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Two charged in jewel heist

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(CNS): Two men have been now been charged in connection with the New Year's Day robbery at Diamonds International in George Town, police confirmed Friday evening. The two men who were arrested in the wake of the daylight hold-up following the intervention of several members of the public as well as the police commissioner have been charged with robbery and possession of an imitation firearm with intent to commit offence and are expected to appear in court on Monday 6 January. Four men were arrested in direct connection with the harbour front jewel heist. Police said that a third man remains in custody and a fourth has been released on bail as the investigation continues.

Police have still not confirmed the details of how the arrests occurred but it is understood that David Baines, the police commissioner, was in the area at the time and assisted in apprehending the suspects by running at least one of them down. Local taxi operators and other members of the public were also involved in the arrest but RCIPS officials have still not said how the public helped.

Officers also noted that the charges relating to the firearm may change once the weapon seized has been tested and police said that at this stage they cannot confirm if the gun recovered was capable of firing.

Meanwhile, a suspect opportunist thief who was arrested after he grabbed a number of jewels during the chaos following the robbery remains in police custody pending a legal ruling on the matter. A second man who was also arrested in relation to that offence for handing stolen goods has been bailed.

The RCIPS is appealing to any person who may have witnessed any part of the robbery or the theft, including the subsequent arrests of the suspects, to contact Detective Inspector Joseph Wright at 516-8169 or by email at

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No sign of missing passenger

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(CNS): Police said Friday that there is still no sign of 65 year old man who is believed to have fallen from a cruise ship on Tuesday some 13 miles off the coast of Grand Cayman as the ship approached the jurisdiction.  The Canadian national who was reported missing on the 31 December by his wife was last seen around 1am on the morning of New Year’s Eve and discovered missing at around 7:15 later that morning. An RCIPS spokesperson said that they are liaising with the family of the missing person, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, the Canadian Consulate, the FBI and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in investigating his disappearance from the cruise ship  ‘Independence of the Seas’.

The ship was travelling from Fort Lauderdale to Grand Cayman when the man was believed to have fallen overboard. A search of the ship followingthe report that he was missing was negative and a close examination of the ships CCTV footage has not assisted with the man’s disappearance.

The RCIPS also conducted a full scale search in the sea around the area where the man may have fallen without success.

“Searches of open water were conducted by the RCIPS Marine unit on Tuesday and Wednesday to no avail. An all ships broadcast alert was also made and repeated on Wednesday,” a police spokesperson said, adding that the investigation continues by the George Town CID.

Any person with information on this matter can call 949 4222 and speak with Detective Inspector Sean Bryan.

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2014 starts well for Baines

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(CNS): The New Year has started well for Police Commissioner David Baines after a royal award was followed by a high profile arrest of suspected robbers and his unexpected hand in rounding them up. The RCIPS has confirmed that Baines was involved in the arrest of four men on Wednesday morning following a daring daylight hold-up at Diamonds International but officials have not said what the commissioner did to assist in the arrest. However, sources have told CNS that he may have used his own vehicle to stop the robbers escape and in the process hit one of the suspects, who is now believed to be in hospital.

Baines received an OBE in the New Year’s honours list for services to police in the Cayman Islands after four years at the top of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service during a time of rising crime.

Following two bar and restaurant robberies, the jewellery store heist was the third armed robbery across the holiday and the arrest of four suspect robbers was well timed for the commissioner but it has not been stated why he was in the area at the time of the robbery. Baines was not the only player in the arrest of the four men, as several members of the public also assisted.

"I did my job – it’s as simple as that," Baines said about his undisclosed action. "I only did what I would expect any officer of the RCIPS to do; however, today once again demonstrated the great community spirit in the Cayman Islands and the selfless acts we see time and time again where members of the public step forward to stand up for what is right. Without the brave actions of those exceptional  people, today, we may not have effected such quick arrests in connection with this crime." 

The men arrested in connection with the robbery are from George Town and aged between 22 and 32. the police also recovered of a quantity of jewellery and a firearm a short distance from the store in the wake of the robbery and the arrest.

A fifth man, aged 48, was arrested after trying to steal jewellery in the chaotic aftermath of the robbery. Police do not believe he was involved in the robbery but entered the store after the hold-up and grabbed the valuables. 

Anyone with information about this crime or who may have been in the North Church Street area since 7:30am on Wednesday 1 December 2014 is asked to call 949 7777 or 800 TIPS to remain anonymous.

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