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Teenager jailed after blinding man with bottle

| 19/12/2014 | 18 Comments

(CNS): A 19-year-old West Bay man has been sentenced to two years in jail after assaulting another man with a bottle, which led the victim to lose his sight in one eye. Shaquille Bush first pleaded not guilty on 7 February this year but the day after his trial was set to begin he changed his plea to guilty of unlawfully wounding Roy Ebanks in West Bay last September. The court heard that as Ebanks was walking to the Miss Daisy Lane intersection, a drunken Bush shouted for him to leave. Ebanks agreed that he would but Bush caught him off guard with a slap to the left side of his face and then struck him on the right side of his face with a glass bottle. 

After the incident occurred Ebanks reported it to the police and was taken to the hospital, where he was told that he had suffered a serious penetrating injury to his right eye and blood in the chamber of his eye. The injury has affected Ebanks’ vision as he is now completely blind in his right eye, which is likely to be permanent.

During the sentencing hearing earlier this month, the court heard that Ebanks was going to the Logwood area to collect limes from a friend for sale when he noticed Bush some distance away. Ebanks said that wen Bush started to shout to him to leave, there were other people around him so he did not know who he was speaking to. Bush came up to Ebanks and said “Get out of here!” and slapped him on the left side of his cheek with his hand, and as Ebanks turned around to leave Bush picked up a glass bottle from the ground and hit him over his right eye with it, causing it to shatter.

Ebanks told social workers in his impact statement that he was completely shocked by Bush’s actions and that he has received what he feels is an insincere apology from Bush, in which he said, “Sorry, I was drunk.” Ebanks has been unable to work for 6 months and has found it hard to readjust back to his regular routine. In addition, Ebanks’ lack of sight has caused him to fall off a step at his house and break his leg.

The outstanding medical bills for Ebanks’ hospital visit are CI $5,526.67 as well as thebill for his broken foot, which is CI $2,165.97.

Since the incident Bush has stated that he “feels really bad” about what happened and has expressed genuine remorse but stated that payment for Ebanks’ medical bills will not be made, and speaking on his behalf, his lawyer said, “Compensation is not going to happen.”

Justice Charles Quin described the crime as a  “malicious and violent attack”, where Bush deliberately “picked up a bottle and struck the victim again” after first slapping him in the face. He said this was "a serious aggravating factor” that had been taken into account. The judge also said that there were few, if any, mitigating factors and that Bush’s failure to “provide, or even offer, any compensation whatsoever to the victim does not convey genuine remorse”.

Taking all factors into consideration, including the defendant’s age, the judge said the appropriate sentence would be two and a half years but he gave Bush a discount for his last minute guilty plea, which avoided the need for trial, and sent him to prison for two years.

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Speedy justice in West Bay firearms case

| 14/04/2014 | 0 Comments

(CNS): A West Bay man is scheduled to go on trial for possession of an imitation firearm with intent wounding and interference with a witness within two months of the incident a court heard Friday. Despite the backlog of cases on the Grand Courts dockets, Shaquille Bush will have his case tried before a judge sitting alone on 12 May in connection with an incident in Daisy Lane on 20 March. Bush has denied the charges which relate to allegations that he threatened a woman with a gun, assaulted her and then sent her a text message threatening further harm if she was to give evidence against him. The court heard that the trial date was obtained after the case was swapped with one involving a defendant on bail.

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Accused West Bay man denies street robberies

| 02/10/2013 | 0 Comments

(CNS): Justice Charles Quin heard a young West Bay man plead not guilty to two counts of robbery and a charge of threatening to kill, when the judge presided over the weekly Grand Court mention list on Friday. Shaquille Bush denied stealing a chain from another young man while at the Al La Kebab restaurant in the Marquee Plaza, off Lawrence Boulevard, George Town, in March. He also denied robbing a man of CI$125 in the Strand car park by using force and threatening to kill him in August. Local attorney Prathna Bodden from Samson McGrath said a trial was set for March next year for her client, who will remain on remand at HMP Northward until then.

Meanwhile, Fernando Mendez also appeared in the Grand Court in relation to allegations that he stole over $700,000 from the companies where he was a board director. Mendez was due to be tried last month but disclosure issue of held up this latest major white collar crime case. His case was adjourned until 4 October to allow the attorneys on the case time to resolve a number of issues ahead of a new trial date.

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