Politician to make house calls on voters

| 08/02/2009

(CNS): With little money to spend on a high profile campaign, Sandra Catron, who is running for political office in the district of Bodden Town as an independent candidate, says that she intends to do things differently and is offering house calls to voters. Calling the initiative Talk Time, Catron says she will be available for individuals or organizations who would like to have a group meeting with her to discuss their concerns at their homes or anywhere suitable.

All about reaching out to people, Catron said she has already reached out via e-mail and website technology but nothing  can replace door to door canvassing and small group meetings, she says.  “It’s very easy to think that people should come to me, but I subscribe to a different fundamental philosophy and think that I need to make myself available to people, and that means going into their homes and organizations,” she added.

She said that having a politician visit your home or organization is a powerful opportunity, allowing people to organize what questions and issues they would like to discuss. Catron explained that she has identified herself as a new political philosophy called “peopletician”.

“A peopletician is someone with a style which is aligned more with the interests of the people than with the interests of the government or with business,” she said in a release. "Peopleticians are often perceived as fighters for the common man and they are commonly beloved by their constituents." Catron added that she has adopted the mentality of a peopletician by demonstrating a commitment to individuals and community values.

John Douglas, a member of Catron’s political committee, said Talk Time will break down the alienation people feel towards politics and politicians. “When a politician visits the home or workplace it is personal and concrete and it shows the reciprocity that should be inherent in the political process,” he added.

Catron is inviting people to contact her at 939-7602 or visit the website www.sandracatron.com to book an appointment at your home or office today.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Monkey Head

    • Where were you when Sandra was hosting movie night at her business FREE of charge to give kids something to do?
    • Where were you when OVER 8 years ago she was fighting for the employement rights of others at law firms that are now being sued by other candidates
    • Where were you when she was hosting Youth Flex for FREE?
    • Where were you when she was talking to high school children and encouraging them to do the right thing?
    • Where were you when she was at the BBQ helping to raise funds for Charles Whittaker?
    • Where were you when she was fighting the manager of Courtyard Marriott for beach access?
    • Where were you when she was doing the school supplies drive?
    • Where were you she was providing FREE training for people who cannot afford it?
    • Where were you when I was there crying my eyes out about my daugther that was molested by my boyfriend?


    Sandra has been there for us and HOW DARE YOU as an supposed ex-pat question her "Caymanianism". You really have some nerve whoever the hell you are.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I do not agree that Sandra should answer Spider Monkey!! She has proven already that she’s the  most open and transparent candidate so far. Website, house visits, emails, online forums (marl road), meeting with companies, e-newsletters etc.

    What more does MONEY nut want? Honestly, you can’t please some and IF I WERE SANDRA, I would not even respond to this forum at all. Bringing  yourself down to this level makes no sense. Especially for a rude expat who had no manners at all.

    Money nut does not  have any facts. We have seen that here from the other responses. We proved Sandra does good stuff for other people through her business. We have seen how she has already helped people with nothing to gain. We see that Sandra has discussed solutions through her website and weekly email blast. We see that’s she hardworking and succesful in business. We see that Sandra has not been "fired from every job" as Money Nut said. So … already you have lost me on the facts. This is not about FACTS but this is something of a personal nature. You said it’s not personal yet you mentioned Sandra’s person life even – her marriage!!!

    I’m really surprised you say you have a Ph.D – I really DO NOT BELIEVE THAT ONE!

    Sandra, you stay focus on the issues and real solutions please. That’s what we need you for. You are one of the few that have already demonstrated that you have some real solutions for us to look forward to.

    Your traits as hardworking, educated, dedicated etc. just as  you say on your flyers are so true. I see that in you and you have my vote.

    You cannot please all the people all the time so don’t even bother with it.  BT IS YOURS!! WE LOVE YOU SANDY!!!!


    D. Bodden

  3. Abbey says:

    It’s quite comical reading all of SpinelessMonk’s comments and replies!  How so much time and effort was taken into digging into Sandra’s personal past when an equal amount of time (and opportunity) should’ve been invested in actually sitting down with her, asking quesitons, voicing concerns then listening to what her proposed solutions are!  Her employment, upbringing and marital status…..IRRELEVANT!!!  Running independently and not as a "team member" ….IRRELEVANT!!!

    Personally, I’d rather someone who has enough brain tissue to come up with opinions, ideas, and solutions on her own as opposed to being mislead by the preferences of others in the "group".  No – we’ve already seen what past politicans have promised and not delivered.  We’ve already seen the irreparable damage and would truly be taking a step backward to allow a repeat of same!!

