Shark’s feed and monsters succeed

(GCFFA): The Dart Women’s league organized by the Grand Cayman Flag Football Assocation resumed this past Saturday at Camana Bay Field, after a one-week bye for all teams. With only two more regular season games left, it is still a toss up as to which teams will claim third or fourth place going into the playoffs. In the first game, Hammerheads Lady Sharks went on a scoring frenzy, setting a record high game score in the season with their 40-0 win over the Pythons. Quarterback for Lady Sharks, Bobeth O’Garro had a sensational game, setting her own season high record with completing eleven out of fourteen pass attempts, four of those being touchdown passes.

O’Garro also ran in two touchdowns, the first one being in the first few minutes of the game with a 40 yard run into the end zone; and the second touchdown came at the beginning of the second half as O’Garro ran and manueavered from her own 15-yard line- almost the entire length of the field- past the entire defensive side of the Pythons.

On offense for the Lady Sharks, Scimone Campbell also had a spectacular game with six receptions, including two touchdown catches in the end-zone. Campbell also stepped in as quarterback, with one successful throw. Serena Yates and Lilia Connolly each had a touchdown catch, with Connolly and Kathy Miller each came up with two-point conversions. Near the end of the game, Miller also took a turn at quarterback, completing two of four passes.

On defense, the Lady Sharks continued to circle in on their opponents. Katherine Maw led the defense with three tackles, and Serena Yates sacked the quarterback three times. Keisha Anglin and Scimone Campbell each had an interception, and nearly everyone who touched defense made a tackle on the field.

It was no easy road for the Pythons, who barely made it to their end zone during their second match up with the Lady Sharks. Carrie Barnett and Jamesette Anglin shared quarterback duties, with Barnett completing two of eight attempts and Anglin having more success, with three out of seven passes completed. Both quarterbacks threw an interception, resulting in very favourable yardage for the Lady Sharks.

The Pythons were missing one of their favorite receivers, Jessica Ebanks, and relied heavily on the fleet-footed sprinter, Sheyla Torres, who received two passes and a number of handoffs. Torres’ quick force and shifty hips made for some great plays for the Pythons. Tajae Grey, Jessica Maxwell and Anglin each had a reception on offense.

Cynthia Powell had a great game on defense, leading her team with five tackles, followed by Torres with two tackles and one sack to the quarterback. Maxwell also came up with two tackles.

In the second game of the day between Lone-Star Jager Monsters and Androgroup Killa-Panthers, a touchdown early in the game for the Monsters was enough to keep an edge over their opponents with a final score of 6-0.

The Monsters went back with their season-opener quarterback, Michelle McTaggart, who had a smooth game with twelve of 22 passes completed,including two for an interception and one for a touchdown.

Renee Thompson made the lone touchdown catch for the Monsters, stretching long and holding onto the ball to secure the team’s first score early in the game. Christine Bisnauth and Christina Hefner each had three receptions, and Erin Marshall with two, keeping the Monster’s chipping away down the field.

The Monsters’ defense was definitely a team effort. Renee Thompson and Melanie Lewis were the dominant forces, each with five tackles, followed by Colleen Cummings, Tricia Miller and Marline Williams with three tackles each. Christine Bisnauth, Kayleigh Jennings and Kristen Sullivan each had two tackles, and Jennings also caught an interception. Miller also sacked the Killa-Panthers’ quarterback twice.

It was an off-day for the Androgroup Killa Panthers, whose reaction time seemed slower, and energy levels didn’t match those of their opponents, the Lone-Star Jager Monsters. Sloppy mistakes cost the Killa-Panthers their chances to catch up and tie or surpass the Monsters.

Lisa Hill-Malice and Christina Pineda shared quarterback duties, but Malice read the field better, completing ten of twenty passes with one interception, while Pineda completed only four of ten passes.

Caron Murphy was the Killa-Panthers’ favorite look on offense, making most of the plays for her team with six receptions. Jennifer Allen had three receptions, followed by Malice and Sophia Dilbert with two receptions each.

On defense, Becky Coe, Janique Samson and Sophia Dilbert each had three tackles, followed by Denise Delphish and Stephanie Watler with two. Double-trouble came from the Roffey sisters, Gillian and Heather, who each had an interception stopping possible scores from the Monsters as their opponents were only yards away from the end-zone

Week ten of the GCFFA sees the Hammerheads Lady Sharks against the Androgroup Killa-Panthers in the first game, followed by the Domino’s Pizza Wolverines and the Pythons in the second game. Football action begins at 10am at the Camana Bay Field.

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