Cops hunt suspect lost at sea

| 02/10/2013

(CNS): A local wanted man is believed to be lost at sea after he jumped into the ocean last night as he ran from police officers outside a West Bay Restaurant. The RCIPS confirmed this morning that a land, air and sea search has been underway for Anthony Smith (33), who was last seen diving into the sea last near West Bay public beach. Police said that at around  9.50pm on Tuesday officers in a marked police vehicle spotted Smith, who is the subject of a Fail to Appear warrant in relation to multiple offences before the court as well as police drug related matters, in a stationary car near to Alfresco Restaurant.

"The officers approached Smith and asked to exit the vehicle,” a spokesperson for the RCIPS said. However, Smith ran from the officers and dived into the rough seas and the strong tide started pulling him towards the West Bay dock. The officers immediately called for assistance and the air operations unit was deployed.

Uniform officers and the Air Operations Unit carried out a shoreline search and a cellphone and shoes were recovered. The search was suspended last night due to the severe weather conditions, but resumed around 7:30am this morning.

Marine, Air Operations and uniform staff are currently carrying out searches under the direction of a search coordinator. A shoreline search and other inquiries are ongoing at this time, the RCIPS have confirmed.

Attempts are also being made by police to contact any friends or family members of Smith to find out if he has been in contact with them since last night but officers have been unable to reach known family members.

The missing man is described as 5 ft 10 inches, large built, light complexion, wavy hair, usually in plaits. If anyone has seen Smith since 9:50 last night, they should contact their nearest police station as a matter of urgency.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    People Would You Ali

    People would you all stop this guy is no angel he is NOT DEAD he was seen in Birch Tree Hill area of West Bay up until yesterday. The problem is persons refuse to call the West Bay Police Station to give info as they are transferred to 911 which takes a year and a day

  2. Whodatis says:

    Thank you CNS for cleaning up this post by deleting the offensive and heartless comments.

    Unfortunately this seems to be a trend only when a Caymanian is involved in these reports – call it divisive if you want – it is the truth.

    I am yet to read such disgusting comments when one of our expats or tourists end up missing at sea – in fact, on occasion thousands of people form search parties to try to find certain individuals.

    A life is a life, regardless of nationality, color, profession, race or creed.

    *Again, I send my well-wishes for "Alaboo's" safe return. I haven't had much interaction with him as of late, but we shared many good times years ago at school, on the track and on the bus rides home.

    Thoughts go out to his sister, another fine individual, and the rest of his family at this difficult time.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the comments were probably driven by the fact that somone with the individual's reputation did this to avoid arrest and has resulted in large amount of public resources being wasted when there are much better things the police could be doing right now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Shame to all of you for joking about a human life and judging. Shame to you for thinking you are so much better.

    • Anonymous says:

      The cops don't have my mug shot to release to the media.  That makes me entitled to judge all I want.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes your that stupid.  But most people are not.  Get used to it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn't it be helpful if the News Agencies and the RCIPS provide the public with the full names, i.e. first, middle and last names, of individuals, when printing news stories or issuing press releases?  In such a small community with so many people with the same first and last names, it could cause undue stress on families or loved ones before they realise that it is not the person that they were thinking it was. I notice that the Court's Office does this in most instances now. Also an innocent person could have their character ruined if they have the same name and could prevent them from finding employment if an prospective employer Google their name.

    • Anonymous says:

      This story is very sad to me. Another tragic story in the Cayman news. This person is someone's family member no matter what his circumstances were. Did he have children?

      Sad that his lifestyle caused him to panic and jump into the sea. Do not blame the police as it is not their blame. When you are stopped and questioned by police, if you are innocent, you do not run and jump into the sea. Pray for the young man and his family and friends.



      • Anonymous says:

        What the he** is so funny in the above post that someone (two people actually could hit the LOL button)? I believe THAT is the problem with the community now….there is no empathy for your neighbors, family members, mankind anymore. Some of you just don't care about anyone except your selfish selves. There used to be a time, not to long ago, when community looked out for one another and each other's neighbors. That was also the time when crime was little and you could sleep with your windows open, walk the streets at night, and feel safe in your own neighborhood.

        This man is someone's family member. This man has friends.Children, I do not know. This story tells a very sad tale. Whether you agree with his lifestyle, he was still loved by many and the circumstances that they are dealing with right now are horrible. Empathy is needed not a  LOL.


  6. Anonymous1 says:

    Sometimes police need to look at themselves on "how" they apprehend criminals too. Instilling fear and chasing after accused persons have always proven unnecessary and dangerous for these small islands. A criminal should not be chased in Cayman. It just doesn't make any sense. Where will they go?  The island is too small. All you need is to identify who the accused person is, and when they are home or at some other spot away from the public, you can easily arrest them there. Suppose Michael decided to grab a child and hold that child hostage on the beach… anything could have happen. So I really think police need to change their policies when it comes to apprehension.