    Sandra, when I had no where to turn and you assisted me (I DO NOT RESIDE IN BT), I sincerely thank you.  (You have YET to see my face!)

    One more thing:  "The NEED TO BUY VOTES" ……Seriously???  That’s why we’re sitting in an abyss now!!! Allowing past politicians to "buy" our votes!! Unfortunately it DOES come at a price and until we make that change, we are the ones who will be paying for it!!

    Spineless Monk: Continue to utilize your right to voice your opinion but know that it has no value to us.  Go home.

  4. Lois says:

    SpiderMonkey, so you are NOT Caymanian?

    You have Status that is why you are acting like you own the Cayman Islands now, and you can TALK BULL OF  Caymanians because you are IN. It figures.

    Keep on ranting. (your own words.)


  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear Monkey,

    Yes Sandra is running a business – as I recall you are the one who brought all of those things up. Yes, she has given training for free – check with social services department and you will find out. I hear she does free training for their STARSS program and remember seeing that in the paper actually. That’s right Caymanians who are looking for jobs go to her and she provides them with FREE help all the time. Free interviewing techniques, she helps with resume writing and so much more.

    I saw Sandra’s press release on this and what she is doing is different. It’s not just "house calls". You didn’t get it – even with your Ph. D. and all. She is doing a different kind of house calls where it’s an organized meeting and its open to organizations – tell me which politician EVER did that in the past? It’s not "just a house call" DUH people have done that from the start of time.

    Argumentative? Since when is that a bad thing? Are you seriously looking at what we have in there now and telling me that Sandra is NOT 100% better than most in there? Honestly, don’t bother posting anything further. I now know I’m wasting my time and you are wasting yours.

    You have your opinion and many disagree with you – so just give it up. We don’t really care that much what you have to say.

    • SpiderMonkey says:

      You’re stating statistics that many disagree with me (without solid numbers), but you fail to state how many agree with me.  So, based on your presumption that I’m wrong, you believe that I should give up my freedom of speech on this website.  Is this the campaign you hope that Sandra will lead; one that represses freedoms and rights?  I believe we need to ask Sandra tough questions.  It’s time for change?  Well, it’s time to vote because someone has real solutions to real problems, not because they were putting up signs in Bodden Town or because they have a website or because they are doing house calls or because they raised 10 or 16k for Whittaker.  No wait, vote for Mrs. Bodden, she just got an MBE award for community work!  And vote for Whittaker, he’s on his way to total success and making Cayman proud.  Or better yet, vote for school teachers, they are educating our kids!  Any school teachers running? Anyone?

      • Anonymous says:

        Dear Spidermonkey.

        As one non-Caymanian to another, it’s just not your place, If you can’t sa anything nice, don’t say anything at all.


        • Anonymous says:

          Spidermonk.. One minute you’re saying, you’re not attacking Sandra’s character and the next you’re saying you’re not, but really, that’s all you’re doing. One can tell that you must be an individual full of envy & misery just by reading everything that you’ve written. As the saying goes, “Misery loves company”. Power to Sandra I say!.. We’ll pray for yah Spidermonk.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sandra, maybe it’s best to answer questions posted here as this will also demonstate your openess to discussing issues or points of view. You can’t just tell people to shut up and sit down.  Politics is a dirty game so don’t put on a white dress. 

  6. Lois says:

    SpiderMonkey seems like a person that is very envious of Sandra.

    Sandra will do well in Bodden Town as a young an inspiring young women.  Individuals like SpiderMonkey, should be proud of a young Caymanian that is doing so well for her country.  It seems to me, individuals like SpiderMonkey, rather tear down someone else who is doing great,  than uplifting them.  Shame on  you SpiderMonkey.

     I am certain  Sandra did not say she was any Obama. Sandra is Sandra, and that is what she is running on.

    Sandra is a terrific person and I wish her all the best. Keep up the terrific work Sandra, you are the BEST!!!!!  Stay focus on the positive, and just ignore individuals like SPIDERMONKEY.

    For all the indiviuals who are saying they do not want anybody in their house. Your doors have locks, have they not? I am certain Sandra is not begging any of you to let her in. She is simply going door to door to meet  with the people. But then again, these individual must be friends of SpiderMonkey, who are trying their best to make any negative move towards her. Sandra is far above that pettiness.

    SpiderMonkey  really fits the individual, SPIDER and MONKEY.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sandra does not have a real connection to the Caymanian people? Ok, so she has been left Cayman when she was 9 to pursue educational opportunities and has been back for 12 years now. What connection would you be talking about exactly? All of her closest friends are Caymanian. She loves dominoes and hangs out with Caymanians. She trains Caymanians everyday through her business.

