Ministry aims to get Brac kids back in school

| 11/11/2008

(CNS): Cayman Brac students won’t be getting under their parents feet for much longer as Cayman Brac High School, should be able to re-open early next week, subject to approval by the relevant authorities. The Ministry of Education and the Department of Education Services completed a thorough assessment of Cayman Brac High School, and senior officials from the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education Services reported that despite some damage, the School should be operational.

According to Chief Education Officer Shirley Wahler who was part of the assessment team, water had gotten in to many of the classrooms during the hurricane but the server room, library and assembly hall remained dry. Despite significant damage, many of the teaching areas are salvageable and efforts are underway to effect necessary repairs so that they can be fully utilised.  

“Whilst it is in the best interest of the students to resume classes as quickly as possible, their safety, and the safety of our teachers is our first priority,” she said. “We have been working very closely with the Ministry’s facilities unit to quantify the damage and we are doing everything we can to complete the necessary repairs as speedily as possible. Cayman Brac Power and Light has advised that electrical power is expected to be restored as soon as final electrical inspections can be completed, and specialized cleaning crews are being mobilized to clean and sanitise the building and remove any remaining debris. Once these tasks have been accomplished, a final assessment of the entire site will be conducted and it is our expectation that school will re-open shortly thereafter.”  

Whaler said that the remaining assessments of the education facilities was nearing completion and the Ministry is hopeful that provision for primary age children will follow shortly after the opening of the High school.  

“Despite the significant challenges that all of the residents in the Brac are facing the teaching fraternity is working together and has joined in the effort to get schools operating as quickly as possible. We will continue to make frequent announcements as further information becomes available” she said “so that parents, guardians and teachers can be kept fully informed,” she added.


Meanwhile Cayman Brac students of the University College of the Cayman islands who are enrolled in the Associate Degree programmes are invited Brac students to take classes at the
Main Campus if they can arrange their own accommodation in Grand Cayman. Students so wishing may contact Student Services Department at 526-5041 to help with arrangements or any other concerns that they may have.

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