Hunt on for murderer of Estella Scott Roberts

| 12/10/2008

(CNS): Police are appealing to the community to come forward with any information they may have regarding what is now considered to be the murder of Estella Scott-Roberts. Chief Inspector Peter Kennett, the Senior Investigating Officer, told the press on Sunday afternoon that the body found in a burnt out car just east of Shorewinds Trail in The Shores, West Bay, at the end of one of the Dykes is so badly burned that there may never be a formal identification but police are now working on the assumption that is the body of Scott-Roberts.


The murder of the Cable and Wireless Communications Manager and former Director the Crisis Centre Scott Roberts (34) has sent shock waves through the Cayman Islands community. As an advocate for the rights of women and children, a warrior against violence and abuse and a member of the human rights committee Scott-Roberts was well-known and admired. 


While the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service says it may never be possible to get a positiveID, even with DNA testing because of he severity of the car fire in which Scott-Roberts body was found, this is now a murder enquiry. The car a black SUV 2007 Ford Edge license 129-257 is registered to Scott-Roberts who was last seen around 11:00pm on Friday night when she left Decker’s restaurant after diner.

Police are desperate for any information from the community. Kennett said anything no matter how insignificant it may seem to a member of the public could turn out to be a crucial part of the jigsaw which the RCIPS is now putting together with regards to the last movements of Scott Roberts and the search for her killer. Speaking to the media outside George Town Police Station on Sunday, 12 October, he said that the police wanted to hear from anyone who may have seen Scott Roberts or her car after she left Decker’s restaurant on Friday night at around 11-11:30 pm.

“A priority for us at this time is finding out what happened to Estella after she left Deckers restaurant. It is crucial that we find out how her car got from the restaurant to West Bay,” he said. “We know she had dinner with friends and left the restaurant sometime between 11 and 11.30pm. We do not know how the vehicle got to West Bay. Did you see her in the car park after she left the restaurant? Did you see her car on the road? If you did, where was it heading? Who was in it? We need you to come forward.”

Kennett explained that police were still investigating how the fire was started.

“The vehicle is being forensically examined by Scenes of Crime officers and we will be seeking the opinion of fire experts. We believe the car would have been burning for some time and that the person who started the fire used some sort of accelerant, such as gas. If this is the case, it is possible that whoever did this went to get the gas overnight Friday into Saturday. This could have been from a gas station. If anyone has knowledge of gas being bought, maybe in a canister, or of gas being stolen from a storage facility, they need to come forward as this could be vital to our enquiry,” he added.

He said that police were also trying to establish how the perpetrator left the scene.

“We do not know how whoever started this fire left the Dykes. It could have been on foot, in a car or some other means of transport,” he said, urging taxi drivers who may have collected someone of interest from the West Bay area to come forward. “This may have been someone acting suspiciously, someone in a distressed state or someone who wanted collecting from the side of the road. Anything out of the ordinary could be important.” He also asked anyone who may have given someone a ride in the area to come forward.

Kennett said anyone who was in the area overnight or early Saturday morning, perhaps walking dogs, cycling or jogging, and saw something unusual should contact the police. Even if they consider their information to be insignificant, they should come forward, he added.

The fire would have been an absolute blaze, Kennett stated, and asked for people who may have seen flames or smoke in the area to call the police. “There is a possibility that the killer may have been burnt whilst setting the car alight – they may have suffered singed hair, eyebrows or clothes,” he said, asking people to come forward if anyone they know had appeared with burns.

He also said that the police would ask anyone along the West Bay Road who has CCTV footage of the road area after 11pm to bring that film to the police so they can see if Scott-roberts car shows up.

“This is clearly an extremely difficult time for Estella’s family and our thoughts and prayers are with them. This worry has extended into the community and I want to reassure everybody that we are doing all we can to find out what has taken place. I now make an appeal to the public to do the same. If you have any information about Estella’s movements after 11pm on Friday or saw her vehicle or any suspicious activity in the Dykes or surrounding area, I ask you to contact us.”

