Driver in custody after clocking 100mph

| 16/09/2008

(CNS): Police said yesterday that a 25-year-old man had been arrested over various traffic offences and an outstanding warrant when he was finally tracked down after one police officer witnessed the vehicle he was driving reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph. The man, who is currently in custody, was eventually located in Savannah at around 12:10 on Sunday morning.

At around 11:20 pm on Saturday night (13 September) an officer saw a vehicle travelling at about 105 miles per hour on Bodden Town Road, in the vicinity of Midland Acres. Officers were then informed that a crash had occurred at Chester’s restaurant in Pease Bay, causing damage to the porch of the building. Police continued to search for the vehicle and the driver, and both were located at around 12:10 am at an address in Seaside Way, Savannah Acres.

Police said that the man was arrested on suspicion of various dangerous driving offences, leaving the scene of an accident and on an outstanding warrant. “This is a reminder of how dangerous it is to exceed the prescribed speed limit,” said Acting Commissioner of Police, David George. “This man was very lucky. The crash could have been much worse.”

Over the weekend some 23 other traffic offenders were netted during an operation by George Town police and the Traffic Management Unit. The team carried out a road check on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway on Saturday which resulted in various offences being detected including: driving without a certificate of roadworthiness, driving while disqualified and driving without a licence. Several other drivers were issued warnings for minor breaches.

“Through enforcement operations such as this, and the use of Streetskill for educational measures, we will continue to promote safe driving practices,” George added.

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