New Bahamas Reserve Protects Marine Life

| 27/01/2009

(Washington Post): The Bahamas government has created a marine reserve off the island of North Bimini, preserving critical mangrove habitat and a shark nursery that had come under threat from a resort there. The reserve, which will be protected from most fishing and other "extractive activities," is home to endangered species such as the Nassau grouper and the Bimini boa, as well as a vibrant nursery for lemon sharks. Go to article

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  1. Green Hornet says:

    Great to see the Bahamas government — after enormous local and international pressure– creating marine reserve to include mangroves in Bimini.

    Meantime, in Cayman, the government pronouces a massive new port, and a major arterial highway which will effectively destroy the Central Mangroves, eastern savannah and highlands by opening them up to that inevitable Caymanian disease — subdivisionitis.

    Where is our conservation law? When are we going to get a governmentor a minister who cares about what is happening to the ecology of our islands? If we wait much longer, it won’t be a problem, the Big Bucks Boys will have flattened, filled or excavated anything of any environmental value.

    C’mon guys, catch up with the rest of the planet. Anyone would think we lived in Florida in the 1960s!