UDP fields team of eleven

| 12/03/2009

(CNS): The United Democratic Party has announced the names of the eleven candidates who will represent it at the forthcoming General Election on 20 May. The eleven ‘man’ team includes two women and is made up of the five existing members of the Legislative Assembly and six new candidates, who with the exception of Mark Scotland are new to the party slate. Criticising the current administration, party leader McKeeva Bush also introduced the UDP campaign slogan of "A better way forward" as well as his political colleagues.

Former CEO of Cayman Airways Mike Adam, Corporate Manager Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden, Butterfield Bank Senior Analyst Jonathan Piercy  and talk show host Ellio Solomon will run in George Town, and MD of ARCP Mark Scotland,  and owner of APS Security Dwayne Seymour will run in Bodden Town. Julianna- O’Connor-Connolly, the First Elected Member for the Sister Islands, will contest her seat for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman again, and the four familiar West Bay MLAs, Leader of the Party McKeeva Bush, Rolston Anglin, Cline Glidden Jr. and Eugene Ebanks, will also return to the hustings to contest their West Bay seats.

Introducing his full team, Bush said that between them they had more than 60 years of legislative experience and a wide range of professional backgrounds. “Together, we will pursue an agenda that puts every Caymanian in a good job, lowers the cost of living for every family and prepares every student for success in our rapidly changing economy, he said.

The number of candidates won’t go unnoticed by sporting fans but Bush said he also had at least one more potential onthe bench in North Side, since Ezzard Miller, while he was running as an independent, had publicly announced his willingness to work with the UDP. He also introduced a new ‘coach’ when he said that well know local lawyer and party member Sherry Bodden would be sharing the post of party chairman with Billy Reid.

Announcing the official team on Wednesday morning, 11 March, Bush said it was a feel-good day when the campaign to rid the country of the shackles of the old government had started. He said the team could not have come together at a better time to save the Cayman Islands from spiralling debt and spending as well as a financial service industry facing trouble.

“The problems we face are in part because of the global recession, but they have been compounded by government mismanagement,” Bush said. “The education system is failing students and the cost of living is rising every passing day. While the emphasis is put on buildings teachers and students left behind. Our way of life is being threatened and at this critical point the Cayman Islands needs new ideas and leadership to put us back on solid footing for the challenges ahead.”

Although the manifesto is not yet complete, he said that a priority for a UDP administration would be to balance the government budget and publish the accounts. He said it was ridiculous that the country does not currently know the state of government finances and that the current government was in breach of the Public Management Finance Law.

“We are committed to returning fiscal discipline to government spending and borrowing,” he said. “We will also pursue an agenda that puts every Caymanian in a job.”

Cline Glidden also said he was hoping to spearhead a campaign to better manage legislative time and said he was hoping to change Standing Orders so that the meeting times of the House could be changed to start sitting in the afternoon and continue later into the evening to accommodate the needs of ministers. “We recognise that we have not, under this administration, been making the most efficient use of parliamentary time,” he said. Bush offered his support to Glidden and said he himself had raised the problem of the time the House sits back in 1985 but for one reason or another it was never possible to change the situation. However, he was now making a commitment to do that if elected.

Bush also defended the party system and said it was the way forward, as party politics reflected the maturity of a political system.  “It brings Cayman more in line with other advanced countries,” he said, explaining that it was better for voters to understand who was supporting who when they voted for them and not after the fact. “We can’t run this in an ad hoc fashion. We need organised politics by coming together before the election so people can see where we stand,” Bush added. He said while there were debates and discussions among his team, his was impressed with their input and their new ideas and that he was confident they were all up to the job.

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  1. anon says:

    Is it not ironic that all the persons who were out there critizing the UDP are now declared candidates albait a few? Go figure.

  2. Shanna Ebanks says:

    GO, GO UDP all the way home.

    PPM is out, out, out!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Please when writing a comment CHECK YOUR SPELLING!!!!!!!!! It is hard to get your point when you can not even read it.

    We changed UDP for PPM in hope for better, worst came.

    PPM needs to get out and we need new faces, fresh ideas in the house and if it means putting UDP back in so be it, THE COUNTRY CAN NOT GET ANY WORST!

    This country can not even offer insurance to sick Caymanian born children to get much needed medical attention overseas. What country neglects it’s own people to build million dollar port just to make Cayman into a over developed country that no tourist wants to see, why come here when you can see the same thing on Miami beach.

    Please we need a NEW GOVERNMENT.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The picture of these persons show already how they have confirmed to each other. Sadly, they are all wearing the same colors and ties. Conformists at its best. Sad!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Maybe "I agree with your" …. is running for office! LOL … vote smart people … there are a lot of good independent options for you this year. No need to pigeon hole yourself into the parties as they have very little to offer!

  6. Anonymous says:

    My hope for this country

    is that good, hardworking, honest (naive as it sounds) people represent the good, hardworking, honest and kind people of these islands.