Kennett said numerous lines of enquiry were being followed including rumours that Scott Roberts had been threatened. He also said that police were looking into the release of a convicted offender from HMP Northward on Friday at whose trial Scott Roberts had given evidence. A police spokesperson confirmed that the prison does not routinely inform the police when it releases any offenders.

Dispelling numerous rumours which have already circulated the police confirm that the Decker’s car park from which Scott Roberts was abducted was treated as a crime scene and forensic evidence taken immediately. They confirmed however that at the scene where the body was impaired by torrential rains destroying any tracks that the murderer may have left. Kennett also said a man arrested in the area on Saturday for drug offences and currently in custody is not a suspect in the murder.

Anyone who can assist should contact George Town police station on 949-4222 and ask for the Criminal Investigation Department or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    always look behind you before opening your car door never park at the end of a parking lot or in a closed off area that has no light. cayman rcip’s need to get rid of majority of there cars patrol the street more thoroughly how can u protect the people if you dont act like a citizen as well as a police officer if they walked the streets or rode on bicycles im sure they would have caught this but no they are too busy put their sirens on tryin beat traffic an among other things there are bigger issues than drug busts ! this is coming from the mouth of a teenager

  2. Angel says:

    I was stunned when I heard this. I left Cayman many years ago but every time I hear about my old friends or acquaintances it is only news of tragedy. WHY?!?

    The cruel manner is which people are dying in Cayman is heart breaking. Why is it that so many Caymanians are dying in the most horrific way?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I met Estella about 13 years ago and have watched her follow her passion for helping women against Domestic Violence and the fight again this horrible thing that affects everyone in someway or another.  I was saddened when I was told on Saturday about this horrible crime and all I could do was wonder who would have committed such a horrible crime.  I express my sincere condolences to her husband. mother and the rest of her family and friends.

    I do not personally know her husband but I have come to know him in the media and was quite saddened when I read in one of the previous comments that he should be considered a suspect. 

    I listened to Daybreak this morning and apprecitated that they dedicated the show to remembering Estella and the work that she has done.  I hope that her work is continued to radicate Domestic Violence in Cayman.  I noticed that only women was mentioned as being victims of Domestic Violence this morning on Daybreak, please remember that men are victims too.  Men rearing come forward but there are alot of men in Cayman that are victims too.  I have a family member that was affected by abuse and it took alot for him to come forward and to admit that he was abused and to get help.

    I have a friend that was being abused by a woman and after they split the woman is still doing things to this man and trying to ruin his life. When a person is abused and does not get help, they can become abuser themselves.  I have on many occassions tried to tell him to get help but he would not listen.  More stress should be given to assist men to come forward and the community should stop putting a stigma on men that they are weak if they are abused, maybe more men will come forward and admit that they are abused also.

    Caymanians lets stand up and assist the police in everyway possible to get this horrible murder solved and the person or persons responsible brought to justice.  This may not stop the pain for her husband, family or friends, but it will help ease the pain if this person or persons are caught.  We as a community need to come together and assist our police force with solving some of the crime that have gone unsolved.  They cannot do this alone, but with our assistance they can.  Not matter how small or trivial that you think a piece of information or something you saw is, this maybe the piece of information to solve this or any other unsolved crime.

    In closing I would like to again express my condolences to the Roberts’ and Scott’s family and all of Estella’s friends and Cayman as a whole because today we have lost a great woman and we should continue her work.





  4. Capt....KX says:

    Another murder in Cayman!!!! This islands is getting crazy,and we need more cameras and keep criminals off the street if they are a danger to society.If the murderer is the man released from northward this young lady was failed by her government. I pray for this once peaceful island!

    • Anonymous says:

      The prisoner was supposed to be released on Friday morning but was not.

      He is still there.

  5. Jedi Dread says:

    The person writing the post beginning with "With total respect for the family", is completely missing the point. The poster of "While one has the highest" is simply stating the fact, that the RCIPS must adhere to certain procedures, to ensure that non-contaminated evidence is collected. (CSI, anyone?)

    In all murder cases, the husband is always considered a prime suspect until he is ruled out. I for one, as a husband and father, would certainly want all suspicions perceived or real, against me, admonished.

