South Church Street traffic diverted this evening

| 04/09/2008

Motorists are advised that between the hours of 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm today, 4 September, all South bound traffic traveling along South Church Street will be diverted into Goring Avenue, as the left lane from the junction from Goring Avenue to Warwick Drive traveling South will be closed.

North bound traffic will flow as normal along South Church Street from the direction of South Sound. Traffic entering South Church Street from Warwick Drive is requested to only make right turns.This road closure is to facilitate an event in the vicinity of Hard Rock Café.

All motorists traveling in the area are asked to drive with extreme caution.

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  1. Nick Robson says:

    It has take me, and many other mororists 40 munutes to travel through George Town this evening. This was to travel from Mary Street to Walkers Road / Goring Avenue junction.

    When i think of the wasted time, the aggrevation and the wasted fuel of all the road users whowere inconvienienced for the opening of a commercial establishment in the vicinity of Hard Roch Cafe, I would suggest that this was a very poor decision. Furthermore I think an appllogy is due to the public by whomever is responsible for the decision.