Caymanians urged to stub out the cigarettes

| 30/05/2014

(CNS): With some 15% of people aged 25-64 stillsmoking tobacco the health minister is urging people to quit. To mark World Tobacco Day on Saturday Osbourne Bodden encouraged the entire community to take a stand against smoking which is the single most preventable cause of death globally and is currently responsible for 10% of adult deaths worldwide. This year the World Health Organization is calling on countries to raise taxes on tobacco but having just delivered its 2014/15 budget there were no new increases this year by the Cayman government but Bodden said taxes were doubled in 2012.

“As Minister of Health, I personally implore you all to take a stance against tobacco even though I recognize it is a difficult addiction to quit,” he said in his message posted below. “If you are a smoker, please seek necessary help to you stop smoking, and encourage your loved ones who smoke to do the same. Making the decision to quit smoking is one of the best decisions that you can ever make in your life for you and your loved ones.”

In June the Public Health Department is launching a new quitting programme led by a team of trained staff who will offer year round assistance to smokers wanting to stop and stay away from tobacco.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Man who makes money from pushing harmful drugs urges people who use other harmful drugs to stop.

    • Anonymous says:

      He is very selfless. If they follow his advice he will make less money but they will be better off. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ozzie, Does this mean you will make weed legal as its now cheaper? ….and now they say its good for you. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    ossie…. how do you feel about cigar bars and their employees who work in a hazardours environment as permitted by cig?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I've recently as this month been abroad to find in one large westerncountry, a pack of cigarettes is over $20.00 and a carton $130.00 , in a range on average. Cayman could do the same & raise major revenue,as well as deter school kids and adults taking up the habit. The career smokers wont be deterred much though.

    But the habit has its advantages of keeping the worlds poulation in check, if there was any bright side to the disgusting habit at all . Cayman was so slow getting any legislation on the table approved, that it is now years behind the rest of the world in smoking control.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah jack up the price anymore and they will start not just robbing the place down, but they will probably start even stealing them out of people’s mouth. Cigarettes are an addiction and if people choose to kill themselves that way then so be it, but we better start paying attention to all that MRCU spray and dump toxins we don’t have a choice in ingesting. And let’s not forget the wires that hang above us and the towers that emit constant signals.
      But ? – Why are there not more stories of cancer deaths in the early days? My grandfather smoked 2 packs a day and chewed tobacco and lived to a fit old age of 98. My elderly neighbor smoked a pipe all day for many years and she died peacefully at 92. So what gives??? I see people who haven’t touched a cigarette in their life or were even around smokers and they were diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. I don’t get it? Something ain’t right. Looks like the more they produce the “next best treatment” the more people are passing away. The pharmaceutical/govt greed needs to end. Its now past time for them to release the cure and stop worshiping the dollar. I mean, come on now, they smart enough to grow a human in a dish, and they discovered the God particle, but they can’t figure this out? Time to stop this slaughter. Loved ones are suffering for the sake of other people’s bank account obsessions and their purely selfish evil doings at playing around with the gift of science. As God provides, it’s up to man to produce. So in my opinion the cure DOES EXIST and they had it around for years. Hope SNOWDEN has the copy of that secret in his possession too.

    • Anonymous says:

      12:58 please note, that if you put cigaretts for Fifty dollars a pack people will still buy them.

      Organic Weed is cheaper and healthier.

      • Anonymous says:

        Inhaling carcinogenic black carbon particles and aerosol tar has the same damaging effect in the mouth, throat, bronchi, cilia, and lung alveoli.  The human body doesn't care if the pollutants come from a burning marshmallow, dump fire, marijuana, cigarettes, vape, crack cocaine, or e-cigs.  Human lungs were not designed to be smoke filters and there are very real lasting health consequences and scarring.  There are only temporary psychological and pain benefits in doctor-prescribed scenarios, but with a lasting risk of serious pulmonary tissue scarring and disease.  If patients are so sick that they plan to die anyway, then light 'em up.  Healthy people should not consider smoking ANYTHING if they plan to stick around for the whole show. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ye, quit smoking. I wonder if the minister realises that everyones health is at risk everyday that they do not address the dump issue. EVERYONE; women, men, children, dogs, cats etc. The dump is killing us all. Including our once majectic northsound. So please save us the speech on tabacco smoking when the toxins from the dump are killing us as we speak!


    Thanks for the tip OZ. NOT.

  6. Misty says:

    If you need help to quit smoking check out this new app:

  7. Anonymous says:

    But if you must smoke come and buy your cigarettes at the gas station of your choosing…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Minister please stop selling cigarettes in BT and lead by example. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why not alcohol, Minister Bodden? Oh wait, that's because even though alcohol kills millions globally, you own a LIQUOR STORE. hypocrisy at it's finest.



    • Anonymous says:

      OMG try and hush, why are Caymanians so damn jealous of each other. So what ? He owns a liquor store, nbig WHOOP! Better he owns it than DART


      • And Another Ting says:

        00:34?, it's called practice what you preach, for crying out loud he is the Minister of Health or  is he pretending to be?. And Another Ting.

        • Anonymous says:

          No, he is practising that he preaches: he doesn't smoke and he is encouraging you to exercise your own freewill to follow his example.