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Two tasered in Brac bar fight

Two tasered in Brac bar fight

| 26/01/2014 | 16 Comments

(CNS): Two female police officers broke up a bar fight just after midnight Saturday morning and in the process tasered two men said to be obstructing them. Police say that the officers, who were on police patrol, went to La Esperanza bar, Watering Place, after a report of afight at 12:01am on 25 January. A large crowd had gathered around two men who were in heated argument, police said. The officers intervened but two other men who tried to stop them were tasered. Three men between the ages of 25 and 39 were arrested for several criminal offences, ranging from assault, ABH, resisting arrest and interfering with a police officer in the execution of his duties. Unofficial sources say that there were several fights in progress and the situation was getting out of control.

One man was taken to the Faith Hospital on Cayman Brac for medical treatment for non-life threatening injuries he sustained allegedly as a result of being assaulted by one of the men, police stated. Unofficial sources told CNS that his arm was severely broken and he later flew to Grand Cayman on a regular flight for further treatment.

It is also undersood that another man was stabbed three times during the fight, to his hand, his arm and his body, but the wounds are not life threatening.

Cayman Brac police are urging people who may have information relative to this incident to call the Brac police station at 948-0331 or Crime Stoppers at 800(TIPS) 8477.

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