    I have listened to the UDP and I have never heard a politician like Mr. Bush in all of my days.  Every time I hear him he is mad at the person he is speaking to if they don’t agree with what he says.  On a recent talk show, he was disrespectful of the callers, rude and arrogant if they mentioned things that were in contrast to his opinions and if they found fault with his leadership or his actions while he was in power, he became dismissive and talked while they were talking.  (Which I have heard him do in the LA on occasion). I would expect a politician to disagree with a person, but do it in a respectful way.  We all deserve respect of our opinions whether you agree or not.

    Now, I realize no one is perfect and Mr. Bush is tough, no doubt, BUT what does that say of his leadership of his party?  What happens when a member of his own party, one that he has chosen to be part of his team, disagrees with him? What happens when the country would be better off with a path that someone else has thought of but is contradictory to his ideas?  Would he be a leader and choose that path OR would he take his own path and make everyone else fall in line behind him?  His behavior would suggest that he would insist upon everyone falling into place behind him.  What would he do as a representative of this country elsewhere in the world?

    These beautiful islands, and more importantly, the wonderful people of these islands,  deserve so much.  Caymanians should be reeping the benefits of all that youhave built but somehow, someway, things have gone terribly wrong (not just in the last 4 years).  I hope that whomever leads this country in May will ALWAYS put this country first and work for the benefit of all who have come before to make this country as great as it is with the idea of making it greater.


  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    UDP and independents…..what a JOKE….PPM all the way!

    • SUGA says:

      Really PPM .. well I am not sure where you head is but my child attends public school and did you knwo taht your PPM represntative matter fact all the representaitves that agreed to not have us pay school fees all know that there is no pringitn paper, toliet paper; hand soap, rats in class rooms (check out red bay primary )

      Listen what you need to do is chill and look at he situation the independants might be the way to go but for sure PPM that is noe even concerned about the nasty school bathrooms or that homework cannot be sent home to t he majority of the children in all primary oublic schools becuase there is no paper..

      Now that is how bad it is; lets also look at the slander that the parties do with each other do you really thing that PPM is better than UDP?  YOU REALLY LIKE TO PAY THE LIGHT BILL…….


      I am not a CPA nor CFO.. But if my budget states I am not finaically prepared to give the schools what they need why would I be inviting consultants on a monthly bases for the public schools..lets supply the needs and then we see what is left for consultation …

      The whole matter of politics is a joke, what is funny is that we displayed exactly what the xpats know

       we are unable to fight friendly and weas a nation cannot unite and like each other if we work under a Caymanina we the next caymanian makes it impossible to rise and then the others that are able to help with jobs higher the white folks they do not wnat they own .. no no no sah why taht caymanian might show up the next one..PLEASE.. WE AS A NATION NEED TO PRAY POLITICS NOT HE ONLY THING THAT DIVIDES AND CONGER US






  9. Anonymous says:

    Current leadership is deficient and have placed our current and future prosperity at risk with myopic and an uninformed stable of policies.

    This race is real as to requiring persons of courage, sence, reality and heart.

    To much is at stake for repeat offenders of political stupidity and small minded thinking.

    We need persons who know, who know what they do not know, who know how to be inclusive of those who know what they do not know.

    We need persons who read, are informed thinkers, who can understand global trends. 

    We need fresh minds who engage the next generation voters who will be paying the bills.

    That means our current leadership will not be at the helm post May 2009 with good reason.  

  10. Anonymous says:

    Neither party will do. We are sick of both of them and would much rather put in smart independents.

    The PPM did not give away status like the UDP did. The immigration department has followed the law and procedures for status disbusement – not the Cabinet just giving them out with no proper procedure in place.

    • Anonymous says:

      Walling Whittaker – Give me a break!

      Walling was the director of labour and did jack little to help caymanians. If you doubt this – ask him when you see him "Wally, you were Director of Labour – what did you do for Caymanians when you had the chance?"

  11. Anonymous says:

    Try using “Spell Check” before you submit next time. You are obviously lacking in some areas but get this properly.

    "There is no perfect GOVERNMENT" and regardless what party or country it is, some thing always has to go wrong. You should always choose a government based on the effect they have on the country. If the positive outweighs the negative aspects then that’s the way to vote. Any other way would be equivalent to stepping backwards.

    UDP is vital for the future development of this country that we love so much. Cayman was in a much better state before PPM with their proclamation of hatred, took over this country.


    Hope i used simple enough words for you..!!


  12. Mind your Business says:

    Note to UDP;

    The use of the word "better" in your slogan implies that something is already good. Is that an admission? For example; "you are a good deluder but I am better". I’m guessing set 4 or lower in English class, good luck running a country.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what the Wight brothers been up to lately??You only heard from them couple of months before election time!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

     boy Mike you had my vote as an inependent but you lost me going over to udp

  15. Caymanluvr says:

    Regarding Ellio, I find it misleading that he has in his bio that he created http://www.caypolitics.com  in 2001 but a quick search of the internet finds that it is no longer online. 