    I find it very interesting that you say this – not only because it is not true – but because you are trying to separate Sandra from us. She could not be more Caymanian. We are a diverse group of people and Sandra is one of us. She lived WITH her Caymanian/American aunt. Grew up on green mangoes etc. Oh … wait …. is it because she speaks proper English?

    Our people can be so disappointing with the crab in the bucket mentality and you have just proven that YET AGAIN. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!

    Sandra – we love you and know you will do a great job if elected. Do not give in and run with anyone else. We like your independent, "non-conformist" spirit and only wish we had more like you.

    Keep The Faith,

    D. Ebanks

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I agree that your comments are personal – that much is obvious. What business is Sandra’s marriage to you?

    Oh right … it’s better to beat your wife, cheat on her, stay in a loveless marriage – that’s the standard that the other politicians live up to and I’m sure you’re supporting right? Yes, bring children into that situation – that sounds about right.

    You people are so petty and hateful that it’s not FUNNY. Get a life and worry about your own pathetic issues. Sandra has helped a lot of people and for no gain of her own. Show me the others in BT that have done that? Mr. Anthony? That’s about it and he does it to get re-elected.

    Sandra has wonderful support in Bodden Town and island-wide. I live in West Bay but I wish I could vote for her also.

    ANOTHER FIRST for Sandra – first to allow herself to be open to total scrutiny online forum:


    She does not claim to have all the answers but I find her honesty and non-conformist ways to be refreshing also. I guess if she’s a non-conformist then change will come and CHANGE is what we need.

  9. Anonymous says:

    at bubble do you live in? HA Ha

    I have found Sandra is the only non-elected Independent member that has done anything of substance and has ideas.

    You can say what you are saying now about any candidate including the ones that are in there. They all needed a chance and 90% have disappointed so? How will you know if you don’t give them a chance? I have more confidence in Sandra than the others.

    I receive her e-newsletter all the time and I see real solutions in there. Who else is doing that? The other want to be’s have not even declared as yet. Why? Because they do not want to put themselves under such scrutiny. Keep your opinions to yourself because they are not based on any facts at all.

    Who has been fighting for our children?

    Who has been fighting for beach access?

    Who used their talk show to raise $10k for Charles Whittaker?

    Who used their talk show to save jobs for staff at Cayman Airways and show what Minister Clifford was allowing Lufthansa to do?

    There’s so much more that Sandra has done. Check it out here:


    That’s the evidence. I’m sorry to tell you but you seem to have a personal issue with Sandra. You have your Ph.D already? Since that’s only 2% of the population it won’t be hard to figure who you are BUT why is it that I don’t believe that?


    • SpiderMonkey says:

      I wish you had put your ranting on a recording.  It’s really funny.  My Phd has nothing to do with this debate about Sandra.  Just like Sandra’s education has nothing to do with it.  FYI, I’m not Caymanian.  And by a real connection, I mean just that.  It’s demonstrated by her attempt to start something new: house calls.  So, house calls have been done for years and years.  Before the Internet, before telephones but Sandra thinks it’s something new.  Obviously she wasn’t in Cayman when politicians were making house calls.  Ok, so she’s Caymanian, she grow up with a Caymanian/American aunt and she speaks English well (Many Caymanians speak English well and many Americans and Brits speak English badly; so what?  That has nothing to do with my claims about Sandra).  To be honest, you claim to know Sandra because she has trained people in MS Word or Excel and on a number of other courses, but what do these skills have to do with politics; and did she perform this training for free?  I thought she was running a business, not a charitable organization for the poor or uneducated.  So, maybe now you’re realizing that your arguments are weakened, but I’m sure you have weak arguments because you haven’t thought about them just like perhaps you haven’t thought about whether or not Sandra is capable of this job she seeks. What’s the premise for your conclusion that Sandra is ready to lead?  Mine are that she has doesn’t seem open, she appears to be argumentative (not in a constructive form), her issues are not creative. Ok, so let’s examine Sandra.


      Time for Change


      The move to independence:   Sandra said this is an issue for discussion.  Where are her solutions and how will her solutions better Cayman or make Cayman worse? 

      District Development: Government has to step up to the plate and be held accountable.  What does Sandra have in mind to make these two happen?  She must have some way of holding the government accountable.  I don’t see a clear outline of any proposed plans to achieve this.  Invest in our people: Does she mean like Theresa Pitcairn and Sophia Dilbert?  Educate them so that they will be tokens and end up in court over unfair employment conditions?  Sandra was studying for a law degree when Maples fired her.  Wasn’t she getting the necessary tools to make a positive impact?  What does Sandra have in mind to change these unfair conditions?

