Water to keep running

| 29/08/2008

(CNS): The Water Authority said that due to the new projected path of Hurricane Gustav and the expected weather conditions reported in the 4pm Weather Advisory, the Water Authority isaid a decision had been made to leave the water supply on. Piped water supply will therefore continue as normal. All customers are urged to keep listening to the radio for updates from the Water Authority as well as to visit our website at www.waterauthority.ky.

 Should the supply be distrupted as much notice as possible will be given but residents should ensure that sufficient water is stored The Authority hasurged customers to ensure they have adequate quantities of potable water and a sufficient supply of water for use to flush toilets in the event that there is an interruption in the supply of piped water.

“Water can be stored in buckets for non-potable use should piped water not be available. In order to conserve water, remember to only flush solid waste by pouring water in the tank,” it said. “In case you run out of non-potable water prior to restoration of piped water, be prepared to safely dispose of human wastes.”

Proper disposal of personal waste is very important in order to minimize public health hazards. Using basic materials, temporary suitable disposal may be accomplished by placing waste in a watertight plastic bag and securely closing the bag. Collect and store all such bags in a large sturdy garbage bag in a safe and restricted area until such time as it can be collected by DEH.


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