  16. Anonymous says:

    To be quite frank i don’t feel like voting this year. Party Politics is not going to get us anywhere. Who are the leaders of these parties? UDP – Mac, if we vote for one of the new hopefuls they would be following what the leader says. PPM –  Kurt, same goes for this group. Independants will run but won’t stand a chance. We are going down no matter which way we vote. God help us…

  17. noname says:

    the ideal slate for George Town would look something like this…..

    Alden…..honest, intelligent, integrity….he isoverspending on the schools but he wants the best for his people and is not corrupt….in the end we will all be better off because of it….btw, what govt project does not go over budget??

    John Piercy……Fresh Blood….a great new clean candidate who is again very articulate and intelligent…….for all who knew Mr. Sydney Piercy (God Bless his soul) you also know Jonathan.

    Walling Whittaker…..its about time the CAYMANIAN PEOPLE/labour took top priority. Walling will help alden realise that education is all in vain if there is no opportunity in our domestic labour markets for our OWN people. 

    As for the 4th GT vote…….no real outstanding candidates….perhaps a national election would solve that problem.

    Its a shame that not a single successful businessperson took up the challenge in GT as this would help with the management of the public funds….evidence suggests that Mr. Tibbetts is not a good leader and is less than businesslike with money…..prudent decisions are not made in the bar room on a regular basis……..(KT’s Business track record…..Taco Bell – failed, Prestige Printers – Failed, Hampstead – failed/lawsuit?)

    ….but on the other hand give me slow, indecisive leadership rather than fast corrupt and sometimes incompetent (case in point: status grant fiasco) leadership any day.   

    Good luck to all candidates!

    Its a thankless and tireless job where everyone expects Heaven and claim you only giving them Hell!

  18. Paula says:

    Ellio, I have known you more than half my life and you have always been the one to stand for what you believe in, for what is right!!! I know in my heart that you will continue to do just that!!! CHANGE is what we need and I know that YOU are the person for that!!! Stick to your guns and stand by what’s in your heart – the CAYMANIAN people’s rights, cares and concerns!!!!!!! YOU, Ellio, can make a difference!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Some very good and thought provoking comments posted here. Politics sure can break  and make friendships, seems like the turtle stew has been cooked and served already.

      Ellio was for PPM did’nt get elected, criticized PPM daily, stated Big Mac’s UDP wasn’t the way to go now Big Mac has lost weight  and Ellio falls in love.

      Johnathon has criticized every present politician and now Little Mac is the perfect leader

      Big Mac ruined Ezzard’s dream hospital on Mosquito Drive in Swamp City and put him in retirement from guess what? POLITICS!! Now he have the nerve to say if elected he will support Little Mac leader of the worrisome eleven.

      I’m sorry I don’t own the whitewash factory that sold so much whitewash that has everything so pure and true it even changed UDP color to BLUE.

      My bit of advice if you don’t know where you are going it does not matter which road you take. In this case which team you take. If the UDP could’nt make the grade in 2005 and PPM’S report card is bad why should we vote back in failures, we definately don’t need dead weight or recycled politicians to run our country.

    • Anonymous says:

      The slate looks like a solid group of folks that will push forward to help us get back on the right track. There is going to be some rough times ahead and I think we’ll be better of with a blend of new and experienced candidates, so that they can hit the ground running when the mess we are in now needs to be sorted out.  The ones that I’m familiar with are good honest folks.

  19. Anonymous says:

    It’s a shame there has to be any party at all, instead of just how it used to be in days gone by voting individually and let the chips fall where they may!  From this whole party thing started it’s been scandulous!  I say vote for the independents!

  20. CaymanLeamon says:

    PPM = Piss Poor Management.

    They mismanaged the government checkbook.

    They mismanaging tourism and the financial industry.

    They mismanaged education.

    Why would we elect these guys again?


