‘Dudus’ handed over to US officials

(CNS): After a fifteen minute appearance before a Jamaican magistrate Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke was finally extradited to the United States today (Thursday 24 June). At around 2pm the suspected drug lord wanted by the US authorities left Jamaica under the guard of US officials on a flight for New York. Coke (41) said he had waived his right to challenge the extradition for the sake of his family and the people of Tivoli in west Kingston, despite believing he could win the case in the Jamaican courts. "Everyone, the whole country, has been adversely affected by the process that has surrounded my extradition and I hope that my action today will go some way towards healing all who have suffered," he said in a statement.

Coke who was also served with a Restraint Order, which means that the State has frozen all his assets, told the media he was confident that he would be "vindicated."
The man accused by US of running drugs and guns had been on the run since 24 May and was captured in the company of the Reverend Al Miller on Tuesday. Miller said he was accompanying Coke to the US Embassy in Liguanea, where he intended to turn himself in to US authorities.
The US justice department says Coke is one of the world’s most dangerous drug lords, but his supporters say he is a community leader. Coke is accused of being the leader of the notorious Shower Posse, which US authorities say operates an international drug and gun smuggling network. It has also been blamed for numerous murders.
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  1. whodatis says:

    I am looking forward to the day when (George) Bush and Blair will be put into self-protecting gear and extradited to some far away country for their overwhelming crimes against humanity, war crimes and illegal massacre of 1,000,000 innocent civilians.

    Not very likely.

    – Illegal wars

    – the despicable and bloodsucking military industrial complex

    – the global economic recession at the hands of crooked and greedy politicians and bankers

    – false flag "terror attacks" by governments / groups on their own people

    – the ongoing assault against western democracy and freedom of speech (Latest: Lieberman introduction of legislation to empower the govt to "shut down / control" the internet in the event of a big, scary Chinese / Russian / Islamic "cyber attack")

    – manipulated fiat backless currencies

    – fraudulent new tax proposing schemes of global warming / climate change

    – resurgence of far right political groups in all of the major western nations

    – rumors of forthcoming "race wars" (research reports on numbers of neo-Nazis joining and currently deployed in the U.S.A. armed forces)

    – austerity measures put into action leading to even greater hardship on mankind

    – central banks at the controls of this world holding down the masses as economic slaves …

    Yet I am supposed to view ‘Dudus’ as Public Enemy #1?!

    Give me a break!

    This is a crazy, sick and twisted world in which we live – no wonder young people everywhere are running around crazy – we have blurred and reversed the boundaries of right and wrong as we (they) see fit.

    *No wonder weed is in such high demand … this world makes even me feel like "going away" for a while*


    • Anonymous says:

      On the surface, this appears to have been written by an intelligent person. Overall however, one has to question the intelligence of a person seemingly defending a violent drug dealer/gang leader. Would you have him as President of the U.S? Should we have him come to Cayman and tutor/inspire our young people? Ridiculous. Seems like you have an interest in Dudus and you come across as ludicrous.

      • whodatis says:

        On the surface you appear to be an intelligent person. Overall however, you fail to grasp the reality that the U.S.A. is the biggest and most violent gang on planet earth today.

        (Question: Do you rely on mainstream media for your opinion or perception of the world in which you live? If so, we can end this discussion at this very point.)

        It is due to mindsets like yours why mankind is on this never-ending merry-go-round.

        You cannot logically debate the overall gist of my comment so you decided to incorrectly and maliciously imply the b.s. that you have done in regards to my supposed stance.

        The problem here is that deep down the people of the Western world KNOW that their leaders and politicians are NOT really in control and that they are in fact being played for fools.

        Therefore, when these very same puppets by way of their centralised and agenda having media pops up yet another "bad guy" – feeble minded individuals like yourself (and the ‘thumbers’) have a field day.

        Some of us need to wake up and realize who our true enemies are in this world.

