing that comes into question, then your morality, then ethics….. looks like it could takeawhile to reach qualifications when looking at UDP supporters.

  25. Anonymous says:

    "I will take a delegation".  Take only who you need. yourself and Mr Panton.  D not get into this "I am important leader take an entourage" mentality of Our first Premier.  Start out on the right foot.
    Also previously reported you were " called to the UK"

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree with poster at 20:17!  Two capable people is all you need.  Large delegations are a sign of  incompetence – takes five to do the job of one.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the premier knows what he is about and who he needs to take and we can rely upon him to do just that. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Make sure you take Roy McTaggart with you if you really want to travel with the brains of the country!

  26. CayStudent says:

    Before elections I was on the fence when it came to the PPM. After today’s address, I feel the improved confidence in the air and I know this country has a ways to go, but under the PPM I think Cayman can only go up from here.

  27. Anonymous says:

    i think Alden is on track to redeem the ppm from any blunders of the past , and lead the country in the right direction as long as he keeps this mind set ,good start premier

    • Anonymous says:



      I sure hope he has redeemed himself from the past. Especially the way he gave the school contract to an outsider…I forgave him for that but it is hard to forget it.  I saw so many of my people starved for jobs during that time . Even his PPM builders got nothing… but i wont say anymore. i wish him all the success with his administration along with his crew. Hopefully he will also make the builders inclusive, whenever these projects start.

      • Centrist says:

        Lets get the facts straight: Hon. Alden (Hon. as he was then and now) did not give the school contracts to an oursider, it went through the proper tendering process all out in the open and the decision was made by the Central Tenders Committee without interference from the elected Government of the daty .  The "outsdier" you are referencing had local partners who brought in the outsider.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Mr. Mclaughlin, and all others on forming the new Govt.

    Your address today was very well done! And a breath of fresh air.

    Once again I feel proud to be Caymanian as I witnessed so many talented indivuduals in the LA. Lets keep up this spirit of decorum and inclusiveness, and keep the egos in check.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Good speech, Alden.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Mannnnn who served Alden some humble pie?? I am loving this new person keep it up keep it up. I am cautiously optimistic…………………