  21. Anonymous says:


    I agree with your sentiments about Ellio and Jon – very disappointed that these young men have done a complete 360 – now claiming that they BOTH support UDP and party politics. I never thought I’d see the day that would happen. Remember how they had us fooled – speaking with such passion and "integrity". I tell you, this really had made me decide NOT to vote for either candidate as they cannot be trusted. If already they have been bought out what next?
    The UDP website is so flawed. It has pictures and names of the candidates mixed up on their home page. Ellio’s name (under picture of Mike Adams) was also misspelled. Quickly they got wind of the error after the website went live and corrected it. Begs to question how all 11 of these people did not catch this! Wow … they don’t sound too intelligent to me. That’s a basic – being able to read something. Also, there continues to be mistakes on the site; but not my job to point them out. After all they are paying Tower Marking BIG money for this website. A fool and his money should soon depart.
    The merit of these candidates is so poor. Ellio has no education – hence why he left government in a huff and never got that job he wanted. He seems to thinking that talking is enough. So, how can he support young Caymanians and tell them they should be out there working hard and preparing themselves to take what they should in this country if he has not done this himself?
    Having someone uneducated with his attitude of entitlement and propensity towards being lazy is problematic. He approached PPM and wanted to bypass all of their rules for election. Since they did not allow that he ran as an independent. Then when he did not run he has spend 2 years on the radio lambasting PPM. His attitude is his BIGGEST ENEMY.
    Talks a good talk but nothing of substance .. power hungry …totally disappointed.
    I see no mention of Jon Piercy’s family. He’s a father of 2 boys – why was that omitted from his bio? It’s very important that he has made this mistake NOT ONCE BUT TWICE! Teenage pregnancy and unplanned children is a BIG issue in this country. Also, he has been job hopping. Jon has personally disappointed me beyond comprehension. What is he thinking? He seems so blinded by Ellio’s light – makes me wonder why? How can Ellio persuade a young supposedly intelligent young man to follow him likea fool? It’s actually disturbing and explains how people get into cults and do unspeakable things for people – blind loyalty is very dangerous. Sounds to me that Jon would follow Ellio no matter what and Ellio only wants power and position.
    Pearlina – who knows her? She lives in a fantasy world of make believe and high living. The average Towner will never vote for her. This candidate is truly a joke. I love the get-up in those photo where she looks like she’s 50 years old.
    Mike – nice guy but we need more than nice. The reality is he was not able to run CAL and has no backbone. The last night McKeeva needs is more YES MEN. Mike is not good political material at all. Another Capt,. Eugene I say.
    Mark– well, what can I say about this one? GOBBLE GOBBLE? The people of Bodden Town are not being fooled by the turkey and gift baskets handed out. They have not seen you in the 4 years since the election. You promised people new doors, yard fill, jobs and have delivered nothing and avoided their phone calls all this time. Do you really believe the people of Bodden Town are so foolish? You had good support last time but because of your UDP affiliation you did not get in. I dear say that this time you will be in a worse situation. He has shown his true colors and is not connected to the people at all. xxxxxxxxxxxx make us wonder about why he’s getting into politics. I noticed that all is he does is speak ill of other candidates – that’s his ticket in … and giving out freebies thinking that people will eat his turkey and have it affect their brain. It won’t happen. He never speaks out about anything except for futbol. That’s not enough.
    John John – Joke Joke. That’s all I have for him. Sit down please.
    I didn’t think it necessary to go over the 4 in WB but it might be worth it. Let’s start with the least effective of the group. Capt. Eugene – I suspect he only get’s in because of the last name and he must have enough relatives in the district to vote in even a goldfish – because he’s about just as useful. Sadly, he could really serve his constituents better but this a perfect example of choosing a likeable person who has no right being in politics. This is not what we need anymore. Going out fishing everyday is fine; but how does that help yourpeople? He’s clueless on the issues – no fault of his own I supposed – because if you don’t have it you just don’t have it. Not sure why WB keeps voting him in and it says a lot about their judgment.
    Rolston – Yes, this young has great potential. Unfortunately for him he does not have the balls to go up against Big Mac. I know he has talked about it and Big Mac’s camp has made it very clear it would be all out war if he did. Therefore, he chooses to sit back and do as little as possible. He recently proposed a bill about deadbeat fathers- well it’s about time. What else has he done? Being so ambitious it’s hard being under the thumb of Mac. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    CG – follower. Poor CG – not sure if he has the backbone to stand on his own 2 feet.
    BIG MAC – power hungry, slimmed down version of what we have had in there for over 20- years. XXXXXXXXXXXXX If you do not agree with his points of view he has no time for you. Despite proclaiming got be a “Christian” he’s not very Christ like at all. He’s not capable of changing because he does not want to. Plain and straight. He plays with the people of Cayman and WB and like a spoiled childwhen he does not get his way he throws a tantrum. The day that WB decides to move him will be the date that we are ready for some real change in this country. He salts anyone that affiliates themselves with him and this is truly sad. Be careful though because people will kill you for him.
    Julianna – she serves the people of the Brac as long as you are from her side of the tracks. A bit petty as well and of course very homophobic.
    Ezzard – we might was well include Ezzard in the bunch as I don’t understand what the hell he is saying “Running as an independent but will switch to UDP if elected”. Why not run as UDP now? He seems rather confused as usual. We are tired of recycled politicians and have no time for him his “czars” and continual expat bashing. Northsiders don’t have much of a choice; but he’s be worse than what you have now.
    • Anonymous says:

      Reply to "I Agree With Your….."  Please run for office!  I would vote for you in a heartbeat!  Your insight into the candidates is right on target!

  22. Shanna Ebanks says:

    The UDP Slate – Looks good guys a solid slate -minus one or two. I think that this is looking a lot better than what we currently have in parliament.

    The Current Government – Minus one or two (with one being Arden McLean) of the government/ Parliment officials  the govenrment looks bad and need to go.

    So I say we change the whole slate minus one or two (remember Arden McLean is one) and allow this country to move and shake a bit. We NNNNEEEEDDDD a change like a crackman needs a fix – very bad and right not.

    God is truly a merciful God.

    • Anonymous says:

      PPM has no solutions!!

      The PPM has failed and Cayman needs help. I am voting UDP (Kurt, Alden and rest of jokers in the PPM can take some much needed downtime to reflect on the mess that they have made of the Country).

