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CIAA invites tenders for Brac airportexpansion

| 20/01/2014 | 19 Comments

(CNS): The Cayman Islands Airports Authority (CIAA) is inviting tenders from interested contractors to undertake the planned refurbishment and expansion of the Charles Kirkconnell International Airport (CKIA) on Cayman Brac. The scope of works includes construction of a Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) Room, in-transit lounge, and expansion of the arrivals hall. The HBS Room and relevant equipment would satisfy US requirements for inbound flights and allow for direct flights from the Brac to the US. Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell said the Brac airport was pivotal to the growth and development of tourism as it is the only way visitors can access Cayman Brac.

"The changes are designed to enhance the baggage screening process and create more space for travellers, thus improving the travel experience. Longer term, the goal is to create a high-quality environment which provides Cayman Brac with well-connected access to the global marketplace,” he said.

Government has previously stated plans to develop an entirely new airport on Little Cayman.  

Interested contractors have until Friday 24 January to submit their bids and the contract is expected to be awarded by 10 February. The project is scheduled to commence 17 February, and be completed by 16 May.

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Students prepare for jobs with mock interviews

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(CNS): Clifton Hunter High School (CHHS) Year 11 students arrived at school Friday 17 January out of uniform and dressed for success, ready to participate in a mock interview event that will teach them how to prepare and present themselves for employment interviews, the Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs said iun a release. In preparation for the mock interviews, as well as real life and future employment prospects, students have been learning about the process of applying and preparing for employment. 

Students have learned how to write a professional cover letter and resume, and learned about professional language and personal presentation. The objective of this learning experience is to provide life-skills lessons for students to experience and understand the process of applying and interviewing for a job so they know what to expect when it happens in real life.

Fifteen businesses participated as interviewers and 110 students were interviewed.  The students wrote a cover letter and attached their resume in application for the mock-interview for one of the many positions on offer from business participants.  The interviews were held at CHHS from 9:30 am – 11:30 am.

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Home-based dialysis provides patient freedom

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(CNS): A new Dialysis Unit at the Cayman Islands Hospital is now providing a home-based dialysis programme, which, for the patients who are able to use this service, has led to more flexibility in the timing and administration of dialysis treatments and an overall better quality of life. "This programme offers patients the opportunity to take control of their treatment, giving them far greater flexibility and independence,” said HSA Internist and Nephrologist, Dr Nelson Iheonunekwu, explaining that it means that they no longer have to visit the Dialysis Unit three times a week for their treatment. He said the programme takes the form of continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis and automated peritoneal dialysis.

“Patients are trained in how to administer their own dialysis treatments and many undertake their exchanges in the comfort of their own bedroom," Dr Iheonunekwu said. "Additionally,the home-based unit is portable, making it convenient for the patient. Prior to doing their dialysis treatment, patients are instructed to follow the necessary hygiene procedures; the actual exchange takes about 20 minutes. Some patients have to undertake their dialysis every four hours, some every six. The flexibility with the home-based programme means that patients are often able to go to work and live a more normal life."

The doctor advised that studies have shown that there is very little difference in life expectancy of patients who undertake the home-based peritoneal dialysis and those in a hospital-based programme.

“Cayman is unfortunately, like the rest of the Western world, currently seeing an increase in the number of patients suffering from chronic kidney disease," explained Lizzette Yearwood, CEO of the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority. "Our chronic kidney disease and dialysis population has grown exponentially over the years; in 1998 there were 10 dialysis patients compared to 52 patients requiring dialysis in 2012. This represents a 420% increase over a period of just 15 years.” 

“I am pleased to see that a number of our patients are benefitting from this additional service. The Health Services Authority is committed to providing the best possible care to all our patients and stresses the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles, which is one of the most important tools in the prevention of many chronic diseases. We therefore encourage our patients and the public to adopt healthy habits and lifestyles, thereby reducing their chances of developing chronic illnesses such as chronic kidney disease. In that way the need for dialysis will hopefully be reduced in time.” she said.  

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Radio station helps families in need at Christmas

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(CNS): Christmas for Marie Bush and her five children, who lost their George Town home to fire just over a month before the holidays, was made a little brighter, thanks to local radio station X017's Christmas Wish List promotion. In response to an appeal on the station, listeners of the morning show hosted by Blake & Erin, who spearheaded the initiative, nominated 22 people deemed to be in real need of a helping hand at Christmas time. This was a record number, which, the radio station said, was a sign of changing times in Cayman. The other household to benefit was another home in George Town, where four adults and seven children were feeling the pinch over Christmas.

The two adult women, sisters Luisa Bodden-Black and Rosita Bodden, were both unemployed – one due to illness and the other was laid off. (Photo below)

The goal of the promotion is to grant Christmas wishes and offer assistance to persons in need and in the past, selected families have received gifts such as computers, new clothes, toys, Christmas trees, groceries, and payment of various bills.

In addition to X107.1 and its parent company DMS Broadcasting, several local businesses joined in the effort to support needy families over the recent holiday period. These included Digicel, Pooley Cabinets, Generali Worldwide, Trees for Life and International Medical Group.

Both families received presents for the children, a Frasier Fir Christmas tree complete with lights, a Sony SP phone with one month of free data and $500. All items were delivered by the radio stations’ own Santa Claus in a surprise visit to the winners’ homes.

“We were surprised by the number of responses to the promotion and very touched by the stories. Many families in our community have been hurting for a while and it was quite encouraging that several companies joined DMS Broadcasting in getting together donations of cash and kind. We are glad that together we were able to make life better for two families,” stated Blake Rogers of X107.1.

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