    • Anonymous says:

      They have that policy and they come to my house… I jus starts running agin


      • Anonymous1 says:

        I don't think you above guys understand what I am saying. To the commenter that says I am stupid – he is stupid because he doesnt know how to reason. Some time ago in the United States there was a similar incident. However the man went into a car an speed away, the police pursue the man in the car and during the pursuit a child decided to cross the 4-way lights on the road. And guess what happened?  The cop so excited himself hit the child. It was a big thing in the United States. The police officer could have taken down the man's license plate number and found him under more favorable circumstances. We are not even the United States but 73 mile long island. There are ways we can safely capture the criminals without injury to themselves or other people. That is all I am saying.

        • Hoping for better days says:

          Ok, but Cayman is actually 24 miles long, 8 miles wide at its widest point. (FACT)

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah yeah yeah! Lets NOT chase after criminals so they can EVENTUALLY be caught. Makes sense. You an MLA by any chance?

    • Diogenes says:

      You are so right! They have been chasing Manderson for 7 weeks and not caught him – if they stop, maybe they would have better luck.  

    • R. U. Kidden says:

      16:52,  You are joking, aren't you?  Chasing after accused persons is unnecessary and dangerous?  The island is too small?  Where will they go?  Maybe we should ask Manderson and get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

      • My opinion says:

        Yeah but is Manderson being chased now. There is a search for him, but he is not being chased like a she-dog in heat.

    • Anonymous says:

      You really need a rethink here. Cayman is no different to any other country in respect of how the police work. Criminals need to be chased down and caught because (they are) a potential danger to the public. 

      Would you have advocated the police not chasing down the likes of Jeffery Barnes? Leaving him potentially free to do the unthinkable again? XXX

      There seems to be a prevailing attitude of 'us against them' in Cayman. The police are here to protect you and they frequently put themselves in harms way to do it. It's not the police's fault there is crime in Cayman and yet they seem to come in for more criticism than the criminals.

      That said, I do have sympathy for the boy and his family. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you for real. There are many places to hide and many relatives encouraging and hiding criminals and information about criminals. The whereabouts of Manderson should open your eyes to that fact. Most of these criminals are the same ones who gave teachers so much trouble a few years ago, and the parents would march up to the schools and cuss and threaten the teachers if they dared to decipline them. Now all of us are being held hostage. For God sake stop blaming the police and others for your criminal friends and offspring. Parents did not put enough effort into raising their spoilt children and they have turned them into hooligans and criminals. You might have lost the battle with your sons and daughters but I am sure they have their own offsprings so try to do a better job with them. If you are having difficulties or perhaps don’t know how to decipline please contact Social Services, or others in the community who can help you. Blaming the Police is not the answer- instead we need to work with the Police and tell them what we know or suspect.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is the most disturbing post and perhaps helps to explain why these beloved Islands are being destroyed.  How about being dismayed at the criminal and not the police or anyone else who tries to apprehend them.  This is truley tragic no matter which way you look at it.  But to blame the police is completely uncalled for.  XXXX Really sad and really tragic.

    • Another Anon says:

      So you expect us to pussyfoot around these axxholes? It is time we get tough on crime – any crime!

  7. Whodatis says:

    Alaboo – I hope you're alright.

    To your sister I say; "keep the faith" and try to ignore the tactless comments on here.

    Regardless of his lifestyle, he has many that love and care for him.

  8. Anonymous says:

    They cant find any family members??!!! holly S—.  this man family all over GT and (Wait let me shut up) We talking about RCIP here!! The laughing stock of the West Indies. 

    • Anonymously says:

      Just by looking at his photo I am able to tell you where to find his family members. This is the advantage of having Caymanians in the RCIP we know our own. He can definaty swim every one from that family can swim and dive.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I would just hand that over to the brain trust that handled the helicopter. 

  10. Knot S Smart says:

    How do they expect to be police officers if they cant even swim?

    We have to start teaching these expat cops how to swim…

    • Anny Omis says:

      Silly, there is not mention of a lack of swimming abilities for the officers. If the officers had gone into the water they would have been as foolish as the suspect. If he jumped off a building should we scold the officers for not knowing how to fly?

    • Anonymous says:

      KNOT SO SMART How do you know a caymanian officer wasn’t involvedand immediately assume it was expats?

      Furthermore, what makes you believe expat officers cannot swim?

  11. Anonymous says:

    The helicopter was out searching for him and could not locate him, yet just minutes after the helicopter left the area, he was heard moaning and the Police were called to that area but due to heavy rain they failed to locate him. The neighbors in the area are upset and scared. The police should do a thorough search of that area again in daylight just to make sure he is not still there.  

    • Capt. Obvious says:

      Obviously, residents in the area would have heard the helicopter and/or seen the police activity. If he was heard moaning "just minutes after" why didn't someone inform the police?

      We need to start taking responsibility Cayman. Not just blame others.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you read the comment it says police were called to that area. Sorry to state the obvious Captain Obvious!

      • Westbayer72 says:

        They did their part. The people who heard him moaning did call the police and when the police arrived they searched but did not locate him. Since it is a large area with lots of bush, perhaps the police should search the bush a little better. Next time read the complete post before commenting.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Police needs a submarine!

    • PC Plod says:

      Exactly what Baines is thinking.

      "Another $60 million please due to 'lack of resources'."