  23. Anonymous says:

    confident and well organised"? Explain the debacle on the website then.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians have already forgotten:

    The First Cayman Bank Fiasco.
    The George Town Port construction.
    The Boatswain Beach Financing deal.
    The West Bay land give away to a developer.
    The Affordable Housing scandal.

    What did the UDP say when asked how long it would be before the Galleria Road would be extended to Indies Suite. “We have to buy the land from the Hyatt first”

    The problem with our people, we do not know how this country is run. Our people do not pick up a newspaper when the go to the store, they do not read the hansards of the house. THEY RELY ON RUMOURS AND RHETORIC.

    With the PPM we have not had and financial scandals.

    To vote for the UDP is a throw back to society.

    • Anonymous says:


      George Town Port Construction investigated by the Auditor General and found that nothing was done wrong.

      Boatswain Beach investigated by Auditor General and found that the deal was actually at a better rate than had been obtained by Central Government on their bond issuance so saved the country money.

      I can only imagine that you are referring to the Ritz Carlton, which is the pride and joy of our Tourism Product and the reference point for stayover Tourism.




      Now Compare



      Still no Cruise Ship Port reduction in cruise passengers of over 500,000 during their term in Government. Questionable Port Deal that no one can give any answers on to financing or to cost.

      Minster of Tourism found guilty of wrong doing for political gain by a commission of enquiry that the Governor had to force on the Government because they were trying to stop it fromhappening. Evidence that Minister of Education was also accompanying Minister of Tourism in distributing the confidential information for political gain

      Leader of Government Busines and MLA accused of taking Hampstead from the owner and selling it but not giving him the money while he was off island sick until he took legal action and filed a suit in court and then the matter mysteriously disappeared.


      Rumours of domestice violence

      $1,000,000,000 in debt




      Now from an objective view which Party do you think is best for your Cayman Islands???



      • Anonymous says:

        "Boatswain Beach investigated by Auditor General and found that the deal was actually at a better rate than had been obtained by Central Government on their bond issuance so saved the country money".

        If your overall understanding of the Auditor General’s report was that the Govt. saved money with the Boatswain’s Beach project then you clearly have a different one from the one reported in the press where he reports that never in his professional experience as an auditor has he seen such flagrant waste of public funds. Re-writing history now?  Where are we – Communist Russia?

        The Clifford Commission of Enquiry (CoE) was a gross over-reaction and a waste of time and money. There is not one election that information doesn’t go from the Glass House to an opposition politician and it has always been so.  Suddenly, the focus was off the wrongdoer and on to the whistleblower! If the only people who know of the wrongdoing are gagged how will it ever come to light?!  Either the Turtle Farm Board Minutes were confidential or they were not. If they were confidential then they were confidential for every Board member. Why is it that it was ok for Mr. Bush to wave them about and (selectively) read from them on TV?  Why wasn’t this included in the so-called CoE? If Mr. Seales knowingly received and published confidential information was he not also culpable? Then there  was former Governor Dinwiddy brought it as ‘prosecution’ witness but did not give his testimony under oath and was not subjected to cross-examination but was believed anyway. In a proper court this would have been given no weight at all. If you are pre-disposed to believe whatever he had to say, why bother with a CoE in the first place? Then there are the matters of the previous Govt. that should have been the subject of a Commission of Enquiry but on the basis that there was insufficient evidence to press charges has now been swept under the rug.

        If doing questionable things for political gain were a damning finding, then most of the UDP candidates would not be eligible for public office.

        Your account is hardly an objective view.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not sure what press report you are talking about but I was told that the PAC who did the investigation and was chaired by a member of the PPM found that there was nothing done wrong. So while the PPM made noise about corruption there was no truth to claim.

          On the other hand the PPM Minister of Tourism was found guilty of wrong doing by the Commission of Enquiry. The PPM like you have tried to make it appear that he was a "whistle blower" who is naive or blind enough to believe that the intention was "whistle blowing" when he carried the information to the newspaper instead of complaining to the Governor. The Commission made it clear that there was no whistle blowing or any other well meaning intention it was simply for Political gain.

          On your claim of other things that the UDP did that should be investigated maybe you believe that there was other activities that should have been investigated but me and the rest of other objective minded individuals in this society know that if there was anything else that the PPM could dream up of investigating they would have.

          I mean it is obvious that they were so busy finding things to investigate of the previous administration that they could get nothing done themselves and couldn’t even check the credentials of "Dr. Syaed" at our University or could get good value for money or even of a picture of the Helicopter that we paid Caymanians’s hard earned money for.


          Poor Peoples Mistake

          • Anonymous says:

            "Not sure what press report you are talking about but I was told that the PAC who did the investigation and was chaired by a member of the PPM found that there was nothing done wrong. So while the PPM made noise about corruption there was no truth to claim".

            I am talking about these press articles based on the Auditor General’s report:

            Cayman Net News – Monday, July 16, 2007

            "This past week the Auditor General released his report on the debt financing arrangements for Boatswain’s Beach which occurred in 2003 under the United Democratic Party (UDP) government.