      Education:  How will Sandra fix the system?  Remember when Clinton and Obama were setting out their issues?  Well, they also had answer on how they were going to address them. I don’t see answer here, Sandra.  I really don’t see any clear routes to success.   And back to the problem of post education.  How is Sandra going to address this issue of unfair conditions?  You can’t claim that you have a degree, therefore, you should get the job or you deserve the raise.  Sandra faced these obstacles time after time and yet she has no clear answers.  Make college affordable?  College is affordable in Cayman.  We have the community college, we have ICCI and we have the law school.  These are affordable.   Millions or Americans rally everyday because they can’t afford college. Thousands of young Brits demonstrate because they can’t afford college.  What’s your plan, Sandra? 

      Crime in Cayman: A society that is well balanced in education, health and social welfare will be less prone to criminal activity.  This is extreme and the cause and effect relationship here is very complicated.   How does Sandra plan to deal with real crime?  Talk about it?  Pray and hope it goes away? 

      So, you see that Sandra has a lot of issues here, but no straight plans for resolving these issues.  Talk is cheap and it seems that Sandra is putting her hat higher than she can reach; running as an independent and expecting to resolve all of these issues is just not realistic.  Bottom line, Sandra is full of talk. 


      PS. I like her track record.  Sandra does a lot of talking in the community, but still not enough to be a nominee or winner of the Young Caymanian Leadership Award.  Pathetic!  And ask Sandra this question: "Of all the jobs she’s had, how many did she get fired from?"

  10. Anonymous says:

    I saw Sandra putting up signs on Sunday in BT. Seems to be she’s the most consistent and hardest working candidate that’s out there. Asa young person she undersands me. She’s savvy and with the current issues that impact our lives. First political candidate to have a website and it’s still the best looking one.

    I can see what others would be jealous but she’s smart (3 degrees and working on her doctorate) and has charisma. No wonder you haters are jealous of this young lady -accomplishing so much but yet she "came from no where".

    I’ve never heard Sandra say that she’s perfect or even that she has all the answers. Yet, she consistently makes herself available to the people.

    Tell me something! Where has Mark Scotland, John John or Theres Pitcairn done 1/2 of what Sandra has? Yet they have had so many advantages. They can’t walk in Sandra’s shoes and she must stand tall and strong and continue to fight for the people.

    Her passion for heling others is infectious and it shows that it comes right from the heart. I know that she will make a succesful bid for BT this time around and that makes a lot of people very afraid. Yes, she’s a non-comformist and I LOVE IT!!! 

    Why on earth would she join up with those idiots that are there? That’s laughable. In fact, she’s not the only one that refuses to join up with a party – no need because their days are numbered and they will soon go the same route as the dinosaurs – EXTINCT!

    Sandra represents a freshness that we all love. She gives us hope that there can be some real change coming our way. So what if she used Obama’s slogan? Smart move as far as I’m concerned and I hope she’s Cayman’s Obama because that’s what we need around here.

    GO SANDY!!!! 

    • SpiderMonkey says:

      In response to your comments following mine.  Sandra is no Obama. In fact, her 3 degrees call for nothing.  Most corrupt politicians in the developed world have degrees and Phds.  This just makes to capable of out-smarting you and like most criminals do.  Any how, I’m not saying Sandra is either corrupt or a criminal.  However, I’m just weakening your argument about degrees.  Sandra is definitely a non-comformist and time will demonstrate my warnings.  Of course, you’re free to vote for who you so wish.  But if you feel that you have 4 years to think about your mistake and for another chance, then give Sandra your vote.  By the way, for those who said that I’m jealous of Sandra.  This is so far from the truth. I’m already Phd educated.  Sandra lives in a ideological bubble. 

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sandra has been in business for over 5 years now and she has positively impacted the lives of many people that have attended her training. I have attended a training course and it renewed my spirit.

    Thank you, Sandra and the more people have negative to say the more I know that you are on the right path.

  12. SpiderMonkey says:

    I believe that politicians should be for the people and serve everyone.  I don’t believe Sandra is capable of this.  I am in a position to say that Sandra is partial and should not consider politics. In addition, how does she plan to make a difference running alone?  If she wants change, she should demonstrate that she can team up with others running in Bodden Town, put their issues and plans together to form a wider and stronger force.  However, Sandra is running solo because she’s incapable of working as a team.  Just take a closer look at her issues and solutions. Can she change the status quo?  We should also remember that Sandra didn’t grow up in Cayman and she doesn’t have a real connection to the Caymanian people, just merely a biological one. She hasn’t been able to stay married, she has been fired from almost every job she’s had (because she’s incapable of working in teams and she is a non-comformist) and these are all signs of her weaknesses.  So, if Bodden Town wants to invite someone like this to represent them, what does that say about Bodden Town?  Folks, you need to do your homework before you make your minds up.  Ask tough questions and demand honest answers. Ask Sandra about her past and see how she responds.  This will give you an idea about her thinking and whether is agreeable.  Obama ran on ‘yes we can’ and ‘change’.  Is Sandra merely copying this or has she come up with her own plan?  When Obama gave is victory speech, he said that he would be a president for everyone, not just those that elected him. 