    Speaking of research, the following document entitled

    U.S. Department of Justice                                       
    Office of Justice Programs
    Bureau of Justice Statistics
    Executive Summary
    September 1995, NCJ-156831
    Specifically states, "By contrast, of the 318 husband defendants, 87% were convicted of spouse murder."


    Now all that aside, I have known the Roberts Family all my life, in fact Mr. Roberts’ mom was one of my dearest teachers, and we all know that Mr. Roberts has absolutely nothing what-so-ever to do with this.

    All we are simply stating is that the RCIPS needs to do their bloody job, correctly, and not bungle up another murder case.

    It is also my understanding that the Deckers parking lot was not cordoned-off, so whatever evidence that was left at the last known location, has in all likelihood, been contaminated or has disappeared.

    Do you want another muder case to end up with no convictions, again?

    Obviously, we are all deeply saddened and sickened by this whole thing, and we all want justice.

    So  before flying off the handle at other people, please realize that if we all work together, and accept other peoples ideas, no matter how odd they may sound, we may be able to find that justice, that seems so very lost at this moment.

    Viacon Dios

    May God Bless us all….



  6. Anonymous says:

    Already lost a friend that way as well…He was at deckers, found the day after burnt in his car…in west bay…in February.  2 this year…the samre horrible way. Am I the only one seeing this or is it just a weird coincidence?

  7. Anonymous says:

    As a Bracker living overseas, I feel like I have a hole in my heart since hearing this. I have not seen her in years, but I remember her,  and one time in particular that I cannot get out of my head is seeing her, as a little girl no more than 9 or  10, with these 2 pig tails and a beautiful little white dress trimmed with red.

    I feel  a gut renching sadness inside.

    To The women of  the Cayman Islands, NEVER travel alone, and always look out for each other, as it seems no one else is looking out for you. Check the parking area at all times, never go to your vehicle alone if possible, always check your car before you get in, buy a small can of aerosol type spray that you can easily hold in your hand ( body spray can work)  and have your hand on it at all times when walking alone.  GOVERNMENT CHANGE THE LAW, LET THEM CARRY MACE.  

    We keep calling ourselves the 5 largest financial center and the world thinks we are so rich, and our politicians can waste millions on stupid selfserving projects, but we are too cheap to spend a dollar to protect our women the way they should be protected. There are other women in the Cayman Islands leading this type of fight, are they being protected?

    If we go back and check the amount of women that have been murdered in the Cayman Islands since lets say 1970, I bet we would have a shock, maybe CNS could investigate how many women have been murder since then, and how many because of domestic violence.

    Are there any statistics on the amount of domestic violence reports made to RCIP in just the last year alone, or any statistics on these reports at all?

    God go with her family, friends, coworkers, and the people of Cayman Brac who have had a tuff week losing so many brackers, some suddenly. Stay strong, God never gives you more than you can bear. I feel sure just as God used Estella in life to fight a cause, he will use her death as an even more powerful tool to continue her fight.

    God Bless


  8. Jedi Dread says:

    Police need to check video footage from the gas stations before they record over it…  time is of the essence here.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is just an example once again as to why an offenders data base is so badly needed on this island.  If someone is released from prison that was convicted of a violent act such as rape or sexual assualt, the public needs to be aware.

    It is such a shame that this beautiful and young lady has died. Leaving yet another void in our community of someone who has made a difference.  She was a champion for women and moved herself up the ladder at Cable andWireless.  A proud example of what ambition can do for you. Now she is not even able to be identified because she was burned so badly.  It takes an EVIL person to have done what they did.  I truly hope this person is caught and since we do not have the death penaltyhere in Cayman, this person be put away for life in some little dark room at HMP Northward.  Maybe it is time our politicians re-examine the death penalty as someone who would commit a crime like this…THAT IS THE ONLY FITTING PUNISHMENT.

    To the family of Ms. Scott-Roberts.  Words can not describe what you all are feeling right now.  But I hope that by the grace of God that there is comfort in knowing that this community is praying for you.  Estella is in the arms of God shining as beautiful as ever.  Just keep that in mind.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Does DNA not work as formal identification???