            This report, in which the Auditor General concluded “that in the course of almost 30 years of government auditing, I have difficulty thinking of any situation which showed such a cavalier attitude to the expenditure of such funds"

            Cayman Net News -Wednesday, July 18, 2007

            "The recently published report by the Auditor General on the Turtle Farm/Boatswain’s Beach Financing Project has brought to light the wanton disregard for financial prudence in government debt arrangements.

            "…if there was anything else that the PPM could dream up of investigating they would have"

            This was not of course a matter for the PPM, but the Governor to investigate. He is who is so fond of special police investigation teams, tribunals and commissions of enquiry has failed to investigate the Affordable Housing Initiative debacle where there is clear evidence of serious corruption*, and not petty nonsense. Simply because there is insufficient evidence to press a criminal charge does not mean the whole affair should be swept under the rug. 

            The Sayed affair has nothing of course to do with the elected Government. The UCCI is an independent statutory body with its own board of directors. Unlike the Turtle Farm no Minister sat as its chairman. The idea that the Cabinet is responsible for checking the credentials of Mr. Sayed is of course silly.      


             The Auditor General Report released on Tuesday, 10 July 2007 concludes that the residents of the Cayman Islands did not get value for an expenditure of $1.6 million in fees to arrange the debt for the development of the Boatswain’s Beach project."
            *CNS: Just to clarify – because the FCU investigated the AHI and did not find enough evidence to bring any criminal charges regarding the mismanagement of funds, "clear evidence of serious corruption" is not true, and anyone who insists that it is should make a sizable donation to the CNS legal fund first. Read this article for more.
            • Anonymous says:

              "Just to clarify – because the FCU investigated the AHI and did not find enough evidence to bring any criminal charges regarding the mismanagement of funds, "clear evidence of serious corruption" is not true"

              CNS, as I noted, the FCU found there was insufficient evidence to press a criminal charge. This obviously means that there was indeed evidence of corruption. Note I did not say "proof".  This was by no means a vindication. Mr. Clifford was found ‘guilty’ of matters on evidence which would not justify a criminal charge, let alone conviction. Let us be even-handed. 

              CNS: It’s very easy to be outspoken while hiding behind anonymity. Until you are willing to put your name to the phrase "clear evidence of serious corruption" AND offer to pay for any legal fees CNS might incur, I stand by the note above. Alternatively you could think a bit harder and phrase your comments a bit more carefully.

              • Anonymous says:

                CNS is putting up a staunch defence!

                How about this CNS? There are substantial reasons to suspect bribery and corruption" between the minister involved and the contractor that have not been dispelled by the police investigation.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I think that we should not be criticizing the elected UDP. That’s what the problem is with this country and our citizens now….they complain and criticize too much. Never supportive of anything. All we do is put each other down……if YOU can make a change then do so, but don’t bash everyone else who is trying to make a CHANGE for the BETTER in our islands.

    Word to the wise: If you’re a POT, don’t call the Kettle Black!




    GO UDP!!!!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Come on  West Bayers not the UNIVERSAL DUMPEST PARTY

  27. Jonathan ebanks says:

    This is personal plea to my fellow west bayers it;s time to make a complete change in our district this election don;t be used by Mckeeva & his group.This man has already gave away your childrens  future & for future generations to come with those status grants this is the mean reason a lot of our people can find a job because all the status holders have them all of this(status grants) was done at a time when we were already been crushed be work permits so this man has been inflecting harm on as the people from shortly after been elected in 1984 the problem with us caymanian is that we have very short memories..Just check the records in the assembly if you think i am lieing…Thanks please be careful where you place your X this election..a Concerned west bayer & real Caymanian…

    • Anonymous says:



      Hopefully you can help me understand something. You blame Mckeeva and the 2700 status grants in 2003 as the resaon that Caymanians can not get a job in 2009 while we currently have 26,000 people on work permits. Maybe you can explain the PPM has granted an additional 2500 Status and Permanent Residency since then and even with all of those grants there is still a need for 26,000 workers to be here on work permits and you are blaming the lack of jobs on an issue over five years ago. Either this sounds like desperation or a lack of understanding on your part maybe I should explain it for you. The fact that currently there are 26,000 people on work permits is stating that even with the cabinet grants in 2003 and the board grants from 2005-2009 there is still not enough Caymanians to fill the required jobs so we have to allow 26,000 people to come here on work permits. Now the fact that there are over 1500 Caymanians un-employed is a problem and there should be concern as to why the PPM has not made sure that they are employed before granting work permits but to blame that on grants of Caymanian status some five years ago is a big stretch. Just say that you didn’t like Cabinet granting Caymanian Status even though you have not been able to show what harm it has caused in the last five years, that is your right to do, but please put the blame where it fairly belongs for the umemployment issue. PPM Producing Poorer Masses.

  28. CaymanLeamon says:

    Clearly, the PPM hasn’t offered any solutions that are going to move this country forward. I for one, want to hear what these new candidates have to say. I’ll vote for anyone who can help this country get out of its rut.

