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| 15/10/2008

(CNS): The three higher education bodies on the Cayman Islands have recently introduced a Student Union Card that will make the lives of nearly 3000 students much easier by letting them know where to find the necessities of life and offering discounts at a number of shops and service providers.

Each student and staff member at St Matthew’s University, University of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) and the International College of the Cayman Islands (ICCI) received their cards on the first day of term and the cards will be valid until the start of the next term in January. A product of Ktone, the wallet-sized card is designed to go everywhere the student goes throughout their student career. Altogether there are over 30 participating organizations on the card, most of whom offer a particular discount when the card is produced.

Matthew Luke, Campus Coordinator at St Matthews, pointed out that when a new student arrives on the island they need to get accommodation, transportation, bank accounts and cell phones, as well as find out where to shop for the necessities such as groceries or where to go for a hair cut. This Student Union Card is their guide when they first arrive.

“We like the fact that the card tells them where to go for everything they need with a discount added on, as often student budgets are quite small,” he said.

UCCI has also pointed out that their students will benefit greatly because many of them are still living at home and therefore all discounts are gratefully accepted. Many of these students need to think about bank accounts and where to go to rent an apartment and will need help in all these areas.

Ktone Managing Director Neil De Vere said, “Everyone, from banks and utility companies to spas and restaurants, has spotted the opportunity to have their businesses in the pockets of 3000 students in many different demographics. ICCI’s students tend to be more established in the work force but still appreciate getting a discount or hearing about a particular special.”

Businesses wanting more information about Student Union Cards can contact Jamie Ware at 926 8663.


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