        *Re: Drugs. Have you been to the USA? Do you not see the 60 second long drug company TV adverts that are shown every 7 minutes? There is a "drug" for every possible ailment – from sprained ankles to broken toe-nails. The U.S. multi-billion dollar drug industry is the biggest drug dealer on earth – the game is all about making money! Dudus is a "pusher" but he is not even fractionally as successful, lucrative and predatory as the official and "legitimate" U.S. drug industry.*


        Regardless, I will leave with the faint hope that, at a minimum, the seed of realization has fell into a bit of fertile soil within your conscience.

        • Anonymous says:

          You yourself would make a great politician or drug company rep. You put great effort into diversion and skirting. This story is about a sociopathic and murderous drug pusher who has made fortunes while lives are destroyed and lost for his personal gain. Men and women who make average salaries were tasked to remove him from society. You align yourself with this monster by dragging politicians and drug companies into the discussion. This is diversion, similar to Bush’s weapons of mass destruction diversion. Now in your response, it’s drug companies you use as your tool of diversion. The discussion is about a coke dealer. Should you choose to respond again, shall I expect to hear ramblings about B.P?

          At no time have I nor anyone else mentioned or supported Bush and drug companies up to this point. What does any of that have to do with the topic at hand? You bring these unrelated topics into the conversation to divert from the fact that you are sympathetic to a complete parasite on society. 

          Even though your involvement of drug companies is completely irrelevant, I will humour you and comment. While I agree that they make huge profits and spend tremendously on advertising, I am thankful for the quality of life they gave my grandmother while she suffered with Alzheimer’s disease. I am thankful for the relief my Dad gets from arthritis and COPD. I am thankful for the pain relief they offered my Mom while suffering from cancer. I am thankful that I know I will be able to enjoy intimacy with my wife well into my seventies. I take comfort knowing that when I pay for a "name brand" antibiotic, some of that money is used to find a new drug to help someone who is suffering today with an untreatable ailment. Lots of businesses make huge profits and do little to enrich anyone’s life. When my Dad came to visit me after not being able to travel for years and I watched him climb down a ladder unassisted into the water at Stingray City and have the time of his life – that moment was invaluable to me. I am sorry that you and your loved ones will obviously choose to forgo any benefits possibly derived from available drugs based on your distain for the companies who produce them. I still don’t get what they have to do with the wretch that has finally been removed from society – other then them being a diversionary tactic from your sadness over poor dudus. 

          • whodatis says:

            Where have I expressed support or sadness for the plight of ‘Dudus’?

            Kindly pause with the shameless appeal for support on this forum.

            Is a "drug dealer" a good thing? Of course not. (Again I am excluding marijuana as a dangerous "drug". Compare the societal effects of marijuana versus alcohol and it is clear that most countries have taken a ridiculous stance on this issue.)

            For most individuals hearing about this story in the local and international media they now likely feel a great sense of relief that one of the world’s most powerful "bad guys" is on the way to being removed from society.

            At the risk of sounding selfish – Dudus does not (directly) impact upon my life or the lives of most of these relieved individuals … however, the forces, entities, factors, organisations and individuals that are directly responsible for this ongoing global economic depression do!

            My overall point is that the greatest parasites in this world are the individuals and entities that we knowingly hold in high esteem above our heads.

            Said parasites feed upon EVERY SINGLE citizen of the free world in some way or the other.

            As far as I am concerned – they are the real "bad guys".

            Obviously you do not feel the same – and to each his own.

            However, I do believe that it would do you some good to pay attention to the greater though commonly unseen negative and predatory forces in this world.

  2. Anonymous says:

    WOW! Can hardly wait to hear Dude (us) whistleblow. The politicians in JA must be biting their nails and spending sleepless nights as a result of all this.  Pity some his many victims could not be judge and jury!

    • Anonymous says:

      What a coward  that Dude turned out to be – prancing around in women’s attire and too afraid to face the music until he was finally forced to under the pressure. It’s ok to have others do the dirty work and die for him, but when his life was threatened he acted like the true coward that he is, even thanking the police that he was not hurt.  Let’s all say a prayer for him as he requested: Dear Lord, may he rot in a US jail cell. Amen.