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Activist takes issue over dangerous dogs

| 12/12/2013 | 58 Comments

(CNS): A well-known local activist is taking up yet another issue which is likely to strike a chord in the community. Sandra Catron has once again identified an area of neglect by the authorities which members of the public have been concerned about for years – dangerous dogs, mistreated pets and the lack of enforcement by the authorities. The activist and campaigner told CNS that for over one year she has been contending with a dog on a neighbouring property which has attacked her own pet canine on three separate occasions. Although the owners have chained the animal, she said that it manages to get lose and each time it goes after her own dog. Despite her calls to 911 and the reports made to the police, no action has been taken about the animal, which she says is genuinely dangerous.

Catron said she now has had enough and is demanding that the authorities do something about this dog and take all aspects of animal neglect seriously. The most recent attack on her and her dog happened on Sunday outside her own home, which she described as nothing short of an “ambush” by the out-of-control dog on her pet, Coco.

“I was so shocked I fell to the ground trying to save her life,” Catron stated. “The dog had her in a death grip and then my boyfriend, who was inside, came to her rescue. He was hitting the dog to get her off Coco to no avail. I finally got a grip of the dog’s neck and Coco ran inside to safety,” she said, but the neighbouring dangerous dog was still on her tail.

Catron said that she called  911 but despite her twelve-month long history of emails with the Department of Agriculture, pleading with them and the police to intervene, they have never done so. Catron said that after one visit the authorities concluded the dog was not dangerous, despite evidence to the contrary.

Following Sunday’s attack Catron said her dog was taken to the vet for treatment and has been recovering since and she also sustained some injuries to her hand and left side.

While Catron said she would be seeking to recover the cost of her vet bills and other damage to property from the dog owner, what was of wider concern was the failure of owners in general to take proper care of their animals and, in turn, the failure of the authorities to act when there is clear evidence that animals are being neglected or mistreated.

"I am very disappointed that people in Cayman do not see taking care of their pets as an obligation,” she said. “No one is forced to be a pet owner but if you do, the pet must be taken care of and cannot endanger others. The attacks on Coco have been vicious and the dog's intent is clearly fatal. I have decided to take all reasonable steps to protect my dog. I am hopeful the police can remove this dog before this happens again. I have CCTV footage demonstratingthe ferocious nature of this dog,” she added.

Catron also supplied a picture of the dog (above) chained up, in which it appears to be suffering from neglect and covered in ticks.

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Sprint and middle distance track meet results

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(CNS): Organisers ofthe Damion Rose Sprint & Distance Track Meet which took place on 7 December at the Truman Bodden Sports complex and included Sprints and Middle Distance events have now published the full schedule of results which are posted below. The next event on the athletics calendar is the Trinity Odd Events Track Meet which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 14 December beginning at 3:30pm.


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