  29. Anonymous says:

    a better way forward?  certainly could not be any worse.  At least they see a way forward.  the PPM seems to be going around in circles.

  30. Anonymous says:


    Great team!

    Especially like the new guys. Country need a change for sure.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Stooges all. One man government. It’s all about McKeever and his Jamaian possy(Seaga rejects). Have to go for the independents. West Bay is dumb to vote for other people to save their own country. Mac and his bank scandle, Ryan Land Deal, insurance deal on government buildings, status grants and $26 million a year for the Turtle Farm for noshows. We deserve what we get.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Ellio should be off the radio before now it brings his judgement into question.

  33. Anonymous says:

    At first glance this team seems to be confident and well organised.  This UDP might just be what the country needs.  I look forward to hearing some more from them.. my hope are high..

  34. Anonymous says:

    I’m still voting PPM!

  35. Anonymous says:

    A good combination of experience and fresh ideas.  Maybe there is some hope for this country after all. 

  36. whodatis says:


    In my opinion many of the comments here in regards to the UDP line-up are a bit unfair.

    Granted, some of the candidates may not be of the pedigree of our ‘traditionally established’ candidates, however, no-one can argue that any of the young, fresh faces DO NOT have the best interest of Cayman at heart. Yes, some of these candidates may have "colorful" pasts but such things tend to build character.

    Currently, as well as in the past, we have had the usual run-of-the mill candidates however, the less than stellar position that Cayman now finds itself in is a direct manifestation of past leadership.

    I am willing to give each candidate a fair shake, for it has been some time where I could wholly relate to the PASSION and PATRIOTISM of Caymanian political candidates.

    Sincere interest and concern for fellow Caymanians are always good points in my book.

    In closing, I would urge all of us to refrain from the shool-yard level of critcism, observe what these young candidates have to say and encourage anyone who puts our best interest first!

    All the best Cayman,



  37. Anonymous says:

    I voted for the PPM last time. but i wont be doing that again just because I like some of them. They have not performed so don’t deserve my vote this time.

    I gave full suppprt to alden and kut last time. But kurts’s weak leadershipstyle and indecision has not changed. And alden seems to be getting more and more arrogant and detached from whats going on on the ground.

  38. Anonymous says:


    Not sure about 11 candidates. I see only 9 of them being very strong. But I guess they can form the government with an independent or 2 to have a stronger majority than 9.

    either way the country needs a change badly from current government.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Point well taken re capt eugene..as he has been very quiet for past 4 years (cant disagree with that).  but at least he is in the opposition.

    However, I am not so sure that Alfonso, Lucille and "Ossie" can make the same excuse for bascially doing nothing as part of the government for 4 years!

    I guess we should all temper our expectations of all politicians!

  40. Anonymous says:

    critics..lets not kid ourselves. The existing udp mlas have over 60 years of legislative experience between them (according to thre news story).. and now adding people like Mark scotland, and Mike who both have served in public for many years plus Pearlina and Jonathan is clearly a credible combination.  there are enough strong candidates here to form a new government (and i see that ezzard from northside says he is willing to work with udp)

    does anyone know who the guy is on the far right?

  41. Anonymous says:

    Very professional new look UDP!. Things are moving in the right direction Mr Bush. The country needs this help sooner rather than later.

  42. Anonymous says:

    The way I see it. Lets do it. If Ellio, Mark and Mike can have influence on things, this looks like a good combination for the country. we are in a major crisis and this is partly the result of inaction on the part of the current government (i dont think anyone can argue with that), so lets hear from them.   

  43. Anonymous says:

    This team looks like a good mix of experienced and fresh minds. Nice to see Mark Scotland and mike adam in here as I have a lot of time for both of them. Bear in mind that persons like alfonso and ossie of the PPM were totally new to politics at the time and we (me included) gave them an opportunity to serve based on what they promised. lets not knock people who are willing to serve just because they are new… 

  44. richard wadd says:

    There’s an old saying about ‘..being caught between The Devil and the Deep Blue sea’.

    Every election we are faced with the same choice, either loose your left hand, or loose your right hand ….. not much of a choice really, is it?

    Both the UDP & the PPM have something to offer our country that is positive, unfortunately, the same can be said of the negative. The REAL question is, ‘How can we gain the Positive from BOTH, while eliminating the Negative?’

    The answer is simple, WE, the people, must insist on a change in our Political structure. The Cayman Islands have outgrown the current system of Governance, and IF we are to change from the Negative path that we are currently on, we MUST re-structure the way Government works, to OUR benifit, not their’s.

    THIS IS NOT a call for Independence, rather a change in the structure of our ‘Local Government’.

    The time has come for UNITY among our people (Politically). Stop following the Jamaican way of politic-ing, there is nothing Positive to be had from it (for the Country anyway).

    We need to look BACKto our Roots. Know your History Cayman? What were the Goals and Ideals that our forefathers laid out for us?HOW did they arrive at the decisions they came to? What were the Goals that they set out to achieve? Most importantly, WHERE did they get these Ideas??