    I’m not attacting Sandra’s character as much as I’m questioning her ability to lead.  If Sandra wants change, she should first try to team up with others with different views and goals and then maybe I’d believe that she’s reformed and ready to lead. 

    • Anonymous says:

      SpiderMonkey I can tell you that the majority of people do not agree with you. Sandra has proven herself to us on more than one occassion. I do not even live in BT and Sandra recently came to my aid with a situation that no one else could help with. I’m not saying this because I’m her friend because I do not know her in that capacity.

      A non-conformist is precisely what we need to shake things up in Government. Although I cannot vote in BT I am behind Sandra 100% and I am encouraging all of my friends and family in BT to give her their vote. Her actions speak louder than her words and that’s more that I can say about most!

    • Anonymous says:


      You go Sandra!  

      To SpiderMonkey. For someone with a PhD sorry to say but you seem very narrow-minded and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you have a problem with Ms. Catron. It’s so sad how the most ignorant can have such high education and not know how to use it, other than trying to hold people down. Maybe if you used your expertise that, you claim to have, for something a little more constructive other than bashing people, you would be better off. You must be a PhD on aggressive wild animals because how your words seem, is exactly like an animal! People like you are examples of why Cayman is becoming more corrupt! So sad. 


  13. Anonymous says:

    Good Work Sandra!!!

    Be positive in all that you do. Don’t let others corrupt you and be blind to what is really going on in our Beloved Cayman Islands.

    We need more positive people to fight this battle, too long the people of the Cayman Islands have suffered. We only see some of these politicians when election time comes around. Someone of them are only into politics for the benefit of themselves, relatives and close friends.

    The Cayman Islands need to be runned by people who want changes, and not by people who only makes promises until they are elected. I hope that the people have wisen up and are not blind sighted by personal gain.

    I say that if they offer you money, fridge, stove, washer etc, etc, take it all and don’t vote for them. If they can stoop so low as that, it only shows what kind of politicians they are.

    Sandra you got my X and you don’t have to pay for that, this one is free. 

    I want tell all the Bodden Towners that they need to stand up for their rights and not be fooled by anyone. VOTE FOR SANDRA FOR A BETTER CAYMAN ISLANDS!!! I know she won’t be one to let us down.



  14. Anonymous says:

    keep your campaign on the road some of us don’t  like politics in their home, besides if you cant afford to fund a campaign then forget about it, only now it is going to get expensive, what about the need to buy votes…????? have you thought about that?????

  15. Anonymous says:

    don’t bother, i don’t like politics in my house keep it out on the road, or over the radio

  16. Anonymous says:

    Keep your campaign positive and focused on the issues. I see some of the other candidates are trying to smear your name – not to worry – we know what the truth is.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Sandra has my full support. I dont think you all understand what Sandra is doing. She is actively approaching organizations to meet with them. Politicians send people to do stuff for them they do not all come door to door themselves.

    I like that Sandra is doing ti herself – which is refreshing! Keep it up Sandra. Ideas as a dime a dozen but implementation is totally different!

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is not a new concept – except maybe to Sandra – most politicians and candidates have done this for years!!

  19. Ms. Powell says:

    Well, Sandra has made herself more available than any other politician out there – hands down! That’s for sure. I have not heard of a politician who offered to go to organizations and non-profits! Everyone does home visits but this is great and I do believe taking it to the next level.

    This young lady just simply shows her willingness to do the right things for the people and I do believe she will be successful this time in her bid for Bodden Town.

    I wish her all the best of luck and she has secured my entire household.

    Sandra – you take the cake!

    Ms. Powell

  20. Anonymous says:

    She is running for BODDEN TOWN!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but Sandra is not the first politician to do this Arden Mclean has done this for the past two elections. So not a new concept.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful concept!  Lets see how many others follow suit.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Sandra got my vote.Good news for us caymanians…..

    • Anonymous says:

      we need to stay positive and put in the right ad for the right reasons, we cannot have any more mistakes, keep our head up and look out for the wolves among the sheep they are there and ready to strike….