    Old-time Caymanians went to sea, they traveled the world, and they observed what other countries were doing. Then they set about Adopting what was positive, and we all today benifit from this wisdom.

    WAKE-UP Cayman, we do not need to ‘re-invent the wheel’!! Look around us, look at other countries in this world. Ask ourselves WHO we want to be more like (example: Singapoor or Jamaica, Bermuda or Haiti ).

    Finally, I call upon the ‘Caymanian Intelectuals’, Successful Businessmen, Lawers, Bankers, Accountants, Hoteliers, the people who KNOW what it takes to run a successful business, and who have a firm understanding of how our Policies affect the future of our Islands. UNITE !!

    UNITE for Cayman, not some Political faction. Do not wait until it is so late in the game that we are forced to ‘salvage a loss’. We are blessed with an oppertunity to make a difference before it is too late ….. use it, or loose it. 

    Or we can sit back and continue to watch our country go down the drain.


  45. anonymous says:

    Who is Eugene Ebanks? I follow Cayman politics very closely but I’ve never heard of him.

    Seriously, Cayman needs national elections. It’s a crime that McKeeva has the ability to sweep the votes of one pocket of loonies in one district and end up running the entire country. I don’t blame him, it’s the system. We need national elections for national leaders.

    If we had national elections creepy politicians might not be able to afford washing machines for the entire country so it wouldn’t be so easy for them to get elected the way they do now.

  46. Only For Caymanians says:


    Pick from the Pack and leave out…..

    Yeahh  right,,,  Will everyone  pick from the Pack and leave outthe Hon…? McKeeva Bush, Rolston Anglin, Cline Glidden and Captain Eugene Ebanks for a better way forward ?

    Big Mac is and  I quote, Not able to run the Country, leave the present four in the UDP OUT and then select from the rest… It might be Your Best Choice.

    Too many bad examples have been brought to light of the  Hon… ? McKeeva Bush, and proof that he has too may things against him for the last 24 years of Mis-Representation.

    And now all of a sudden he is repremanding and saying in some cases,  the truth about the PPM, and making all these promises of recovery of the Economy and putting back all these Caymanians to work, as a gimmick to fool the Caymanians back into voting for Him.

    Only For Caymanians

  47. Anonymous says:

    Our islands are in a sad position if this group is the best that could be found to led "a better way forward".

    • Anonymous says:

      First of all I would like to say that non of the new individuals have any experince in polotics, so they would only be listening to what Mac tells them to do.  Is that what Cayman wants?  Some of them you would never see touching the grass root people before but I guess now because they want the vote you will see them trying…. Tell them no it’s too late to try!!

      I would advise the people of Cayman to vote PPM on May 20th for a honest and reliable Government.  A Government that will not sell out your Country.

  48. Anonymous says:

    The Calvary is coming! Finally help has arrived. Good to see the mix of young and new faces. I voted PPM last election and my family and I paid the price – literally!  UDP please turn this country around and provide opportunity for all. When is the first public meeting, I will make sure all of George Town turns out to give a welcome home victory party!!!

    • Anonymous says:

       "I voted PPM last election and my family and I paid the price – literally!". 

      No why do I doubt that? What has changed about the UDP that caused you to change your mind since you voted against them last time? Did they repudiate their previous policies? Is there new leadership? New ideas?   


    • Anonymous says:

      its funny how you voted PPM in the last election and want to go UDP now when they were the ones you kicking out the last time. Makes no sense.

  49. Anonymous says:

    That’s all they could find?

    • Anonymous says:

      They have just guaranteed that they will not get a majority in the House! Bunch of lightweights.

  50. Anonymous says:

    It’s refreshing to see some new blood in the UDP, I hope these guys can undo the mess the country is currently in. Nice photo too!
    nd some of these candidates

  51. Anonymous says:

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words…how true that is here! It is interesting that UDP’s standard ‘green’ has turned ‘blue’. I am sure I once heard that the colour of choice for "Ellio the Independent"  was blue…hmmmm…looks like he’s already enforcing his tagline: "CHANGE".

    There is something wrong with this photo though…there seems to be 10 people too many. After all there is only one man for the joband at the end of the day – as CNS’ banner ad says: It’s ‘all about McKeeva Bush’! 

    I am also intrigued by the total number of UDP candidates…can we start calling them "McKeeva’s Eleven"? as in Ocean’s Eleven?? Are we at risk of them knocking over a casino? (Or just 3 little islands!)

    Lastly, I am a little curious as to what promises were made to Ellio and Jonathan to silence their tongues…the airwaves are so…boring now since we no longer hear them bantering back and forth about how the PPM & UDP must go…It begs the question: Can we trust those that are so easily swayed? We George Towners are smarter than that…what price will they pay for their change of allegiance?"Change" is the name of the game! That is all too clear now.

    Word to the wise: lay with dogs, wake up with fleas…wake up GT, we don’t need UDP in our district!

  52. Anonymous says:

    Captain Eugene, you still alive?! Haven’t seen or heard from you in 4 years!